MIGRANT REFUGEES INTO THE EU: the complexity, spin, agendas and hypocrisy behind the pictures

bokoharum4915Islamist military wing Boko Harum cleanses another African village

The Slog interrogates and analyses a seemingly overwhelming response to the Arabian/African refugee crisis – and suggests that, once again, attitudes are being framed by a deadly mélange of genuine compassion, naïvete, and ideological agenda.

This may prove to be the most unpopular blog I’ve ever written. But if nothing else, I think if we are to learn anything from human tragedy, then it warrants examination.

I’m using the term ‘migrant refugees’ because (despite widespread commentary around out there) for practical purposes in most cases, asylum seekers, migrants and refugees are not mutually exclusive, and the international law relating to them is at best mealy-mouthed and at worst impenetrable. I do accept, wholeheartedly, as it happans, that telling the Islamist refugee from the innocent migrant is vitally important. Sadly, this is an obviously commonsense approach vehemently opposed by the politically correct – whose cadres are everywhere in dramatising the scale of tragedy, but lack solutions to the root causes of it.

The causes, profile and nature of those trying to enter the EU illegally are, at any time, complex and badly misunderstood by most publics….as is the relative ability of the recipient States to absorb them. This ignorance is exacerbated by occasional outbursts of wild idealism or cynical mendacity on all sides; or put another way, it is yet another contemporary problem, news and data about which are being manipulated by at least four separate interest groups. Of whom, more later.

Let’s start with the causes. There are long, medium and short-term reasons behind the steady rise and now frightening exaggeration of migrant refugees numbers trying to enter the EU. Many of them cannot sensibly be quantified, because the reality/myth line has been smudged by the spittle of extremists throughout the seven decades since 1946. Broadly, they can be set out (in no order of provable importance) as follows:

Long term:

                    Imperial domination of, and exit from, Africa

                    The importance of oil in the Upper middle/North African region

Civil Wars in black Africa, including deportation/genocidal policies from often military leaders

Energy-focused and short-termist US foreign policy in North Africa

Conflicts and territory disputes between Israel and its neighours

The original rise of Islamic fundamentalism


Western responses to that rise

The ‘Arab Spring’

The acceleration of support for Islamist jihadism and persecution of infidels

The West’s widespread, misguided and inconsistent responses to it.

Jihadist strategy aimed at ‘planting’ cells in the European region


Genocidal Islamist attacks upon those unwilling to submit to Jihadism

EU organisational stupor and delay in grasping the size of the problem

Criminal elements organising obviously doomed boat voyages

Awareness of the relief efforts encouraging others – both organisers and individuals – to try their luck.


So: you are a relief border guard in Austria. Last week you saw shipwrecked families pouring in from Italy. This week you’re dealing with even larger numbers coming via Hungary. How do you try and gauge the motives, beliefs, values and derivation of the family in front of you?

The short answer is that it’s an impossible task. And as well as all the history behind this frantic diaspora, there is a seemingly endless data set in front of us.

The first thing to recognise is that it’s nothing new. The biggest influx on record came in 1992 – nearly 700,000 EU applications largely comprising refugees from the Balkans conflict. At that time too, the German intake dwarfed everyone else’s. In 1972, Britain alone dealt with over 70,000 middle-class Asians expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin. The general result of that influx was an almost unmitigated success story – an obvious reflection of the immigrant commercial culture involved, and a point to which I shall return.

Migrations from African and IndoPak regions in general to the UK both before and after that event – Biafrans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis for example – have been more numerous than for any other EU member: every year Britain takes 330,000 net migrants, and during the 1970s alone (when it was already an EU member) 7.2 million people from outside the EU settled in the UK. For this reason alone, Britain is easily the most populous EU Member State in terms of density and limited land surface, and by far the most multicultural. By 2011, UK government data showed that fully 70% of the population increase since 2001 was net immigration by those born elsewhere.

The desire to demonise an unpleasantly corporacratic Tory Government in the UK blinds some to this reality, but it shouldn’t: we lack the agricultural land or infrastructural farming base of France, Germany, Austria, Spain or Italy. There is a strong case to be made on purely practical grounds that, while we should be generous with relief help from Britain for these unfortunate escapees, Britain’s self-inflicted austerity and debt should be taken into account when it comes to British acceptance of huge short-term immigration.

There are, nevertheless arguments both for and against this viewpoint. Britain and Germany look like shining knights on applications alone, but on a per million of population basis, we slip well down the list:


However, if you factor population per square kilometre of available land, the UK would be in the Top 3 again…whereas Germany wouldn’t. Note also, by the way, that not a single leading EU country above is in the Top 8, but Greece – on both bases – emerges (when one adds economic disaster to the equation) as by far the most philanthropic EU Member. Having been pummelled to death by Brussels-am-Berlin for six years, Greece pitched in with 62% of the German total….on a population base of at most 11 million.

