dwpLIEsPay-off line there has to be risible excuse of the Century to Date.

greekassetsaleYou read it here first. Drinks are on Guy Verhofstadt tonight….


Right then…the worst is over for China. Despite all trader hands being tied behind backs, investors continue to sell. Nothing to see here, move along please etc etc.


Yes, the American recovery is under way, no it isn’t yes it is no it isn’t yes it is no it isn’t – yes it is, look, the NYSE just opened and everyone’s dumping it:


Well I’m blowed. Just fancy that. A few hours before Yelling Janet pronounces about rates, gold plummets. If she says rise still on table, the directionalisers made a good call, and hold. If she says rise no longer in our immediate sights, directionalisers shove the price back up beyond where they sold, take profit.

Nothing is real in Strawberry Fields.