Forget the Corbyn/Abbott affair: more important principles are at stake

Well well well. The ascetic Jeremy Corbyn and not terribly aesthetic Diane Abbott were lovers…um, forty years ago. That would be before Abbott had children and sent them to private schools. One could wonder what Jezzer made of that incredible, later example of double standards – especially as he has given her a job in his Shadow Cabinet. But given he gave her Overseas Development as a portfolio (whatever the spinners say about him giving that a high priority) I think we can be clear that

(a) he regards her these days as unsound, but

(b) she is an ally, and Mr Corbyn lacks allies more than any other commodity right now. Also

(c) he recognises a debt, and is thus trying to be loyal.

But tonight, it is another aspect of the day’s events that concerns me far more about JC.

Two weeks ago, I posted that Jeremy Corbyn was pro-EU, but later amended that in the light of a long-standing mutual friend having told me Mr Corbyn was worried about the turn towards globalist bullying Brussels has taken. Two days later, the new Leader came out unequivocally in favour of a Special Conference to decide what line to take on the UK Stay/Go referendum we expect at some point during the 2015-17 window.

I was well pleased: this struck me as long-overdue transparent Party democracy. But today, things have taken  a worrying turn. The Mirror now has Corbyn pledging to campaign to keep the UK in Europe. The Labour leader – in an email to all 232 Labour MPs this afternoon –  wrote: “Labour will be campaigning in the referendum for the UK to stay in the European Union. We will make the case that membership of the European Union helps Britain to create jobs, secure growth, encourage investment and tackle the issues that cross borders – like climate change, terrorism, tax havens and the current refugee crisis.”

And also issues like beating Greece into starving submission and then allowing corrupt MEPs to make grubby gains from undeclared interests. Issues like EU unconstitutional QE printing money to save the worthless skins of a few thousand bankers. Issues like the ECB illegally subordinating bondholders while destroying the economic model of Cyprus….while leaving the far more disgustingly corrupt State of Luxembourg intact – on the orders of Jean-Claude Drunker.

Well then. You can make the case for it chummy….but you can’t make me believe it.

I’m trying valiantly to be fair here. But today, Jeremy Corbyn failed the bollocks test by a considerable margin.

In my lifetime, there have been (in no particular order) Matt Busby, Jo Grimond, Harold Wilson, Maharishi Yogi, 1967, Timothy Leary, the SDP, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn putting themselves forward as something better and different. I saw most of them coming: only Busby and Grimond stuck to their beliefs, and only the former was given the power to prove his case hands-down.

I have seen Corbyn from the start as a catalyst to the future, and nothing more. But if he is to become the captive of his Party, then better he leave it now….rather than become a symbol of Labour’s patchy past.

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  1. Hey!
    Greece, here.
    We are holding elections!
    This Sunday!
    After church.
    Before summer Sunday swimming.
    Before God knows what else.
    Cheap-rush so far.


  2. “….helps Britain to create jobs, secure growth, encourage investment and tackle the issues that cross borders – like climate change, terrorism, tax havens and the current refugee crisis.”

    Well he can forget tax havens . With the proposed advent of AEI ( Automatic Exchange of Information) due by 2018 latest I think that unless he s relying on St Kitts or Labuan with their ” Rolls Royce ” banking systems he can wipe that one off hisj to do list for 2020…..


  3. Jeremy Corbyn, oh dear. Those kind enough to read my contributions will know I try to add to the debate from the perspective of MMT. I believe this is a simple description of how our economy works really works, rather than various other descriptions which only relate to how people wish it worked. The fiat system can work but its’ power is both incredible and destructive.

    As someone who would advocate heterodox economics I wouldn’t trust Corbyn with such power. He is the very worst of identity politics, though not worse than Blair or Thatcher, that gathers together a cult, all outsiders excluded. You have to believe in the project 100% or be cast into darkness. It’s the same with all political parties sadly, so we meander our way here for a dose of sanity.

    The fact that Corbyn is offering a lot of what I like is irrelevant, I wouldn’t trust him to deliver it.


