SEARCHING4TRUTH: Planes & Automobiles…..the strange cases of MH17 and VW emissions

It is my intention to start a new dedicated page at The Slog called SEARCHING4TRUTH. Beginning with the piece from earlier this week about ‘directionalising’ refugees via text and other social media, everything that involves technical evidence and a degree of detection in that field will be placed there. Today I take a look at MH17 (the plane shot down over Ukraine with total loss of life) and the VW ‘scandal’ that is probably being hugely misrepresented.

The MH17 debate lumbers on fifteen months after the plane’s fatal fall from the skies. The VW ‘cheating’ scandal still has a long way to run. The first has the capacity to bring about global nuclear annihilation; the second, to implode the largest member of the EU and set off a global financial collapse. Yet the media and its ‘journalists’ yomp gaily on in a daily pavanne (correct spelling, thanks Geli) in which their proprietors and/or their ideologies seem happy to crush the truth beneath the feet of a complex, self-defeating dance.

In circumstances such as those, the search for balance (and if necessary, exit from the tribal stockade) is not just a must: it is a citizen duty to the rest of the human race.


The MH17 whodunit

There are several journalists – all anti-Putin – who remain convinced that the MH17 was shot down by Russian forces. For them this is the journalistic equivalent of ‘settled science’. I shall say no more: but I would make the following contrarian points.

  1. A crash/military aeronautics expert in Germany familiar with the accused Russian Buk Missile told me eleven months ago that, in the absence of shrapnel wounds among the passengers, there was no way that Missile could be responsible.
  2. Two Polish workers in the Ukraine at the time wrote to tell me that the direction and flight path of the missile was air to air from the West, not ground to air from Russian positions in the East.
  3. John Helmer and others have written extensively about suspicions surrounding the findings of the Dutch and Australian teams physically and remotely involved respectively in the crash investigation. There seems to me abundant evidence of at least some degree of cover-up…sensational revelations about which, I understand from an EU source, may well emerge in 11 days time when the report is published (12th October 2015)
  4. All along, Putin has shown his willingness to abide by the contents of the plane’s black box. His offer – something a a checkmate for John Kerry – hasn’t been taken up. So either Putin knows he’s innocent – or that the original box has been destroyed.

Provenance is as ever important. The German expert (given the Berlin position was pro-Ukraine at the time) offers experience and objectivity to further his findings. Poles too are notoriously anti-Russian, but these two chaps – one of whom saw military air force service – were firm in their convictions. John Helmer is an American who lives and works in Russia – and therefore is open to accusations of having ‘gone native’….but that doesn’t fit with his established record of unveiling Russian oligarch cheats and having his life threatened while doing so.

It is Helmer’s most recent articles that give me cause for doubt about the NATO version of events. Last year, Dutch magazine Elsevier scooped details of the secret agreement signed on August 8, 2014 by the four countries comprising the so-called Joint Investigation Team investigating the disaster: Holland, Belgium, Ukraine and Australia. The agreement says if any one signatory vetoes release of facts about the investigation, the other three must abide by it. These are not the actions of innocent men.

Further, details of a published but unreported treaty between the Netherlands and Australia, along with evidence gathered by Australian coroners and pathologists from the MH17 victims’ bodies, reveal suspicions that a Russian-made ground-to-air missile did not cause, and could not have caused, the crash. This was a conviction among the investigators at Hilversium by November of 2014. Equally important, this squared precisely with what the German expert told me last October.

I understand from an Australian source that the conduct of recently deposed Prime Minister Tony Abbott in the conduct of the enquiry is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Now, I’m not saying any or all of this proves the Ukrainian pro-EU forces did it: I’m saying that it is not settled science. When it comes to the Truth, there is nothing whatsoever to choose between US Corporatocracy and Kremlin Oligarchy. But Lord Mandelson simply adores them both darlings – so perhaps that tells you most of what you need to know.


Evil German emissions cheats

The VW emissions ‘cheating’ story is still in its infancy – but it could very quickly morph into juvenile delinquency unless more balance and reading behind the spin are employed in the reporting of it.

Within two days of the story breaking, I was in receipt of emails from two former car industry bigwigs, both of whom were quite prepared – not for publication, natch – to say that emissions cheating on diesel vehicles was ubiquitous throughout the car industry…..including all the marques and all the continents. I’ve worked on almost every mainstream car advertising account there is, so none of their revelations surprised me: don’t get me started, for instance, on how European multiple retailers lie about the preservatives used on their intercontinentally imported ‘fresh’ foodstuffs.

