THE PAEDOFILE: Why Cameron and Clegg must have known the truth about Leon Brittan

BrittcamayWestminster paedophiles, falsely accused celebs, and the perversion of justice: how May’s NVE legislation will render the Truth ever more remote

One of the many odd contradictions of British life in 2015 is that false accusations of paedophilia are far in excess of the paedophile population…..but the number of political paedophiles is far in excess of those ever brought to justice. The Slog examines the growing desire of the political class to be placed further and further above the Law, and why Theresa May’s proposed NVE legislation is going to make matters far worse.

For the record, I’ve insisted umpteen times that the vast majority of tabloid-police-antiBBC-celebrity paedophile/under-age sex charges (and guilty verdicts) are bunk. In a great many cases, they were designed to:

1. Distract from Newscorp woes and the politically connected guilty

2. Create a belief in widespread BBC depravity

3. Satisfy the opportunistic greed of false accusers

4. Make the police look like heroes

5. Feed the madness of the various loopy-loos and ambulance chasers online who insist that anyone doubting paedophile accusations must be “a sicko”.

Nevertheless, my own experiences and fieldwork since 2006 has firmed up what I found to be exceptions to those general rules, viz:

i. Shared paedophile proclivities in the Conservative Party at national level

ii. The corrupt use of care system children at local level by both major Parties

iii. The blind eye turned to ethno-cultural under-age sex at local level by Labour officials

iv. Specific cover-ups involving politicians and the judiciary in several of Britain’s larger cities.

The specific focus of each of these exceptions in turn has always been (for me) Leon Brittan and the odd foreign travel jaunts of the Monday Club; the Elm House affair and Richmond Council in London, plus Humberside and Northern Ireland; Muslim taxi-rings in Yorkshire; and the corrupt use of psychiatry and gagging orders in order to entrap children in Plymouth and Mid-Staffordshire.

It remains my view that Mayor Johnson (also a Cabinet member in his spare time) is sitting on the Elm House investigation in the same way as he tried to get the Hacking Inquiry stopped. The culprit in Humberside was under suspicion for years, and died recently…but not before he’d been an accessory to murder. The Pakistani taxi rings I had observed for years in West Yorkshire. The Mid Staffs criminal legged it rather quickly, but is still practising in the M4 corridor. The key judge in Plymouth has since moved on, but the 20-year gagging order protecting him remains in place.

Today, however, I’d like to focus on Leon Brittan. Lord Brittan is a special case for me because my familiarity with the case goes back to the early and mid 1980s….and because predictably – now he is an ex-Brittan – more details are coming out to dismiss at least some of the remaining doubts about his guilt.

He is not, however, alone in his guilt.

Three Conservative Cabinet Ministers on four separate occasions (in various combinations) told me between 1982 and 1985 that Brittan’s paedophilia bent was “an open secret” among senior Tories. They had nothing to gain in saying this, and no motive to influence me: I was a very peripheral communications supplier doing advertising work for the Central Office of Information (the COI) – later abolished by the Camerlot Coalition and transferred to the Cabinet Office. In truth, the subject was a matter for amusement and gossip rather than smear.

For example, one high-profile Minister at the time remarked, “Leon isn’t interested in sex with anything over three feet tall” – a crack I took to be an accusation of bestiality until the civil servant involved in the project set me straight. I was told later (at a private dinner) that Margaret Thatcher banished the Peer to the EC when his proclivities were confirmed to her by the security services.

Now today the Telegraph has a piece confirming that ‘Newly uncovered files show former MI5 director general Sir Antony Duff wrote to the then Cabinet Secretary Sir Robert Armstrong in 1986 over claims made by two sources about the MP….’; the Telegraph doesn’t directly mention Brittan at that point, but his name heads a paragraph shortly afterwards. Following a further conversation this morning, I have no doubt whatsoever that first, Leon Brittan is the name in the documents quoted; and second, they have not suddenly ‘been uncovered’.

The papers were suppressed because Nick Clegg had been given a job working for Brittan in the EC, and Cameron later hired the former Home Secretary as a temporary trade secretary in 2010. (Given that the PM hired the greatly cloud-covered Baron Green for the permanent post in the end, we can see that – as with Andy Coulson – David Cameron’s reference-checking has never crept above slapdash).

The truth is coming out now because Brittan is dead, Clegg is no longer in government, and Number Ten considers the affair to be old hat. They’re probably right – but very serious blots on Camerclegg behaviour at the time continue to perplex me.

