nosforetuBritain & China, the Troika & Greece, the Met Police & paedophile rings, Berlin & the European Commission: Blind Ambition 4, Moral Policy 0

1. What would you prefer to be the thing driving Government immigration policy – practicality with compassion, or doing the bidding of dictatorships?

That fine upstanding champion of fighter against corrupt fascism David Cameron is refusing a UK entry visa to Chinese human rights activist Ai Weiwei. He has no such qualms about letting in senior Politburo bods who imprison dissidents in secret camps, build nuclear reactors and sign trade agreements making our balance of trade worse than it was before.

2. What do you imagine the first priority should be now for Greece – paying off creditors and propping up banks, or rebuilding a smashed economy?

The latest ‘bailout3’ package will be the same as the first two: nearly 90% will go on debt management, and supporting Greek banks. The European Commission has offered to set aside an additional €35 billion development aid package to ‘jump-start’ the economy….but the entire farce will probably be cancelled because the IMF is taking its ball home.

Since Day 1, the Greeks have not been bailed out, they’ve been in jail. The debt has got bigger and increasingly impossible to manage. The first priority hasn’t been to help a fellow member-State, but rather to let the lenders help themselves.

3. What would you rather the Met was doing – cleaning up its act and completing the Elm House enquiry, or sending out thousands of inane tweets every day?

This tweet emerged from the bowels of the Metropolitan police today:

coptwittcrapWhy is there a Met.police.uk Westminster news? What possible way can this sort of man bites dog drivel reduce crime or aid policing in London?

The Elm House scandal has been around since the late 1970s, when this former gay brothel became a haven-cum-heaven for  paedophiles. But the latest in a long line of police enquiries was kick-started by Labour MP Tom Watson, who asked a PMQ of David Cameron – requesting a full investigation of allegations of a “powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10” – on 24th October 2012.

The Metropolitan Police launched Operation Fairbank shortly thereafter, later handing over to Operation Fernbridge as the conduit for investigating and prosecuting several high-profile paedophiles strongly suspected of taking part of gross indecency at Elm House. It has been reasonably well established that members of the Richmond Tory Council child care unit supplied pre-pubertal children for these activities.

That’s now the best part of three years ago. Although he seemed to think it fine to call the Newscorp hacking allegations “just a load of left-wing poppycock” (and direct the Met to drop the case) arch hypocrite and Tim Yeo taxi-emissions dissembler Mayor Boris Johnson [he responsible for Met Police performance – Ed] answered an Exaro enquiry into Fernbridge progress as follows during June 2013:

BojoElmHPlease sir, not me sir, I’m only the Mayor sir.

Anyway, Mayor Johnson was happy two years ago: is he happy now? Well, a panel for the independent inquiry into child sex abuse was set up – if setting up an inactive enquiry doesn’t do the trick, appoint a panel – but then, following strong representation from claimed abuse victims – Home Secretary Theresa May decided in December 2014 to abolish it. It was being, it seems, somewhat obstructive. Allegedly. But some panel members say that, rather than being obstructive, their body was “at last getting somewhere”. Either way, on September 22nd 2014, three MPs and three members of the House of Lords were named in a dossier handed to police concerning investigations into the alleged Westminster paedophile ring by Labour MP John Mann. Mann named 12 former ministers in the dossier, several of whom he believes were “definitely child abusers” and at least two of which are alleged to have assaulted boys at the Dolphin Square “abuse parties”.

Suddenly, the investigation was no longer about Elm House; now it was also about the Kincora Home in Northern Ireland, and the Dolphin Square flats ring. Theresa May declared herself in favour of extending the enquiry back to 1945….and yet BoJo the Mayor was nowhere to be seen.

It truly does look like just one set of delaying tactics after another. But in April of this year, Kincora abuse victim Richard Kerr told Channel 4 News how he was also abused at London’s Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square at the hands of “very powerful people”.