Now in the last 36 hours more things are coming to light – with some light digging on my part, and yet more whistle-blowers appalled by the hypocrisy being displayed by those with an axe to grind. Veteran Sloggers will be in no doubt about my very low expectations when it comes to the ethics of the German ‘élite’; but in this case, there are those ever-present opportunists hard at work ready to damn what they describe as ‘capitalism’. Please allow me a brief deviation at this point.

The contemporary internationalist left-liberal axis flatly refuses to recognise any difference between one model of capitalism (in reality the globalist neoliberal monopolism which is currently grinding its jackboot into our faces) and a thing airly referred to as ‘capitalism’…which is, in their chosen thought-tunnel, unutterably evil. Their antidote to it – and such people include pretty much everyone on the intellectual Left from Jeremy Corbyn to journalist Paul Mason – is, unsurprisingly, variously ‘modernised’ State socialism.

Not only is this simplification deliberate and archaic in its approach, it is merely suggesting that the antidote to an outdated failure is the even more outdated disaster area that preceded it. It’s akin to suggesting that extensive use of pigeons would be a far better alternative to our contemporary, invasive global internet.

All the empirical evidence from the period in the ‘free’ West between roughly 1952 and 1972 suggests that the mixed economy (in which taxpayer, bourse, entrepreneurial and mutual ownership existed side by side in relatively peaceful coexistence) produced the most balanced, stable and equitable societies we have ever seen. But ignorance, it has to be said, seems in our species to fuel arrogance. Homo sapiens feels safer with the comfort blanket of continuity: this is fine in a linguistic sense – but at best in the socio-economic sphere, it produces stagnant and rigid thinking; at worst, it involves driving by use of the rear-view mirror as opposed to the windscreen. In a nutshell, repeated crashes.

Anyway, in 2015 those who would rather read catechisms than solve problems leap upon single events as evidence of the rectitude of their chosen Bible. In the case of VW, however, both events and more recent informants are suggesting to me that this case is not as it has been presented.

Very interesting, for example, is the tendency to focus on German car marques – BMW and Audi (the latter part of the VW Group anyway) – as the main villains. This does not appear to be true.

Equally, to do this at the expense of diesel as a fuel is dangerously selective. Informant kf notes, “At the end of the day, if the focus is fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions, than particularly for larger vehicles and trucks etc, Diesel is still the better fuel.…The VW scandal, though undoubtedly catastrophic for VW , should not bring into question the use of diesel as a fuel for certain vehicle segments .. in fact it is smaller gasoline vehicles that are probably more under threat over the long-term from hybrids and electric cars not diesel per se”. But in the short term, we would all do well to remember that US-manufactured cars are far more likely to use petrol than diesel…even the smaller models. Hmmm.

A case, one might almost say, of wheels within wheels.

Further still – unless I’m mistaken here, it would seem that most of the models due for recall are not recent; that on the contrary, emission cheating is an historical thing. The ICCT study which found that two older tested VW vehicles were way over the regulated NOx limit also tested a new diesel BMW which conformed to the emissions limit without cheating. This suggests that the technology to get diesel engines into compliance exists now… and three separate additional sources tell me the newer VW/Audi group models will be using the same zero-cheat system from now on.

Of course, far be it for the opportunistic harder Left to print the fact that the EU authorities knew about this two years ago but did feck-all, because that would be to challenge its unchangeable view that anything would be better than no EU….even one that behaves with the same undemocratic cynicism as the long-gone and little-lamented USSR. Part of the problem for the braindead Left, you see, is that for them UKip represents the unacceptable face of Nigel Farage. But in truth, it doesn’t: it represents the unmistakeable voice of the People so long ignored by Daft Labour and its fat camp-followers. It remains my view that the chief problem UKip has is its controlling and bombastic pillock of a leader.

I take three lessons from this latest example of out-of-control agendered media ‘reporting’. First, to suggest the problem is GermanVW must rank as one of the sloppiest reporting case histories since Freddie Starr didn’t eat someone’s hamster. Second, there are other interests and media influencers at work here in a carpe diem rather than conspiratorial form…notably, threatened US and Asian petrol-car manufacturers and those who would reinstall the EU as a Left rather than Right dictatorship. And finally, what we seem to be doing here is peddling as news something that is recent history.

