At the End of the Day

I have reached the stage – to be honest, I think I’ve been there for a decade but didn’t quite realise it – where I no longer GAF about belief-system ideology, I just want to know (in a Bentham/Mill functional sense) ‘Is it going to work for the greater good?’

The greater good is what separates me – and millions like me – from the cynical dissembling of the neoliberal élites….now in such obvious panic as they careen from one insoluble problem to another. But it is, curiously, also what separates me from the Labour Party. Because the majority of tents pitched in the Labour Camp insist that – unless I reconfirm a commitment to socialism I never had in the first place – my opinion is worthless. Compass is a left-leaning organisation that seems to be at least (at last?) trying for a greater level of engagement with anti-neolib decency groups that don’t buy into the absolute Truth of socialism. It posted a piece along the lines of Where Are We? today, and invited input from all shades of opinion.

This is the comment thread I left there:

‘While I applaud what Compass does – and welcome the surge for Jeremy Corbyn – I think Labour needs to wake up to some electoral realities that are largely self-inflicted.
The pompously dismissive way in which the Ed Miller Band responded to radical Scottish Nationalism means that, effectively, without a clear cooperative deal with the SNP, we will have a corporacratic government in the UK ad nauseam. But if Scotland secedes, Labour will have to start not just engaging with people like me, but actively convincing me that a force with good intentions is open-minded about how the goals can be achieved.
I reject Left v Right trashing contests as utterly irrelevant to the multivariate changes that lie ahead. I am for a restoration of decency in personal values and public life, and am a communitarian mutualist who believes in the protection of small creative business with a responsible culture.
I am not for an NHS that hasn’t been ‘our NHS’ since the early 1960s – I am for a protection of the NHS from both Government and Bourse capitalism insurance models of health provision.
When Labour opinion leaders use the word ‘progressive’, I worry about this assumption of ethical monopoly: without a reappraisal of what is good and ill-conceived about soi-disant progressive policies, Labour is never going to attract anyone who is (for example) anti-corporate State but not Socialist in most senses of the term.
I have banished myself from the UK to carry on harassing Camerlot from a safer distance; getting me into a Syriza-style rainbow ought to be a doddle, but it isn’t going to happen if the majority of the Labour Party is still either Blairite sellout media-trained on the one hand, or left-left-&-more-left on the other.
I didn’t vote last time because I knew what was coming. But I would vote for an inclusive Alliance that didn’t call itself Labour. The mass-Labour collectivist solidarity age is dead: the task now is to protect small, vulnerable and mutual.
Ditch the polemic syntax, and move ahead to a future of local self-help as the real answer to heartless globalised fiscal Bourse capitalism.
And very sincerely, good luck.’

Earlier at The Slog: China runs up against the brick wall of growth without credit

18 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. if you are looking for the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people I suggest you take the admonition of Jesus and sell all you have and give it to the poor.


  2. Labour is never going to attract anyone who is (for example) anti-corporate State but not Socialist in most senses of the term.

    Exactly why I left 50years ago and joined the SNP

    However we now have central tendency Socialists in charge…Salmondo and Sturgeon, both admittedly 4th Reich to their finger tips.


  3. Agree with every word JW. However, the owners/controllers of the mass media are not going to be queuing up to offer column inches and airtime are they, so selling the new rainbow coalition to the public will be a difficult task. Also I have come to the conclusion that the majority of the public are self serving by nature and far too ready to abrogate responsibility for social and political affairs to others. No matter, the role of the libertarian is to shine light in to the dark recesses of the corporacratic state and thereby to limit its worst excesses.


  4. JW for the greater good?

    To recognise through all technological advancements that one man or maybe even one day a robot will produce everything and at that point YOU HAVE NO MORE CURRENT STYLE OF ECONOMIC SYSTEM it cannot exist. That is the part the current elites block because NO CURRENT STYLE OF ECONOMIC SYSTEM RENDERS THEM WORTHLESS just like everybody else.

    That is the future although there is a bigger chance that the likes of Cameron and Osborne as puppets of elites will start WW3 to keep it as it is.

    I am not even a leftie but realise that many are now being born into a world where they will never have meaningful work and then it is about how you treat them or maybe if they have nothing how they may treat you.


  5. One wonders what Jeremy Corbyn’s policy might be to immigration, following Harriet Harman’s comments yesterday.
    Quite frankly, if Corbyn had some positive attitude towards sending the swarms of thieving nignogs back home, as does Harman – I’d be more than happy to vote for him.
    All Theresa May can say is bulid a bigger fence.!!
    Laughable if it wasn’t so pathetique…


  6. I used the analogy of a chessboard the other day. Today I use the analogy of a ship (it so happens I am building my own small boat) to show why it is pointless voting anymore.

    My theoretical ship sails in one direction. She overall is set for that course. In order to “use the wind” I’ll set a course to starboard – let’s call it Cameron not starboard.

    Then when we’ve sailed too far to the right we need to correct course so we’ll steer to Corbyn or port. And so on till we reach our port.

    But I still own the damn ship!

    That therein is the problem.

    (for those who wonder, it is a Gavin Atkins Mouseboat, and building it is a challenge)


  7. ‘many are now being born into a world where they will never have meaningful work ‘
    Unfortunately that is starting to apply to those already in the job market, it’s only going to get worse as technology races ahead, and the desire to remove the human form the workplace is high on the agenda from those who at present stand to benefit the most. Hence the need for L.A.W.S. to protect the haves, from the have nots. Hunger Games here we come….


  8. “A communitarian mutualist” – Your problem, John, with socialism is you mistake the Labour Party to be socialist, and the Trade Union movement to be socialist. You hide from calling yourself a socialist and call yourself a “communitarian mutualist” instead.John dear, you are a socialist.


  9. In USA get an Amazon account, then pay $89 per year which entitles you to free deliveries on many items, including ‘Amazon Prime’ videos and many old TV series ‘for free.’ Nice when it was rolled out for us bibliophiles, and the videos really were free. Then the thing morphed into paying rental or purchase fees to see the video media. Nearly sure is very similar, except the TV shows tend to be of higher quality. Much overlap of course.

    If you’re an obsessive bibliophile, the $89 payed for itself given shipping costs. But let’s not get into the book price issue.

    Since this post has surely gone well into NVE territory, I won’t mention the reported opinions of Herr General Wesley Clark. I tried to soothe myself by thinking, “oh he can’t possibly be serious. He”s just letting the Rooskies know that the U.S. Leadership is quite prepared to fight a high-intensity war, by hinting that the U.S. Populace will be sent to detention camps under the ruse that they are disloyal, BEFORE our cities are nuked, so we stand some small chance of surviving.


  10. your point is too true. But if we do not restructure, the poverty associated with this new reality will be very meaningful.


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