There’s a very interesting and thoughtful piece here from ClubOrlov about parrots and whether rumours of their death are exaggerated or not.

Once upon a time, there used to be Open US Democracy versus Closed USSR Autocracy, allegedly. But then the autocrats sank beneath the weight of their inefficient nuclear competition with those squeaky-lean liberal democratic capitalist humanity-frying nuclear weapons.

And so the United States of America became the sole Policeman on Earth. Its ethic was that of Milt Friedman, the champion of neoliberal competition – and to Hell with society. But oddly enough, that neoliberal ideal turned into a Dictatorship of the Monopolitariat Mammon – and to Hell with society.

However, now that US values have achieved a monied monopoly, their rank nature has been thrown into an ironically stark perspective. ‘Salute the Apple-pie flag of the free’ v ‘the Soviet suppression of the free’ has become ‘Colonial neoliberalism – better than nothing’.

Is the neoliberal dogma better than nothing? It might be instructive to apply the Marxist approach to history in order to interrogate the question.
Marxist dialectical logic originally flowed as follows: Agrarianism was the thesis, Capitalism the antithesis, and Communism the synthesis.

But then along came Stalin to ennoble himself and create an apotheosis.

Marxist dialectical analysis should thereafter proceed as follows: Stalinism was the thesis, Glaznost was the antithesis, Neoliberalism is the synthesis.

But then along came Syriza, Podemos, Grillo 5star, Front Nationale, Wilders, UKip and Viktor Orban to refute Neoliberal globalism from both Left & Right.

So the new dialectic might read: Global Communism was the thesis, Globalist neoliberalism was the antithesis, and communitarian mutualist capitalism is the synthesis.

It just so happens that this synthesis is my preferred option. Funny how you can twist Marxist analysis every which way to suit your book; perhaps this is why shortly before his death, dear lovable old Karl told a French audience, “Moi, je suis pas Marxiste”.

Slightly more seriously, in truth I think this: The big Superstate agenda (US, USSR, CPR or EU) puts macro, amoral bureaucratic process and privilege above individual Citizen creativity and ethical responsibility. Ergo, it is destined to become anti-egalitarian psychopathic totalitarianism.
The bigger and more complex a government form becomes, the more distant it is from the tiny ant it sees as the Citizen. And the Citizen being an ant, the less that governing State feels inclined to listen to the tribulations, needs and opinions of the Citizen.
It prefers, in fact, to listen to the exceptional few: all those Big Swinging Dicks who think they should be an exception to the rule of the many.
I retain my belief in the greater simplicity and Citizen power offered by the smaller community. It will arrive and mature in the end; maybe not in my lifetime – but then, I’ve been lucky enough already without having to wish for that.
In the meantime, think on this tonight….or in your tomorrow, whenever it might become today: Beijing has tried to control the selling buttons of the Chinese bourse many – it has failed. Tokyo has tried to stem the flow of Japanese citizen pessimism – it has failed. The US Fed has tried to convince the American householder that all is well really – it has failed. The UK’s Conservative Government has tried to convince ordinary employed citizens that they now have more security – it has failed.
Projecting into the future, Wolfgang Schäuble wants to control the cultural instincts of the eurozone many – he will fail, because the vast majority of European citizens do not want to be Germans. ISIS and a hundred other assorted Islamic extremist schisms want to control the thoughts of the many observant Muslims – they will fail, because the vast majority of Islamic citizens just want to be left alone to get on with their lives and their neighbours. Mariano Rajoy wants to make the Spanish many love the eurozone – he will fail, because it’s all they can do to love Spain under his corrupt rule.
There is no such thing as the World community. But the world of communities on Earth is as real as it’s ever been.


  1. I think we have a ways to go yet – can’t see the ‘elite’ giving up without a real fight (even to destruction). Remember the Dark Ages lasted about 700 years.

    We need help from somewhere.


  2. Taking Islands large & small they formed & held on to there identity far longer than main land Countries even though like in this country the great differences between Cornish-men & Yorkshireman,Scots-men & Irish-men a rich tapestry of culture & whilst having many differences changing each others traditions & identity was one of them.
    Today we see the man for all, yet all that identity history & tapestry is non existent & seemingly lost,Yet never has the human felt so forlornly unattached from his roots & a identity,purpose & reason of existence?


  3. I sadly believe we will attain mutualism only after all other options have failed and we have driven our selves back to smaller settlements in a landscape of scarcity and empoverishment. I apologize for such a dismal prognostication, but we are a dam stubborn spicies.


  4. I’ve come to the conclusion, after each holiday I take, that it is “society” that is the problem.When I am away I feel free and happy in nature. Yet when I am back intertwined with the cruelty and negativity I feel oppressed again. As an expat in a foreign land it is wonderful to compare the linguistic programming of the German media against Britain – it is completely different. Here there is no permanent feeling of lack of control, rather stability is revered, and tradition ods the key to that stability. Cultural Marxism has all but destroyed that traditions of the Anglosphere, whereas you will find attachment to tradition – something we were brainwashed into believing was bad by the politico media complex.

