MIGRANT REFUGEES: Merkel’s day of reckoning arrives

merkfakeAngela’s Ashes

Nine days ago, The Slog posted as follows in relation to Germany’s self-congratulatory and sanctimonious attitude to the migrant refugees conundrum:

‘But there is hypocrisy in all this wherever you look. Merkel – desperate to rebuild the tarnished face of German humanity post Greek-firesale – has had her Spinmeistern pumping out every five-noughted figure they can think of. But out of the other side of her mouth, she has told the Italian authorities, “No more Austrian marchers via your country, please”.’

Now, unsurprisingly, unsere geliebte Geli has done a piroutted volte-face. From the Sunday Telegraph today:

As city after city across Germany announced it had no more room for the tens of thousands of refugees pouring into the country, and the mayor of Munich warned that new arrivals would soon be sleeping in the streets, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government announced it was reimposing controls on its border with Austria. All train services between the two countries were stopped at 5pm local time (4pm BST), and hundreds of police were on their way to secure the border.’

So: the showboating is over. Hungary’s more practical approach to, and preparations for, the crisis that few beyond Viktor Orban foresaw is vindicated. Time to take down all those signs saying ‘Refugees welcome here’. Time to quietly put all those ‘I welcome refugees’ bags quietly into the bottom drawer. Time for the pro-EU kneejerk Left to rethink their unalloyed admiration for Germany’s “courage” in accepting an infinite number of migrants.

The U-turn of Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere was particularly remarkable for adopting the sort of terms for which Orban was branded a Nazi earlier last week. Asylum seekers, he said, “must abide by the rules and register in the first country of arrival in the EU…they cannot pick and choose where to live in Europe.”

The decision represents several nails in the coffin of the EU’s borderless Schengen system a cornerstone foundation of the European integration project. It also vindicates the resistance of other Eastern European member states beyond Hungary, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

I will close with this extract from a Slogpost of six days ago:

‘It is four years since Angela Merkel described multiculturalism in Germany as “a failure”: yet here she is, hogging the limelight now as The Great Saviour. This is two-faced of the lady, but not surprising: with the jubilant mood of wide-eyed German citizens as it is on the issue, she is of course playing to the gallery….both internally, and externally – where the Greek bullying lost the country many friends. The reality, however, is that sooner or later today’s migrant refugees have to become inclusive and tolerant citizens…

Yesterday at The Slog: The search for Pegasus continues

35 thoughts on “MIGRANT REFUGEES: Merkel’s day of reckoning arrives

  1. Sorry liebling too busy to talk now , anyway I do not know what I wish to say . I am taking lessons from your Harriet Harman in the art of verbal bifurcation .

    Stay tuned for an update tomorrow when I will have mastered the art .


  2. Maiziere’s request that these desperate (for whatever reason) folk behave themselves etc. struck me as facile and beyond stupid. (But then he wasn’t really talking to them was he..)


  3. Merkel resembles a teenager who posts about a party on facebook, and then is surprised when half the town turns up.

    So the Germans can suspend Schengen when its suits them, but pilloried the Hungarians who did just that the week before!

    I see the Slovakians have told the EU and Germany to get stuffed.

    “The Slovakian government recently announced that it would help share the burden of the influx of tens of thousands of migrants into Europe by taking in 200 Syrian refugees. That’s a small number, but it was made all the more glaring by another stipulation — these refugees had to be Christian.

    “In Slovakia, we don’t have mosques,” an Interior Ministry spokesman told the Wall Street Journal. Therefore, the official said, “we only want to choose the Christians.”


    I wonder how many economic migrants (sorry refugees) would be so eager to end up in Europe, if the other EU nations did the same?

    I feel sorry for these people, America and Britain destabilised a region, but the Germans by doing what they have done, have been exceptionally stupid, far better if they had given more aid to the people in the camps in the Middle East.

    Instead of encouraging this exodus, now they are just pawns in a game.

    Notable too, that the Gulf States and Saudi have not lifted a finger for these ‘Refugees’ either, although Saudi Arabia offered to pay for 200 Mosques in Germany.

    All of which points to the Saudi’s real aim, colonisation.