  4. Disappointed with the EU volte-face but as for the bollocks test…..

    “As I was walking all alane,
    I heard twat corbyn makin a mane;
    The twat unto the abbot say,
    “Whar sall we bang and dine the-day?”

    (With apols to Anon.)


  5. Red with Yellowish Green tendencies… there’s only one way this is going to go, my friend…

    Clicky, squeezed by the Tories and the Scot Nats… nice find

    Wanna put your faith in an MP, then find one that isn’t Anti-Smoking. Not specifically pro-Tobacco companies like Pritti Vacant. One that hasn’t voted for any smoking restrictions and is pro people choosing for themselves what goes into their bodies not what the state mandates is acceptable or not.

    Also, can I suggest you read Idle Theory by Frank Davis. It’s very Benthamesque, I’ll think you’ll like it, John:

    The Grey Prophet of this 4th Crisis Turning are smokers:

    Grey, red and smoldering fires. Wow, great choice again, Clicky… I’m so opening a tin of John West for you later…

    You can find us here:

    I saw my Aunty Irene today at my mum’s funeral. Mum had osteoporosis for many years. Crumbing from the inside and a shattered pelvis from a fall in the garden on a summer’s day, that resulted in a bowel infection that caused a stroke. But she smoked you see, so guess which killer’s haul of trophy statistics she’s joined…

    I specifically asked Irene what she thought of the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle. “Fackin’ awful!”. So there, she agrees with you. And she would have directed you to your destination when you found yourself lost at the weekend.


  6. @car1958

    I’ll believe AEI to be effective against tax havens when I see it. Total surveillance by NSA/GCHQ doesn’t seem to have put a crimp in the business model of the havens. When the powerful benefit from a corrupt system it is extremely rare for effective controls to be brought to bear. Those benefiting from a scam are usually careful not to undermine it unless they have another, better scam with which to defraud the masses. I suspect that if a miracle were to occur, allowing Corbyn to become P.M., he is one of the few politicians who might have the cojones to address the running sore that is nourished by the square mile and creates misery across the globe.


  7. I think Corbyn would rather be seen as a philosopher, a wayfinder to dreams of a brighter future (sic). He is not a wartime general.
    I never thought he was particularly bothered about “come ‘t revolution”, he seemed one of those kind who are happy to just imagine all their ideas working, unnecessary to actually have them come to pass. Well they would have been spoiled along the way, surely.

    I think that’s the way he’ll conduct his leadership. Send out vague statements and not try and implement them or even fight for them. I suspect there will be Jeremy in his ivory tower, and the rabble down below, fighting it out over what each of them chooses to decide what he (really) means.


  8. MMT has given sovereign countries the imaginary power of infinite wealth. The USA has used it, along with their position as the world’s reserve currency, to engage in many wars and to manipulate natural markets without apparent financial constraint, -and other countries follow. Like Keynes, whose reasoning was twisted to suit the actions of politicians, so will the concept of MMT be corrupted.


  9. So what is the source for this Abbott-Corbyn romance? A long-lost photograph of them holding hands on a picket line in 1975?


  10. If Corbyn has made just a few of us consider that maybe our present, adversarial, tribal bollocks that we accept as normal may not be the best way forward then his probable short tenure will have been worthwhile.


  11. I should point out that in the early 70s Diane Abbott was pneumatically attractive. I spent more than a few hours at various Finchley & surrounds. parties in the early 70s trying to do exactly what Mr. Corbyn may possibly have achieved.


  12. When I saw the headline I thought (being a bit parochial) that our former depised PM Tony Abbott had engaged in a Brideshead type fling with Corbyn when at Abbott was Oxford where, as you know they are right into that kind of thing. I’ve read the book, seen it on the tele. I
    I had quite a moment and had to reach for a quietening G&T at 8 this morning when I read it, Aussie time.
    Thoughts rushed through my head. The boxing bully boy and the ascetic Corbyn. Whoever would have thought? Where how? Corbyn strolling around London with his Karl Marx teddy bear taking his Karl Marx teddy to the barber, spanking teddy? Abbot pining longingly around an Oxford quad, the scent of wallflowers wafting through the summer air as he tenderly stroked his boxing gloves and punched a hole in the wall….
    The G&T started kicking in with the muesli and I and had a few thoughts:
    * Headlines often offer more than they really deliver
    * Politicians are easily distracted and their principles easily succumb to politics
    *They behave like sulky b*stards when they are pushed out and have a sense of entitlement
    So, might have another G&T instead of a coffee and see what they day brings. Another politician another back step, another shuffle, a re-shuffle, another back step and so we go on as ever was.