    Whenever people write “the World situation” they usually only refer to the English speaking world, yet there is a vast vast vast world beyond that which isn’t subject to the propaganda matrix promulgated by the oil/military/drugs satanic heartland.

    Check out this quote from Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear”

    “Has it ever occurred to you how astonishing the culture of Western society really is? Industrialized nations provide their citizens with unprecedented safety, health, and comfort. Yet modern people live in abject fear. They are afraid of strangers, of disease, of crime, of the environment. They are afraid of the homes they live in, the food they eat, the technology that surrounds them. They are in a particular panic over things they can’t even see – germs, chemicals, additives, pollutants. They are timid, nervous, fretful, and depressed… Everything is going to hell, and we must all live in fear. Amazing…

    …In the old days, citizens of the West believed their nation-states were dominated by something called the military-industrial complex… for the last fifteen years we have been under the control of an entirely new complex, far more powerful and far more pervasive. I call it the politico-legal-media complex. The PLM. And it is dedicated to promoting fear in the population – under the guise of promoting safety…

    Western nations are fabulously safe. Yet people do not feel they are, because of the PLM. And the PLM is powerful and stable, precisely because it unites so many institutions of society. Politicians need fears to control the population. Lawyers need dangers to litigate, and make money. The media need scare stories to capture an audience. Together, these three estates are so compelling that they can go about their business even if the scare is totally groundless – As if it has no basis in fact at all.”

    He nails it. There is really nothing to fear but fear itself.


  5. ‘And so the United States of America became the sole Policeman on Earth.’
    It is perhaps the apex of hypocracy the the United States being the only nation to ever actually used nuclear weapons against it’s enemy, has deemed itself the moral council on who can and cannot be trusted with the ‘bomb’


  6. Thank you for the paragraph from Michael Chrichton’s ‘State of fear’, it certainly describes accurately modern times for many of us.


  7. Our species is not about community – it is about the race to the top by individuals. “Society” is a loser’s concept.


  8. The ant analogy is spot on, social insects have run the game theory on central control for us and every time it ends up with a sociopathic self regarding center, a soldier/police caste completely under the spell of the center, and a disposable worthless worker entrained to forever act against their own best interest. My vote goes is for city states of about 250,00 competing for citizens, not holding my breath though.


  9. It’s not just the ‘bomb’.

    It’s Afghanistan,,,it’s Iraq….it’s Libya….it’s Syria…it’s Yemen…it’s every country where murder is committed by the US government in the name of ‘keeping you safe’. And, I’m afraid, 99% of the dolts out there believe every word.


  10. But where in this world of local communities is there a place for money launderers? …. I just thought that there should be some mention of Cameron’s ‘initiative’ to stop corrupt and criminal foreigners using the London property market to park their ill-gotten funds. I use the word ‘initiative’ advisedly as treating the UK as a tax haven with a social life is one of the foundations of Little George’s economic ‘miracle’. Even in the Torygraph, there are articles about how the young are being priced out of houses in the UK and about how Arabs are disturbed the neighbours with their sports cars. Perhaps soon the highly paid journos at the DT will join the dots.


  11. The way things are is the way things have always been, and will always be.

    Most people, right across all classes, are driven by outright self interest. All noble ways of being (socialism,mutuality etc) are beaten back by self interested individuals who will not play the game. Worse still, noble ways of being are exploited, abused, and corrupted, by the psychopaths who inevitably become leaders.

    There are those amongst us who are principled idealists who ignore the way things are, they live there lives the noble way. Count your blessings that such people exist, you will occasionaly experience their kindness. That is the only socialism or mutuality there will ever be.


  12. John,
    Thank you, dear sir. Your article is a perfect synopsis of the dramatic script that was written in Hell and in which we find ourselves. Your piercing insight will benefit humanity for thousands of years. Angels are real and angels are watching…


  13. Excellent comment, Jeremy.
    Fly 1,000 km above the surface of the Earth, sit quietly and observe. What does one see?
    One sees a planet inhabited with seven billion souls who are controlled by an unseen, non-human force called “fear.” This force is “totally groundless,” “has no basis in fact at all” and yet, it is able to suppress the consciousness of humanity.
    If this seems like a description of a prison to anyone, then it must be said that your senses are working well because that is exactly where we are.


  14. In a different context, the same logic is applied by the manufacturers of the War on Turr, and its twin brother Islamic Jihad. See for instance the superb “The Power of Nightmares” mini series by Adam Curtis.


  15. One of my favourite books, Jeremy Stocks. A good introduction to the realities of modern society, not just the global warming scam. Not a great novel, but certainly a very good & important one. & click on the quotes section: “The practical purpose of politics is to keep the populace in fear…”


  16. @cIs “I sadly believe we will attain mutualism only after all other options have failed and we have driven our selves back to smaller settlements in a landscape of scarcity and empoverishment”.

    This has been my view for some time now.


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