Finally on Britain, today we saw the disgracefully politicised Cabinet Office tweet about British ‘aid’ to Syria over the years…clearly the only halfway-decent stat they could come up with. Long-term aid of course has nothing whatever to do with short-term migrant crises, and under ‘aid’ an awful lot of naughty things firing bullets are too easily included.

But there is hypocrisy in all this wherever you look. Merkel – desperate to rebuild the tarnished face of German humanity post Greek-firesale – has had her Spinmeistern pumping out every five-noughted figure they can think of. But out of the other side of her mouth, she has told the Italian authorities, “No more Austrian marchers via your country, please”.


Next, we have the myth that North African countries aren’t doing their bit in this. In fact, the UNHCR makes it abundantly clear that Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan alone have taken in 2.7 million Syrian escapees…nine times more than the entire EU. That picture will change of course as the hastily emitted Brussels resettlement plan cobbles itself together into some kind of recognisable shape. The only ‘Arab’ regime deserving of our disgust is Saudi Arabia (a willing cooperator in US foreign policy) which has so far taken in none. At all. Not one. It’s obviously far too busy blowing up Yemen.

But then we must consider the nature of the conflict Syrians have fled. Many of the anti-Assad rebels whose weapons were bankrolled via John MCain from the US don’t just murderously despise Bashar’s Alawhite minority: they have within their leadership many prominent members fanatically in favour of the sort of religious cleansing that keeps Boko Harum gunmen out of the unemployment lines – and soundly identified advocates of spreading Jihadist terror in Europe. This is yet another consideration in the mind of our Austrian border official from earlier.

Idealistic enthusiasm and leftist agenda must not be allowed to rip the core of this debate from the genuinely humanitarian apple. Nobody knows how big the Jihadist threat could become in the EU once the dust has settled behind the tens of thousands of migrant marchers: but please, please can we not get back into lachrymose soundbites on the intellectually dismal level of ‘Arab Spring’. I note that the progress of refugees through Hungary has already become ‘The March of Hope’; this grates on the same part of my brain that always suspected the ‘Peace’ Flotillas bound for Gaza. Already, Channel Four has put together a blog on ‘Europe’s most xenophobic State, Hungary’. I never cease to be amazed at the ease with which neoliberal colonialism is able to recruit naifs to its cause. A tweet tonight referred to the Hungarian people “having more heart than its Government”.


Hungary’s Viktor Orban government is neither Xenophobic nor heartless. There are geographic and demographic reasons why Hungary is not in an easy position to take refugees right now. Orban and his colleagues feel that a distinction needs to be made between actual refugees and other migrants. Refugees deserve and get help, they believe: but masses of migrants cannot be absorbed within such a small population.

Hungary’s population, at 9.8 million, is smaller than even that of Greece. Greece covers 132,000 square kilometres, Hungary just 93,000. To compare the economic condition of Hungary with that of Austria and Germany is ludicrous – and smacks yet again of agenda-ridden politico-media information. Hungary is among the top five EU members in terms of number of migrants trying to enter the EU…but proportionally, it receives nowhere near a just percentage of the EU funds allocated to guard borders.

This isn’t just an accident. The EU has it in for Hungary in general and Orban in particular – despite the fact that nearly 60% of Hungarian voters support his attitudes and policies. Viktor Orban is not xenophobic, he is an outspoken opponent of both the euro in his country and what he rightly terms ‘economic colonisation’. Orban fines US banks, and closes other foreign banks, because they cheat Hungarians – not because he is a xenophobe. He does not share the warmth of London Mayor Boris Johnson towards their activities.

Another geopolitical element we all need to get up to speed about in relation Hungary is that the official Opposition leadership in Budapest are simply hardline Stalinists who changed their allegiance overnight from a Communist to a neoliberal one…rather like Frau Doktor Angela Merkel – to choose another example at random. The Hungarian élite was defeated at the ballot box (twice) by Orban since 2010 in the same way that Tsipras thrashed Nea Demokratika in Greece. They have diametrically opposed politics, but the exact same aim: justice for the small against the big, and a profound suspicion of the Brussels version of ‘liberal democracy’.

Can anyone except the knee-jerk Rusbridger Left say they don’t share that suspicion? Think Irish referendums, Lisbon referendums, Cyprus, Greek elections, an illegally formed and self-appointed Eurogroupe, the ECB, Mario Draghi, Wolfgang Schäuble, Mariano Rajoy, Luxembourgian corruption, unwarranted loans offered to Ukraine to further US ends while Greece starved. This is a model for liberal democracy? You’re welcome to it.

