At the End of the Day

‘All I want is some truth, just gimme some truth’      J. Lennon

We do not suffer media proliferation in 2015 so much as multivariate lies and obfuscation. This is not an original thought, but spare a thought tonight if you can for the poor amateur blogger wading through a cesspit of assertion and counter-assertion in search of something even vaguely consonant with the Truth.

Let’s start with this ‘Israel shoots defenceless woman’ story doing the rounds today. This is my annotated version of the photo in question:

Israelpal23915Four things: first, the woman is said to be the dead Islamic lady. Said by whom? Second, note the provenance – Youth Against Settlements Group: so then, impeccably objective. Third, when did you ever see a person (from the back only) have a gun pointed at them and stand still? Fourth, when did you last see an Israeli soldier pose without blur for a shot condemning him as a murderer? As a piece of ‘journalism’, this doesn’t meet any test known to Man. NB The ‘journalist’ concerned did not invite any comments. Funny that.

Now let’s move on to Nikita Korbynovich, scourge of thinking democrats everywhere: I couldn’t resist leaving this comment on the thread at a Telegraph hack’s ‘disgust’ at finding herself in the presence of a Radio 4 outside broadcast audience who thought the new Labour leader might have a point. The piece was littered with unsubstantiated accusations of BBC bias:

Telcorbyn23915Finally, onto footie, and the ejection of Eva Carneiro from Chelsea…which (says Oliver Brown) means that ‘the drive to combat sexism in sport has suffered a grievous set-back following the former Chelsea doctor’s exit’. My two pennorth on this one:

chelseagirlThe leaden pc prose I refer to there includes passages like ‘it is the precedent set by Carneiro’s sad exit that is genuinely alarming. As the Women in Football group acknowledged, in a strong statement: “She had already been the target of frequent sexist abuse from opposition supporters. We believe that Dr Carneiro’s treatment and ultimate departure from Chelsea sends out a worrying and alienating message to the already small numbers of female medical staff working in the national game.”

I wonder how many women feel grievously set back from their burning ambition to tend to the injuries of overpaid ham actors who can’t even dive convincingly. Mr Brown calls the number of such females ‘already small’ – as if it had at one point been near-ubiquitous.

I loathe undeserved inequality and unearned privilege as much as anyone. But this kind of line-toeing drivel is beyond the pail. Like all three things I’ve highlighted tonight, it is neither news nor analysis: it is just more agendered robots broadcasting how worthy of our respect they are.


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47 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Byond the PALE liebling . Revisit your Irish history. Pale was a stake beyond which no one ventured as it was not Anglo controlled territory. A pail is a bucket usually with a hole in it made famous by a
    duo called Henry and Lisa. Gute Nacht mon choux.


  2. Photoshop! Just study the differing shadows, the cut off feet, the sizing of objects (as Roobeedoo2 says above). And the gun is not aimed directly at the black crow.


  3. Definitely a Photoshop job!

    If you follow the soldiers line of sight, he is neither looking at or pointing his gun at the ghost lady whose legs don’t appear in the gap in the fence at the bottom of the photo!


  4. @Ed P

    I am at a loss to understand what you are saying here. Are you alleging that Reuter’s knowingly supplied doctored photographs to the British press? The I.D.F. is certainly not questioning the provenance or authenticity of the photographs.

    Having read the Guardian story it would appear that the I.D.F. are admitting that this woman was shot at the checkpoint, but are claiming that she pulled a knife, a photograph of which they supplied lying on the ground next to the white bucket shown in the picture above. I find it difficult to believe that an 18 year old woman would imagine that a knife was a suitable weapon to take on several I.D.F. troops armed with automatic rifles, all of whom were swathed in stab-proof body armour, but if you have no problem with that narrative, fine.

    I find it difficult to believe that the sophisticated Israeli security state does not have high definition cameras covering all checkpoints such as the one above, and yet they have declined to release video or still photos to contradict the narrative of the several Palestinian witnesses. I am quite prepared to be shown to be a credulous dupe of dastardly Palestinian activists, but in the absence of the I.D.F. footage, I am going to assume that the pictures are authentic as far as they go. They do not show the moment of the shooting, but surely the Israeli checkpoint cameras should show a more complete story. As with the mysteriously absent U.S. satellite footage of the downing of the Malaysian Airline over Ukraine, the missing official record is, in my view, even more damning than these photos.

