BREAKING…..voter abstention level of at least 45% predicted in Greek election

Verwey20915Verwey…projected to have 100% of power after Greek election

Sources in Athens have informed The Slog that a robust poll conducted this afternoon after 3pm CET confidently predicts that between 4 and 5 Greeks will not vote in today’s second 2015 election in Greece. First analyses suggest that Syriza has been the hardest hit by the syndrome.

While this does reflect small-scale feedback I’ve been receiving from four separate centres in the Hellenic Republic, personally I find the projected non-voting figure is higher than I’d have thought. But the future makes fools of us all, so we must wait for the official result.

What one can say with some certainty is that there are myriad reasons not to have voted this time: voting fatigue, the massive sense of letdown after the Tsipras capitulation, a split Left vote playing into the eurogroupe’s hands, and widespread awareness that an obscure Dutch technocrat will be running Greece with sweeping emergency powers anyway. Greek sovereignty has been transferred to Brussels, period.

The Brussels Technoführer given the job of overseeing Hellenic asset-rape is one Maarten Verwey, and he is so grey, he could well be a grey squirrel who studied the advanced art of being grey at Ghent University…with a view to becoming the lightest shade of tedious grey in the entirely grey European Union’s technocracy. But here’s a clue… he worked extensively on the construction of EMU. Now, is that something you’d really want on your cv in 2015?

Of course, people used to say the same thing about Martin Bormann, Reinhard Heydrich and several other grey Gauleiters from a previous Europeanisation project. Heigh-ho.

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38 thoughts on “BREAKING…..voter abstention level of at least 45% predicted in Greek election

  1. I think we know what you mean liebling but I think we can take it as read that ein bissien mehr than 4 or 5 Greeks did not vote . Indeed the number could have been as high as seversl thousand!

    You need a rest mein petit choux. . Turn off all IT for seven days and sleep . It does wonders . I sleep all night long unlike Mrs Thatcher..


  2. It was all going so well for the Greek default … and then the US stepped in and banged Germany’s head against the wall. And then they banged Greece’s head against the wall.

    Then the default didn’t happen.

    The Germans weren’t happy (they would have to continue funding Greek banks) and the Greeks weren’t happy (they didn’t get their freedom). But the Americans were happy because their over-leveraged banks could swim for another few weeks.

    What price democracy?


  3. Meine geliebte Schnitzel Hutnummer

    I think you are right to trumpet the triumph of one person one vote. There is only one vote in Europe, and you are the one person who may cast it. We are not worthy.


  4. A 60% vote in favour of default was though…

    … are you surprised they don’t have any faith in democracy when their democratic decision was overturned by a larger and more powerful country?


  5. Looks like Golden Dawn will finish third. I remember Steve Keen predicting, at the beginning of the year, a Chinese economic meltdown in 2015 and a military coup or fascist take over in Greece in 2016.


  6. The EU isn’t there to do Germany’s bidding – it’s there to ensure the US has its way.

    The media like peddling the idea that Germany is the bad guy because the German economics fit the Anglo-Saxon economic models better than the Anglo-Saxon economies do.


  7. Schnitzel Hut nummer ? A ” tasty” Hat Number ? Are you suggesting I may have been a licentious hat check girl in a Berlin cabaret club in the 1930s .?

    I m neither confirming nor denying mind you — a lady of a certain age never divulges ( unlike the kiss and tell jezebels of today)


  8. As we are seeing new forms of oppression, some new forms of resistance would be truly welcome. Let’s hope that the Greeks who are too tired and disillusioned to vote think of a way to make themselves heard.


  9. @ Gemma
    ”… are you surprised they don’t have any faith in democracy when their democratic decision was overturned by a larger and more powerful country?”
    Not at all, and nor do the eu citizens have any faith in democracy since at least two ‘plebiscite’ referendums have been ignored. Furthermore, the Greek situation we are discussing now and the current migrant crisis. Merkel takes all the decisions, which will prove to be her fatal mistake. The german mentality is just too powerful and will end in rebellion, civil war, and finally world war. Germany has destroyed europe for the third time in a century.


  10. @angelmerkin

    Obviously an innocent mistake, meine schoene Pumpernickel, it should have read tasty Hot Number. We would all like to think that you have left the 1930’s behind but some of us are not entirely convinced.


