PHOTOANALYSIS: It’s a wild life dealing with the Troika

This exclusive photogallery of dramatic live as they happened events in the Troika safari to Greece traces the nature of the Eurogroupies red in tooth and claw

schulzgobThe lesser-hirsuted German bearded Schulzstaffel bird calls for concerted action to cull the Varafoukarewe flock of Greek bloodsucking vampire bats

Most natural scientists accept that the Schutzstaffel bird is an evolutionary dead end, largely because of its one-eyed outlook and lack of hearing apparatus.

This would explain why it is President of the European Parliament.


The young pride of specially-bred lions tyrannotroikus eurogropum (below) celebrate following their ambush of Varoufartacus

These three little cuties are called (l to r) Drivelbloke, Dragula and Lowgrade


As serious negotiations get under way, Troika officials (left) examine Greekle Sheeple orifices for evidence of ability to withstand the insertion of their newly developed bazooka-yardbrush search-and-deflower missile range.

Despite Syriza protests that the Sheeple “gave at the orifice already”, it becomes increasingly obvious that rape is inevitable.


Captured by Slog snapper Rabid Daley, this is the dramatic moment when a deranged Schäuble adler swooped to carry off the carcass of Greco economicus.

Greek seagull Varoufartacus Intellectium is clearly visible pecking bravely at the unique rhinocerous skin with which the Schäuble adler is equipped.


Meanwhile, back at Safari HQ the Belgian toad Verhofstadt Energeticus swung into action and quickly showed his economic reform credentials.

Mijnheer Vaseofshit is seen here encouraging the snail Greco economicus, which he declares to be “on the road to recovery now Signor Dragular has stimulated its banking system”.


And so now, the Greek people await the privatisation reforms with some trepidation, zero enthusiasm, and a sense of growing exhaustion.

Our final shot here offers a close-up portrait of the newly-appointed head of Troika privatisations, Omnivore Group senior VP in charge of international monkey-business, Harvey ‘Choppers’ Strippit III.

OK Slog, that’s enough animal gags – Ed.

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8 thoughts on “PHOTOANALYSIS: It’s a wild life dealing with the Troika

  1. And our thanks go to Angela Mirakle for giving this a 1-star score. ‘schuldigen-Sie mir bitte Geli, I was going to include you in the safari, but I couldn’t fit the Hippo on the page.


  2. Goldinsacks Banksters set the trap,using fraud & promises of easy money. Greedy & dumb Greek pols stepped in, signed up & grabbed their brown envelopes. It’s gone tits up, as planned & now Banksters, & their crony corporations (CCs) get rich pickings. & they’ve been clever enough to incentivise the utterly despicable politicians who have done the daily grind for them.
    “Do not bind the mouths of the kine that tread the corn.”

    An organisation that was touted as an end to European wars has morphed into a Washington vassal prepared to sanction & provoke a nuclear power on its own borders, when peaceful trade would be the sane option. Washinton is owned & run by Corporations & its representative, the IMF, is prepared to subsidise Fascists installed in Ukraine by US, to get at the assets of Russia, while dismembering Greece of its assets.

    This is war, corporations vs nations.

    We do not live in interesting times, we live in the time of insanity.


  3. ” …corporations vs nations” – facilitated courtesy of the TTIP, as a result of which corporations like Monsanto can sue governments for loss of potential profits if national legislation (such as an anti GMO rule or other protective food quality regulations) is shown to be a stumbling block to some of those profits. The totally anti-democratic nature of the TTIP was enabled by the West’s leading “democrats”.


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