At the End of the Day

It seems that Firefox is passionate about my privacy. And as if to ram home their didactic point, they’ve started putting this on their home page:

firebackHowever, “We’ve got your back” sounds to me like the start of a ransom demand: “We’ve got your back Buster, so back off or next time it’s gonna be your front, cappiche?”

This is all very well, but my main beef with Firefox at the minute is that – for a bunch of people making ransom demands – they’re not very responsive. That’s to say, about 15 times a day at the moment I’m told that Firefox isn’t responding. Occasionally, I’m also told that a script is running and do I want to continue or stop the script.

Vague software questions get my goat more than most things in life: I mean, how the bloody hell would I know if the script is going to take all day, or stopping it would mean the site I’m trying to bring up will fail to appear?

This apparent Firefox problem isn’t hardware related, because it matters not a jot whether I’m using a tablet, laptop, desktop or notebook: ‘Firefox ne répond pas’ is an ever-present panel.

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing similar problems, and if so whether there are better browsers to be using these days.


It was only a matter of time: today the Maily Torygraph serves up its own latter-day Zinoviev letter, a mere ninety years after the original. Mr Korbynovitch, it seems, does not want to bomb Russia:

CorbynrussiaFyodor is close to the Russian foreign ministry look you-now, so he must know what he’s talking about. Comrade Korbychov likes Russia Today too, and has written nice things about the news channel in the past. Hold the front page.

Only the Barclay Twins would not get this. Jeremy Corbyn is Old Labour with more than a hint of Brecht. He is extremely biased in favour of all causes to do with International Socialism. It’s just that the Labour Party as a whole has got its political nose so far up its arsenal of spin, only two-dimensional media villains like Corbyn stand the remotest chance any more of putting up some kind of genuine resistance to a Conservative Party passing disgracefully political laws that benefit nobody but themselves and their globalist mates.

Take their latest offerings on new strike laws. Very few Tory MPs get into Westminster based on 40+% of the vote, but from now on the Trade Union quorum for a vote is to be raised again, and only a 40+% vote for strike action will do. The hypocrisy of this is tooth-rattling in its flagrance.

I repeat: I have about as much in common with Jeremy’s politics as a German Bild reader does with the Greek KKE. But I haven’t been political for decades: I’m a democratic constitutionalist concerned about the speed with which British culture is turning into mire. And with corporacratic nutters trampling on the Constitution with even more unthinking venom than the Blairites under the malign influence of Birt, the key requirement now for the survival of British liberty is a fully-functioning, well-organised leg-chomping Opposition keen to reach out to an SNP filled with equally passionate radicals.

I regret all these retro-rockets powering us back to a Marxism I believe to have no relevance to the future, and a regrettably totalitarian past. But tell me Kate Hoey – endorser of Andy Turnbum as leader – can you really see him leading with the idealistic passion we need at this crucial point in our history?

Sorry everyone….I’m getting over-excited. Quick, link me to an Andy Burnham speech video.


And finally, standards at the Murdoch Chimes fall to an all-time hilarious low as the paper describes former Pope Karol Wojtyla as ‘the first non-Catholic Pope for 450 years’. I’m all for ecumenicalism, but that’s an Inquisition too far.

Next week: Newscorpse reveals that the current Pope shits in the woods.

Earlier at The Slog: Is Wolfgang Schäuble off his rocker or wot?

27 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. On browsers I am sticking with Firefox because firefox supports Tor.

    The problem you have is that whatever you write if they want it silenced the backdoors are way deeper yet you blame Firefox and it is limited because it is not privvy to all the backdoors like Microsoft / Google.

    The only way to deal wth this is and look it up Kleopatra, look at advanced settings 4096 bit encryption. If you encrypt, create a certificate on an instance of time you help yourself so much more using distinct certificates per person communiction.

    That future is coming as they fight to hold the economic system to ransom bt beware the random number generator is cracked so you want to be able to implment your own function for this is all.

    So many angles I just cover all I can but know unique encryption they can never break.