When Labour MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons to ask Cameron directly about “allegations of a paedophile ring operating inside Number Ten during a previous Conservative administration”, the Prime Minister looked discomfited, appeared shifty, and sounded evasive. He promised to investigate the claims rigorously, a promise he then broke during the intervening years.

There is no way that, when asked the question by Watson, Cameron didn’t know of the allegations, and who they accused. Just as Thatcher was briefed by MI5 originally, so too David Cameron must have been before the PMQ was launched: for otherwise to have been the case would’ve represented a gross dereliction of duty by the British Secret Service. Equally, I would be amazed if the Deputy PM – himself equally personally involved in having recommended Brittan to the Tory leader – wasn’t briefed as well.

The likelihood is that the Prime Minister and his Deputy perverted what should have been the natural course of Justice against a Peer while he was still alive. And this, surely, must also lead us to doubt the honesty of David Cameron when it comes to his version of the infamous Boxing Day Lunch with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks.

Conspiracy theorists will, of course, have a field-day with speculation about whether Cameron, Hunt, Newscorp and the Met Police reporting to Mayor Johnson jointly took part in a multivariate action to distract the public with flimsy celebrity accusations, while suppressing the truth about Elm House in general and Leon Brittan in particular. I can’t comment on any of that, because nothing credible in the way of evidence to stand it up has ever crossed my desk.

But I can observe that we still await explanations as to (a) why Boris Johnson didn’t record his two meetings with Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch at City Hall (b) why he tried to first stifle and then ridicule the Newscorp hacking investigations (c) why we have not heard a peep about “the satisfactory progress” being made in the Elm House child trafficking enquiries and (d) why nothing ever came of the promise – made by the Prime Minister to the Commons – that the Number 10 paedophilia allegations would be followed up.

Is this just an old story of no interest? Most of the Web will see it that way because the vast majority of internet users care only about wassappenin. But this case history is of massive constitutional importance, because once the Theresa & Dave NVE Bill makes Witch Hunting with Media Lapdogs legal, any theory advanced about depraved politicians will – be in no doubt – be reclassified as extremist speculation, and thus worthy of being illegalised on the grounds of National Security.

And if you’ve never visited the grounds of National Security, let me tell you: it’s a big f**koff gaff surrounded by thousands of acres of bullsh*t, on which a million grainoftruth crops can flourish. Rather like the Web, really.

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31 thoughts on “THE PAEDOFILE: Why Cameron and Clegg must have known the truth about Leon Brittan

  1. I suspect it is almost 100% that this has come out as it has and when it has because the foreign press was about to name names and go ahead and do untold damage to those sitting on the truth in this country. The security services have been taken out of the loop and I am pretty sure that, the next few weeks/months whatever will see Savile exposed as a “security asset”, hence his bullet proof vest whilst alive and at the BBC and that would perfectly explain a why a judge saw there !”no public interest” in the press being allowed to show us photos of him at a kid’s home he vehemently denied he’d ever visited.


  2. Great post. Though not everyone on the web cares only about wassappeninin (cracker!) Thousands of us are blue in the face tweeting about Westminster paedophiles since it came to light with that Savile wart on humanity… almost 3 years and counting!

    Love you, John, RT you a lot! ☺


  3. A pattern emerges, evidence only comes to light after the offenders are dead ,too infirm or too late and they think we don’t notice.
    I visited Salisbury Cathedral yesterday . It houses one of the four remaining copies of Magna Carta and this year is celebrating its 800th anniversary . I found it ironic that the same year one judge can override all that and say that perjury isn’t perjury in some circumstances and rule that a case can be dismissed contrary to two previous judges much for MC.


  4. Therein lies the key political danger. That some senior government folk have a preference for little boys is, regrettably, no great surprise, but the extent to which the ‘establishment’ creates the means by which those misdeeds have been actively covered-up is the real scandal. Manufacturing flimsy cases against celebrities (e.g. DLT) as public distractions demonstrates that there is no limit to what they will do to avoid revelation of their own involvement in cover-ups.

    The Brittan case, with his family connections to Clegg and Cameron’s unwise appointment of him, is the greatest current risk, because both Clegg and Cameron are still active in national politics. No doubt quite soon Mr Clegg will take up some vapid EU sinecure and Cameron has already said he will quit before 2020 – and that’s neatly before the big abuse inquiry will complete and report (if ever, as in Chilcott). So maybe that’s the planned schedule for the progressive drip-feed of information, but only such information release as they can’t easily prevent, rather than the more telling stuff which will remain under cover ad infinitum (e.g. Kincora and its real purpose etc.).


