MIGRANT REFUGEES: As the MSM loses interest, global feeling grows that all was not as it seems.

rattyboat“Speaking for myseff” said the Mole, “I haven’t seen any waves at all”

From various sources around the globe – on and off the Web – the signs are growing that there may be at least something to The Slog’s charge of yesterday that opportunism is in play in the migrant refugees crisis – in the sense of a ‘second wave’ having succeeded the first.

Go to Google and look at ‘Refugees in Berlin’ images’. There you will see migrants leaving the social welfare buildings having applied for residency. Some have carefully packed suitcases and smart-casual shoes in near-perfect condition. They have not just trekked 950 miles. Nor, according to contrarian site thesaker, did they start in Syria this time. It seems they were already in Turkish camps.

Ghassan and Intibah Kadi write, ‘And now, four and a half years into this war…how did they manage to get on the boats out of Syria en route to Europe? The fact that [baby] Aylan’s body was found in Bodrum Turkey and that four people’s smugglers were arrested in Turkey, not to forget the proximity of Turkey to Hungary, is all indicative that those refugees had settled in Turkey for some time before making their exodus to Europe. We must remind ourselves that while staying in refugee camps in Turkey, Syrian refugees were not allowed to leave them. This background and logical assumption stipulates two questions: Why were the refugees suddenly allowed to leave their camps?”

The charge being made there is that Erdogan has been very happy to make 100,000 of his refugees the EU’s problem.

The European Commission estimates that 75% of the migrants are male, most of them under thirty: why would Turkey let the men go but not the women and children? Perhaps there never were any families attached to the Second Wave; perhaps some of these men are members of various armies.

With tensions now rising among locals and the genuine refugee victims from the First Wave, several trusted Greek sources emailed me yesterday and this morning to ask how these new ‘refugees’ managed to get into Hungary so quickly, and get processed at top speed – when tens of thousands of stateless Syrians have been on islands like Lesvos for months.

Some in the MSM like Wolfgang Munchau confirm the degree of showboating by the EU in general (and Merkel in particular) in terms of the numbers involved. He writes:

The EU has 500m inhabitants. The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) puts the number of refugees and migrants who crossed the Mediterranean at 300,000 between January and August, compared with 219,000 for the whole of 2014. If you extrapolate this year’s number to the whole of 2015, you get to around 450,000, an extra 230,000 people compared with last year. Net immigration this year may thus well end up being the highest in recent years, but still tiny compared with the EU’s total population.

Give that man a goldfish: using his UNHCR figures as a base, the total of extra EU immigrants this year is indeed likely to be c 70% up… but that is almost exactly 0.05% of the EU’s 27 member population.

Last but not least, I have had suspicions from the start of posed, faked and  borrowed photographic and footage ‘evidence’ that is really nothing more than propaganda. All sides in all events in the Middle East use this technique of ‘persuasion’ which is of course sheer falsification. A shot that appeared widely in the MSM earlier this week of a couple canoodling on either side of the wicked Hungarian fence turned out to be a stock shot from the US/Mexican border. Many others are obviously  cynical set-ups worthy of the UK TV media satire Drop the Dead Donkey. And as a Greek source writes,

‘Why does the 17 year old bodybuilder (who “convinced” the Finnish PM to turn over his home to refugees) speak perfect totally idiomatic California type English? Why does the Syrian woman under a German tree in the heat [how and why are they there!] talk German to the German lady who gave them a lift to the camp? Where are these tens of thousands in Athens?’

None of it adds up suitably. As always, I suspect political opportunism on all sides rather than conspiracy. Meanwhile, the press has moved on. The Daily Telegraph no longer lists one of the most baffling events in recent history as a ‘Hot Topic’. No dead babies today, nothing to falsify or glorify, demonisation of Orban moves forward, no questions credibly answered – Situation Normal.

42 thoughts on “MIGRANT REFUGEES: As the MSM loses interest, global feeling grows that all was not as it seems.

  1. If Erdogan decided to let them move on to Europe how is that going to play with Turkeys wish to be a member of the EU gang? Or someone in the EU gave him the nod to let them out. One of the overriding goals of the sprouts is to destroy any sense of national identity, just maybe this is their next move in the game.


  2. You are an incredible man mon petit choux eliciting the strongest level of admiration. Burdened as you are with all the discomfiture of being on the travellers road with all its surprises and perils you still overcome all and post to your adoring readers.

    Wolfgang is in awe of your multitasking skills and bemoans the fact you were not around to lead The Hitler Youth of his youth ( if you follow). Even as a little boy Wolfie recalls them as plodding , inflexible
    and ” one dimensional ”

    Anyway we await your arrival at The Reichstag where the Wehrmacht is on standby for a flypast on my personal orders.

    Wolfgang is looking very forward to meeting his new ” cellie” in the Bunker where he will wish enthusiastically to engage you in long philosophical discussions well into the early hours .

    A bientot as I think you say in French ……


  3. I came across this posting on a Facebook page. Make of it what you will:
    “They fled their homelands in absolute fear of their lives. In so much fear they LEFT their family behind. These poor men have nothing (after paying £2000 to get them to Europe) and need your help.
    Most of these “poor refugees” are 15 to 35 year old able bodied men and 95% are male.
    An invasion of around 800 men of fighting age trained by ISIS are heading to the UK as refugees.”
    (Shows scary photo of large, hairy man with big muscles)


  4. Could this be the reason that Cameron will allow 10,000 refugees to enter Britain, but only directly from the refugee camps in Jordan?


  5. If there are really hundreds of thousands or millions of young healthy ex-army male immigrants likely they are looked at by businessmen with glee: each of them is going to be a desperate job seeker and thus has the potential to be a hard working low paid profit machine.