I have to say that the view of the head of the Hungarian Evangelical Church mirrors my view exactly when he suggests that, if you come across a person in trouble, you should help; but after you’ve helped thousands of similar sufferers, it’s time to look into what is causing the recurrent disaster faced by those people – and solve that problem. Viktor Orban was the first EU leader to warn about the consequences of American policy in North Africa, and the only one to have suggested investment by the EU in Syria to rebuild its postwar economy – and thus minimise the hardship of migration to another, far more uncertain, future.


Nothing is ever as simple as the Western media, neolib supranationalism, international leftist mendacity and fundamentalist religious spinners would have you believe. These are the four key reality-benders and superficial sound-biters I introduced at the start of this essay. The nutters who simply must have everything in black and white – their white and our black. The infinitessimal minority of human beings who seem always to be the scum somebody forgot to spoon out of the jam.

Over 90% of all Africa >> EU migration is a direct or indirect result of energy and fundamentalist geopolitics in the upper-middle and North African area. As long as a lapdog and hopelessly divided UN does nothing about that reality, then we will all be reduced to vainly treating symptomology.

In that context of what I continue to call Radical Realism (for want of a better term), I make the following specific and general pleas to all those of sound mind and good heart:

  1. The EU was pathetically unprepared for the obvious. Don’t lose sight of this, and at the same time don’t wind up being naively unprepared for the aftermath. Idealism is important up to a point: administrative and security realities must also be faced.
  2. Once the heart-tugging pictures of desolation are done, the media will set sail on another ‘voyeurage’ of misrepresentation: they won’t give a monkey’s about how people migrating or receiving cope afterwards. It’s no good saying “It’s too early to think about that” because its a fluffy kopout that only scores well on twitter feeds: for politicians, it is never time to face those realities. It’s why Britain’s blatantly overpopulated, under-farmed mainland is in the state it’s in. And trust me – in the end the élites will use the consequences against us all. For them, terrorists at large are just another club with which to pulp what’s left of our liberty.
  3. The US must bear a substantial portion of the blame for the direct consequences of its shall we say somewhat changeable alliances with, and interference in, Islamic fundamentalism. Everyone on Earth from Russians via South Americans to south Europeans is in peril both economically and physically thanks to American corporacratic ideas about energy and banking. So far, I see little or no sign (as ever) of Washington wanting to clear up its own mess – apart from toe-curling statements from Hillary Clinton about “a global crisis”.
  4. Let’s stop making risibly braindead comparisons between Russian Jewish immigrants to Britain in 1895 and Syrians to Hungary in 2015. In terms of Britain’s capacity, global position, and the cultural difference between those groups for example, such parallels don’t even get past first base as a criterion for deciding what to do. Standard pc kneejerk will merely do what pc zero-discrimination produced in the management of immigration under New Labour….55,000 Jihadists in Britain, and only they know where they are. Like it or not (and personally I loathe it) our ‘Special Relationship’ with the US has delivered unto us a security problem, just as the increasingly mad EU has exacerbated our overpopulation and agricultural decline. Puerile tweets won’t wish the problem away. Fluffiness won’t cut it.
  5. Last but not least, just this once, let’s at least try to investigate what we see and read, rather than constantly highlighting his or that element in terms of ideological tribalism. As long as we continue to suggest an inability to think for ourselves even inside the stockade, we will be treated like Gammas by the self-appointed Alphas who insist on all or nothing – that is, all for them, and nothing for us.

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63 thoughts on “MIGRANT REFUGEES INTO THE EU: the complexity, spin, agendas and hypocrisy behind the pictures

  1. @JW

    “Idealistic enthusiasm and leftist agenda must not be allowed to rip the core of this debate from the genuinely humanitarian apple. ”

    Too true…but it WILL be allowed to, sadly…


  2. The Ugandan asians were genuine refugees they added to the fabric of society and generally have returned to Uganda once it became safe for them to do so, there was not any doubt that the asians were being annihilated by the amin government in what is called ethnic cleansing. The vast majority of the present flow of migrants are not fleeing from danger in fact many are happy to leave their families, wife and children behind. The present fuss being made about a baby dying because his parents were desperate to escape war torn Syria is in fact a sham. The Family had been living in Turkey for three years and had been refused admission to Canada, the Father needed dental treatment and wanted to get it free, this is not a desperate family running from oppression it is a family that would take wha it could get, in fact they returned to Turkey for the funerals in a muslim country, so what exactly were they fleeing ?


  3. Correlation is not causation but your Eurostat graph corresponds with the level of far right activities. For example, the Swedish Democrats are gaining traction while the Peoples’ Party in Switzerland where in the lead in the last set of polls I saw (election coming up). Brevik’s old party is in coalition government in Norway. Austria and Hungary have the Freedom Party and Jobik who I’m sure wouldn’t dream of using the recent influx of immigrants to garner increasing support. No wonder Orban is bricking it and needing to look tough.