As a means of bringing people to book, I have no problem with that: to forgive is divine, but to forget is dumb. However, is the degree of irresponsible sensationalism on display here really what we need when the survival of a truly great company is at stake? Is this the way to solve the real problem – that capitalism has been hijacked by every sh*thead on the planet from Murdoch and Blankfein to post-Gates Microsoft and black gold brothers Frederick and Charles Koch? Excuse me, but my response is an unequivocal “No”.

Earlier at The Slog: Avid Cameldung & the Escalation of Doom

69 thoughts on “SEARCHING4TRUTH: Planes & Automobiles…..the strange cases of MH17 and VW emissions

  1. The one important element to draw from this essay is the one thing that hasn’t been said, namely that the public at large believe what is printed in the newspapers. Speaking with people in the Netherlands, the view is unequivocal: it was a Russian missile.


    Because that’s what they were told – and with that view now fixed in their minds, there is little that can change this state of affairs. The most dangerous people on this planet are those who know this, and have the power to establish such knowledge.

    Then again, I had a conversation with a chap in Weimar – one of those circumstances where you chat merrily in German for twenty minutes only to realize we both spoke English – who went on to inform me about a recent article about MH17. He asked me if I’d seen it. Oh, yes, I had; a friend in Rendsburg had sent me the original in German. The rest, as they say, is history.


  2. Just as a clarification – it’s almost bedtime for tiddles – when I said “namely that the public at large believe what is printed in the newspapers” – that is an understanding that runs through this entire blog. However, my point is that once a point of view has been established, there isn’t a hope in hell of changing it. I’ve spoken at length with people about the two target aircraft that day and the general opinion is still that it was a Russian rocket that downed MH17.


  3. Oi! Just because you can’t post here, Clicky, it doesn’t mean you can just borrow my avatar…

    Sweetie, you don’t know the half of it ;) Ask next time, okay?


  4. Maybe the Yanks told them to take it away, I mean it’s not like it’s really worth anything… That’s it, they got Fed up yeah with babysitting an old world illusion; it serves no useful purpose and you can’t even wipe your bum with it.


  5. @Gemma

    You are entirely correct. It is an obvious ploy of the perpetrators of false flags such as MH 17 to have the pre-prepared story rushed out so that it saturates all MSM coverage. Think Ehud Barak fingering Bin Laden from a BBC studio within minutes of the first jet hitting the WTC.

    The entire MSM had Bin Laden as the culprit within minutes. When the public is subjected to such an orchestrated barrage, the majority internalise the MSM version to be the truth, regardless of any countervailing evidence that emerges later. This is especially true when questioning the official version entails being labeled as a non-violent extremist.

    Aren’t sanctions still in effect on Russia as a result of MH17?


  6. Dear JW, this is excellent and very timely. As a backgrounder (though from a very different context) might I alert you ( and fellow-commenters) to the late-lamented David Smail’s analysis of the psychological and behavioural impact of the 80s, Neocons and Neolibs on the British public and society at large in the chapter (available on the Net) in his “Origins of Unhappiness”? which analyses the 1980s? It might also help explain the Corbynista phenomenon of returnee members for Labour, and broaden your perspectives on the sheer desperation that’s detectable throughout British society these days.


  7. @Gemma
    Louis Edward Bernays was a relative of Sigmund Freud ,the father of psychology. Whereas Sigmund specialised in individual psychosis, Bernays concentrated on the psychology of the masses. He wrote his book ‘Propaganda’ in 1928 and Goebbels the Nazi Propaganda Minister was an avid student of his methods and had a copy in his library.
    At wars end ,Bernays moves to the USA and developed a new Industry, called Public Relations, the term Propaganda having toxic connotations.
    JW had a career in this Industry and is aware of the methods of public persuasion, and we all benefit from his insider knowledge on the blog here.
    Bernays statement below ,explains how this new Industry has been co-opted by Govt for nefarious purposes to contol the masses;.
    “•The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.”

    Should you question the official Govt statements regarding the JFK assasination, 9/11, MH17 you are branded a conspiracy theorist, This is a pejorative term devised by the CIA ,using a Bernays tactic of denigration. Many other tactics can be seen in the MSM Each day. Demonisation,accusation, distraction. repition of lies,et al.
    The message is constant, conform or be marginalised and cast out.