    Now the whole of Europe will have to deal with the consequences of Germany’s hubris, and on current form, its not going to have a happy ending, as I can see this fuelling the rise of the far right.

    All thanks to German hubris.


  4. @ Stuart
    Totally agree – and hats off to the far-sighted Slovakian govt. who, along with Hungary are alone in putting the interests of its own people first, as they should.


  5. 7 billion people on Earth. There were 2.4 billion when I was born. The internet shows to all how folks live worldwide. If they are allowed free movement they will move to the country with the most freebies which in Europe is Germany and Sweden. The world is according to the UN heading toward a population of 11 billion by the end of the century. These folks are not going to stay in the hell hole to which they were born but instead move into greener pastures. All of which reminds me that I’ve got to go out and buy more ammo.


  6. Again Germany does as it wishes, we, the rest of us do as we are told. I do believe that slowly people are waking up to this bubbling cauldron called the EU. Even my children are voicing concerns, this shocked me when I heard this yesterday afternoon. Maybe something to do with three men apprehended locally one of which is known bomb maker, just a few miles up the road brings it close to home and to mind. Sleepy West Sussex? Not anymore…..


  7. + 1, Stuart, bearing in mind that Saudis have been exporting worldwide , for decades, the most virulent Islamic extremism, Wahabism.
    Back to the 7th century paradise, through its madrassahs & mosques. Under the mighty military cloak of the good old US of A, of course.


  8. Stuart, you say it all when you say

    I feel sorry for these people, America and Britain destabilised a region, but the Germans by doing what they have done, have been exceptionally stupid, far better if they had given more aid to the people in the camps in the Middle East.

    Why then did the US and UK destabilize the region in the first place? Why are they not opening their borders to the floods of refugees they’ve created? America in its present state cannot hope to run many more wars on printed money, and once it cannot, will come to realize that they have some serious problems at home that need addressing. But then, bombing Syria is a great way to keep people’s eye off the real problems in the US and UK.

    With that kind of thinking, there’d be no need for Germany to have even thought to give more aid to the people in the camps in the Middle East. Germany might have been stupid, and Merkel opportunistic, but Germany did not create the refugee crisis, did it?


  9. Every cloud has a silver lining , this silver lining might turn golden with the destruction of of the corrupt, marxist , unelected EU dictatorship.


  10. Not that simple, I’m afraid, Gemma.

    US, UK, Turkey, Jordan & Israel all have a hand in training ISIS. Israel & Turkey provide medics , Saudi, Qatar & the Gulf States provide the funding, the US, the hardware.
    Perfidious Albion lurks always in the background, trying to attract as little notice as possible.

    Going back to Sykes Picot, the French wanted a slice of the Middle East pie.

    Go back further in history & it was never as simple as Anglo-Saxon, sorry. Look into the Khazars, from north of the Caspian sea. Read: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr.

    John Doran.


  11. Well, you did use the term “western” which couldn’t possibly include Jordan, could it?

    And you put your finger on the spot when you say “Perfidious Albion lurks always in the background, trying to attract as little notice as possible”. That’s their skill…


  12. @Stuart good points well made.Trouble is ,in 5 years EU will have issued passports with the entitlement to travel anywhere within EU including the UK .As others have stated , this mess was spawned by America and Saudi leaving EU to pick up the pieces . What use is a UN that can’t prevent factions bombing each other to utter destruction.?.


  13. The smartest move that EU leaders could make would be a volte-face on the policy towards Syria.
    Drop the “Assad must go rhetoric”, drop the sanctions against Syria, seal the Turkish border to cut off IS supply lines and start helping, really helping, the Syrians repel the Barbarians form the gates.

    Here’s an eyewitness account and explanation of facts on the ground from a doctor in Aleppo (in French):


  14. Can I just take a wee exception to it’s all those lefties welcoming refuges , well I’am pretty left and I don’t welcome any of them. Stay where you are and put your own country to rights.
    Whats really the truth over the drowned wee boy who started this all, is it true his father was a rubbish quaility people smuggler, if it is maybe Cameron was not so wrong( o that hurts me to say that). Every now and again the media manipulate people to emotionally act against their better interests. I have seen many examples of it through my 64 years, they never ment to have a bad effect but they did, because knee jerk emotional reactions.
    If General Wesley Clark 7 contries in 5 years is true then its America’s fault acting on behalf of their Zionist masters send them to Israel or America.