  11. Gemma, with all due respect, I believe you give the U.S. Far too much credit here. Germany has been exterting it power over the E.U. In ways that the U.S. Is not necessarily happy about. I admit, sometimes their interests coincide, but Germany is not a puppet in this.


  12. Yet it is the corporations who want wars, because that’s how they make their money. Not only did they support Hitler in his early years, for which several (notably Henry Ford) were decorated for their efforts – but with America winning the war, the corporations were the true winners over America.

    Are you forming a picture?


  13. The US is most certainly unhappy! Germany keeps exporting goods that people want, and does this despite all US attempts to thwart the German economy. The US GDP figures need to look good, and this isn’t going to happen through the US having invested in China and their banks raking in cash through overseas lending, is it? The only sensible way is to trash other economies.

    Germany is no puppet, they look after themselves – and the secret to their success, in part at least, is their investing in their own economy and their own country. This MUST rankle with the US, who know that this kind of economic thinking is rather backward and doesn’t bring the kind of return to their rich citizens that they deserve.


  14. @ Gemma
    ‘..Germany is no puppet, they look after themselves…’
    You are not accounting for the fact that many local authorities are near bankrupt, to name just one example of poor domestic housekeeping. The Germans rely on their current excellent trade balance – which is under threat from Asia in the medium term ,not to mention the formation in people’s minds of boycotting this country’s product, but entirely due to the rigging of the euro exchange rate in their favour for the near term. The behaviour of Germany is not supportable and history will find them out as an unpleasant race of people who are responsible for two world wars, genocide, and migration integration at home which will in turn ruin the economy on it’s own, all within 100 years….


  15. Now you know why there’s ZIRP and no hope of ever getting back to higher interest rates – for all the “warnings” given in the mainstream media that they’re about to be raised.

    It means the US can go to war, and pay their soldiers with dodgy money that is fresh off the presses.


    If you’re an American corporation, that is. Not so much fun if you’re Syria or Germany though…


  16. I know, an excellent balance of trade is the kind of thing that the mainstream media are going to have a go at, isn’t it? Especially when the mainstream media is there to state the needs of the US.

    I will add that most Germans would be overjoyed to leave the Euro! Even with the implications this brings, so why are the Germans still in? This kind of behaviour is just not supportable! Germany must stay in the Euro, whatever their citizens want. The EU is not there to pander to European needs; it*s there to ensure the contentment of the corporations.

    And that migration integration you speak of was the point, wasn’t it? It’s not as if this is the first migration – half a million Germans were expelled from Polish territories just after the First World war as a result of the Versailles Treaty. Somehow Germany managed.


  17. Apols, WordPress have inserted this response in the wrong place: this was to Ricoh’s comment posted September 21, 2015 at 6:52 am


  18. @c.l.
    Germany has been a vassal state of the U.S. since 1945. Recent history is replete with evidence. The N.S.A. spying scandal, the revelations from Ulfkotte re. C.I.A. control of German media and most recently the supine German reaction to U.S. mandated sanctions on Russia due to obviously trumped-up accusations over Ukraine show the true relationship between the two.


  19. @Gemma thank you for your insightful contributions in these comments. i find no disagreement. the words ‘democracy and freedom’ are used by the corporation warmongers with the willing acquiescence of politicians to facilitate the hegemony of the stars and stripes.


  20. I’m not sure why anyone would have voted for Tsipras when he has completely failed. The result doesn’t make sense. He is a stooge carrying out orders, his left-wing credentials a smokescreen.


  21. The UN was a replacement for the League of Nations and the UN is just as owned by the people with “evil intentions!” and no doubt will be replaced by their next incantation.

    The Creature from Jekyll Island” is a good read.


  22. By ridding nations of international laws the world will become lawless & atrocities will increase & depravity grow The UN is a small weak obstacle but a very important one from stopping the world from descending to total ruination of humanity itself!


  23. I agree with you about the importance of lawful and civilized international agreements, with actions and accountabilities et c. but what about the deep levels of corruption within the UN et al, where’s the accountability there? and where is the “real news” reporting, instead of the small picture, the superficial and the fear mongering(with more and more levels of propaganda) .
    I see The UN as part of the problem and not part of the cure.


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