For the fifth time in 18 months, a malicious hacking bug got under the radar ( this morning while comment threading at the latest Tsipras piece) as a result of which my IP address was declared invalid, and all my Skype settings erased.

My pc did warn me about ten minutes in that the hack was on board (getting tougher malware detection does have some uses) but by that time enough damage had been done to d**k me around. I’m told by the protection sector that several attempts had been made previously but all had been repulsed. But this latest ‘invisible’ model got through.

The timing and MO are similar in nature to the previous four attacks – that is, always following investigative posts critical of the ECB, the EC, the UK Treasury, or Greece’s Troika treatment.

On Sunday, I ran a piece predicting low Greek election turnout that was right to within 1.9%; this was followed by damaging information about new Greek Gauleiter Maarten Vermey, and his position at the EIB operating independently of the ECB; and finally late last night, a piece suggesting how re-elected Alexis Tsipras could if necessary cut Vermey’s balls off.

So you could say I was pressing all the buttons. But the obvious common denominator here is Maarten Vermey.

With technical help, I’m back up and running within two hours; for obvious reasons, I won’t be expanding on how. For those who haven’t seen it, below is the piece that may have broken the camel’s back:

What you didn’t know about Maarten Vermey


  1. Join the club JW
    It is a badge of honor for all NVE’s No criticism of our Dear Leaders is allowed. Expect to be smacked down on a regular basis.
    In the immortal words of that great writer and imbiber of copious quantities of nourishing spirit, Brendan Behan,quote,’There is only one of them and that is FKUC ‘EM,’


  2. It wasn’t your Skype which was hacked it was a general problem with everybodies non commercial Skype yesterday. I think the problem has now been resolved.

    [UPDATE September 21 2015 23:53 GMT] Skype services have been fully restored


  3. Stop messing around, and get a VPN. John. Here’s a vid…follow the geeks:

    They’re not impervious, but they give you the chance to minimise damage when you do get attacked.


  4. Sorry Steve, wrong: I was the same yesterday as everyone else, but it worked fine this morning until the Blue Meanies arrived.


  5. Commiserations. I wrote something critical of the spooks on the Telegraph a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t get on to the internet the next time I booted up. I’ve also had an advert for a car pop up hours after I’d mentioned that brand in an email. Clearly there is much more trawling of the internet going on than we’re ever officially told.


  6. Dual boot your system John (Windows and Linux) it is easy. I am currently near to you in France and will be here for a few weeks more, if you want I will show you how to do this.


  7. Careful RAW, you’ll be banned if you talk common sense ;)
    “I’ve also had an advert for a car pop up hours after I’d mentioned that brand in an email.”- if you use gmail, hotmail, yahoo or any other of those free email solutions, your messages are trawled for AD targeting metadata. If it’s free (and not open source) then you are the product. Go read the t&c’s


  8. Welcome to a very large club, dear sir. Stepping on certain toes will cost you. It’s all part of the game. Be thankful they didn’t dispatch a witch to harass you. That is an altogether unpleasant experience.


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