This is a spat between two extremes, and it is not taking the debate anywhere

While I do realise this is not the most original parallel in the world, I do think it apt: reading the news and analysis around the world in 2015 is like watching fifty Monty Python parrot sketches in different contexts.

Voter: I’ve come about this economic recovery you sold me last May.

Osborne: Did I? Might’ve done…

V: Oh yes, trust me, you did. Look at it.

O: What about it?

V: It’s just sittin’ there.

O: Yeh wull, that’s what economies do. Beautiful financial services yer Economy Britannicus.

V: That’s as maybe squire, but the problem is it’s dead.

O: Nar snot. It’s just restin’. Look, it’s sitting quite happily there, restin’.

V: It’s sittin’ cos you used 240 billion quid’s worth of QE glue to stick it to the bloody perch.

And so on and so on. But as time goes on, one realises that in our unreal politico-media world, where there is a debate, more often than not both the positions being adopted are equally mad. It’s as if Michael Palin insists the parrot is dead and John Cleese insists it isn’t, but in reality Palin sold a sick parrot and Cleese then starved it to death when he got home: they’re both lying.

Thus, capitalism is sick but socialism would kill it. Syrians are escaping Assad, but the forces against him would make things worse. Putin didn’t shoot down the MH17, but he did use false flag forces in Eastern Ukraine. Merkel was show-boating on refugees, but opportunists increased her discomfiture. And VW cheated on diesel emissions, but so do most car producers.

Now we have the Panorama rubbishing of Westminster VIP paedophile circles evidence, and the Exaro news team’s conviction that they did and quite possibly still do exist. Once again, I find both sides’ positions unconvincing.

I think the Panorama team has done Britain as a nation a great service in returning a degree of sanity to the question of systemic paedophilia in our institutional sector. It has been hugely exaggerated by those who seek fame and gain. But the idea that paedophile rings simply don’t exist doesn’t follow. And it is here too that Exaro has done some sterling – in fact, non pareil – work in showing further examples of corrupt policemen doing the bidding of Party politicians and senior members of the judiciary to pervert the course of justice. However, my view is also that they have been naive (as I was at first) in their willingness to believe those whose sole motive is money.

To drill down into the most infamous case of all, Jimmy Savile did not “groom a nation”: being dead, he has become a convenient bin into which ‘responsibility’ for heinous crimes can be chucked. But somebody did some of those crimes. And in turn, I am reasonably satisfied that Savile did harbour a penchant for sex with the defenceless…in his case, the disabled. Jimmy Savile has been a battering ram used by the Murdoch press with which to break down the BBC’s hold on public service broadcasting. But Jimmy Savile was not innocent of sexual crimes.

I said from the outset that Bill Roache, Stuart Hall, Ken Clarke, Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis and Paul Gambaccini were not paedophiles. Yesterday, Exaro Executive Editor Mark Watts repeated his claim that Stuart Hall is, but I will never accept that: Hall is a sleazeball who used his fame to shag anything with a pulse, but the “with girls as young as nine” lie has become standard cop procedure when collecting scalps. Stuart Hall was stitched up and then double-crossed by the legal system. Dave Lee Travis was a serial groper whom I knew slightly many years ago… a great big bear and a twit, but a man of his time who genuinely never meant any harm. He is today a tragic butterfly broken on the wheel. Rolf Harris is in prison but for the life of me I cannot understand why. The jury must have been either asleep or deranged to have convicted him.

I return to my central point: for the beleeeevers (and some of them on both sides scare the Bejesus out of me) there is never any middle ground between Monster and Saint. But you can’t play the game of All or Nothing with people’s lives; and such behaviour is all the more reprehensible when a ridiculous level of ignorance is involved.

With apologies to the long-standing Sloggers who’ve heard all this before, genuine paedophilia is an essentially psychotic condition in which adults (almost always men) entertain the delusional belief that human beings quite obviously not sexually mature – without pubic hair and not menstruating – crave sexual intercourse with aforementioned adults. Meet and interview a hard-core paedophile, and it will become clear relatively quickly that you’re dealing with a mental illness every bit as serious as murderous psychopathy or paranoid schizophrenia. Indeed, offenders who don’t get caught frequently in the end exercise the ultimate control they need by killing their victims. Ian Brady was a sadistic paedophile who went undetected until it was too late.

However, the crime of adults knowingly indulging in under age sex is most commonly found within families, and in reality can be more accurately termed incest. In the parent/sibling/child context, it is rarely accompanied by a serious mental illness, and is more often a reflection of low intelligence and familial/cultural tradition. Other relatives, however, use their position of trust within the family in the same way that teachers, care home workers and Priests have been known to do: they have an excuse to be around children, and abuse it. It has been estimated that the prevalence of the incest/relative occurrences outnumber sadistic/institutional crimes by some 20 to 1….but of course that statistic must be treated with care, because so much familial abuse goes unreported.