  5. Your post really makes me question what is worse. The sick perverted psychopathy of the abuser who, without the merest pang of conscience feeds off the young vulnerable children brought to them as prey, assisted by all the useful idiots enabling the abuse. Then there are those who exist alongside those individuals in their elitist environment, sharing the gossip or knowledge about their predilections. Those supposedly squeaky clean pillars of the establishment, with their fine upstanding families, sitting on knowledge and assiting to conceal the vile acts of depraved colleagues with not a second thought for the damage and absolute wrong done to innocents. It’s hard to know which is more detestable. I do despair.


  6. I do not know about Cameron or Clegg’s knowledge about Leon Brittan, but I endured 2 hours of him at my Livery company dinner, next to him, some six years ago.It took me all of 2 minutes, in normal conversation, to realise the man was bent in one particular direction.You can spot the Brittans of this world a mile off, if you don’t work at MI5, but went to a private school in the 1960s.


  7. The question going begging, therefore, is why anyone should precipate a situation that may need covering up? Why, if Brittan’s (et allii) activities were known, not least to Camoron and the Cleg, was it that such “risks to national security” were so easily slotted into senior, publically exposed roles? Why would someone, assuming an agent behind all this, want to do that? Cui bono? And might there, then, be substance to the shape-shifting alien grey lizard-spotting brigade after all?


  8. 60 Minutes Australia: Special Investigation Spies Lords and Predators
    Published on Jul 19, 2015

    Here’s hoping that Australias’ 60 Minutes helps blow it into the mainstream. (It probably will be ignored though, like most important, salient issues about our corrupt political systems) ;-(.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. Reblogged this on adeybob's Blog and commented:
    Mr Ward is a class investigator, and is a class-act in himself.
    I hold him and his views in high esteem…and strongly believe that his commentary has pulled many interested and concerned people into debates they previously felt too awkward or ignorant to comment on. He has stimulated many to find out and verify facts; just as he did with me after reading his articles on child abusers in high-places.
    Bloggers like him? We need more…many more.

    I can add nothing to his latest PaedoFile article after reading it on his blog, and implore you the reader to read, digest, and circulate it as fast as your fingers will fly, but would at the same time like to express my usually-personal thoughts, that not as many as Mr Ward believes, had financial gain in mind when they accused celebs and high-ranking people of past abuses.
    I myself have always seen Mr Ward as ‘old school’, and I have an idea he’s never been used to being wrong much. Despite this, I have seen him swayed, by logic and evidence, to climb down from a standpoint he’d maintained from time.
    Fair do’s to him, as although he has a direct insight into the world of a ‘That’s The Way We Did Things’ era, he doesn’t seem to have come away from it with the usual accompanying lasting and indelible artifacts and prejudices.
    Remnants of his prejudices still pop up from time to time; like when he’s disparaging of Napoleon as a statesman, or when he keeps, as I am saying, referring to the tiny percentage of accusatory money-chasing axe-grinders, as if they represented anywhere near the actual number of aggrieved accusers we now know to have come forward over the years.
    Although I have seen Mr Ward softening his stance over the years on such views, it still makes me cringe when I see him coming out with any variation of it…after all, that kind of logic used to feed the damaging, but widely-held public/guided belief, that a self-described abused person has a high chance of being a lying bread-head, being represented by an ambulance chasing solicitor.
    Such views were wrong when ‘That Was The Way We Used To Do Things’; when the same prejudices had police busting kids for ‘importuning’, while routinely letting off the people they caught actually trying to buy kids as sexual objects…the kids who now, ta-da, had a criminal record.
    “Get Yourself Home, Mate, You Have A Missus And Kids To Think Of”, should have been a brand to burn in bodies, if you ask me, and not something just burned into some abuser who managed to say, “OhGodImSorry.ItWasMyFirstTime.IThoughtTheyWereLegalAge”, before pissing himself in his car.
    Such views are still damaging and wrong in a very wearying way.
    Hell, I hate to disagree with Mr Ward so much on any point, but I will, if only because even now this kind of entrenched thinking had coppers cynically acting that kids, getting trafficked for sex by taxi-drivers, somehow wanted or deserved it.
    Let’s be honest, prejudicial sullying of the character and drive of the once-abused, was one of the main causes and reasons for the persistance of the great inertia of public opinion needed to be overcome, just to achieve small victories like getting the David Rose’s of the Daily Mail’s ‘old’ brand of ‘journalism’ away from main stream media commentary on highly sensitive child sexual abuse ‘hotspots’ like Jersey. Hmm…nice to see The Daily Fail change its stance, but they did the same with the Natzi’s, and are still slightly right of Thatcher.
    I say ‘was’, but it still carries on in the world of the seedier newspapers, and in commentary published to wide audiences – whether it is ‘pushed’ or just pandered to.
    It’s time to stop it; time to stop proliferating it…time to recognise it as the vehicle it is, and get it out of the way so we can get on with getting high-level child abusers from under their rocks and into the courtrooms.