  2. Ref: Firefox: – I thought it was just me … apparently not. Things do not have appeared to have moved much beyond adusting a set of ignition points to within +/- 15 thou using a Rizla fag packet for guidance. Hands up all those who know the f*** what I’m talking about :-) Not just me then …


  3. I have used the noscript addon for many years.
    I do not have any permanent whitelist, so whenever I restart my computer I do have to re-approve all site I want javascript to run on – when you are used to it it really isn’t any hassle.
    The only real problem is with some payments – when you are directed to a new site for credit card details – but even these in the past couple of years now function ok after i allow javascript.
    I have not had freezes or any other problems with firefox for years.


  4. Re. Firefox, I had the same problem of eternally spinning wheels, which seemed to be incompatible with having Word open at the same time, or even having more than 2 pages opened simultaneously. After months of this torment, a clued-up techno friend pointed out that hard drives become age-encrusted much faster than humans and mine needed replacing. QED, the problem has gone away, at least for the moment.
    P.S. When scripts start running. just force quit, close the whole computer down for a few minutes and restart.


  5. JW. Have had similar problems with Firefox but stick with it as it is Open Source. The problem you describe can be dealt with by refreshing Firefox itself. Look up how to do this on their home/help pages. Technology – bah. Tin cans and string were more reliable albeit somewhat range limited


  6. Another user of Chrome although I have all 3 (Chrome. Firefox & IE on board) I have had the equivalent of “not responding to all 3 so it happens to them all. If you want to view anything that uses Silvernight then it will have to be IE as it’s not supported on the other 2


  7. Alexei
    You may well be right about Word being a factor.
    I type into word to avoid the pinched goblins blacking me out…or wordpress gaily deleting something of its own volition.
    Int software brirriant eh?


  8. When a ‘script is not responding’ it is in the vast majority of cases an issue with a page you are visiting, rather than the browser you are using. I use Firefox, and for privacy and usability reasons there is no alternative to it right now.
    The NoScript Firefox addon is a huge boost to security and privacy and the first one I install, always; unfortunately, it could be more user friendly.


  9. must agree with Nik. ‘issue with a page you are visiting rather than the browser’.. we most of us are always reading pages they would rather we didn’t. i get it all the time with zerohedge and occasionally with odd others.


  10. You could experiment with browsers other than Firefox and IE, such as Palemoon (a slimmed down Firefox, really?), K-Melon,
    Flashpeak Slimjet, Icedragon, Comodo Dragon, Opera, Sea Monkey. The only problem is the User interface can be considerably different to one that you are used to. You could install AdBlockPlus and the open up the blockable items option and then select the problematic scripts. You may find that most of them are Google scripts and ,on WordPress, they are gravator scripts. The only trouble here is that it is unfair on the normal citizen that these scripts are run without their knowledge. I can see a JW theme starting on this subject especially when Windows 10 privacy (hah!) issues becomes well known.


  11. I agree with Nik (pun intended) – it’s not firefox which is the problem, it’s the webpage.

    So take note of things that are on the webpages which cause the script issue in order that you might be able to learn more about what causes these issues – for example, do the pages have video, if so are they youtube embeds or other, what type of adverts do they have on the webpage – are they mini videos for example?

    Another way to teach yourself useful things is to pay attention to the data which will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the browser when a webpage is loading – it lists the resources which the page is loading. Quite often you will find that the page and your PC are hanging and in the left corner it identifies what the problem is – this is useful if you decide to start using blockers to block problematic adverts and trackers.

    The key to understanding computers and the internet for non-techies is try and learn little bits of info over long periods of time, be inquisitive, turn stones over and see what crawls out. Pay attention to what is occurring. It is a hundred times easier to solve problems yourself than by asking others for advice, as we can see from these type of threads where it’s difficult to communicate techie stuff to non-techies and vice-versa.

    One idea I have for non-techies is to run two main browsers ( I do this myself). Install firefox and install ‘pale moon’ which is basically a ‘trimmed-down’ version of firefox. Don’t worry about what this means too much, simply consider pale moon as antoher version of firefox with a different name.