  15. Well that didn’t long for the welcoming Germans to pull the welcome rug! Now it seems that a naval force to be called Eurforce ( or something assinine) is to be cobbled up to intercept the boats, initially in International waters and maybe later even in Libyan waters (but not Turkish waters….hmmmm) if hot pursuit actions are necessary. What the navy is to to with the people in the boats is not clear. Maybe they can establish offshore processing centres (in New Guinea perhaps?).
    I still await an explanation from the Germans advocating quotas, how exactly they are going to force the refugees to inhabit the wilds of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia ( no, scratch Slovakia, they only want Christian refugees because there are no muslims there) and the Baltic States? Maybe the Germans will organise ‘Special Trains’ to ship the refugees to their new homes? The mind just boggles at these idiots in charge.


  16. The beginning of the end of Merkel… Merkel has always been trusted for her sound judgment. That trust will be irreparably damaged by her about-turn on welcoming refugees. Nor will Germany’s policy flip-flop endear her to her neighbours. People are probably still leaving Turkey, expecting to be welcomed into Germany, who will find that they get no further than Austria or Italy.


  17. @Lampitt

    Possibly, but it was Enoch Powell, in his Rivers of Blood speach in, I think, 1968 who really got it right when he said that uncontrolled immigration would cause the problems. He was pilloried both by his own party (for daring to speak the truth) and the Left, who accused him of racism. We do not have th infrastructure or housing to take unlimited numbers, and what about Public Health issues? Tuberculosies, which had been eradicated, is now rampant again in London and other big cities.


  18. But her plan succeeded.

    The EU and Germany wanted Europe flooded with migrants, the Eastern Europeans said No Thank You. The EU and Germany wanted enforced quotas, the Easter Europeans and the many said No Thank You.

    So Merkel acted.

    Today all of those country’s who said No Thank You find themselves flooded with immigrants Merkel invited and now that all the borders are up, it seems they are stuck with them.

    Of course now that almost all of Europe has been flooded with Merkel’s migrants they are going to need a European Solution, a European Solution that two weeks ago nobody wanted or would agree to because the borders didn’t suddenly go up to stem the migrants, the borders went up to inconvenience and pîss off Europe’s citizens who will soon demand a European Solution!

    So, from one staged photo of a dead baby that broke the rules of physics when it washed up on a beach perpendicular to the waves and spotlessly clean (bodies wash up parallel to waves and end up covered in sand and salt as the waves roll them up then down multiple times with the wave motion) Angela Merkel uses manufactured emotional outrage as an excuse to grand stand and flood Europe with immigrants that nobody wanted and now they’ll get their European Solution that just two weeks ago no one would agree to.

    We’ve been taken for mugs in EU manufactured Crisis No 874.


  19. @chrisb

    ‘Merkel has always been trusted for her sound judgment’

    All of the front men/woman elected by us or not in the case of the EU commissars, are just useful idiots and will do exactly as they are told by their masters, who stay well hidden in the shadows.

    Sudden mass immigration (for whatever reason) into an already creaking and fragile infrastructure makes absolutely no sense and is totally pointless. When you add (radical) Islam and a culture of extreme and sickening violence into the mix, like a cancer it will eventually not only destroy the host, but all of those who genuinely requested help in the first place.

    So basically we have an agenda that is designed to usher in a complete societal breakdown. No amount of wishful thinking or idol threats regarding voting for ‘someone else next time’, will alter this fact.



  20. ‘@THE GHOST
    hairs are active in march!
    I think gellybaby has caused quite a few folk in fritzland to take notice . The bangers in the media have done their worst (as in sausge) To miss confuse folk.
    I think your interesting times are at the door!


  21. That;s right Gemma. British actions in the Near East during and after the 1st WW also destabilized this region. I’m far from justifying Germans, but British politiians proved to be shortsighted. They destroyed remains of the alreay weak Osman Caliphate. I’m perfectly aware that alternative history is SF matter, but due to this whabits regained their stength.
    We’ll never be partner with muslims in the same country. The only choice is to submit, or die.


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