Then the Sunday Herald reintroduced Leon Brittan, saying it had reported in December 2013 that Brittan was being investigated by detectives leading Operation Fernbridge, but his name could not be revealed at the time for legal reasons. So the Herald did not, as such, identify anyone as it were and so to speak. Legal reasons, one tends to find, are always behind illegal perversions of justice. Brittan being safely dead, he has been identified in previously secret government sex abuse files along with Sir Peter Morrison, one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest aides, former diplomat Sir Peter Hayman and former minister Sir William van Straubenzee. All have since died.

So then: tweets about men falling down chimneys, or equality before the Law? You decide.

4. With the eurozone all over the place, what do you think might be the best thing for Brussels-am-Berlin to be doing – supporting the worst of the strugglers, or engaging in power struggles between themselves?

As we saw throughout the Syriza humiliation circus, a non-stop battle has lately been taking place between the constitutionally ordained European Commission (Prop. J-C Drunker) and the entirely illegally invented Eurogrope led by Jereboam Drivelbloke and Wolfie Wheelchair-Strangelove.

Nobody really gained first shot at the Stoning of Dangerous anti-social duo Tsipras & Varoufartacus, but now Berlin has decided to take things further in readiness for the next sovereignty destruction in Spain…or Italy, or Austria….and then France. Bruno Waterfield reports from Brussels to reveal that Germany is pushing to strip key powers from the European Commission. German finance minister Untergang Gargöyle, he writes, is seeking to reduce the commission’s political role ‘amid concerns that Jean-Claude Juncker, the commission president, is failing to enforce eurozone austerity targets’. For targets must be obeyed at all times.



  1. .” But in April of this year, Kincora abuse victim Richard Kerr told Channel 4 News how he was also abused at London’s Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square at the hands of “very powerful people”.

    I have no knowledge of or expertise in these matters but with resoect to all : if people like Mr Kerr know and believe they have a case then why the cloak and dagger ? If something even approaching the allegations had happened to me I would not hesitate to name the perpetrators even if ” very powerful ” .
    If MSM spike my story I would go to the myriad foreign media that care not for UK libel laws and publish to damnation .

    Failing all that there are blogs who also based overseas who will willingly flout all restraint protocoks
    in order to get the scoop .

    So why do none of the alleged victims ever name names ?


  2. Just look at the population growth charts from 2000 to 2100 an tell me how all those African countries are going to supply jobs and health care for billions of added people. The forecast that Nigeria will have a higher population than the US can only tell you that the current troubles at the Chunnel are just the tip of the iceberg.A constant stream of uneducated people in need of education and health care will build in years to come and cause an unsustainable level of public spending leading to social disintegration.


  3. Yes, but it’s going to be ok because dave says he’s going to back theresa and build bigger fences at calais, and employ more sniffer dogs.
    This is just another huge burden for the new generations here at home. We were thinking of having a baby, but we realise that we don’t want our kids swimming in a world that’s breeding out of control with what we’ve got today and then their offspring. It will become a free for all, with the rule of the gun to cull the swarms of thieving help themselves nignogs.
    Needs saying because noone doing anything about it.
    Am I right or am I wrong.
    Come on, come out swinging at me my friends, and you may find a piece of lead as my stock answer.


  4. Desmond so if you put a label on someones opinion then magically they can be dismissed as inhumane?. “This of course does nothing about the problem.

    Someones decision is a faraway place to have a child suddenly becomes a shared responsibility? …….I don’t think so.

    The inhumane ones are the parents of these children, not those attempting to preserve what little they have..The seas are being fished out, water is in short supply and the population is rising. The “value of a human being” is being diminished daily.


  5. Our own inadequateness is often manifested in our fear of others particularly those that are different to us! the lefties/right appearing all over is our arguments are inadequate morally indefensible but your with us or against us! & those weak pick sides rather than argue logically back that right is right wrong is wrong,if humanity is to be saved,i for one will believe in the message not the messenger & i for one will look in all people & peoples with equal hope for the messenger & this is not about theology or atheism but about humanity! finally growing up!


  6. Rome rotted from inside the head like a fish and the empire finally went down under swarms of huns and germanic barbarians (of whom I am a decendent). The West is now in the same position. Anyone who thinks our small and overcrowded island (England is the most densely populated country in Europe) can accomodate all the poor and hungry of the wold who bowl up wanting entry, may comfort themselves as to how compassionate they are but will ultimately cause our destruction. This will help neither us nor the aformentioned poor etc.