    Add in a significant economic downturn, which we all know is coming, and you have a Nietzschean nightmare as we gaze into the abyss.


  4. Only done a quick scan John.Fantastic !Re the East African Indians: They bought into the western way of life .
    Not uptight culture wise, ‘bit like the Irish , moaned about things Fecking English , quick onto the boat if they got the “spit”….carried a degree of guilt that the holy water didn’t do the trick!


  5. http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1954/refugees-lec…(link is external)

    The above link is to a lecture given in 1955, when Europe itself was just getting over its own internal wars, [yes it was a global conflict] but Europe had millions [not 100’s of 1000’s] of displaced people.

    People who had fled the conflict had found that in some cases their own countries had ceased to exist, or were under the control of the communist state. Europe was devided by a fence bettween Communist controlled east and a capitalist controlled west.

    Whole cities, had been devestated, see Hamburg or Dresden, Coventry or Liverpool. Leningrad etc, to mention but a few. People were living in horric conditions [by todays european standards] But they managed to pull through and resolve their problems.

    How by agreeing to talk instead of more fighting, Europe had seen millions of people killed in two world wars. Had seen Europe devestated, to a point when it was literally on its knees.

    The Middle East is now approaching the same situation as Europe was 60+ years ago. Until people start to talk, stop fighting things will never change, apart from getting much, much worse.

    Displaced people living in refugee camps, with little or no hope, are ripe for indoctrination. Indoctrination by any side, or faction. This is dangerous and can only lead to more violence [the i hit you, you hit me back, then i retaliate and on and on it goes] This is not new, it’s just that the weapons available to be used by different factions are more readily available, The sort of weapons being used were at one time only available to recognised governments [who were accountable]

    It appears that if you have a grievence and have access to money. get some weapons and try to overthrow the established government. The ballot box, or political diplomacy takes too long. If you take time to think, if peace broke out and the conflict stopped it will take many years to get Syria, or Libya [as example’s] back to where they were before these groups decided to overthrow legitimate governments [bad regimes they may have been]

    So some simple questions to these groups. Just what have you achieved? If you do win and become the legitimate government. How do you intend to rebuild the country you now govern? What will your responce be if a different group opposes your aims in a similar manner to that which you used?


  6. If you paid has much attention to your teachers has you have this article,then no wonder your incapable of learning!
    Living in Turkey does mean a nice house job,but in tents no work & being refused by Canada isn’t one refusal but many hence 3 yrs living in a tent on a UN camp.your incapable of joining up the dots on a kids picturing book & swallowing MSN without actual chewing (over) previous information.


  7. Perhaps if Germany had taken a more benign view of Greek Debt, which it largely generated to save its own banks, Greece (and to some extent, Italy) would have been more able to accommodate those real Refugees who simply wanted somewhere safe to live until the war in Syria or elsewhere was over, and then they could go back home. The present Migrants journey through Impoverished Greece, then Macedonia,Serbia and Hungary towards Austria and Germany is because there was no hope of these people surviving, either physically, or economically, in any of those Southern European countries. Greeks may have invented the term ‘Pyrrhic Victory’, and by sending a million economic migrants a year north to ‘invade’ Germany…. thanks entirely to Merkel and the Sprouts idiotic and malicious wreaking of the Greek Economy…….the Greeks may yet have a very ironic ‘last laugh’.

    In the UK, Commonwealth Immigration of the 60’s to 90’s was gradual, and generally from those countries who already understood British culture and language. I believe that the UK is probably the finest example of a genuine Multi-Cultural Society worldwide….not without its glitches…but about as good as it is going to get. When Enoch Powell made his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in 1968, (more often lazily quoted than read or understood in full), he was concerned about sudden rapid mass immigration into particular areas of towns and cities in the UK, and quite specifically not about those who really wished come here to live, work and integrate into our society. The German Right ‘has very serious form’ on stirring up public resentment of ‘other tribes’ living within its borders and I cannot help but think that the arrival of a ‘million a year’ Refugees and Economic Migrants, most of whom will not speak a word of the German language, or understand any of its Culture whatsoever, is really going to end in tears for Germany, within the next 5-10 years.


  8. I think the term migrant is a fair one.

    Those fleeing persecution are refugees. Those that have arrived in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are indeed refugees. And Cameron is correct – the UK is helping the refugees by funding the camps in those countries.

    Now let’s turn to recent events.

    A couple more children needlessly drowned going from Turkey to Greece. They were safe in Turkey – so why head for Greece (rhetorical question)? I also read that the funerals are being held in the family’s home town in Syria. So if it is safe enough to go back why flee?