The fact is that, over the years, the police have been pretty hopeless at detecting all forms of paedophilial abuse: far too often, the condition only comes to light in the shape of a dead child or ruined lives. This failure – and other dictates I have suggested in many previous columns – explains why our police have become almost fanatical in their determination to demonstrate action now. Most of that action, in my experience, is really distraction.

I try these days to steer clear of this whole subject, because I find it murky, unpleasant, depressing, laced with the most appalling hypocrisy, and at times horrifically depraved. On the increasingly rare occasions when I re-enter the debate, however, it seems to me that each case must be treated, investigated and then if necessary prosecuted with little or no reference to the broader context.

From experiences stretching back 35 years, I have reason to believe that the now extinct Conservative Monday Club would (were its members to come back to life) have a lot of explaining to do about visits to Amsterdam. So too would the late Leon Brittan vis-a-vis his position as Home Secretary and then EU Commissioner. So too would the Groucho Club and its hastily deconstructed PIE contact website. So too would West Country MPs regarding some bizarre judicial events in Plymouth in recent years.

But equally, a dozen or more Labour Councillors were at best complicit in, and at worst happy to indulge in, a series of Islamic paedophile scandals from Rotherham to Halifax via Wakefield. Labour Councillors and social workers in Stafford looked the other way when the care system became a conduit for perverts who used discredited child psychiatry to prey on already damaged kids. And as for Liverpool and Glasgow…well, don’t get me started.

This is the bottom line: in every society and culture since God was a girl, the depraved have preyed upon the vulnerable. In Victorian times, perverts trained their victims to be pickpockets. (It has often been rumoured that the Dickens Character Fagin started out life in the first draft of Oliver Twist as an overt paedophile). In Modern Times, the vulnerable fall into other hands….either via the streets of metropolis, or through an increasingly muddled State care system.

But the big difference now is that the supposedly vulnerable have become yet another dubious political weapon.

The weapons are used – shamelessly and shamefully – to promote an extreme cause that absolutely refutes the concept of exceptions.

In this nightmare Universe, ALL Tories are depraved power freaks indulging their decadent sexual tastes; and ALL Labourites cynically ignore flagrant abuses of their State control over our lives by perverts.

The parrot may or may not be dead. It could be resting, or even hibernating. All parrots are individuals. Some parrot salesmen are villains, but many aren’t. Some parrot owners neglect their avian pets, but many don’t. Parrot stories like these unlikely to sell newspapers. Discuss.

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  1. It is Schroedingers parrot and by its existence alone maybe used as a distraction or to just pretend to the sheep those with power actually care.

    Did Palin or Cleese actually care about the parrot? No and the real question is do those who say they care mean it and for what reason.


  2. Much to think about there, John.

    Ref. Monty Python … listening to the news in general and politicos in particular I am reminded more than anything else of the prophets in “The Life of Brian”. A scrofulous Michael Palin seeks to make sense of a bewildering universe: “There shall, in that time, be rumours of things going astray, erm, and there shall be a great confusion as to where things really are, and nobody will really know where lieth those little things wi– with the sort of raffia work base that has an attachment. At this time, a friend shall lose his friend’s hammer and the young shall not know where lieth the things possessed by their fathers that their fathers put there only just the night before, about eight o’clock. Yea, it is written in the book of Cyril that, in that time, shall the third one..” IABATO


  3. I can tell you Panorama is full of poo. One of the funniest moments was in Dhahran when we knew a Panorama was being aired on BBC World Service about life in the Kingdom – floggings and the like. Some clever bloke managed to record it I think in Bahrain and smuggle it in so a week later we all sat down to watch the video tape (VHS then) at our British Aerospace dive club (I wasn’t BAe btw). We all had a laugh at the absolute load of lies and rubbish. There was an item on a bloke who was moaning about being flogged, crying on camera. One of my mates recognized him “That’s one of the Sid barons!” (Sid = Siddiqui = My Friend = Alcohol from a distillery.

    There were guys out there who would own stills chugging out neat alcohol constantly for sale, risking literally the shirt off their backs. Some were caught, usually when such a still blew up through negligence and thrown into the jails. This bloke got unlucky, others flew out of the KSA with suitcases full of millions in cash.


  4. John
    I am in a tizzy …regarding immigration …it looms large in my mental view of the probable outcome.
    I note that the smart phone is now the first weapon of Joyce! ..not the AK … never before in history have primitives had such instant communications. Each photo they send via the standard SM.. has embedded in it their sat-nav location (it is with the exif info) .. to within a few yards.
    Now there’s food for thought.