  7. Cameron is playing a very unpleasant game of politics with the French. By offering useless palliatives such as sniffer dogs and yet more fencing he is trying to load the responsibility for this problem onto the French backs. It is reminiscent of the old joke about Nixon who, seeing a man drowning 10 metres off shore throws him a piece of rope 6 metres long and claims he is meeting him more than halfway.

    I have a radical view. why not turn the problem on its head. Instead of fencing in the various terminals in the Calais area, why not fence in the “immigrants”? A cooperative venture between Britain and France could erect a secure resettlement camp in the Calais area to hold these people. This camp could provide food, shelter toilets and medical attention. Within this camp the British and French authorities could provide immigration services to review and decide on the asylum claims of these people. This may sound harsh and, I am sure will provoke the ire of the fluffies who will bandy about comparisons with the Nazi camps and Stalin’s gulags;, but will at least impose some order and control on an anarchic situation. This way the residents of Calais may get some respite from an intolerable situation and the economically disastrous affects of the cross channel traffic disruption will be relieved.

    The deaths and maimings which are happening at these termini are to be deplored. Britain and France have a responsibility to take action jointly to address this problem. We were happy jointly to get rid of Gadaffi and to bomb Libya back to a failed state, I am afraid a lot of this problem has been generated by our actions and, by extension, stupid foreign policy decisions by ourselves and our White House overlord.


  8. Really? Unless I have misunderstood you there is plenty of evidence to suggest that previously ‘loose ends’ have been tied up. Just Google ‘Derek Laud’.


  9. Try paying a fair price for imports,try allowing other nations to grow & provide,Africa,Asia,S Americas & even the middle East should be far more diverse & prosperous for far more people than they are & then people would want to stay & build,humans have always migrated to better themselves,trickledown only makes migration a necessity for it is the tyranny that creates wars depravity & is never going to stop,unless it is stopped


  10. In amongst all the pedo-cults running the UK circus(sponsored by the CIA), Panzergruppen EU-EZ-4TH REICH power grab (sponsored by the CIA), the war on the Untermensch and the blatant, undisdiguised attempts to finish the job the Hitler statrted, another ‘migrant’ (untermensch) story tries to emerge , before being rapidly buried by D-Notices –

    The small aircraft that crashed at Blackbushe private airfield in the UK contained 2 members of Bin -Ladens family ! The third passenger has not been named and it is unclear which Waahabi terrorist cell he represents. Probably ISIS (Sponsored by the CIA/Saudi/Quatari/Turkish terrorists.)

    Its seems some ‘immigrants’ have more trouble than others getting into old blighty. The formula is as follows –

    Throat slitting, pedo-rapist Waahabi savages = Good
    Other darkies = Bad.

    I once wrote a thesis about how the German people slid into Nazism. It was just like this really.


  11. I would disagree – Cameron wanted to play war with Gaddaffi ! Not the British taxpayer…. Personally I’ve got no desire to have these people coming to the UK and would rather see machine gun posts established than give an iota of concern over their desires to gain entitlement to the UK benefits system which is all they are after….


  12. Garet I would disagree forcing extortionate prices on defendants who are possibly innocent people who have to plead guilty or bankrupt themselves defending themselves is attacking the British tax payer,(see magistrate quits) the gun post just about shows both your bigotry & ignorance in equal measure,since many are fleeing those war zones!Brutality without accountability is the new immoral norm but it always has consequences,it’s ironic they’re trying to flee to those who created their predicament


  13. @David Simons +1
    @ roehamster , I said England was the most densely populated country, not the UK. I think that England overtook The Netherlands recently. Most of those gathering at Calaise will be wanting to vanish into the black economy in the SE of England mainly London.


  14. Not bigotry but a cheap and efficient means of border controls. International law says that asylum should be claimed in the first safe country they arrive in. Not the best and most generous benefits paying country. I neither supported Cameron’s war games and opposed his election in 2010 and have no interest in my country paying both financially and culturally to clean up his mess…. Machine gun posts at the borders and jail for the warmonger…. I say. !!!


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