    Germany is to blame – giving a green light to Syrians to head for there on guarantee of asylum. Germany is encouraging families to make treacherous crossings in dangerous boats. Not only that, the head of Frontex (an EU body) states that many non-Syrians are trying to enter on Syrian passports now. And going back to my comment of fleeing danger – I see one “refugee” saying he was leaving his family in Damascus to find work. Hello! That’s another economic migrant then.

    What needs to be done? To my mind this is a global problem – especially given the US-sponsored regime change is behind so much of the problems. It needs a UN solution, not the useless EU. Reception centers should be set up in the safe countries – and those attempting to cross the seas sent back there. Then, as with the Vietnamese in the 70s, the genuine refugees should be relocated globally – not just to where they think they can “do best” – though if Germany wants extra for demographic reasons it should be free to offer more places.

    Cameron was correct in his earlier assessments – but he has since seen a bandwagon to jump on in his inimitable fashion.

    The current free-for-all which rewards the successful migrants will just encourage more next year – things will not be getting better any time soon.


  9. There is a counttry whose population is steadily shrinking and that has vast amounts of land. It could use an injection of immigrants who often add seasoning to a bland state. That country is Russia. Wonder why they’re never encouraged to take in refugees? Never mind, I think I know the answer to that.


  10. @ Joyra By Mid April 2015, (the last stats I can find), Russia has seen 659,143 Ukrainians claiming asylum or another form of permission to stay in the country……so I think that the Russians are already ‘doing their bit’ to protect large numbers of Refugees from yet another botched US Foreign Policy ‘regime change’ debacle.


  11. Excellent analysis…
    Looking ahead, there is no question that the eu is united that there is a problem, and that the eu is united in the current non military response to the refugee/migrant influx. It now seems that the focus will be on increased military action in Syria, which is where Russia is digging in and sending reinforcements, under the watchful eye and appproval of Iran. Turkey (NATO) is the bridgehead from the Crimea for rapid reaction. Saudi is talking to the US as at today in Washington. We now have the makings of an imminent superpower confrontation to put it mildly.


  12. Julian Turkey’s government has been bombing Kurdish position within Turkey,Now where are those camps in Turkey positioned,why flee now not 3 yrs ago! because it is no longer a safe place to sit out the war!


  13. JW, it is unfortunate that today we have to assume that if we argue from rational and logical viewpoints we will be equated with ‘Holocaust Deniers’. Your analysis is thorough and points to the abuse of the ‘Refugee System’ which is a world wide racket. One difference between the approach to refugees in the Western sphere compared to the Middle East, is that those refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, is that those refugees will never be given the chance to become citizens or given documents confirming residency and thereby access to benefits and rights of residents. They will always be refugees with the aim being to ship them back when the situation calms down.
    As for Merkel, she should be worried. Almost unanimously, the refugees want to go to Germany. They are treating Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic as transit points and refusing to apply for asylum at these places. It just seems odd to me that so called desperate refugees are now dictating to host countries how and where they will be accomadated.


  14. Some points generally in support of the above article …

    Population growth in Africa and the Middle East should be added to the list of long-term factors behind the current crisis. We need to challenge religions/ideologies such as Catholicism and Islam which promote the over-population that leads to humans killing each other over limited natural resources. (I speak as a descendant of refugees from Catholic and over-populated Ireland).

    Hungary and other Eastern European states have a history of being ruled and abused by a Muslim empire, the Ottoman Empire. It is to be expected then that the Hungarians and others have a different view of Islam from those in countries who once had their own empires and ruled over Muslim peoples.

    I look forward with hope to Corbyn leading the Labour Party because he will bring into political discussion issues that are currently excluded by mutual consent of the politicians: craven obedience to the US, nuclear weapons, the EU, neoliberal economics. Corbyn, however, is either lying to his supporters or he shares their complete indifference to economic realities and the ability of the UK to implement his policies. Given this mood amongst political activists on the Left and in the media, it is not surprising that ‘The causes, profile and nature of those trying to enter the EU illegally are, at any time, complex and badly misunderstood by most publics….as is the relative ability of the recipient States to absorb them. This ignorance is exacerbated by occasional outbursts of wild idealism or cynical mendacity on all sides.’


  15. One possibility does occur to me: conscript all suitable migrants into an overseas peacekeeping army, permanently deployed in the middle east. Membership would be compulsory; turn up in the EU without passport and visa and you’ve just volunteered.

    This would do several things; first and foremost it would ram home the point that the EU wasn’t the land of milk and honey and free money any more.

