Verwey20915Verwey…projected to have 100% of power after Greek election

Sources in Athens have informed The Slog that a robust poll conducted this afternoon after 3pm CET confidently predicts that between 4 and 5 Greeks will not vote in today’s second 2015 election in Greece. First analyses suggest that Syriza has been the hardest hit by the syndrome.

While this does reflect small-scale feedback I’ve been receiving from four separate centres in the Hellenic Republic, personally I find the projected non-voting figure is higher than I’d have thought. But the future makes fools of us all, so we must wait for the official result.

What one can say with some certainty is that there are myriad reasons not to have voted this time: voting fatigue, the massive sense of letdown after the Tsipras capitulation, a split Left vote playing into the eurogroupe’s hands, and widespread awareness that an obscure Dutch technocrat will be running Greece with sweeping emergency powers anyway. Greek sovereignty has been transferred to Brussels, period.

The Brussels Technoführer given the job of overseeing Hellenic asset-rape is one Maarten Verwey, and he is so grey, he could well be a grey squirrel who studied the advanced art of being grey at Ghent University…with a view to becoming the lightest shade of tedious grey in the entirely grey European Union’s technocracy. But here’s a clue… he worked extensively on the construction of EMU. Now, is that something you’d really want on your cv in 2015?

Of course, people used to say the same thing about Martin Bormann, Reinhard Heydrich and several other grey Gauleiters from a previous Europeanisation project. Heigh-ho.

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