Western floors run red again


Now clearly, as nothing that happens in Asia is ever of any interest whatsoever to the West (we being a global village an’ all) we must look for further for explanations of why every market is down and most blood pressure is up. It could be….

  1. Holidays are over so nobody feels up for it God I hate this job and do you know if I gave up now I could live in Thailand ’til I’m 93.
  2. Two weeks away has made me realise the game’s up and as everyone on the subway felt the same, it’s probably time to sell.
  3. I am totally confused by this BS about US recovery being well under way on the one hand and Janet Yellen never quite wanting to get beyond the sixth veil. Sell! Sell! Sell! Sell your house, your kids….

Could be one or all of those things; but it’s probably also related to this.