    It would also help to stop the local wars, or at least force local dictators to clean up their acts to stamp out insurgencies. As Syria would be an early victim of the policy, and would have its main government and the rebels deposed in favour of EU direct rule, most tinpot regimes would become very keen on not being next.

    Finally it gets rid of migrants from continental Europe.


  16. I can’t think why you would think this article would be badly received; it seems to be blindingly-obvious. All you have done, is put it into well-prepared prose.

    It may be a function of my age, but I am finding myself to be less and less tolerant of “The Stupid” on the left, for whom everyone else is heartless and cruel, but the Great Unwashed expect the rest of us to pick up the tab, at the expense of our money, cultural destruction and the draining of the NHS and other resources, which are already creaking under the weight of our own population’s demands.


  17. JW congrats on a first class analysis. Thankfully there are people like your good self who can be articulate and forthright in a world that’s full of empty pc rhetoric, rubbish, claptrap and nonsense.


  18. Harold R
    Correct. I’d also like to know how they’re affording the rail fares across Austria to Germany: if a refugee is a desperate person, why would he or she turn down Austria? Worrying – and as yet, no explanation. I’d LOVE to be able to choose my refuge, but thanks to the EU, Greece isn’t available.


  19. I wonder if this is how it felt around 500AD during the inexorable slide into the Dark Ages… I’ll bet it was exactly like this…
    Say goodbye to the world as we knew it folks.


  20. It’s madness that we argue about which country should should take how many.
    Refugees seek refuge because they are fleeing a bad existence in hope of a better one.
    I cannot believe, for one second, that the report of the father of his drowned family uprooted them, marched them, put them into unsafe boats and harm’s way in order to find a better dentist.
    For the actual cause of the migration we need go no further than JW’s point 3 and until that is addressed there will be no end.
    America’s proxy wars, aided and abetted by its lickspittle poodles, to destabilise other nations for their own ends.
    America has oodles of spare land and claim to have a thriving economy. Let’s send them there.


  21. Russia is the one country that has not been stomping around the middle east and north africa instigating regime change and engaging in humanitarian bombing.
    The simple answer is to deduct the cost of handling these refugees from the military budgets of the receiving states – at least that way future military adventurism will be cost prohibitive.


  22. JW Another additional 81,023 have sought asylum so in Belarus, according to the same UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) report. I also read that unspecified but large number of younger men and women are very wisely Draft Dodging “avec les amis” in Moldova, Romania and Hungary rather than face fully trained “Russian Soldiers on Vacation” over in The Donbass….Whilst the really smart ones are presently en-masse completing their Degrees in Polish Universities by the slowest, longest courses they can find.

    The ultimate tragedy for Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine (and I would add Greece too)….is that once so many of the young and able people leave as ‘economic migrants’ or refugees, many will never return and that leaves that country with ruinous demographics for its economy for decades to come. There will not be enough money ever from any source to rebuild the nations listed above,


  23. I have always been faintly irritated by the term “Nett Migration”. In order to mollify the population, politicians exploit the expedient of referring to nett migration in the belief that such a seemingly benign term will reduce the issue to one of numbers. By reducing the migration question to a mere numbers game, the wider societal impact of the changing ethnic ratios of the population are deftly overlooked. It is surely the case that for X indigenous citizens who emigrate Y pubs will close and Z kebab shops (for example) will open. So, although we are invited to be relaxed about the number of immigrants, society is changing irrevocably around us; this may or may not be a good thing but there is little point in ignoring this reality.


  24. Just one simple cause,
    look no further than the stupidity the hubris and the arrogance of Washington’s retarded mincing psychopaths and their deranged insane lunacy and desire to bury a goddamn pipe under Syria.


  25. Good article JW because most people are oblivious to so much in their nice comfortable lives.

    Ny point of view is I have sympathy for anybody trying to carve a better future for themselves be you economic migrant or refugee the two classes.

    1. The western elites destabilised those places the refugees are fleeing from for their greed and to prop up their own failed economies.

    2. Economic migrant, well whatever did you think was going to happen if the west manipulated all economic value, think libor and all the rest to maintain its economic stranglehold on the world.

    So now the politicians / banksters chase the PC world of being samaritans, they are not paying for it ordinary populations will though. From that flows the bitterness and I have heard these comments already of the many more out there …

    “who gives a toss about a couple of kids drowning”! On top of that …
    “what about my kids and their futures as wages are suppressed so they can’t afford anything” !

    The west and espcially the western elites have alot to answer for through economic and regime change warfare. If a population wants regime change it is for the population there to fight and from the struggle you actually earn a democracy the only thing you do get gifted in war is the puppet state subservient to its masters not the population.


