The British People need to purge sightless Labour of its Socialist SuperState dream

If I live to be 430, I will never understand the Labour Party’s unswerving support for an EU that says one thing in its laws and does another via the banks, corrupt bureaucrats and controlling multinationals that hijacked it long ago.
Freedom of Movement in the EU – is this really for the worker, or for the neoliberal greedy suckers who want to repress wages to reward the Sovereign shareholder?
Greece – has it really been raped to repay debt, or to be a guinea pig for the troughers who want to know how far human beings can be pushed before they rebel?
The European Central Bank – answerable to nobody and run by a former Goldman executive whose shady past among Italian banks suggests that he thinks ethics is a place being described by somebody with a lisp.
Guy Verhofstadt – a corrupt Belgian with undeclared personal interests in Greek privatisations.
Ditto Martin Schulz – a man who insists his chauffeur wears a tailcoat, and suppresses all evidence of corruption in his role as ‘head’ of the EU Parliament.
Jeremy Corbyn and Kate Hoey share these doubts…but the Labour fatties force their support of SupraState Stalinist correctness on those with an open mind. Corbyn as leader has backed off…the ever-courageous Kate doesn’t.
These factors – not the Little England drivel trotted out by Farage on a daily basis – are the reasons we should get TF out of the European Fascist Union.

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