Ah, the joys of a free press

Jeremy Corbyn ignored a Guardian journalist yesterday. He walked fully thirty yards and did not even acknowledge his presence, the bastard.

Jeremy Corbyn is ashamed of his insult to the Royal Family, and has quit the Stop the War campaign. Jeremy Corbyn’s one-time lover pitched up at the marital home and told Mrs Corbyn to leave town. Jeremy Corbyn is facing a Party revolt over air strikes. Jeremy Corbyn’s granddad was an evil monster who ran the local workhouse. Jeremy Corbyn is either a hypocrite or a traitor.

So say the unbiased Sundays Telegraph, Mail, Times, Express and Sun.

The Independent on Sunday deals with policy and says yes, Jeremy Corbyn will renationalise the railways. I think that if he does it à la SNCF, it will be better run than the shambles we have now, and cut prices by 50% to the consumer. We shall see. And the Observer has a well-researched piece informed by former Conservative Minister at Health Norman Lamb, saying the NHS is sinking into financial quicksand and will collapse within two years. This was, of course, always the plan once Jeremy Rhymenge-Slange took over the demolition job.

So two newspapers actually had news in them, and the rest didn’t.

Kristina from Strictly tells the Sun readers of her life, loves and men, but the Mirror says there is Celeb fury over Kristina’s tell-all book. The Star meanwhile reveals the secrets of Kerry’s tattoos, and how her children saved her from suicide. Finally, the Sunday People says Corrie stars are at each other’s throats, and shameless Tina’s boob went bang. War is Hell.

It’s at times like these that I feel so happy we spent all that money on the Leveson Enquiry, because I mean – if we hadn’t – just imagine how appalling our newspapers would be by now. Why….we might have that serial phone-hacking woman still running the Sun….and Murdoch still ordering people around. Hurrah for Leveson. That’s what I say.

14 thoughts on “Ah, the joys of a free press

  1. Meanwhile in the real world Kerry is trying to figure out how the US can wrggle out of the trap that Putin has put them into in Syria and Croatia is trying to figure out what to do with the flood of refugees that was ‘Totally Unexpected’.


  2. Corbyn will never be prime minister of this country if he keeps on upsetting the bankers and the military industrial complex. They will kill him first!


  3. Is that Kerry with the tattoos, Kerry the butter we need more and more as the yardbrushes enter our bowels, the Carey who got out his cane for Joni Mitchell, or Kerry on s’arnt major? Sorry, I get so confused.


  4. Ever since the Beano and Dandy gave up reporting news, I’m so glad the MSM stepped into the fray. Like when Doctor Who suddenly became elevated to an “adult” TV programme from Saturday children’s hour.


  5. All things being equal (and why shouldn’t they be), a not for profit outfit will beat profit orientated company every time; it follows that our railways should go back into state control. But not just railways, all public transport should revert back to state control.

    If privately run buses, for instance, become better due to being private, why haven’t these companies done away with the immensely time consuming business of the driver (not driving) collecting fares. Could it be that revenue is more important than service?

    Why have private bus companies substituted one bus (covering many routes) for many buses. Could it be that revenue is more important than service?

    The well practised deceit that private is better than state is a massive lie.


  6. Yes, very disturbing. I am hoping that JW will have a go at that; that he has chosen not to so far is certainly his business, just as certainly as he said during the Cyprus theft that it will be “coming to a place in your neighborhood soon.” Or words to that effect. Makes sense to be a highly NVE point of view having one’s bank account taxed and cash eliminated.


  7. Crikeys, meant:

    highly NVE point of view to complain about having one’s bank account taxed and cash eliminated.

    halfzheimmers at least


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