    Then what you want to end up with is one of them running ‘clean’ – IE – without any blockers and one of them running with blockers.

    Take your pick of either browser and install certain firefox addons from the official Mozilla site onto one of the browser installations (nearly all addons will cause a slightly scary security warning to pop up as you are installing them, but it’s just Mozilla indeminifying themselves – millions of people use the addons I am listing below and I use all of them and have for some time) –

    Ghostery –

    Adblock plus =

    Don’t worry too much about any complicated set up options, just select defaults and choose to block stuff if asked.

    The reason for having two browsers with one loaded up with tracking and advertising blockers is twofold. The idea is that you test both browsers on websites you are familiar with and find which browser suits you better for that site. You might find that so many things are blocked that you can’t use the website properly in which case you switch to the other browser. Conversely you may find that with all of the ads blocked and your browsing working faster that your browsing is much better and faster in the blocker browser.

    The second reason for doing this is that you can learn a lot about what is going on with websites and how to use these addons effectively to not only speed up your browsing, but for extra security and to stop your data being tracked and downloaded by marketing firms. At some point you will probably end up tweaking the settings of these addons. Ghostery and adblock plus allow you to only block certain trackers/adverts and to allow others. By playing with these settings and using a process of elimination you can find which trackers slow you down, which cause errors etc.

    There are quick access icons in the top right of your browser to quickly change settings and tell these blockers that you want to ‘whitelist’ a site. This means that you are turning the addon off for that particular website whenever you visit it. Therefore you can use the browser with blockers on most of the time and you don’t have to switch to the other browser just to view the adverts on one website – instead you can whitelist it.

    In a nutshell, by installing pale moon browser, loading it up with blockers and playing around with it, you can solve problems and learn new tricks and still keep your existing installation of firefox exactly as it is.

    Another addon which is kind of similar to ghostery and adblock is noscript –


    Here are some more addons which I use for security/blocking which are different to the above but very useful –

    Browserprotect –

    Self Destructing Cookies

    Here are two addons which add more functionality to adblock plus –

    Adblock plus popup addon

    Element Hiding Helper for Adblock Plus

    You will find all of your addons accessible and configurable via the very top left menu bar of your browser under tools>addons. You can uninstall them from here and change settings as well. It’s also worth becoming familiar with the ‘cookie’ settings in firefox via the tools>options>privacy>history tab. Try experimenting with different cookie settings, see if your favourite websites still function adequately while setting your browser to be as stingy as possible with how much info it gives away and at the same time, how much of its resources it allows these tracking companies to steal from you. Be as stingy with your data as possible while allowing your favourtie websites to work – or alternatively just open your ‘clean’ browser in order to use websites which don’t function properly when blocked, then switch back to blocking browser for general browsing.

    I hope this helps somebody and is clear enough for everyone to comprehend!


  12. John, I stopped using Word, or rather upgrading around a decade or more back. I’ve used Openoffice (now owned by Apache/Oracle) for years now, and it does everything I need it to do. Word is a total, absolute pain in the arse when it comes to the web. It’s pasted output includes a plethora of crap code, which tends to mess web pages up big time.


  13. Richard
    Wasn’t Chrome found to have backdoors in it around last autumn? It was apparently known about, but nothing had been done to fix it. Last thing I read about it was a promise that it would be fixed at sometime or another…I uninstalled it…


  14. Good post. The other advice I’d give is to ditch Winz entirely and go Ubuntu Gnome. Beautifully set out, has all the Office type guff many need, and you can use Thunderbird mail also. I never need to buy any software now with FOSS around.

    I’m presently teaching myself Web and Android Programming at this site:


  15. “I’m also told that a script is running and do I want to continue or stop the script.”
    I thought it was only me,but others get it too!.
    I removed Adobe Flash & now it’s stopped happening.But I can no longer download videos,or in some cases,even watch them.
    Ho hum – swings & roundabouts …


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