  26. Sorry Gil but the US is swimming in oil you will have to find a new strawman.

    After a disastrous invasion, the US spent a trillion dollars to put Iraq back in place but the locals were more interested in their dispute dating from the 7th century than taking this opportunity to move into the 21st. Basicly Obama threw up his hands and let Syria disintegrate.

    It really doesn’t matter whether a person is a economic refugee or a displaced person because if you lose control of your borders you also lose your sovereignty. Scenes of people walking brazenly from one European country into another are being broadcast around the world for all to see. The culture of Europe is being irrevocably changed.



  27. John, I believe we are seeing these millions of people wandering around Europe only because two years ago, the USA failed to get support to get rid of Assad.

    ISIS is a western creation. They are being used to displace and execute millions of Syrians so that sooner or later the public change their view about western intervention in Syria so that the USA can have its regime change.

    Once the USA gets rid of Assad, they’ll then take care of ISIS because they’ll have different plans for the new Syria.

    Interesting that the MSM are blaming Assad, when it’s ISIS execution squads the majority of Syrians have fled from.

    I believe the USA backed by European politicians have engineered this entire migrant crisis so that the USA finally gets the support it needs to remove Assad.


  28. @Bill, Perhaps you meant to write “After a disastrous invasion, the US spent a trillion dollars to put into place contracts for a consortium of US companies to rebuild the infrastructure it had demolished.”?


  29. ”Say goodbye to the world as we knew it folks.” — You are absolutely right there!!

    These groups, Isil, Boko Harum, etc etc.. have one common agenda and they are being handed success on a plate.
    Their sole aim is to destabilise Europe & UK by causing mass migration as is now happening. They know (though our rulers seemingly have not yet cottoned on) that all EU member states will collapse under the weight of the financial & social cost.
    At that point it will be our turn to face Isil etc. from within our own shores.
    As you say it’s goodbye to the life we know. It’s also time to form your own exit plan.


  30. I would add that it won’t take long for our newly settled friends to produce huge families, adding even more to our welfare bill, I know some will argue that they will work and contribute but, on what, zero hour contracts? And that’s if they can find a job if they want one. Which ever way you cut it, we will be swamped by Islam, and when we become a country with a Christian minority, what then, a repeat of what has happened in other Christian minority countries?


  31. I believe the USA backed by European politicians have engineered this entire migrant crisis so that the USA finally gets the support it needs to remove Assad.
    And now it’ll have to get rid of Russia too, should be interesting eh?


  32. Regarding Greece – I was chatting to a Greek friend this morning who spent his holiday there. told me the Greeks will be fine – they have sunshine, olives, fish in the sea, can grow loads of veg and chickens – they will be fine. It is the colder nations which are screwed like where I live Germany when TSHTF.


  33. General statistics give a very distorted picture. Sweden may lead in terms of per sq km of available land, but the key dimensions are housing and jobs. All the empty land in Norrland will remain empty, and the jobs are all in the big cities in the south: Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Housing? Big shortage everywhere in the cities. Rural areas less so. But there job are short or lacking, except in the extreme north where iron is mined in Kiruna.

    The other dimension I would mention is that foreigners will go where other refugees from their own culture and religion congregate. This has always been the case, and I see no change today. They all married other Hungarian-speakers, every single one, as indeed my mother did. My mother brought over her sister, Elizabeth, to London. She married a Hungarian, and when he died she married another Hungarian. And where there is a large influx from one country destroyed by the Empire, it will be exactly the same: from Libya to Syria.


  34. The root cause of the war in Syria is simple.

    The Saudi/Qatar/Turky/American corporations who wanted to build oil and gas pipelines, from Saudi Arabia to Turkey through Syria.

    This wouyld have allowed them to dominate and extort Europe via oil and gas.

    Assad said no, as he was building his own pipeline to the East.

    So the ‘consortium’ mentioned above, decided to use their Wahhabi terrorists trojan to destroy Syria. Britain, of course, is trotting along behind America like a loyal little poodle because our government is bought and paid for.

    Many trojan Saudi/wahhabi terrorists will be coming this way, methinks.



  35. The refugees must have some money as they have paid people smugglers to get them across in boats. I would imagine a rail fare from Austria would be neither here nor there to someone who paid thousands of Euros or whatever to get to Greece. One issue that has not been mentioned- Germany has an aging population and needs an influx of young, well educated professionals and semi-professionals. By taking the ‘refugees’ the Merkel is doing herself a favour. From what I know Austria does not have the work opportunities offered by Germany since it relies so much on timber, farming, tourism, education and some electronic and car parts that are then sent on to Germany. The immediate work available would be in the really grungy areas of the tourism trade such as cleaning, really grotty factory work or working in abattoirs making all those sausages. The woman I just saw on Australian television about ten minutes ago just spoke perfect English, her husband was a software engineer and they were headed to Germany.