    If all the pictures published by the Guardian are examined, it would appear that the soldier in the photo above was not the alleged shooter anyway so whether the gun was pointed at the ‘black crow’, (nice dehumanisation BTW), or not seems irrelevant.


  5. Well I guess this must be a fake Israeli soldier dragging the body of the young woman, 19 yr, old Hadeel al-Hashlamun, across a pavement, whilst other fake soldiers mill about watched by a bunch of fake gun toting Zionist ‘settlers’. The latter even manage a virtual smirk or two as the no doubt 3D printed body is hauled out of view, supposedly to be taken for medical treatment.


  6. @Hier

    I have no expertise in spotting photoshopped images, but is it not possible that the weapon in question is one of these?

    An Israeli Tavor TAR assault rifle fitted with a grenade launcher. I may be imagining it, but I think I can discern a shorter smaller barrel above the obvious muzzle in the above picture.

    Personally I think this debate is mute. Surely the important point is that a member of an illegal occupation force shot an 18 year old woman who may or may not have been assaulting one of the heavily armed occupiers with a knife in circumstances that are at best contested by witnesses. Surely there is enough evidence of the I.D.F. pointing automatic weapons at the occupied at checkpoints in the West Bank. Again, the I.D.F. does not deny the shooting. It clearly occurred and only the circumstances are in doubt. As such, I remain confused as to the advantage of photoshopping images of something that I suspect happens on a regular basis in the Occupied Territories as it does not seem to add to whether the woman had made a stabbing attempt. Had a knife been photoshopped out of a photograph of the shooting itself I could better understand the motive.


  7. Canex
    I rather think it is the Burqa that dehumanises women. And Reuters – are you serious? They have form on this kinds of bollox going all the way back to peace flotillas. Also note who THEY got the picture from. You are assuming a thoroughness of investigation that most hacks simply don’t have.


  8. John,

    Who Gains? It’s the McAlpine Gambit writ Large.

    DoubleThink. TrebleThink even.

    You only have to look at how the MSM are dealing with the “Nick” story in order to discredit and terminate investigations into “Historic” Child Sexual Abuse allegations.

    And we remember that it is the “Victors” that rewrite History to suit their own purposes.


  9. Re: “Third, when did you ever see a person (from the back only) have a gun pointed at them and stand still?”
    How about, when did you ever see a person (from the front only, dressed in orange) have a blade pointed at their neck, held by an ISIS soldier, and look nonchalantly at the camera as if to say, “Comment vas tu?”


  10. @Canexpat

    My point exactly, why would you point a grenade launcher at someone standing a few feet away.. the photo really doesn’t feel right for several reasons. I know nothing about the incident and carry no torch for the IDF but would be very surprised if the photo isn’t moody. I do, however, know an expert in these matters and will ask their opinion.


  11. Along the same lines, this is a much more interesting photo – it was on #piggate before Twitter redacted the original posts with 5 minutes:


  12. Of course, the original photo that is the subject of this article could have been planted in anticipation of the above photo coming out so as to do a McAlpine Gambit on it.


  13. Israelis want to defend themselves. That is always a surprise to Europeans. Perhaps Israelis have something to live for.

    The question is why the Israelis don’t spend more budget on pro-active photoshopping and so keep ahead of the Pro-Pally brigade?

    In another time we Europeans would have recognised that if you want to live, you will maintain borders and police them. Our enemies push their women and infants ahead of them. That’s how they fight, knowing that their women will always produce more children whilst ours….


  14. Excellent bollocks deconstruction JW. You could ‘pose’ a fifth question: How was it that the photographer was in a perfect position to take the ‘shot’?


  15. To be quite honest, most people reading newspapers WANT a picture. They don’t care if it’s photoshopped or not, they want to see what it looked like because otherwise in their imagination, there’d be a checkpoint just beyond their local bus stop on the High Street and their local Muslims being lined up and scrutinized.

