“…und Slovakia offers us wery good price for 300,000 full-size pine crucifixes…”

Mittwoch 19 8 15

Today I haff Diktats been issuing, in order to confirm zat my resistance to ze new Greek debt pile iss at an end now zat die Griechenländer have collapsed in the face of the offervelmink German superiority komplex. Jawohl, I kann now allow zeess useful Untermenschen to stay in ze eurozone for a little vile,

Ve muss not mention debt sustainability. I dit a cupple of timess, but I sink I got avay mit it by saying zat €10bn for Greek bank cheats vud put ze Greek economy back on its feet hahahahahaha. Furzer proof off my seorie zat Mann kann any old Scheisse spout zeess days und the Dummköpfer vill beleef it.

Later ze Telefone ist gerungen and it is zat Nederlander tulip viz all kindss of silly kvestyuns about ze IMF und zat brainless Hausfrau Latarte or votevva her name ist. Ziss Vuman is a nuisance and she muss on my list go of those who vill be likwidated am Ende.

I haff told him, “Do not mention her name at all when you are to ze press talkink, ze Volk has vergessen her already just like that Austrian Jude-frog Strauss-Kahn….und no more of zose gaffs about templates und so weiter.”

Meanvile, Merkel is plottink against me. Alvayss she is against me plottink. But zere issn’t much she can do while I haff ze photos involving ze sausages, Nein, nein, nein, Viktory shall be mein, mein, mein!