QUESTION: How did universal suffrage lead to universal secrecy?

We are overwhelmed by persuasion, but ignorant of the Truth

Listed below are just a few contemporary issues I’d like to know more about:

  1. The Daniel Morgan murder case. Clearly, there is very bad Newscorp sh*t in there
  2. Who shot down MH17 in Ukraine, and the opposing spinners involved in hiding reality
  3. The EU migrant crisis
  4.  Rolf Harris

This doesn’t mean I haven’t read a lot about the subjects; it just means there aren’t enough hours in the day to read the rebuttals and counter-rebuttals that emanate from endless PR spinners and Wikipedia distortionists like, for example, the appalling Bell Pottinger.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I do know for sure that lots of uncoordinated assholes sleep better at night when they think we’re confused and – even better – arguing with each other about that ‘the news’ means.

24/7 news was supposed to empower us, but it’s obvious now that the promise was just as empty as the notion that more choice of TV channels would deliver better quality television: what we got was more news with a risible level of investigative analysis and far too much God. I put forward these examples for you to ponder:

  • Whatever happened to David Cameron’s rigorous enquiry into a paedophile ring centred on No 10 Downing St 30 years ago?
  • Whatever happened to his enquiry into the fixing of oil prices by American conglomerates?
  • Why are we still waiting for a Chilcot report on the War in Iraq?
  • Why are we still waiting for a progress report on the Met Police enquiries into sexual abuse of children at Elm House in Barnes?
  • Why did the Leveson Enquiry start with a remit to bring tabloid mendacity, aggression and privacy invasion to heel, yet wind up recommending strict regulation of bloggers?
  • How did Rebekah Brooks manage to be charged only with allegations for which there was no proof, given that all 13 million emails relating to them had been erased?

One can’t label these questions as madcap paranoia: they are genuine enquiries based on obvious information gaps. But in so-called liberal democratic societies today, that’s the irony: we are time-starved and suffering from data overload…and hopelessly misled about what the real agenda is in any given circumstance. We read a massive amount of irrelevant facts, but the Truth is only ever leaked.

How intolerable it is that we vote (and pay) for this élite to exist….but have to rely on holes in the security bucket to glean even a fraction of what’s going on. How terrifying it is that the legacy of universal suffrage is universal State secrecy.

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40 thoughts on “QUESTION: How did universal suffrage lead to universal secrecy?

  1. I’m an unashamed conspiracy theorist – and, I believe John, so are you. Question: have you believed everything which Downing Street has disseminated to the public via the media in the past 12 months? No? Then you are a conspiracy theorist. Then there was that occasion in the Commons (Portcullis House) when someone tried to interest you in a conspiracy theory – backed up by incontrovertible evidence. Sadly, you were uninterested.


  2. As to MH17, it was within 20 minutes flying time from where Russia’s presidential jet was flying at the time. The resemblance between the two aircraft is eerie – and for the nervous pilot of a fighter jet, it would be an easy mistake to make. What the Pentagon thought of it afterwards is another matter, but that’s why they have PR guys, isn’t it? Come up with a good story and twist a few arms (reminding them of a few pecadilloes with young boys just to ram their point home).

    I don’t know if this image will work – I’ve seen other images posted. This is of the Russian presidential plane, a modest thing compared with the American equivalent.


  3. A friend who has watched globalisation develop since the late 90s has always been of the opinion that mass immigration and multiculturalism was a left wing idea jumped on by the globalists in order to undermine national cultures / homogeneity and in the end impose strong authoritarian states which would ‘manage’ the restive, incoherent populations.

    He has looked at Libya and concluded that the mess there and subsequent migrant crisis is perfect for the above scheme – and that the Americans are sitting back watching, having a good laugh.


  4. The downing of MH17 should be viewed throught the same lens as the assassination of JFK and 9/11. When evidence is deliberately destroyed or suppressed with official sanction and connivance, (the Kiev air traffic control tapes seized by the junta immediately following the crash, mysteriously absent N.A.T.O. satellite pictures, the numerous Pentagon cameras that decided not to function on 9/11, the hasty removal and expatriation of the steel of the demolished World Trade Centre, the shenanigans during Kennedy’s autopsy…) you may be sure that the truth lies far from the official explanation.


  5. What about that “white heat of technology” that was going to usher in hazy days of cakes and ale for the workers? All that 24-7 guff, harder, faster, smarter – load of tosh


  6. it was an su 25 shoot down. photographs are available showing 30mm cannon shell holes in the cockpit area of the plane. most convincing for me is that obozo stated the next day? or was it the same day that it was the russians/novorussians. if the americans had proof, and they have, they would declare it. they have not shown us any proof, why? because the truth is inconvenient. 12 months we have been waiting. i believe we will be waiting a lot do these people sleep at night?


  7. @ biggpicture
    I’ve posted this before and will re-post as it seems to reflect the way our (Western) societies have been and continue to be steered –
    Dr. George Brock Chisholm CC (18 May 1896 – 4 February 1971) a Canadian WW1 veteran, medical practitioner, and the first Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO)., addressing the UN in 1948:- “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas. ”
    If his proposal was taken on-board, it certainly seems to explain much of what’s been happening in western society since.


