At the End of the Day

The doom of flying dinosaurs preying upon Homo sapiens

Have you ever wondered what birds of prey would do without telegraph poles? Neither had I until today, when I was driving to Bergerac Airport in order to pick up Dutch chums Leo and Tini. Along a small country road, four telegraph poles had such avians sitting on top of them: a small hawk, a bigger hawk and two buzzards….offering to their amazing eyes a perfect, panoramic view of every small four-legged thing’s movement. And it occurred to me the subtle and yet sometimes devastating effect one species can have upon another.

With the increasing ubiquity of the motor car, for example, has come a massive increase in four-legged “road kill” in the UK. This has enabled Britain’s carrion species like crows and rooks to reach massive population sizes compared to the pre 1950s world. In the US, bears feed on the waste left by the junk food industry; they become lazy, and venture further and further into town in search of easy pickings. Remove that privilege from them, and grizzlies who’ve never known any other way of life sort of wander off looking bemused. In Australia, Daintree River crocs lost regular prey who’d fed upon bushes cleared by humans from the river banks. Undeterred, they wandered into town and started eating people. That sort of outcome is an excellent way of teaching humans the rules of the food chain. It has, you know, a certain mind-concentrating effect on the behaviour of what is risibly known as Homo sapiens.

The same is true, I find, of the devolved species Homo neoliberens when faced with the reality of what most of the host species Homo sapiens actually wants out of this puzzle we call life. I call Homo neoliberens a devolved species, by the way, because it is the best way I can find of expressing the antithesis of evolved. Also, the key differentiating feature of Homo neoliberens is that it wants ultimate, all-conquering power….but devolves the responsibility for resultant happening shit to Homo sapiens: thus we find that multinational globalists, national politicians, international bankers, media combines and supranational bureaucrats insist that only taverna owners, benefits scroungers, regulators, black homeowners, socialists, Arabists, gigolos, anti-frackers and all the other stinking detritus of non-violent deniers of absolute Friedmanite Truth are stopping our express-train-non-stop journey into the paradise of Milt and Munneee;

Dear Mammon, how very dare they.

Homo neoliberens is of course doomed, for myriad reasons. First, they can only mate with each other – and thus lack the gene pool from which to develop into something less irritating. Second, while their avian version of the telegraph pole is the gated community, being overwhelmingly bird-brained by nature they don’t grasp that keys to the gates demanded with overwhelming force represent the ultimate power to resist and destroy. As the Bourbons found during the French Revolution, the inability to afford underwear doesn’t hamper the scaling of the Bastille ramparts.

Third, fourth, fifth and sixth, a hitherto suppressed but now incandescent financial climate change condemns neoliberens to certain death. For whatever the warmists and deniers may yell about in relation to physical planetary temperature ramifications, there is no parallel contradictory data in global econo-fiscality any more: over the last month, every single roadsign has been pointing in the same direction. And at the end of that roadsign lies meltdown.

Two thirds of the qualitative change in human existence I and millions of others identified six years ago is now almost complete. Crash2 is imminent. It is going to unleash the sort of change that needs a new word to replace ‘change’.

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9 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. I see the Saudi stock market is down 7% today. It must be time for QE4 by now, people are getting worried, Janet. At this rate, the Saudi’s and the US will no longer be able to fund global terror.


  2. The Econoraptors (Greedius bastardae) are still winging it, no matter how much we give them the bird, but so was Icarus until his plumage got overheated. I saw several buzzards while travelling the back roads of Normandy last week on a rigid (1948) Panther, one fleetingly at close quarters on the ground – they’re very handsome and really quite large!


  3. About sums it up, the biggest criminal act in this is not any individual act it is the blocking of evolution of homo sapiens.

    1 + 1 = 2, for a long time we have been told 1 + 1 + 1 = 2 where one of those ones was the QE / money creation etc. Well the problem the +1 was masking is now a +2 so the 1 + 1 + 1 is not enough and we need to move to 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 2 yet they have to reveal themselves as previous liars and it does not hide the fact that only 1 + 1 + 2 the other +1 is to complete the mechanism for their benefit.

    We have to realise and evolve that as a species and our increasing capabilitiy 1+1, 1+1+1, 1+1+1+1+1… is going to run out of railway track unless to stop the vast wealth flowing into the minorities hands. Keeping it out of their hands will allow us more time to evolve but we are going to be forced into the French revolution style reaction through necessity.


  4. F**king Friedman et al. I wonder…have there ever been any cases, ever, in recorded history, of anyone ever drowning in money, that had spilled out due to the “trickle down” effect ? Because, I have to say, that empirically, there always seems to be a blockage in the pipe, somewhere near the top ! Am I right ?


  5. The good news is, with all these gated communities, we won’t need to build any new prisons. Just lock the gates, chuck a few dead dogs in once in a while and Homo Sapiens can get back to living like civilised human beings again.


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