dwpLIEsPay-off line there has to be risible excuse of the Century to Date.

greekassetsaleYou read it here first. Drinks are on Guy Verhofstadt tonight….


Right then…the worst is over for China. Despite all trader hands being tied behind backs, investors continue to sell. Nothing to see here, move along please etc etc.


Yes, the American recovery is under way, no it isn’t yes it is no it isn’t yes it is no it isn’t – yes it is, look, the NYSE just opened and everyone’s dumping it:


Well I’m blowed. Just fancy that. A few hours before Yelling Janet pronounces about rates, gold plummets. If she says rise still on table, the directionalisers made a good call, and hold. If she says rise no longer in our immediate sights, directionalisers shove the price back up beyond where they sold, take profit.

Nothing is real in Strawberry Fields.


  1. I’m giving up with Zerohedge, this from an artice published today: ‘ You see, the Telegraph is not just one of the most important newspapers in the UK – it is truly one of the most important newspapers in the entire world. When it speaks on financial matters, millions of people listen very carefully. So for the Telegraph to declare that the countdown to a “global market crash ” is “one minute to midnight ” is a very, very big deal… No, the Telegraph is full of sh*t.



  2. It’s all a big circle jerk KFC, when you look at it, when there is an agenda to push – you’ll take a mainstream source and ride it for as long as you can.

    Zerohedge is entertainment, much like Max Keiser, the ideas are sound but they blow them up beyond their evidence base and then use them as propaganda like it’s gospel.

    This is why I read JW, since he filters out a lot of the noise, I do not always agree with his conclusions but the fact that he has gone through a decent period of analysis makes for a good read.


  3. Zerohedge is an aggregator: some of the stuff is excellent, some less so, but an essential read. Just know what you believe.

    The Telegraph may be crap but the article referred to was excellent in my opinion.


  4. I feel the same about the Guardian. I used to actually believe a lot of their stuff in the past. Now it is just full of angry wimmin blahing on about “rape culture”. Why are they so full of hate one minute then bang on about how “50 Shades” is soooo kewl.?


  5. I agree, Zerohedge does have some excellent articles as well as some dross. The difference being is that Zerohedge is free (apart from advertising) while the BBC costs me £145 a year and is entirely full of sh*t.


  6. Having just installed Android Studio on the Windows part of my PC I ask how the hell can ANYONE actually use that NSA software with the Microsoft virus built in? I only hopped over as I ran out of space on my clean fast Ubuntu. Stuff just works over on UB whereas it ios endless crashes and ZoneAlarm Updates and AVG virus checks. How can anyone actually use this MS shit in an office is beyond me.


  7. There IS an American recovery.& a British recovery.It’s a wicked lie to suggest there isn’t.& by the way,I hope Mr.Ward won’t mind me using his website to advertise,but I have some pet unicorns for sale.First come,first served.I have to advertise here because I’ve been turned down by those fascist gangsters at Amazon & Ebay.As for the response from E-harmony & Craigslist,well,just don’t even ask.


  8. You have to laugh, really, at the worldwide response to the financial collapse of 2008,caused by excessive government and consumer borrowing in the Northern Hemisphere.. Rather than have a nasty recession and banks going to the wall, some genius dreamt up QE (money printing), ignored what has happened in Japan since 1990 (stagnation), and pretended that permanent government borrowing could go on , ad infinitum. Well, this money had to go somewhere, and it ended up in NY and London property. All the while, the West was having a ball importing cheap crap from China, whose economic system is finally falling apart. So now you have huge pressure on the EMs (collapse in commodity prices) and Germany wondering to whom it will export. Not Spain, Greece, France, Italy ,Russia, the Gulf, well ok maybe Chile. Sometime this autumn, there must be a vast reduction in government borrowing in the Northern Hemisphere, an end to QE, a rise in interest rates and unemployment, and the collapse of the Russian economy, the rouble, and the end of PUTIN. Royal Dutch Shell looks good value to me


  9. “Nothing is real in Strawberry Fields.”
    Make the leap, gentlemen. Break down the wall. Allow yourselves to see it. There is a non-human presence that controls our world. This is why nothing has made any sense for centuries, particularly in the realm of finance, as each of you are well aware.
    Nothing is real in this illusion, as you will soon see…


  10. I like any headline that includes Crash 2. I love reading about Crash 2. Crash2 and the death of the Euro is why I’m here,


  11. The elites tell us what they so desperately hope, that the recession is over and things can only get better.
    Many actually believe it and are taking on debt. Big mistake – because we are in terminal deflation, and the real money is running out. Demand is finite, and over capacity is rife.


  12. The perception is that Linux users are a geeky lot
    The truth is that the geeks are all Microsoft customers with their endless patience in waiting for downloads, updates and permissions to press the next key.


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