  8. @SL

    I almost had a falling-out with one of my closest and dearest friends over the Syrian debacle a few years ago. He was completely steeped in the Guardian version of gallant freedom fighters battling against all odds to topple the evil Basher al Assad. My contention that the so-called freedom fighters might be US/UK/IS special forces or/and paid jihadists shipped in from Libya and Jordan, (as Webster Tarpley had suggested upon his return from visiting Syria in 2011), was a bridge too far for his psyche. Despite his knowlege of similar U.S. operations throughout Latin America, my friend of 35 years standing became furious. Rather than lose a good friend, I dropped the subject. Recent comments from former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, recent Wikileaks revelations and the released DoD document regarding ISIS and Al-Nusra (sp?) would suggest that Tarpley’s position was much closer to the truth than that of the entire western MSM. It really is astounding how persuasive gatekeeper organs such as the Graun and the BBC can be, especially to those of us who grew up with them. It seems it can be an extremely lonely experience to question official narratives in this Orwellian environment.


  9. I argue the word capitalism has no meaning. Maybe it used to but I forget and now it means just about anything that makes the wealthy wealthier. Maybe it always did. In the present form and I think it always meant in some part, the inflation of asset prices especially financial assets. My latest crackpot theory is that asset inflation is the real problem and so the extent to which asset inflation defines capitalism is the extent to which capitalism is nefarious.

    Capitalism doesn’t really mean a market economy and let’s not drag out the stale ‘free’ prefex from markets. It would be best to cleave the two words. Those most insistent upon the wonders of “capitalism” and ‘free markets” are the very ones workng to destroy them both. To wit, zero and negative interest rates. When investments are made to lose money then capital is destroyed and capitalism and markets have gone down the rabbit hole.


  10. @halfkidding
    I wonder how many of those cheerleaders for present-day ‘capitalism’ and ‘free markets’ would really choose these options from behind the Rawlsian Viel of Ignorance. Those at the bottom of the heap who remain capable of rational thought rarely demand more freedom for capital.


  11. ”It remains my view that the chief problem UKip has is its controlling and bombastic pillock of a leader.”

    Agreed. Patrick Flynn or Steve Wolf should take over. The fact that the later, their immigration spokesman no less, is mixed race really pisses of the Left.


  12. Salford Lad, I agree with that.

    Only what Bernais did was to establish that the Allies had beaten Nazi Germany by using the very methods the Nazis used (including mass immolation). Is it any surprise that they would go on to use propaganda and support the corporations, as the Nazis had?

    As to the cry of the Nazi “The message is constant, conform or be marginalised and cast out” – this kind of orthodoxy is everywhere. Look at the guys who used to troll me! They wanted me to conform to their ideas, and since I would not, they did the internet variation of casting out: all manner of slander, misrepresentation and untruth. What’s more, it happened on a site that stood for honesty and truth. For years. The important thing to learn from this is that it is far harder to learn to be tolerant than it at first appears!


  13. You omitted the fact that the German Wings voice recorder (from the plane crashed into Alps by it’s co-pilot) was analysed shortly after its recovery.

    Anyone heard the VR from MH 17 yet?


  14. Halfkidding “Maybe it used to but I forget and now it means just about anything that makes the wealthy wealthier” – in the past when everything was made by hand, capitalism worked because the cleverer labourer was able to do things faster.

    Today, it is the man who has more money that can buy more machinery; the clever people are spinning plates in banks, thus creating the appearance of an economy. The first is Germany’s challenge, the second, America’s.


  15. @halfkidding .. i agree totally with your post and have been trying to say the same using different examples . The beauty of their system is that they can blame ‘ capitalism’ at every turn while systematically undermining a just capitalist system . That’s why the banks make perfect targets for vilification .


  16. Am i the only one who spotted Kerries gaff in his statement about not targeting ISIS position to targeting ISIS positions,if only Putin or Corbyn had made that gaff i think it would have been seen & repeated quicker than they create money!


  17. A Conspiiracy Theorist is a derogatory term used to dismiss a critical thinker and demean the message,
    Welcome to the club Sloggers.


  18. Canexpat,

    indeed so. My point about the two targets of MHI7 is because there were two aircraft with similar markings in the air that day. There is also the curious fact that the Wikipedia page for the SU-25 was altered a good few weeks before the attack!

    So why do all this to shoot down an innocent Malaysian aircraft? It just happened that Russia’s Presidential plane has white, red and blue stripes… and Malaysia airlines has a white upper fuselage, and red and blue stripes. Get the message?

