At the End of the Day

It’s been one of those tedious days today, and therefore I find myself in need of a personal grump.

HowTF can Wimmin witter on about the need for more legislation to make them equal, when our ageist society offers we older folks almost no protection against:

  • Screwtop beer bottles where you need to be The Human Vice to get the bloody things off
  • Packaging and user manuals printed in 1/10pt italic flyshit
  • Hitech instructions that assume you work for Geek Weekly
  • Employers who proceed on the basis that all human brain cells become porridge after the age of 55
  • Endless series of intitials hiding the real nature of the f**kwits behind them – LGBT, EMFINMIN etc etc
  • The gratuitous use of “grumpy old man” against any suggestion that ethnic quotas might be a bad idea?

Inside the noddles of my good self and those of similar years lies the wisdom of ages, and the learning that comes from a lifetime of reversal, failure and unfair outcomes. If you really want to see evidence of the brain material/porridge transmutation, I suggest you take a look at the Saturday night TV listings. And then bear in mind that those of us way, way above such crap get annoyed when the tabloid press assumes we watch it by running headlines like ‘Tracey gets her body back after having love-child by Ricky’.


I’ve been a-tidyin’ and an-updatin’ The Slog’s home page today – a process that’s still far from complete, but which will hopefully by close of play tomorrow make the ‘Pages’ (where long-running serials are recorded) entirely up to date.

One is struck while performing this task by the regularity with which idiots on the comment thread keep saying how one “got it wrong” – while never for a second thinking about how manipulation by the élites rendered things wrong to produce a self-denying prophecy. Also – especially in relation to the long-running ‘Crash2’ page – why the warning signs have been compiled there against the day when the self-serving Fatties say inane things like “Nobody saw this coming” and so forth.

But there you go: this isn’t, never was, and never should be a popularity contest.

9 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Nothing at all to disagree with in this one John…. Especially the points about older brains and Saturday night TV…. And don’t get me started on the wimmins demands cr@p…..


  2. I am not the author of this but, I thought it might the time to share.
    The question I want to ask is…


    Anyone observing female behaviour today would be forgiven for thinking that women have joined some kind of cult – The Cult of Victimhood.

    Radical feminists, have successfully managed to convince, otherwise good women, to believe they are somehow, the perpetual victims of male oppression. And they believe this despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. In fact, any objective observer of the current feminist contrived gender war, would say that Men seem to have become “the second class gender” in many important areas of society.

    For instance;

    1) Women account for the majority of the population and more importantly – the electorate, and yet they still manage to successfully claim “minority” status.

    2) Women, have uni-lateral control, over the life or death of unborn children, and yet still claim to be a powerless group in need of more “special” Laws.

    3) Women are responsible for nearly half (and probably a lot more) of all domestic violence cases. And yet receive 99.99% of government resources used to fight it.

    4) Women have always (and still do) live longer than men. In fact by the age of eighty, women out-number Men by 2 to 1. And yet women still manage to successfully claim that men are somehow more privileged.

    5) Women, have the choice to work full time or be a mother and not work at all or work part time and be a mother. While for the vast majority of Men, work is the only option (unless you count prison). And yet women still successfully manage to portray themselves as the gender with the least options.

    6) Women are far less likely to be victims of a violent crime, less likely to die at work and less likely to be homeless and yet women still manage to successfully claim that Men are the entitled gender.

    7) Women, gained full voting rights – only two years – after the. vast majority of men gained theirs. However, only Men were, and still are, forced to sacrifice their lives to defend these rights.

    8) Women account for almost 80% of all high-street purchases. With a great deal of it spent on exclusively female luxury products… bags, cosmetics (roughly 60billion dollars in the US alone), shoes($24billion in the US alone) clothes…. And yet women still manage to successfully claim to be the impoverished sex.

    Unfortunately the sense of self righteous indignation and even anger, this false belief instils in women today, allows them to be openly vindictive towards innocent men, with (what they believe to be) a clear conscience.


  3. a) one more bullet point

    * Modern plastic packaging ( from daily consumables to TV sets etc ) so strong that only a Charles Atlas in his 1960 s prime can open.

    B) Slight disagreement . . Latest US employment figure drill – down shows new hires increase evident solely in 55 plus age group with 18-25 and 26-50 age demographic losing nett jobs.

    c) Suggest nobody ever looks at live television offering but judiciously selects from all iPlayers where a summary is included allowing one to consciously decide to which degree of intellect to expose one s brain . Better still go to BBC RADIO iPlayer wherein reside recent drama , documentary and musical oeuvres of high quality
    selectable at one s whim.


  4. “* Modern plastic packaging ( from daily consumables to TV sets etc ) so strong that only a Charles Atlas in his 1960 s prime can open.”

    I’ve been saying for years that they should store nuclear waste in barrels made from the material that contains Warburtons Crumpets – have you ever tried to open a packet?


  5. Nearly as challenging as a SINGLE cartouche of Poundland 90 metres long dental floss.

    The packaging is obviously done at nil cost Chinese prison labour but the cost of packaging materials
    and freight / insurance alone must easily cost 60 to 70 percent of the 100 pence retail price.
    So the floss and its container are still profitably sold for circa 30 pence (?!)


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