    Each of those immigrants can probably generate at least 30,000 euros a year profit for potential employers, a million of them means at least 30 billion euros a year of extra profits and at the same time help push down the wages of non-immigrants.


  6. I must admit, the following thought popped into my head today, after this whole thing played out with Cameron agreeing to let in 20,000 ‘refugees’ – ‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?’


  7. @SL

    Thanks – I forget how good Meyssan can be. The fake Syrian passports was news to me. I did wonder how the msn was able to so blatantly ignore the insurgency and portray it as a ‘made in Syria’ rebellion.


  8. Much like the photo taken in Hungary of the woman and child lying on the rail track with the father. The stock image doing the rounds was from the feet looking looking towards the head. I saw a photo from the other angle taken from behind them looking down from their heads toward the feet and there was probably 10 photographers jostling for position to get the shot like a red carpet scene at a movie premier. Hmm.
    Reminds me of the news reports on the BBC in Libya during that complete f up.
    I enjoyed watching the reporter doing his piece to camera in carefully constructed battle scenes.
    Toyota pick up with a heavy machine gun mounted on it firing at nothing because the view of down range is always hidden by foliage. People wandering around talking on mobile phones and a prestine bail of hay in foreground with the corner on fire.
    Sound effects of bomb noises and people all ducking out of time to the bang. Footage of the apparent popular uprising against Gaddafi always taken from about knee to waist height looking up so as not show that the crowd is only 2 deep and 10 wide. We are definitely having our asses handed to us.


  9. TM states: “Contrary to a widely-held belief, the economic migrants do not cause an identity problem in Europe,………..”
    Where’s he been living for the past 20 years?! What has caused white flight and the rise of certain nationalistic political parties in recent years? The lousy climate? In 2014, 583,000 people immigrated to the UK and the O.N.S. revealed that 318,000 more people arrived than left the country last year. Obviously, a lot of Brits have had enough of the multiculture.

    Surely,the writer must be familiar with the repercussions of large migrant populations in municipalities like Tower Hamlets, Bradford, and all 750+ No Go Zones in France, or Malmö, for example. I used to live in a London borough that over my life-time became more than 80% “ethnic” – majority muslim and black, I would suggest that whether the migrants were economic or refugees, they certainly changed the identity of the area, which is happening in all Britain’s major cities. If the “change” was viewed as beneficial or improving what it’s replaced, the indigenous population would not have uprooted itself.


  10. Now that Cameron has unilaterally decided to ‘drone; anybody he likes this problem could be sorted rather quickly. Conservative governed (but not mandated) Britain is rapidly becoming unstable and is giving the impression it’s making things up as it goes along to prove to the world that it can be all things to all men – kill a few here, save a few there – all whilst it is killing the poor and disabled deliberately in Britain. What does the UN and British press have to say about this tragedy?


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  12. JW,

    Surprised given your voracious reading and blogging capacity you have failed to comment on what appears to be an open goal, namely the visit to the Cayman Islands in an official capacity nominally of Grant Schapps!

    No doubt to get some ideas of how to improve the UK’s league position in hot money/money laundering centres of thd world.

    I read it at Naked Capitalism at weekend based on an earlier Guardian article.

    Have a great trip, and by the the way you are more and more sounding like a Mutual Leftie, good on you.


  13. Looking at the unanimity of the newspapers’ front pages on Thursday I sensed the humming phone-lines of intense conferencing between Fleet Street and Downing Street. “We need a climb-down moment…and this picture/sob-story should provide it.”


  14. If Junker thinks these people should be shared out on some quota calculation like they are surplus agricultural produce or something….maybe he should look at the root of the problem and calculate based on who it was that started the wars in the first place….including Iraq, libiya, Syria……he could even pro rate to the number of troops that were sent multiplied by how quickly they arrived…….
    should cater for a good proportion….


  15. To read this sort of knee jerk right wing propaganda just makes me sad. What happened to your previous deals of fair play? Your ideas are the mirror image of those of Marine le Pen and all the other ultra right parties in Europe. You are also ill inforned. To portray Victor Orban as anything other than racist and xenophobic is simply laziness. Read some of his speeches. And tell that to the Roma and the few Jews that are left in Hungary . Your admiring readers are the kind of Little Englanders that you used to despise. Shame on you.


  16. Coming to a Town/City near you very soon…

    This video replaces previous posts which were deleted by YouTube, hopefully this will last a little longer!


  17. ….And once again my post is censored because WordMangle allows the NaziSpyAgency (Formely known as the Gestapo) to accwss everybodies information and censor anything they dont like.

    Of course, I cant repost it, because it says its a duplicate.

    Now you know what the UK will be like when the American Totalitarian Regime completes its take-over.

    Of course this post will be strictly VERBOTTEN.

    Fukyouamerica. SEIG HEIL.


  18. Join the club, Spike. :)

    The Censored. We few, we censored few, we band of brothers! :)
    Trouble is, we’re sticking our names on lists.
    Lists like the Nazis & Commies had previously prepared before invading, say Poland, WW II.


  19. It would be very interesting to know what Victoria Nuland has been up to the past couple of months. Maybe just on holiday.
    For a spontaneous mass exodus of ME and African non-random cross-section of the population into the heart of Europe, to be just a natural occurance, don’t ring true.
    I smell a guiding hand somewhere in the background.


  20. Still coming to a Town/City near you very soon…for some reason they keep deleting this video, I wonder why (rhetorical question).


  21. We are being taken for suckers by lying and ignorant litterbug muslim fornicating infidels who demand a life that they can never earn in their failed states. Give them condom aid and tell them to F*CK right off back to their backward and lazy backgrounds.


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