Dead cats bounce, and then lie very still

There are various interpretations of this position as at 15:30 CET:


  1. Flat sea, clear skies, wind speed zero knots, cruising in Gin Palace, entering Port of Nice and disembarking for cocktails at Le Colombe D’or.
  2. The Pentagon’s new Time Weapon is in operation, and will remain in charge until we work out WTF to do.
  3. We’re in a small sailing vessel, becalmed, water running low, compass is doolally, and we’ve had a shark for company for three days now.
  4. It’s eerily quiet in here, but looking around as we cling to what was the poop deck I sense that we’re in the eye of a hurricane. SOS…..SOS…..SOS…..

Yer pays yer money and yer makes yer choice.

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