shalak30915Lithuanian Vladimir Shalak

What was Shalak’s motive for his content analysis of an apparent US/UK Twitter campaign to swamp Germany?

The Slog offers a classic example of how social media can swamp the Truth

Eight days ago, a content-analysis of nearly 20,000 tweets by Vladimir Shalak offered compelling evidence of a Twitter campaign advising migrants from Turkey to ‘choose’ Germany or Austria. The high minority were tweeted from US and UK accounts.

Mr Shalak developed the ICAS for Twitter, and his recent study of refugee-related original tweets  demonstrated that 71% mention Germany and Austria as the most refugee-welcoming countries in Europe. Of these, Germany alone is over half of all tweets analysed:

refugeetagsCrucialyl however, well over a third of all of tweets came from the US and UK:


Now, accepting that the US is by far the biggest tweet centre on the planet, I can tell you from four years of bitter experience that if it didn’t happen in the States (or directly involve/threaten the US) most Americans don’t pay much attention to – or tweet about – European affairs. The 17% figure is abnormally high….and the near 20% of UK-derived tweeting looks downright suspicious.

Richard Nixon was of course the trailblazer of this sort of self-created crowd, and I suppose we should just be happy that the old villain was long gone before a functioning internet arrived. But the Black Dude has form when it comes to crowd-poking.

So: what of Vladimir Shalak? He was born in 1955 in Kaunas, Lithuania. He is a distinguished graduate of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialising in data application to large scale reactions of one sort of another….especially on the internet. However, this does of course mean that, for all of his formative life and into middle age, as a valuable research scientist he would have been close to the Soviet Zil lanes.

Notable in Shalak’s Google entries is the tell-tale ‘some entries may have been removed’ which – thanks to the Eunatics – has now become a carte blanche for all miscreants with something to hide.

Further, he does have his critics. One Irviing H. Anellis, who worked in similar fields, noted in 2010:

‘While the concept of logic as a semiotic and normative science is familiar to historians of logic, regrettably Shalak does not give any evidence of the existence of the distinction between the traditional and Boolean squares of opposition, in which the validity of inferences depends upon the question of the existential import of propositions’

Many’s the time I’ve said the same thing myself when the dinner party banter was sagging. Scientists remain as ever completely up themselves, but in English what Anellis meant was that Vladimir is inclined to draw a conclusion when others may be equally valid. Nudge, nudge.

So now one must ask: did Anellis have connections that suggest an ulterior motive for rubbishing Shalak? And the answer is no, he didn’t: he seems to have been a highly respected and open-minded bloke from Iowa with no politics at all regarding iron curtains or otherwise. He died from a heart attack in 2013.

Welcome to the world of Smiley’s People. And here in this yes no maybe whoTF knows place, we’re left trying to make a judgement about who had the strongest motive for putting Germany on tilt: would that be Russia – whose leader Vlad Putin said only two days ago that America “uses disinformation to destabilise régimes in every corner of the world” – or the US….which is said to be concerned that Germany and France are moving away from American influence towards a more independent Russia policy…and which of course owes Germany rather a lot of gold.

Or would it be the UK, where Cameron would love to be negotiating with a more humble Merkel for the next round of ‘treaty change’ haha negotiations?

We do not know, and we cannot be certain.


At an early stage in this Refugee/Migrant fiasco, I posted to the effect that there was a second wave of influx bearing little similarity to the first one. This would be my hunch. I think it entirely possible that a joint CIA/MI5 black ops was launched to put pressure on Germany to stay ‘within the fold’ by demonstrating US power. And equally, I suspect the analysis was both encouraged and given credibility by a Russian security service to pump it out at full volume. Why, after all, would an obscure Twitter scientist suddenly choose to do that analysis and become that high profile?

Whereas a Russian leader keen to show Berlin just how duplicitous the US can be had everything to gain from bigging up the research results. If they were real in the first place…which I don’t know, because oddly enough Shalak hasn’t shared them with me, the miserable bastard: never writes, never phones….and perhaps Erdogan told the Syrians all to go for it, and get them out of his hair.

Nothing is real. Nothing to get hung up on.

Yesterday at The Slog: How Rabid Right is giving credibility to Looney Left


  1. Merkel must bear a lot of the responsibility for the influx, apart from potential US & Russian black ops. Germany positively encouraged the influx through media announcements, much to the consternation of the transit countries. I also recall the head of the German Chamber of Commerce publicly stating that Germany needed these migrants to make up for the shortfall of factory fodder that Germany is experiencing.


  2. We can be sure that Putin is keen to break up the EU/NATO solidarity, to de-fang the US Empire.
    Beyond that, it’s wheels within wheels in a world of smoke & mirrors.

    The background is the Banksters aim for One World Totalitarian Govt & the destruction of ALL nations:
    Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, now Syria, Yemen….
    7 Muslim countries bombed & invaded since the lie “Al-Qaeda did it” after the false flag abomination of 9/11.

