At the End of the Day

Nationalism is not the antidote to globalism

If ever you were looking for one of those days that might embody living proof of the fact that supranationalism is never going to work, this was one of them.

Throughout this Friday, various UKippers (including Mirage himself) have been banging on about desperate refugees trying to get into Britain (where, as you know, the streets are paved with gold) while some 8000 times as many boat people have been pouring into ClubMed….a region, let’s be clear about this, that isn’t exactly equipped for 400,000 extra mouths to feed at the moment.

It goes without saying of course: neither are we. But British and French police confirmed earlier today that some, er, 230 people had been involved in the latest Calais fracas. It took the French a painfully long time to stop playing the NIMBY card and work jointly with the UK….however, one shouldn’t carp: it is not, after all, terribly dignified to have a spat about who might or might not be responsible for people with no money, no shelter, no protection and no hope.

But that is exactly what happened when I tweeted this afternoon to the effect that Macedonian police were tear-gassing desperate migrants. I got a hugely predictable response from Anna Kalionis, whose sole concern was to point out that this particular Macedonia was the former Yugoslav version, not the Greek one.

Ms Kalionis and I have crossed swords before. She has, to my mind, a very odd set of values: but as a former Greek civil servant and diplomat, she can always be relied upon to support the Greek Establishment and ensure that it should remain blameless….and of course, a member of the eurozone.

It is, I suppose, all about putting country before…, something or other. Unless, of course, that might be the overweening pride of Greek buffoons in being a member of the élite ezone club: for at that point, nothing comes before that membership card: not a starving populace, not an elected Government….and most certainly, not the sovereignty that these muddled jerks would happily surrender.

And so onto the third example. Most of you will recognise this 19th Century Times headline: ‘Huge earthquake in China, one Briton injured’. In later editions, it was corrected to ‘Huge earthquake in China, not many dead’ which always seemed to me to be digging a bigger hole for itself. Either way, a Moroccan Islamist went on a shooting spree while travelling on a train in France today, and the Daily Mail’s first subhead in early online postings announced ‘One Briton slightly injured’. Wiser subs prevailed in later versions.

Is there any point to this choice of news selection? Oddly enough yes, I think there are two:

  1. People cannot identify with (let alone love) a massive superstate that makes them feel like an unrepresented ant about to be unconsciously squashed beneath a well-heeled foot
  2. Even when reverting to national interests, their interpretation is likely to be self-absorbed and altogether base.

Genuinely enlightened mutual-interest reactions are rarely if ever apparent beyond the community level. For Homo sapiens remains what it has always been: a pack animal.

I do very sincerely apologise to Sloggers who have heard this at least a hundred times before.

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15 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. The misery and desperation of the refugees is a result of US led regime change in Iraq and Libya.
    Maybe they should be shipped over there.


  2. Exactly, the absolute drivel coming from the media is a simplistic spongers vs fleeing for their lives dichotomy whereas the truth is that Bush/Obama/Blair/Cameron have made a complete dog’s dinner of the middle east and now the pigeons are coming home to roost.


  3. Pardon my insensitivity here – but I do not recall the history books telling us of legions of infants in swaddling clothes accompanying the victims of the the very real holocaust. How is it that these multitudes of victims are different in that they have the energy and vision of the future to fornicate to the extent that they do? Or is this the characteristic integrity of the region showing it’s hand as infidel chancer?


  4. “Genuinely enlightened mutual-interest reactions are rarely if ever apparent beyond the community level. For Homo sapiens remains what it has always been: a pack animal.”

    As evidenced by the comments above from Bill Casso and Ricoh.


  5. Was conned by the system a long time ago with nationalism ithat has one eventual outcome WW3 as you end up fighting to retain your capitalist policies at the national level. All actions we are seeing especially monetary by countries keeps resetting / moving the goalposts for others like China atempting to devalue, the western put has to be the same otherwise you become over valued on a grand scale. Then the EZ, Germany allowing the ECB to go all in without handing Greece any of the freshly created QE hits Greek again. Eventually the USA will once again resort to the put to prop up its economy under the perviously mentioned onslaught and like Japan can ever stop now?

    Think we need a single group at the global level because in reality for the global system then the global economy needs to go all in and then the most efficient and effective win out and that global system is EVERYBODY.


  6. WW3 is indeed the plan, Mark Deacon, & a final catastrophe designed to establish a Global Govt.
    A book I recommend is Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr, who was a WW2 Canadian naval intelligence officer who researched for 40 years why the world was not prospering. In one word? Banksters.
    If you read it, please bear in mind he was that most fervent of Catholics: the adult convert.
    Thus where he writes Jew, please read Khazar or Bankster.
    He makes this point himself, but too often resorts to the lazy shorthand of Jew.
    John Doran.


  7. Mass immigration becomes more of a problem when an economy turns sour. The warmth of humanity tends to turn somewhat chilly when there is a major depression, the banks have collapsed and you cannot feed your kids.

    Creditanstalt moment, but this time it will be global.


  8. Yes but, unfortunately the pigeons are going home to roost, there are coming here to roost, and whilst I am sympathetic to their plight especially as my Govt. are primarily responsible for their plight, we nonetheless are a very small island and I personally have no desire for continuance of the building of small boxes to house all these extra people.


  9. I first saw the book referred to in this video:
    1 hr 9 mins.
    Ted L Gunderson was head of FBI in Los Angeles, bossing a staff of 600.
    He tried to reveal the wholesale child abuse among the American Establishment, aided by the CIA. Ring any bells?
    I had it checked out by a PhD pal, learned in these areas, & he called it excellent.


  10. Gunderson was also revealing the evil that is chemtrailing, as G. Edward Griffin is doing.
    Griffin wrote “The Creature from Jekyy Island” which documented the sneaky set up of the Fed.
    Griffin also writes on cancer & other health issues, the Global Warming for a Feudal Future hoax,
    & much more, with current affairs.
    I thoroughly recommend his weekly free newsletter:


  11. Nationalism, as both a defining cultural characteristic and an organisational necessity, may not be the antidote to globalism but it is nevertheless it’s victim. It would be easier to accept that we have outgrown it if globalism were not so obviously driven by minority self interest.


  12. JW – As I recall a large-ish number of Tory Squirearchy did very nicely indeed via subsidy during 70s / 80s height of C.A.P. Quirkily Ian Duncan Smith’s family in law are still doing well enough from i to subsidise his palatial residence & his doubtless microcephalic kids.


  13. Impoverished Psychologist is right; there is a direct and obvious causal line between ‘Blair-and-Bush-in-Iraq’, and its present-day consequences throughout the Middle East, and the refugee onslaught across the Mediterranian. Can anyone doubt that it is in all our interests that Blair, at least, should be broght to account in front ofthe ICC ?


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