    What happened when the news got to the Pentagon that some donkey had shot the wrong plane out of the sky required the use of some washing machines for the underwear and the installation of some creative story tellers. What’s more, they had to do it VERY QUICKLY!!


  19. Quite correct SL – the only truth is Government/Elite truth published in its free and totally unexpurgated form each day for the viewer to read. As we know the UK is in glorious economic recovery due to those lazy scroungers at the bottom beginning to realise (and in some cases being shoved) that work sets them free. Apparently the unnecessary deaths of so many are only now being realised as the Government has found a need to increase coffin maker apprenticeships. Nobody is accountable for the deaths


  20. John @ “Anyway, in 2015 those who would rather read catechisms than solve problems leap upon single events as evidence of the rectitude of their chosen Bible. In the case of VW, however, both events and more recent informants are suggesting to me that this case is not as it has been presented.”
    This last few weeks my head has been spinning … fantastic reset for me!


  21. On a related note here is the confusion the media in the West instills, in this case Iran:

    Do you think the Irainians have any understanding at the amount of brainwashing your average couch potato has in the West, and that their lives exist on a knife edge because of the insouance of said couch potatoes?

    I wonder if Gallup did a poll on your average brain dead ‘semper fi’ Amerikan soldier, would they still find a large proportion of them still believing that Iraq had an involvement in 9/11?


  22. As regards VW, I’ve always suspected that it is only a matter of time before Germany aligns itself with Russia.

    Anyone can see that the West (Amerika) is dying. Maybe this VW thing is just Amerika’s way of letting Germany know it can take it down a peg or two when it chooses too.

    Just a curmudgeonly shot across the bow from Uncle Sam.


  23. @TFS

    Superb video. Thanks for posting. Astounding what an ancient country that has resisted the assaults of the Central Bankers and their henchmen can be like despite swingeing sanctions. The political situation is by no means perfect, but the life of ordinary Iranians appears to be of a much higher quality than that of an average Brit or Yank who are nominally ‘free’. I cannot imagine a similar video of a trip through the U.K. could compare. I realise this video is only the experience of one man, but almost everyone he encountered seemed delighted to be alive. More evidence that we value the wrong things in our culture perhaps. Countering the “Iranians are evil” meme should be a high priority if this world is to survive the next few years.


  24. Mr Ward is also correct in stating that Vw group has been a great company, an exemplar of post war german capitalist consensus (ordo-liberalism?) at its best. Mercedes cars used to be v-well made but are no longer. For an i/c vehicle thats clean round town 1litre 3cyl ford fiesta’s the one.


  25. TFS – thanks for sharing that video and introducing me to that guy and his C90 travel videos – much appreciated. Watching the video you embedded was 18 minutes well spent.


  26. @JdeV

    w.r.t. Mercedes, I was told recently by someone who is in a position to know that Mercedes is now only interested in the lease market, and the cars are designed to last barely 2 years. Mercedes, a once great engineering/manufacturing company has essentially become a bank. My informant advised me against ever purchasing a second hand Mercedes produced in the last few years as it would be full of bells and whistles that would cost a King’s ransom to fix/replace when one of them inevitably fails.


  27. Canexpat, I thought most large corporations – Walmart, Siemens, Mercedes (Daimler-Benz) all had banking licences… I believe that VW also has one. But for some strange reason, they still make motorcars rather than playing the stockmarket.

    I was wondering as I wrote the above, whether this applied to the Mercedes cars produced for the German taxi fleet. They were bought for their longevity, even if they hadn’t all the fancy bits and pieces from the models on sale to the public.


  28. john
    you write exceptionally well on many complex subjects but it is difficult to take some of your stories seriously if you get basic facts wrong. 1) John Helmer is not a yank he was born and educated in Australia as noted in his bio on his site. 2) Elselvier may have been the mainstream scooper of the 4 nation agreement but it was originally uncovered by an obscure australian site called This is not criticism. Your work is important and highly valued by many critical thinkers. However, these type of slip-ups leave you open to ridicule by the forces you so assiduously seek to define


  29. Or AF447 CVR recovered from 2 miles underwater in the equivalent of the subterranean Himalayas after 2 years. And was playable.


