It’s been one of those tedious days today, and therefore I find myself in need of a personal grump.

HowTF can Wimmin witter on about the need for more legislation to make them equal, when our ageist society offers we older folks almost no protection against:

  • Screwtop beer bottles where you need to be The Human Vice to get the bloody things off
  • Packaging and user manuals printed in 1/10pt italic flyshit
  • Hitech instructions that assume you work for Geek Weekly
  • Employers who proceed on the basis that all human brain cells become porridge after the age of 55
  • Endless series of intitials hiding the real nature of the f**kwits behind them – LGBT, EMFINMIN etc etc
  • The gratuitous use of “grumpy old man” against any suggestion that ethnic quotas might be a bad idea?

Inside the noddles of my good self and those of similar years lies the wisdom of ages, and the learning that comes from a lifetime of reversal, failure and unfair outcomes. If you really want to see evidence of the brain material/porridge transmutation, I suggest you take a look at the Saturday night TV listings. And then bear in mind that those of us way, way above such crap get annoyed when the tabloid press assumes we watch it by running headlines like ‘Tracey gets her body back after having love-child by Ricky’.


I’ve been a-tidyin’ and an-updatin’ The Slog’s home page today – a process that’s still far from complete, but which will hopefully by close of play tomorrow make the ‘Pages’ (where long-running serials are recorded) entirely up to date.

One is struck while performing this task by the regularity with which idiots on the comment thread keep saying how one “got it wrong” – while never for a second thinking about how manipulation by the élites rendered things wrong to produce a self-denying prophecy. Also – especially in relation to the long-running ‘Crash2’ page – why the warning signs have been compiled there against the day when the self-serving Fatties say inane things like “Nobody saw this coming” and so forth.

But there you go: this isn’t, never was, and never should be a popularity contest.