It took the Crown Prosecution Service almost a year (until October 2014) to clear Gay disc jockey Paul Gambaccini of a set of sex crime allegations more flakey than a Cadbury’s countline

In the past he has told of his ‘12 months of horror and trauma’ – a process equally upsetting for his long-time marital partner.

So ridiculous were some of the accusations, when first questioned by police Gambaccini was able immediately to see errors of time, location and wilfully inaccurate witness statements. But the Met and the CPS ignored calls for an early dismissal of the charges – actions so ludicrous under the circumstances, the practice of ‘parking’ an accused will almost certainly be strictly time-curtailed by Home Secretary Theresa May.

Now I understand Paul’s book on his ordeal is nearing publication. It’s going to make embarrassing reading for all those involved who, it has always seemed to me, ruthlessly used Mr Gambaccini as a weapon of mass distraction. But the dots have never been satisfactorily joined up on the case….and meanwhile, Rolf Harris languishes in jail for crimes that either he didn’t commit, or were falsely defined as crimes in the first place.

That the Met, the Conservative Party and Newscorp had so much to gain from these and other celebrity accusations is bad enough; but there remains more than a whiff of collusion in the way senior CPS staff abused the British legal system in their increasingly desperate attempts to get convictions. Equally disturbing is that their pursuit of the equally innocent Jim Davison and Dave Lee Travis remains in stark contrast to the dilatory attitude applied to prosecuting senior newspaper executives accused of phone hacking, or shifty politicians with a long history of child molestation accusations against them.

After nine years of investigations (including an overt attempt by Mayor of London Boris Johnson to get any investigation stopped before it started) and fifteen months of trials involving just two senior Murdoch employees, Andy Coulson was jailed for his hacking conspiracies. He served just 18 weeks in an open prison before being released without explanation. He was later found Not Guilty of perjury after a ludicrous dismissal of the case by a senior Scottish Judge.

Rebekah Brooks (long alleged to have been taught how to hack mobile phones by Piers Morgan) somehow managed to wind up being charged with only those activities for which all the evidence – some 13+ million emails – had been erased by Newscorp. She too was found Not Guilty of hacking….a verdict that astonished the entire UK media industry from end to end. Jeremy Clarkson excelled himself by sending Brooks a case of Champagne to congratulate her ‘on being cleared’.

Others not working for Rupert Murdoch finally understood that Equality before the Law, and the Rule of Law, were now officially dead in Britain. Worse still, under their planned barmy NVE legislation, Cameron and May could quite easily stifle future investigative journalism on the grounds of “nurturing conspiracy theories” – thus succeeding where the ethically dubious Boris Johnson failed in relation to Hackgate.

Piers Morgan remains free of any charges relating to the hacking of celebrity phones. All those wondering why this is should address any questions they have to Amanda Holden, Paul McCartney, the Metropolitan Police – or anyone who was paying attention during the Leveson Enquiry.

In the official findings of his Inquiry, Lord Justice Leveson said Morgan’s testimony under oath on phone hacking was “utterly unpersuasive. This was not, in any sense at all, a convincing answer” and “What it does, however, clearly prove is that he was aware that it was taking place in the press as a whole and that he was sufficiently unembarrassed by what was criminal behaviour that he was prepared to joke about it.”

Quite so. If you want to examine this subject in depth, then go to The Slog’s newly updated page devoted to Hackgate; or if you prefer, below my post from last November is reproduced and updated below in full.

THE PAEDOFILE/HACKGATE CONNECTION: more evidence casts doubt on Savile claims


There was always a time overlap between the start of Hackgate, and the sudden discover by a media-goaded Met that every paedofile in the world worked at the BBC.

The Slog pieces together the two sagas’ links, and asks the 64 billion Dollar question: did fear of the Hackgate/Elm House fallout ’cause’ the sudden national obsession with DJ gropers?

In the second of two articles in the Mail on Sunday today, it is revealed that a former cancer patient who wrote to Jimmy Savile and received cash help to save her life wants £60,000 damages for what she claims was a series of sexual assaults…but the accusations are not looking good under examination.

In what the MoS carefully calls ‘questionable’ claims, this volte face by a former Savile fan is being rubbished by those who saw her and the late DJ together. And the same question comes up time after time: she adored him then…why did she wait until there was a chance of money from the estate to make the claims? And in a second accusation investigated with the assistance of Anna Raccoon, a paper boy claiming he was assaulted by Savile at his flat in 1975 has been proved to be eleven years out: the pop DJ didn’t move to the flat until 1986.

The Slog can report (but for legal reasons, without naming names) that two other high profile stars targeted by Operation Yewtree and then released were also easily able to show that several dates, locations, and sexual practices were not part of any dimension in their lives. One former DJ has in private bitterly questioned police policy in terms of encouraging and coaching claims. Another was able to show that three ‘random’ witnesses were in fact a closely-knit gang, whose claims about apartments and others present were an invention designed to extort money.

This may seem a somewhat random point for me to make at this stage of the game, but bear with me: the sudden decision of the press (especially Newscorp titles) to go for broke on Savile – and peddle ludicrous claims like ‘He groomed a nation’ – coincided spookily with Newscorp at last finding itself in the dock on the subject of phone hacking…and new rumours surfacing about pol-paedophilia in Barnes. There were also serious accusations of impropriety by the then Culture & Media Secretary Jeremy Hunt in his dealings with News International: the replies he and David Cameron gave in the Commons were only found satisfactory by senior Conservatives.