    Anyway…as I said, please read the original post from Mr Ward, digest it, and circulate it.
    Do summat useful instead of reading my ramblings.


  10. It seems strange that, if you Google ‘Peter Mandelson NSPCC’ the results show some rather lurid accusations about him yet no admittance of his role as patron of the children’s charity.


  11. A most unpleasant memory to be sure. As you say, few boarding school survivors (some from the age of seven) from that and preceding eras escaped being aware of the dangers for the vulnerable or the pretty ones, and they probably still exist to some degree. Brittan was always repugnant somehow, just to hear him speak was enough. The awful truth is, no matter how inexcusable, these people simply can’t stop themselves, mostly having been subjected to the same thing. What’s bred in the bone comes out in the flesh.


  12. No politician in a Western Govt is promoted into a senior position unless he/she can be controlled to do the bidding of the Real powers.
    The Security services are the dog-catchers for this control operation. The means of control have been known,honed and used for centuries. Blackmail, privilege, bribery, All three used in conjunction at times.
    Paedophilia is the most unforgivable and heinious of crimes and thus has the most leverage of control.
    Kincora Boys School in Northern Ireland is a classic example of one of many such ‘honey pots ‘, used to compromise influential politicians and civil servants, to ensure.their cooperation and silence in unlawful operations.
    An honest,principled senior politician is as rare as rocking horse poo.
    Machiavelli could have learned from these modern power brokers.


  13. Well done for calling this correctly all along, John.
    How many years has Cameron been stalling on this? But then probably if he and Osborne speak up, the full details of their past drug use will ’emerge’.


  14. “Machiavelli could have learned from these modern power brokers.”
    Only in the sense of how to place hidden video cameras,wire a room for sound,threaten to “put it on the net unless you vote for this bill”,etc.,etc.
    I reckon if ol’ Mach could return today he’d be a leading light in the blackmail business.


  15. Just wanted to draw folks’ attention to this recent Australian TV “60 MInutes” programme, which deals with the Westminster Paedophile scandal. It is interesting that they have produced this when UK TV and media are largely silent on the subject. I would urge everyone to circulate this link as widely as possible:

    Most unfortunately, this kind of cover up has been going on for a long time. And it is not confined to the UK…it is definitely an international phenomenon. I recently downloaded a book called “The Franklin Cover-Up: child abuse, satanism and murder, in Nebraska” after watching an old documentary film, online. The author is one John W. DeCamp (a senator or former senator) detailing his attempts to expose rampant, organised paedophilia, and his subsequent persecution and harassment, by the FBI, et al. I despair of the sick, evil bastards, who are pulling all the strings, in this perverted, greed oriented world. Please Google this title and read the book for yourselves…if you are inclined.


  16. “No politician in a Western Govt is promoted into a senior position unless he/she can be controlled to do the bidding of the Real powers.”

    Well that now begs the question – who are the Real Powers? If this sickness has been going on all this time, who or what are these people behind our govts?

    I’ve been surfing the subjects of Rennes le Chateau, Da Vinci Code, MK Ultra, reading David Icke and this dark subject, thinking they were all separate. It seems they are all part of the same unseen whole.

    Check this out:

    If true they’ve had us by the goolies for centuries!


  17. One question I throw out … do a higher proportion of people interested in being a professional politician have paedophile tendencies or do paedophiles enter politics to protect their sexual interests? Difficult to say. Networking as paedophiles must teach the skills required to network as politicians. Therefore paedophiles might be more capable of progressing in political careers. Against that, paedophiles have a clear interest in infesting the higher reaches of government, the judiciary, the police and the intelligence services with fellow paedophiles in order to head off proper investigations of their activities. I must assume that paedophiles support each other in their political careers. In politics this support would extend across party lines in order to avoid a situation where a change of government would lead to a change in attitudes to this crime.


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  20. John is so out of his depth on the MI5 blackmailed child rape network that he’s lost the stamina to keep up. Ben Fellows walked from court free John. You were out of your depth there too.


  21. Chris B “do a higher proportion of people interested in being a professional politician have paedophile tendencies or do paedophiles enter politics to protect their sexual interests? ”

    Are people with exploitable flaws more valuable to the elites. What if the easiest way to get monetary support for political campaigns was to go to Epstein’s island and have video taken of you snorting cocaine off a 12yo boy’s penis to be held for blackmail?


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