    The pattern becomes clearer.


  3. So were the German security services just not paying attention? How come Angie said to the refugees “Come on down, der Preis ist Reich”? Was that in the script?

    At least the timing of the whole VW thing was just coincidence.


  4. I see NO politicians proposing expanding the number of small & medium sized businesses, traditionally the best way to expand employment & thus prosperity.

    One of the main reasons why I say no recovery is planned.

    All manipulated by the Banksters. Matt Taibbi’s Vampire Squid article: from the Great Depression to Global Warming, all bubbles (aka bollocks) inflated to profit the Banksters.

    PS: How our thoughts are corrupted by our language: The Great War, The Great Depression.
    Two horrendous events labeled “Great”. They say that history is written by the winners.
    Well the same seems to be true of the current narrative, in our corporate media dominated culture.

    John Doran.


  5. NATO punishing its recalcitrants and affiliates IMO.

    Germany yes, but much more the Balkans & Greece where the ever oncoming flood is being penned into. Italy’s migrants are being managed at a profit by the mafia so that’s okay.

    As for Germany one could guess that the border closed when the missing worker numbers were achieved – one town is being lauded for offering migrants work at 1 euro an hour. On the other, Germany persists with Minsk and wants to normalise trade with Russia. Needs a lesson.

    Either way this migrant flood is an act of low grade warfare. Somebody ordered Turkey to open those refugee camps.


  6. I should add: if the number of arrived migrants is correct, which I doubt – (500k) – there are 1,5 million more waiting to come in Turkey alone.


  7. @JD
    “We’re tearing the floorboards from the loft to stay warm…”
    Not heard that one in a long while but it is oh so true.


  8. John,

    Can I suggest using a VPN when Googling if you wish to terminate limitations of Eurosearches. Easily done & surprisingly rewarding.

    Best regards,

    Michael Needleman

    The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. — Albert Camus



  9. The (ab)use of the media does seem to be an Anglo-Saxon speciality, doesn’t it? And by ‘medi I include Twitter, as it does affect the reader’s way of thinking.

    After all, there is clear evidence that many car manufacturers tried to bend the rules, as it were – yet it is VW that is consistently in the headlines. And it is headlines that count when it comes to the public perception of events.

    What’s more, most people reading newspapers – or for that matter, twitter – aren’t going to check the provenance of the things they’re reading, are they?

    So well done for establishing some clarity to a chaotic deluge of tweets.


  10. “Germany positively encouraged the influx through media announcements” – well now, anyone posit a guess as to who it was gave the editors a prod in the right direction?

    The Americans aren’t fools, and they know how to manipulate the media of other countries.


  11. Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    US senator Dianne Feinstein has somewhat bucked the trend in America by saying she thinks it is possible that Russia’s move in Syria could be a positive development.

    Ms Feinstein, who is the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee, said: help from “Russia and Iran in a political solution for Syria is important.”

    Ms Feinstein said the key is to defeat Isil and then to hold an election in Syria, and that the US should cooperate with Russia.

    She said it was important to “change the dynamic” because Isil continues to encroach on other states.

    As per:


  12. @jdseanjd –
    “…..the Banksters aim for One World Totalitarian Govt & the destruction of ALL nations:” Others claim it’s the UN who want a One World Govt.with continuous migration/dilution of ethnic groups to facilitate it……


  13. Yes, alexei, they tie in together. The UN Agenda 21 is the plan for the 21st century: a world govt, with a world (UN) bureaucracy. The destruction of ALL national govts is essential. The undemocratic EU is a stepping stone.
    The Banksters & their crony nations, US/UK/NATO/EU/Saudi/Qatar, etc are funding the mad plan, for short term selfish reasons. Lunacy. A vast depopulation is also planned, ~95% according to the Georgia Guidestones, to around 500,000,000.
    Ted Turner has pledged $1 Billion to Maurice Strong to promote the IPCC global warming, sorry, climate change scam, which is an attempt to levy a global ‘carbon’ tax to “save the planet”. Lord Monckton is a world expert on Agenda 21 & the CAGW/CC scam.. Youtube & put in Lord Monckton Globalist Death PLan for Humanity.


  14. Also,
    Start with “Quotes” to get a hold on who wants what.
    Then there is a plenitude of articles & graphs laying bare the preposterous CAGW/CC scare.
    (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming/Climate Change)
    John Doran.
    Part of the plan is equal poverty on every continent, & a homogenisation of the serf class. The middle class is slated to be taxed/vaccinated out of existence. Hence the huge immigrations/refugees.
    Google Agenda 21 for dummies.
    Forward to a Feudal Future of Lords & Serfs.
    The Hunger Games is where they’re herding us.


  15. I have always suspected that there was the potential of Twitter to be used, monitored and manipulated by external agencies.
    Glad that you have highlighted this glaring example.
    One day it may become necessary to delete that “Share This” Twitter/whatever button at the base of your post, lest we are all labelled as bollocks sensitive citizens.


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