No Dutch Cap on tax evasion, then.

drivelbloke1  Oooooooh ‘ere, no missus…you’ll never guess what EUObserver’s found now – Dutch finance minister Jerrycan Doubletalk, who heads the group of eurozone finance ministers, has a bit of an issue in his own country, where the El Dorado Group is using Dutch tax loopholes to cheat the Greek State out of nearly €2m in tax.

Mr Drivelbloke has repeatedly stated that Greece should improve its method of collecting taxes, and so here’s one way the Dutch could help…by coming down like a ton of bricks on El Dorado, which employs…um, no workers at all in the EU…but uses its weakest member and Mr Dieselboom’s tax system (which he reformed) to reward the shareholders.

So if you were hoping that EU membership might save you from the fat corporacats and their grubby tax ‘avoidance’ schemes, forget it. Things will simply carry on as normal. And that probably explains why the Black Knights of Camerlot are so keen to stick it up our backsides stick with it ad nauseam and infinitum.

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