  5. You mentioned PIE, but did not link it to the disgraceful Harriet Harman/Nu Lab involvement. So I will.

    Harm-man was in favour of PIE. Due to her influence, the association with PIE became accepted within Labour. Her husband was/is a pervy DVD watcher who was selected for a wimmin-only shortlist and duly elected as an MP. These people are scum.


  6. When I was 17, I used a public convenience in a mainline London station after coming from the west and about to head north.. Sitting there in midst ablutions, a twenty pound note quite physically appeared in front of my eyes. When I looked up there was a hand and an arm and a black man in a suit attached hanging over the stall wall who said “I only want to watch”.

    I wasn’t street wise enough to grab the twenty pound note or ask “watch what?” I simply said “No”, he disappeared and as I left I watched five or six weird men stare at me as I washed my hands and at least three of them followed me onto the main concourse and down to the tube.

    I’ve never used a toilet in a railway station again, unless it was in a pub or food outlet.

    There are lots of weirdos out there John.


  7. @Ed P

    Really? You are somehow connecting the fact that Harman’s husband watched a dvd showing consenting adults having a shag to the appalling behaviour of establishment paedophiles? I have thought for some time that there is considerable overlap between those that crave political power over the lives of others, and those that relish the absolute power afforded over a child by an abuser. Psychopaths and sociopaths are drawn to politics like moths to a flame. It makes perfect sense to me that the ‘deep state’, (the City, the banks, the multinationals, the ‘intelligence services’) all have every incentive to ensure that only those with cupboard-bound skeletons get anywhere near the levers of power. (The Orwellian level of surveillance undertaken by NSA/GCHQ is part of the control mechanism in my view.) Thus, I am quite open to the idea that there may be New Labour connections to sexual abuse of children as with any other group that is allowed to attain power, although I have yet to see the weight of evidence against them that seems to exist implicating prominent Tories. I’m not sure if Lord Janner counts as New Labour, and Peter Mandelson’s association with the Duke of York’s friend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, would seem to suggest that he is is at least ‘extremely relaxed’ about being in the contacts book of an individual those of us with any sense of decency would shun. (Actually, thinking about it, Mandelson spend a lot of time in the company of one Anthony Lyton Blair, so the latter part of my last sentence was just stating the obvious.)


  8. Yes, JW, perhaps a better description of our times is Pythonesque, rather than Orwellian.
    The Main Slimestream Media present anything but the truth, & all the main players seem to delight in voicing as many & as large lies as they can, mouthing about the public good, while pursuing their private agendas.
    Apparently, Pompeii wasn’t too far different.

    I can see the paedophile thing being used by the secret services as a control mechanism.
    High in my mind is Edward Heath, boys & boats & the lies he told getting us into Europe.
    If you’re caught in that cesspool, you’re a tool for TPTB to use as they wish.

    An interesting piece of news to lighten the mood:


  9. Touche JW. The latest attempt at an insult to intelligence must be the Atlanta Fed. In trying to explain why the employment participation rate of the prime cohort (24-54 years) continues to decline its considers opinion after much thought is that they don’t want to work! Simples!


  10. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair aka’ Miranda’. Wonder if theire is a connection to one Charles Lynton, arraigned at Marlborough St, Magistrates Court for the offence of accosting in a public toilet. Otherwise known as ‘cottaging ‘ in London circles.


  11. Sorry you curtailed the dead Osborne skit it was funny , as for the rest as my wife constantly says to me “they” always win because they are prepared to do “what ever it takes” for power and or cash , starting with the Queen and working on down to the local drug baron. Abuse of power is a crime that should carry a higher tariff.


  12. @SL
    Yes, and apparently records from the Magistrates Court have gone missing – whodathortit?

    As an aside, when I first moved to Canadia I used to be amused to hear my male colleagues talking of their cottaging exploits over the summer. Apparently it means something different here.


  13. “Apparently it means something different here”
    As I found out early on a Saturday. morning delivering bags of fertilizer on a Scout funding drive.
    After many rings of the bell a disheveled female.appears.My statement,”sorry for knocking you up”.
    It didn’t go down well.
    I was pretty new to this place then.However we all had a good laugh back at the Scout Meet.


  14. In the 1968 film Oliver!

    Artful Dodger: “Young Oliver wants to come on the game with Charlie and me.”

    Fagin: “What’s that? On the job you mean?”


  15. IMHO, the world is run by psychopaths, and always as been. The clever psychopaths rule, while the not so clever ones get caught and either go to prison or mental health prison to be cured [retrained]


  16. Those who crave power are the very last ones who should get anywhere near it, unfortunately the exact opposite is true.
    Still, I don’t believe it’s ever been any different, or ever will be, after all, we are talking human nature here.


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