    So the people in charge of the media decided that it would be a good idea to provide them with the piccie first. And since the media are God’s own Truth, who’s to argue??


  16. So let me understand this correctly,
    You all go to the British media to get your news fix ? And you all expect that to be un-censored, un-biased and balanced ?

    In amongst the carefully orchestrated “migrant” crisis, which we are “rescueing” because about 2,000 drowned, here is something that the news forgot to report and nobody gives a sh1t about –

    How about the government eugenics program ? You know, the one where the government of this country is exterminating those “evil cripples and nutters”. Since they have managed to exterminate in excess of 20,000 a year.

    followed by-

    “….The DWP revealed last week that 2,380 people died within six weeks of being declared \u201cfit to work\u201d by the government between 2011 and 2014.

    The data, obtained through Freedom of Information requests, found that during the same time period, 50,580 recipients of employment and support allowance benefit (ESA) had died within 14 days of their claim ending…..”

    That is just one random subject example taken from RT.

    The “freeeeee press” feeds us an endless supply of sewage because we no longer care and are not prepared to stand up and be counted.

    The media is simply holding a nirror up to us. What you see, is what we have all become. Something less than humane. something less than human.


  17. ….and another post is disappeared….

    No consent is given to remove or tamper with my post.

    Oath bound, Bonded public servants and bonded corporate persons reaaaaaly should not be doing that.

    see : Lawful + Bond + liquidate.


  18. @JW
    I completely agree re. the Burka, my comment was about an attempt to point out that someone’s 18 year old daughter had been killed in contraversial circumstances by members of a military force that is engaged in an illegal occupation of Palestine. By referring to a human being as a ‘black crow’ the commentator was attempting to denigrate the dead woman and to make it easier for readers to see her as less than human and hence less worthy of our empathy as fellow humans.

    As to the Gaza flotilla, Reuters published cropped photos that did not show a knife held by one of the activists. They quickly retracted when this was pointed out and immediately published the uncropped version. Perhaps this story will develop further and all those that are alleging photoshopping will be vindicated. In the absence of official photos from security cameras at the checkpoint itself, I remain unconvinced.


  19. Oliver Brown is useless and in my opinion as a sportswatcher knows next to nothing about sport . i’ve complaine several times like you have JW and I refuse to pay the Torygraph subscription because the journalism is now so poor .


  20. From ZH: ‘ Of note US data, including jobless claims, durables and home sales will be delayed today & not released to newswires 1st due to Pope’s visit’
    Anybody else find that odd? Why would a visiting Pope cause such a delay?
    I did note that he refused to dine with the Elite and went and had lunch with the homeless. Haha! bet that pissed them all off!


  21. 1) Yes, there is a load of bollox out there, but may i suggest (maybe) a more truthful account of some of the goings on in Israel with words from (some say) the worlds most moral army themselves.

    2) On a side note, as the VW scam is no doubt gonna touch some of the other lying manufacturers, a couple of more areas where other scams may be.

    1) MPG. What is the industry standard test for this?
    2) Petrol/Diesel and the humble Ltr. Would I be too cynical to suggest (without any evidence apart from a low opinion of some of my fellow man) that petrol/diesel is somehow adulterated with small amounts of water, or that the petrol companies lie about what a ltr represents at the gas station pump?


  22. It isn’t a fence, it’s a wall. It seems to be wood textured (made by pouring concrete into a wooden plank mould?) with a stripe of bright sunlight across it which makes it appear that there is a gap when in fact there isn’t one.


  23. Well, this is the truth…
    ‘French Joblessness Surges To Record High’
    Since Francois Hollande was elected (in May 2012), France has seen its joblessness ranks rise 36 of 39 months by a stunning 648,000. The lastest month added another 20,000 as it appears the brief respite in June and July is well and truly over. At 3.571 million, this is the highest number of jobseekers France has ever had.


  24. @Trulydisq

    Brian Morrison is correct and you are wrong as is shown by the other photo shown on this page. Telling Brian to F.O.A.D. just exposes the weakness of your position as you resort to crude insults. The tragic victim’s legs are not missing, they are not visible – a distinction that only an ostrich would find difficulty with.


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