A third lef of that same cosy media/Tory stool was the Met Police connection, and its dining club with the likes of Rebekah Brooks – who of course never knew anything about hacking phones, not even from Mirror society editor Piers Morgan. And finally, doors of evidence were starting to open at Elm House in Barnes….where a largely Tory Council had been trafficking kids in care for the misuse of senior Tory politicians. As Mayor of London, Boris Johnson is responsible for this enquiry…which has been stagnant for nearly two years now. He also held two secret, unrecorded meetings with Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch at City Hall days before the Hackgate story broke. Days later the Mayor dismissed the privacy invasions as “Left wing poppycock”….and then told the Mayoral police committee that investigating it was a waste of public money.

So I think if we look at the circle of connections, it scopes out something like this:

hackpaedomapYes, I realise this looks more like a crowded Formula One curcuit of deceit, but its purpose from my viewpoint is very simple: as I have said from the start (and Anna Raccoon was miles ahead of anyone else on most of the opportunist assault allegations surrounding this) what has been put across as a black-and-white issue by the axis of senior Conservatives, Newscorp executives, Mark Williams-Thomas and the tabloid press is nothing of the kind. It is a soundbite strategy that will be shown, in the fulness of time, to have bitten off more than it can chew. To summarise:

– Cameron and his Party had motive and means to distract from their implication in Newscorp corruption

– Battered but not broken, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and Boris Johnson had means and motive to strangle Hackgate at birth

– Cameron, Clegg and Johnson had motive to sit on Elm House in the hope that the fourth investigation in thirty years would be swept under the carpet.

– Hunt has a relationship with Newscorp going back to his days as an active manager of Hotcourses, and spent time in New York with James Murdoch, immediately after which Newscorp announced it would be backing the Conservative Party in 2010. It was utterly improper in the first place for a man so tainted to be given the central job of handling a BSkyB bid that clearly threatened the BBC.

– Lest we forget, at the height of this ruckus, senior Tory Alistair McAlpine (once very close to Margaret Thatcher) waded in and – with clinical efficiency – profited from BBC News incompetence about falsely accusing him of paedophilia. He went live onto Radio 4 and said he had “no idea” why the McAlpine name had been dragged through the mud. But those who remember his cousin Jimmie McAlpine know exactly why.

– To this day, nobody in the Establishment has been able to explain why (a) over 70% of the arrests were stars who worked for the BBC (b) they were all in populist radio and television – ie celebrities upon which tabloids can feed, and (c) over 80% of them had been falsely accused of scandals by Newscorp in the past.

– None of this reflects the reality of paedophile abuse, over 76% of which occurs within families. None of the alleged ‘victims’ were pre-pubertal infants at the time of the alleged abuse. Hard-core paedophilia and trafficking in children is a tiny minority activity largely centred around places where such perverts can hide and have an excuse for access to children: care homes, schools, the Church, social services, child psychiatry, and Secret Courts ‘experts’. Tiny minority or not, they are dangerous sexual psychopaths. Really dangerous child abusers wind up going on a killing spree, unless they are kept away from the opportunity. Some of the alleged visitors to Elm House had close political connections, had held high office, and were close to members of the Royal family: the issue there is one of abuse of power, and the ability to evade capture through influence.

– A very small (but culturally biased) child trafficking and girl abuse ring exists in most British cities. I found strong evidence of it in Plymouth, and conclusive evidence in Stafford. I was also told many times about the Islamic connection in general, and Rotherham in particular. Recently uncovered are the rings in and around East Yorkshire, again closely related to Islamic taxi firms in the Halifax area. The Left has looked the other way in every instance of local Government/Police/Islamic child abuse through a tragic desire to be politically correct. Both Labour and the LibDems looked the other way on Rochdale in general, and Cyril Smith in particular.

– Care Home abuse has been blown out of all proportion – and now irretrievably tainted by very obviously bogus claims.

– Mark Williams-Thomas in particular now seems to me (and others) to have things to explain.  A senior MSM source alleged last week that MWT is himself now the subject of one police investigation. In two separate instances I have been given accounts – from those he has accused – that are greatly at variance with what Mr Williams-Thomas alleges.

– While some of the dubious factors in the Rolf Harris trial could not be revealed to the Jury, some that have come to light since suggest to me and many others that the entertainer has been the victim of a diabolical injustice. Once again here, money in compensation and fees from the media can be seen to have played a role dramatically underrated by the Judge, and almost entirely ignored by the Jury. The decision to turn his appeal down is nothing less than  scandalous.

History will show on all levels and dimensions of this entire media-political-sexual agenda that the main ingredients were money, power, distraction, feminist agenda and ambitions of UK media monopoly. But the more one delves into it, the more it feels like there are very real connections between Hackgate and the Paedofile. And as my racing circuit above suggests, I think it is time we returned to the start of the cycle….and looked again at the career and deeds of Jeremy Hunt.

But political bias, I must stress yet again, will only muddy the waters and render those of us swimming in this cesspool increasingly unable to see.