  36. Skirmish – it’s definitely already happening! A friend of mine works at a Southern hospital and 90% of patients are ethnic and if they need an interpreter it costs the NHS between £80 and £250, and if they don’t turn up for the appointment (because they can’t cancel/change as the don’t speak English) that bill is still paid but the frail old non ethnic person can’t get free hospital transport !! And this is just one dept in one hospital. And don’t get me started about out of date, invalid HIC cards!!!


  37. I actually think that the lovely Tony Blair who has reportedly made millions out of his ‘work’ in the Middle East should be handing over very significant donations to those stranded in Lebanon.


  38. It seems curious that the years of drip-feeding immigrants into Europe suddenly in a matter of weeks became a flood, and thanks to Merkel, is likely to become a tsunami. What possible benefit could there be for an economically struggling Europe to have to cater for several million more souls, for one suspects she is not driven solely by the goodness of her heart (clearly absent in her dealings with the Greeks)? Of course, it might be welcomed by those long wishing to destroy our individual sense of nationhood and culture, the very factors that have been hindering the creation of a European demos and other globalist plans…….
    It’s also curious that few have remarked about the merits of such a high proportion of fit young men abandoning their elderly and sick back home to the fate they themselves fled and why, like the Kurds, they are not fighting back against their oppressors, as peoples traditionally have. Surely, it’s they who should be feeling guilty, rather than so many westerners one reads of in our press ?


  39. I fully agree. Nett Migration is a meaningless term and ignores the longer term economic issues. Here is an example. My wife and I moved to France 10 years ago. If two Somalis (or any other group of similar economic background) arrived at the same time what have been the comparative impacts on the UK economy.

    We expatriated the value of our house, our savings and our pension payments. We pay our taxes to France, the French health system bears some of our medical costs (some is still borne by the UK by International agreements), we have bought French cars while we live here, our grocery bills are spent on, largely, French products. We make no claim on the French State for by benefits.

    I leave you to judge the comparative impact of the two immigrants, particularly if during the 10 years that they had had some number of children (Education, health care, possible housing benefits, Child benefit etc.)

    I could go into a long and turgid description of the massive changes brought about in my home area of London (Tower Hamlets) by the extraordinary levels of poor, economic migrants. I will not because my experiences are not unique and can be echoed in many other areas of the UK. They can be seen here in France too.

    I am not an opponent of immigration? I am an immigrant, but the Nett Migration statistic is a meaningless figure.


  40. From my understanding the point of the pipeline is not to provide oil to the US, it is to provide a way of getting Quatari oil and gas cheaply in to the West and therefore undermine the Russian exports. The other point to bear in mind about Iraq is that we (and I mean not just the US) destroyed most of the Iraqi infrastructure in the first Gulf War and then spent 12 years denying the Iraqis access to the means of rebuilding it. I often think that an equivalent to the Marshall plan applied to Iraq during this period would have been far more productive than sanctions with much better long term prospects for the entire Middle East.


  41. What will hasten the demise of Europe is the flood of Muslim leaches pouring into Europe. Hundreds of thousands of Muslims all looking for lifelong welfare that most of the Muslims currently living in Europe are living off. It won’t be long till Europe becomes an Islamic Caliphate. These are not refugees pouring into Europe, its an invasion of untold numbers. And in a short time many of them will end up in this country thanks to the liberals running this country.


  42. You’re going to loss your borders, language, and culture. You’ll enjoy bowing to Mecca five times a day. If you do, you won’t lose you head, like poor Lee Rigby did on a London sidewalk. Your women will be covered from head to toe lest they be gang raped for showing a bit too much skin. Yes, you have nothing to fear – if you surrender.


  43. @HR ‘It just seems odd to me that so called desperate refugees are now dictating to host countries how and where they will be accomadated.’

    This has bothered me from the very beginning. Also, quite separately, I don’t understand why we (UK) with our long Christian heritage, are doing so little for the ancient Christian churches in the Middle East which are, in effect, being ethnically cleansed from Iraq, etc.


  44. Your racist comments leave a bad taste in the mouth. But then I am a Europhile and my daughter is a Wog whose father was lambasted by Enoch Powell. You have chosen good company to keep. Powell would have been proud of you.


  45. My Jewish ancestors from Poland sought refuge in the UK. I think we have all managed to put back more into the economy than we have taken out. As for integration, it takes a few generations. And what a dull uniform country it would be without immigrants. And what ghastly food we would be eating. Sorry, I forgot that you live in France.


  46. YES WE ARE DOOMED by the uninvited arrival of these swarms of muslim cockroach fornicating infidels who claim to be educated in medical and other professions but are lying so as to deceive the western european agencies. Give the condoms and tell them to F*CK right off back to their failed states


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