Designed in a newly constructed factory in Stuttgart using Turkish robot androids, the new 6-reverse-gears  Backout launches today, and will cater for all Greek visitors. Uniquely, it promises free travel for all German, Dutch, Belgian and Greek élite carpetbaggers, plus 100% fuel economy for accredited Troikanauts and that’s a promise: yes, thanks to the advanced bloodsuck feature developed in Cyprus, absolutely no fuel will be wasted on the Greek economy – paving the way for a new era in Transnational High-Efficiency Fukyoo Transactions or THEFT.

  • All tyres fully guaranteed against scorched-earth damage
  • Tinted windows to ensure that every privatisation remains completely private
  • Enlarged boot space allowing maximum out-of-sight infrastructural storage
  • Fitted with fully operational Verhofstat Guydance system to pinpoint free money outlets
  • ABS++ control for navigating deep slush-funds.

Inspired by this reality:

‘The 29-page MoU document requires wide-ranging and specific reforms to be implemented according to a precise timetable….actions include pension, tax and healthcare reforms, a strategy to address the issue of non-performing loans, reform of the gas market, and implementation of an already-agreed privatisation programme….The Greek government will be required to implement reforms with deadlines almost every month until autumn next year, under close control by its creditors – the EU, the European Central Bank (ECB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)….no unilateral fiscal or other policy actions will be taken by the Greek authorities which would undermine the liquidity, solvency, or future viability of the banks…All measures, legislative or otherwise, taken during the programme period, which may have an impact on banks’ operations, solvency, liquidity, asset quality etc. should be taken in close consultation with the EC/ECB/IMF….measures will include further pension reforms, tax reforms to increase revenue, as well as the extension, until 2018, of a special contribution from Greece’s shipping sector, and the reduction of military spending by €100 million in 2015 and €400 million in 2016….’

So then: available gas secured for NATO, remaining citizen welfare further diluted (despite having been exacerbated by the EU austerity demands), a privatisation splurge for the crooks, and complete control of Greek fiscal, banking and defence policy by the Eurogroup, the ECB and the IMF…all unelected and interested only in the desires of the markets and the banks.

Especially nasty (but typical German Schadenfreude) is the reduction in military expenditure now that Berlin’s arms dealers have eaten their fill. “About those submarines, Frau Mirakle…one never arrived and the other one doesn’t work. Any chance of our money back?”

A corporacratic coup d’état, pure and simple, all mapped out with a Wehrmacht level of alles klar und in Ordnung.

Please everybody – somebody, anybody – is there nothing that will get you off your arse and oppose this? Ukip and the Labour/Tory OUT campaign – whatTF are you playing at? Is there a call-centre yet? An advertising campaign? A slogan even?

You make me thoroughly ashamed to be British.


  1. Would i be just a bit to paranoid to wonder how big a bung the few at the Greek top managed.
    It’s also almost reading verbatim from the Micheal Hudson “The Bubble and Beyond” script warning what will happen , then it does.
    I also think historians will look back at this and say Democracy born Greece some time in the BC died Greece 2015.


  2. I’ll have you know Mr Ward that the Fiat Strada was one of the finest cars ever to roll off the Fiat Strada production line.

    Your final thought about being ashamed to be British brought home the disintegration of a culture that has rotted on the vine over my lifetime. It seems ever since to 70’s we have looked to other cultures and envied them. We coveted the prosperity and consumerism of the Americans and imported their brand of capitalism. We were sold a vibrant, exciting and diverse europe with all the delights available there and in fact we have done nothing more than cripple generation after generation with debt, consumerism, greed and welfare dependency.

    I do not recognise in this England the race that won WW2. Was the social cohesion, working for common good and national pride in our own cultural identity which helped secure victory the precise dynamic that the Americans and the Europeans found so threatening to their own ways that they chose to infect our culture with their pernicious ways.

    This self loathing seems to be the thing tearing apart the Labour movement, they just can’t seem to accept that people might actually want a true left winger to lead a left wing party, the cognitive dissonance is staggering.


  3. DE
    I’m afraid a disagree diametrically…as even I must now we have imported metrication.
    The British electorate’s media-distracted sociopathy when it comes to those worse off than themselves is becoming legendary.


  4. Fear not John , the groundswell of organised rebellion starts here …. with Leonard Cohen.

    “They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom
    For trying to change the system from within
    I’m coming now, I’m coming to reward them
    First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin
    I’m guided by a signal in the heavens
    I’m guided by this birthmark on my skin
    I’m guided by the beauty of our weapons
    First we take Manhattan, then we take …… Berlin “


  5. Corbyn now 1/4 with Ladbrokes. Clearly some people are prepared to give peace a chance and tell America where to stick it.


  6. The Greek crisis couldn’t even persuade the Greeks to leave the Eu(ro).. this is how they function, they draw you in with talk of inclusivity and commonality then spoonfeed you with credit until the mere idea of withdrawing the drug becomes abhorrent.

    The ridiculous histrionics have already started to spurt out from all the usual talking heads about how the world will turn into a marshmallow if we leave the EU, the problem is – people just won’t bother to understand, they are the best examples of boiling frogs you will ever see.


  7. This is what Tsiparis is going to present to the Greek Parliament for approval?? It should be interesting to see just who votes for it and who besides Golden Dawn, opposes it. It is nothing short of rape. and even worse than the Nazi invasion in WW2


  8. The only thing I believe with any certainty is that behind most of the world’s confrontations: Greece and the EU, Ukraine and Russia, China and Japan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Korea, the refugee crisis etc. lies a hand that can be traced all the way back to Washington. Those who control The White House wish to destabilise and control other nations.
    And this simple pie chart shows how:


  9. from Open Europe – “New data from Greece’s national statistics office ELSTAT show that Greek GDP unexpectedly grew by 0.8% in the second quarter of the year compared to the previous quarter, and by 1.4% compared to the second quarter of 2014.”
    Is this even credible?


  10. Ordinary Germans will be shafted too, the Neo-Libs are picking away at their post war consensus (i.e Rhineland System industrial relations).


  11. This is a europe of multicultural lemmings. Only the few are understanding the future. No one can stop it now. Let them have what they want and look after number one.


  12. There is no reason why the UK opposition to the EU should get involved in this little bit of commerce, after all it will be more fuel for their fire when they go full mode on the “No” campaign next year. It will be interesting if Cameron would dare to ignore the British people if the “No” vote gets passed, just like the Greek government did after being elected on the grounds that they would not continue with the austerity madness – they should have jumped offboard when they had the chance.


  13. the thing about the 0. 8% growth in greece could be to do with all that cash under the mattresses of the population, 100 billion?


  14. I think nothing will get Blair tried for war crimes. He played his puppet part impeccably and will be rewarded for his obedience to those lurking in the shadows.


  15. KJH

    I’m glad that somebody around here can see the bigger picture.

    You know that the European Union hasn’t had its accounts written off in six decades – and the reason was because of large amounts of money handed over from people sitting on the other side of the Atlantic (ahem).

    When the EU is seen as America’s lapdog, a lot will become clear, especially in the light of your comment. US political interference makes the EU throw quite a different shadow. The most recent of which is Obama telling the EU to refuse to let Greece default (this was in the headlines, for goodness sake!).

    Those who control The White House wish to destabilise and control other nations

    This isn’t about the fact that they do, but why they want to do this when they have their own problems to deal with (which are rather more urgent).


  16. I thought that was the strategy: drain Germany’s financial resources. (After all, their financial regulations are so strict there’s no other way to make money out of them, is there?)


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