  13. ““….help Britain create jobs, secure growth, encourage investment and tackle the issues that cross borders – like climate change, terrorism, tax havens and the current refugee crisis.”

    God, doesn’t this sound such familiar politico-speak? Such facile promises. Where has one heard it all before?

    Since the EU is unlikely to change its policy on open borders, remaining a member will involve a continuing stream of immigrants, who will push down wages and reduce jobs available for the indigenous pop – hardly a policy benefiting the working class, whom Corbyn claims to represent.

    As for tackling terrorism, it appears that Corbyn relates to Hamas/Hezbollah/the IRA as his friends, though he undoubtedly wouldn’t extend that friendship to ISIS. I suspect he hasn’t read much about ‘taqquiyah’ or ‘Hijrah’ (migration for the cause of Allah), so I suspect this hand of political friendship is likely to be exploited by those far more practiced in the art than himself. And this alone would make him a dangerous choice as a Western leader.

    It’s of course inevitable that any politician on the Left today would not/could not espouse ‘climate change’, a term so conveniently transformed from global warming, (which has been shown to have stopped increasing for the past 18 years though carbon emissions have soared), whereas nobody could deny the climate changes – it always has and always will. It would not surprise me in the least if he supports payment of a carbon tax, which again, has been shown to affect the poor disproportionately.


  14. Was hoping that he might actually use his position to show up the sheister government we now have and to genuinely work in the best interests of this country and its people. I must admit to some abatement of my hopes. As said above…. The man just wants to mull over quietly his ideas without the strain of actually doing anything which might come close to activity !


  15. I went for a walk in the countryside yesterday. Someone had tied a carrier bag of poo to a post. In front of the bag was a label slotted into a clear plastic bag to protect it from the rain. The label said “HUMAN EXCREMENT “. This was baffling. But it was still less baffling than Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for the future. What does he want? I don’t do much social media and he seems to hate the msm so he is an enigma to me.


  16. “Jeremy Corbyn merely a catalyst to the future”, now that I agree with.

    I am old enough to know that every dog has its day, and then another dog has the day…… until the first dog has the day again.

    How did Jeremy Corbyn get from no hoper to elected leader? He got there because down there amongst the masses there is a groundswell of opinion sick of capitalism, and the New labour elite were blind to this.

    It is the socialist dog’s turn and Jeremy Corbyn is the harbinger of this, but others will take the red flag forward and onwards.


  17. David am so sure it is a ground swelling of red flag flyers like you say,but it is becoming a united front against neoliberalism/corps but has for what will eventually replace it is up for grabs! & already much manoeuvring is taking place?


  18. Carrio…

    Re tax havens we can all relax the tories have everything under control they sent G Schapps to the Cayman Islands to get the problem of opaqueness as to ownership under control and total transparency will be the new order.

    The tax dodgers must be having sleepless nights.

    They can’t stop laughing!


  19. @Ben
    Sorry to have to say this, but I’d forget about two out of those three, and just go for the swimming option. The other two are pretty much a waste of time now, it’s too late for any election in Greece, the die is cast, and God certainly won’t help the Greek peoples. I hate myself for saying that now :o(


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  21. If Diane Abbott was given the choice of which ministry she’s like, I’m pretty sure she would have picked International Development straight away. It’s a spot which has £12bn a year sloshing around, almost uncontrolled administration, devoid of audit, thus available to siphon at will, wherever one wants it to go – t’was ever thus. The dream job for Abbott and her craven ilk – it makes the MOD look parsimoniously cautious. There wouldn’t be much good being done in darkest Africa with Dusky Di in charge of that liquid cheque-book – more like darkest Islington or Tower Hamlets perhaps.


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