  30. Merc has been like that for longer than the period you infer and probably several other manufacturers as well
    Mind you all car spare parts are several times over priced for what they are. This isn’t helped by Manufaturer authorised dealers having labour rates of at least £100 per hour by now (a Ford dealer locally was over £90 about 5 years ago) together with the need for certain specialist equipment required to set or fit the above mentioned spare parts


  31. This post and the comments it has generated are a really good example of why The Slog is such a jewel of the internet. Heartfelt thanks to all concerned, keep it up!


  32. The JW comment regarding the stability of the world economy between the periods ’52 to ’72 is directly related to the period when the Bretton Woods agreement was in force ’46-’71, with Gold as the benchmark of International trade.
    In ’71 Nixon exited the Agreement due to imbalance of trade and a rundown of the Gold at Fort Knox, plus the costs of the Vietnam war.
    The end of this agreement allowed the Bankers to issue credit unrestricted, which created worls wide inflation and has snowballed to our present disorder in the world financial system
    Side affects of this in Britain were Industrial unrest and strikes as Unions attempted to maintain the living standard wages of their members.
    The role of the bankers in our Industrial troubles never surfaced as Maggie Thatcher rolled over the unions. Then as now the MSM served their Oligarch Masters.


  33. Here is a home videotape I digitized of daily life in the Eastern province of Saudi – Al Khobar, around 1996.

    I’m now understanding why life was actually freer there than in the UK. No mind control or PC bollocks, as much home brewed alcohol as you could lay your hands on, even high quality home grown grass was available. Amazign parties, home grown rock bands, amateur theatre groups, Scuba diving trips on Red Sea shipwrecks, 4WD trips into the desert, caving, safaris galore…..horrible place….


  34. If you wish to search 4 truth these days I wish you luck! The normal channels of information flow have all been hijacked and merely issue propaganda..


  35. thanks JW and posters. when they come out with a quick response to anything you know they are lying. Bernays also gave us the slogan ‘freedom and democracy’ to persuade the USA to enter the WW 1 . Its worked for countless and endless wars ever since. Hopefully no more.


  36. Imagine a new Labor government with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm and further imagine that he decides on creating the “peoples smart phone”. The first thing that would happen is the patent attorneys for the international cabal of globalist would swoop in and tie the endevor up in court for at least 10 years and in the intervening period all got good talent in GB would have moved to California, Seattle or elsewhere and set up shop.

    The irony here is that I am using the Globalist tools (Microsoft Google and Dell) to complain about the Globalist. We are doomed.


  37. Regarding your BBC comment, the media can’t always predict things properly, can they?

    The only problem with people who want to see children addicted or intoxicated, is that the perpetrators are themselves addicted to some form of behaviour… otherwise they’d not think of doing that kind of thing. In other words, those who believe in distorting the media, will believe what they are told by those they respect, and will do so without any thorough reflection.

    In short, what they seek to do to others is actually their weak spot!

    In other words, those who want to dominate the world actually desire to be dominated by someone (which gives them a sense of security).


  38. I doubt any of the trolls here were paid, they were just pained by the fact that they didn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand what I was speaking about. It’s not unheard of for a high ranking man to have achieved his position without any recourse to his brain – and such men are extremely touchy when their intellectual capacities are challenged.

    What truly shocked me was Mr Ward’s inability to perceive this trolling. It felt almost that he applauded it – after all, if you look at this hovercard, you’ll see that it is VERY crude…

    How this one got past an expert marketer for so many years baffles me. Perhaps he just wasn’t looking?


  39. The point is if you are to understand your control freak cowards, you have to understand their convoluted minds. The explanation for a convoluted mind is necessarily difficult to understand because you have to first get your head around it – and that take the kind of thinking that most men are unwilling to undertake.

    It’s one cause of trolling… thankfully you are gentleman enough just to state the fact, rather than act as a control freak, a troll. Or, as you suggest, Eugenics. Look at how many people want to perform their own form of eugenics, in the US especially: over 900 targeted mass shooting incidents in 1000 days. What is this but eugenics at a personal level???

    Liked by 1 person

  40. MH17: take a look at the passenger list of the other aircraft with white, red and blue stripes along its side.

    That’s why the Wikipedia entry was changed several weeks before the incident – people don’t do that for a tragic accident with a commercial airliner.


  41. I rather fear the mass shooting incidents in the US are planned to drive the US public toward accepting gun controls/confiscation. They are failing.
    The evidence shows lower crime rates in guns-permitted areas & these horrible incidents almost ALL occur in guns-banned areas.
    I see a confiscation before a mass genocide agenda by the eugenicist US PTB, I’m afraid.


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