At the End of the Day

The deceptive power of distraction

There’s an awful lot around in the media at the moment to take one’s eye off the ball.

The week began with David Cameron’s poke in a pig’s mouth story. Was it true? For myself, I doubt it: the Mail’s Dacre the Mad splashed it (he doesn’t like Dave) and it was part of Lord Ashcroft’s unauthorised biog of the PM (Ashcroft loathes him)….plus the ‘provenance’ of the story is at very best questionable: the original source is an anonymous Oxford graduate who went on to become a member of parliament. The source does not claim to have seen the incident or even have known Cameron, but rather says he saw a photo of the moment. Said photo, surprise surprise, has not come to light.

What intrigues me about this one is that Cammers has not done anything at all to damp it down – either laughing it off or ridiculing it as a hoax. He seems quite happy to let it run and run.

Since then we’ve had the VW emissions story, followed by BMW ending up in the same stocks, pelted by rotten vegetables. And a veritable shoal of opinion columns about Angela Merkel having ‘lost it’. The additional evidence brought to bear upon Geli’s alleged doom is that she has royally fecked up on migrants…and failed to foresee that, after the initial euphoria, the German people might not entirely agree with her largesse.

Having spent many tedious hours investigating Frau Mirakle’s political past, I have to say I doubt very much indeed that she didn’t grasp the ramifications of her policy. I suspect she knew exactly where it was leading – but like Mr Cameron, seems now quite content to have the ‘car cheats/migrants not refugees’ scandal hogging (sorry) the headlines.

Jeremy Corbyn, of course, has been Manna from Heaven when it comes to looney Leftie headlines. These dominated all the Sunday papers in Britain, and today saw the latest development – the Shadow Agriculture Minister whose Veganism will surely turn us into a nation or iron-deprived wimps and-is-she-mad-or-what?

I don’t think she’s mad at all, but I do know that forcing a 3% diet preference on the other 97% of the population isn’t a vote-winner. Worst still, it is hopelessly anti-democratic. On the other hand, I also note that – going back to the original broadcast being selectively quoted – her determination to “listen to all the views and look for consensus” was sorely missing from the Daily Torygraph’s account.


But a lower profile was awarded to these stories – which I’m sure have much greater empirical significance:

  • The creation of robots has influenced a large number of industries, including the automation of journalism, of which some fundamental writing can be accomplished with certain algorithms
  • With the effects of the financial crisis still with the Silvers, 30 million Americans in the last 12 months tapped retirement savings to pay for an unexpected expense. 26% of those aged 50-64 say their financial situation has deteriorated, and 17% used their 401(k) plan and other retirement savings to pay for an emergency expense
  • Both the Brazilian Real and the emerging market currency index hit new record lows today
  • Trading in Monte del Paeschi bank was halted yesterday as the share price suddenly by plummeted 4.6%
  • The US Richmond Fed manufacturing index is now lower than it was in Spring 2010
  • United State workers are paying 83% more for health insurance than they were in 2005.

Most if not all of these factual stories tell us in 72 pt bold Copperplate why there is no consumption recovery in the West. The ridiculous jobless recovery is making way for the purchaseless recovery.

Its all nonsense….but a spoonful of distraction helps the medicine go down.

Tomorrow morning, The Slog will be reporting on overwhelming evidence suggesting that nothing can distract from the real story of what’s about to hit.

Don’t miss it.

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23 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Well that’s the problem, isn’t it? When it hits, there will be no distraction because there’ll be nothing else worth watching. It’ll be like watching migrants at the Hungarian border on Telly, only in the street outside their house – if but they recognized it in the lamplight… and they’ll be wondering if they can get to the pub before closing or supermarket for some milk the next morning.

    When they realize that it’s no longer safe to go out of their own front door will it finally hit.

    But not before that time.

    That’s when the screaming starts.


  2. in the US, many families have been removed from their home by foreclosure fraud, and as such have had to become renters. That costs as much as buying now. We have had a law favoring a monopoly forced upon us for sick care. These two items equal from 40 to 60% of the wages of the middle class. We are systematically being skimmed and drained which is increasing sturm and drang. If there is an explosion, you will see the normally peaceful citizens burning, slowly, then all at once. (rudely paraphrasing E. Hemingway) Take care to note how different it is in the US than other nations.


  3. While Europeans are distracted by the refugee crisis, the US is upgrading its Nuclear arsenal in Germany. Merkel has lost the plot. Ordinary Germans are very much anti-nuclear. Very little in the MSM about this.


  4. hows this for a little symptom of irish humanity, in grafton street on wednesday this week a group of volunteers was handing out food and hot drinks to homeless/destitute people. they were approached by one of dublins finest guardai {cops} and told to permit.stop, we want you out of sight, out of mind, especially in grafton st {posh shopping for well heeled dubs}. absolutely f**king despicable. cead mille failte indeed. make no mistake dublin is a big city sh*thole just like all cities. this is just another symptom of the truth, to the ptb we are not even f*cking bacteria. that dumb cop was following orders.


  5. Forget oinkgate/suckingpig and look at George “mendacious hooker hag” Osborne’s frolic in China. Have they “seen him coming” I wonder.


  6. I’m thinking there’s a reason for glass ceilings.

    If Ange is at the top of her game, it’s probably time she got her tîts oot. Hopefully, they’ll be more impressive than anythin else Angela Merkel has offered the world?

    Feminists = Null Points.


  7. Stevo, when I lived in Utrecht, there were riots by the Muslims who lived in one area – such areas are usually run-down, or if not run-down, quickly become so – the local police drafted in a few extras and they literally sealed off the entire neighbourhood. Nobody got in, nobody got out. It was something like a day and a half for the Muslims to calm themselves down and get the idea that living peacefully was actually a good idea.


  8. You’re right about the automated journalism. Someone mentioned on FB that they did a particularly long and loud fart, and their speech-recognition system produced a government press statement.


  9. Two thoughts on this post linked by the word “Consequences”
    Assuming a piece of software will rapidly be written to switch off the ‘cheat’ when testing VW diesels …..supposing they all then fail their MOT or whatever the Equivalent is in the US or elsewhere ? Do these cars all get taken off the road or become impossible to licence or insure? Or supposing making the engines comply with emission rules causes such a loss of performance and hike in fuel usage as to render these vehicles as totally un-servicable goods ….whether they are a few years old and worn, or still under warrenty?

    Maybe I am missing something, but this one seems obvious to me. Angie and Sprouts plan to ‘officially traffick’ Migrants to countries that do not want them and where they do not want to go, sounds like an utter recipe for disaster all round. But what is the plan to keep them in these countries ? Are migrants to get “2nd class citizen” papers that do not allow them to move around Europe? Are they to be put in camps with barbed wire fences and watch-towers to stop them ‘escaping’? Unless Schengen is revoked and border controls are introduced everywhere, how can anyone know if a migrant family that will have been dumped in Romania has headed back to Germany again, until they turn up there ? They might ‘winter out’ where-ever they are carted off to in Europe, but what stops all these ‘bussed’ migrants from getting on the road and marching off to Germany again next Spring ?


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