  8. MH17
    Label is KL4103 dd 17 july 2014

    Ad ding numBears 17+4103 =
    Is a KeY

    IntegraTing MH & KL makes
    23 + 23 ==> 46

    White Resonant worldbridger
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    How Does 4120 fit on elements

    10 x 4 x 103

    Prime nummer 103 is in quadruple
    101 103 107 109

    ESP grids concern the searchtypes Pilot from a Grid
    – moon ‘ Beth


  9. Cock up or conspiracy? Hanlon’s razor tells us: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” However, now that the rational is being so frequently and overtly challenged by the empirical, perhaps Clark’s law is more convincing: “Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”


  10. One of the major reasons that we never get to know the truth is because the press are threatened with closure if they don’t let go.
    The best example of this that I can think of is the Guardian and Edward Snowden.
    Look, let’s face it, 90% of the population are fairly ignorant, and the elites know it.
    Let’s face something else fellas. If you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do except put your own life on the line and take a few of them with you. The word on the street is that there is a society forming whereby over 75’s are being invited to participate in a ‘take a few with you’ instead of going to Dignitas.


  11. I can’t say how or why I know, but I can tell you John that without any doubt whatsoever many of the things told to the UK population about how and why and by whom that occurred in NI were simply not true – not the larger picture but certainly details of events. These events were not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. You obviously have no idea just how far TPTB will go in order to spin a tale for their own benefit. I for one bear this FACT in mind whenever I’m being presented with ‘News’.
    I suggest everyone does the same.


  12. Could have happened……. But the greedy decided that they wanted it all and so the rest will be moving forward into a Jeremy Kyle show existence with the lucky getting the menial zero hours contract type jobs where the interesting and rewarding will go where wages are lowest…… All the more for the few…..


  13. P.S. Udo Ulfkotte pretty well shines a light on just one part of what goes on when dealing with the ‘free media’. Not that ‘free media’ exists anywhere on this rat hole of a planet you understand….


  14. i stopped watching the television nearly 2 years ago. thoroughly recommend it. i saw abit of bbc `news` recently while visiting aged parents. laughable crap.


  15. The answer to the question in the headline is actually quite simple, in fact the same which explains why the quality of TV has tumbled in step with the expansion of the number of channels and the hours they transmit something, namely that the total talent pool available has been spread across many more hours of TV, hence reduced the average amount of talent available to generate each hour.

    The same is true for universal suffrage. Working democracy presumes an electorate of informed and analytical voters. The more you scrape the barrel in terms of available intelligence and education the higher the average ignorance and stupidity of the voters, the lower the level of general debate and the larger the susceptibility to manipulation of election results. Top that by importing a few million who neither undestand the language nor partake in the democratic process as such except by voting as they are told, and you end up with the current situation here in the UK.


  16. Agree both, without hesitation. I ceased watching tv or buying a newspaper during the late 90’s, after the Great Disappointment, in self defence. I carried on listening to R4 but this is now largely unlistenable also. The BBC’s wilful refusal to join up the dots and comment on what is staring us in the face is nothing short of disgraceful, a mere panacea for the credulous. I highly recommend reading, it’s got the best picture of the lot!


  17. “The EU migrant crisis” Agreed, the truth is not being told on this. Newsweek published a long piece about the Ethiopian millionaire and his trans-African people smuggling gangs equipped with travel catalogues and a menu of prices for delivering the goods across the Med (Italian police are reportedly tracking him) but since then there have been few attempts at explaining who or what is driving this eruption of mainly economic migrants. (The latter assertion is based on the hundreds of published images on the Internet showing single, young, healthy, well dressed men mainly doing the migrating)


  18. when it comes to the elite few hundred and their machinations, they are always going to be a lot worse than we could possibly imagine. we have to be independent of them.


  19. So we know who’s responsible when a geriatric/fit-for-work(?) suicide bomber pops up in the passenger seat of Iain Duncan-Smiths Morgan…?


  20. The less fit /well dressed pegged it before they got near the cameras I guess. Maybe in the Med or a container smwhr. Maybe cameras captured “well dressed” but not unygienic/smelly?


  21. Yes, I saw an image of the MH-17 Boeing and Putin’s plane side-by-side quite a while ago, there is a definite similarity, especially when looking from some distance away, and let’s face it, the Ukie’s are stupid enough to have tried to down Putin’s plane if the opportunity (as they saw it) presented itself.

    For my part, I believe it was shot down by a Ukie fighter jet. If the Yanks had evidence that Russia was involved, or the ‘rebels’ then we’d have all known about it in a matter of months.


  22. Well put Hieronimusb, the ‘meedja’ is now just gibberish and gibberish with a political slant written into the subtext.


  23. Ron. Agreed x 20.
    Mr Ward has previously called uk “welfare reform” some harsh things.
    Will IDS be held accountable or will the intellect of an Amoeba be deemed sufficient to get him off?


  24. “I am not a conspiracy theorist.” No, John, you’re not.
    “…but the Truth is only ever leaked.” You’re a truth seeker. Big difference.
    The problem is this: thinking, rational, wise, educated and informed people are unable to ingest the enormous amounts of deception that exist here and then follow that with the next logical step: awakening to the realization that our world is controlled by NON-human forces.
    Not a damn thing here on Earth will ever make sense to anyone until they have this epiphany. And so the circus continues…


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