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Risible lies about the BBC are not the way to improve it

In trying to rationalise and feed a future corporacratic globalist world, the Daily Telegraph is gradually killing itself. Janet Daley is an unwitting agent of that assisted suicide.

At today’s Tearaway Telegraph site, the Barclay Bumboys ask:

Which gin are you most like?

How well do you know your pasta shapes?

What are this year’s best fashion items for staying unflustered in the heat?

Are gap years becoming less fun?

Do you want us to write nice things about your scam?

Why TF are you still reading this infantile crap?

I made the last two up, but they might just as well be in there. You can judge the intelligence of those still reading the paper by examining some of the comment threads:DTthreadThis was in response to an article by Janet ‘Silly Mayor’ Daley about the Beeb. However, she thoroughly deserves the threads she gets, because she writes stuff like:


Janet (for those of you unaware of hacks still happy to take the Sark shilling) is an American and former 1960s Berkeley Campus student radical who realised the error of her ways a few decades ago, and has been making a living from churning out selective neoliberal nonsense ever since. Her style is perfectly demonstrated in the way she calls the NHS funding model “an anachronism” but keeps shtum about the solution adopted by her own country, in which (a) the insurance companies win-win (b) the doctors win-lose (c) the patients with money lose-lose and (d) the poor die because they don’t have insurance .

Likewise with the BBC, Daley hates the licence fee funding system, but omits to mention who the sole beneficiary of BBC demolition is going to be: Newscorp….another nondom tax conglomerate which just wrote an unwarranted and gratuitous attack on supposed Nazi sympathies within the Royal Family, and has been more responsible for institutional corruption in the UK than all other media apertures put together.

But Daley’s quoted research stats are not just risible: they are a lie. And either she’s stupid, or she quite happily let the lie stand. Take a look at this classic at the end of her piece:


According to whatitcost (as good a source as any online) the nearest year to 1922 used – 1925 – shows that ten bob [shillings] would’ve been worth £22.44 today. Um, not ’50p in today’s money’.

BUT all you got for that in 1925 was 2 channels of crackly analogue radio for ten hours – The Light Programme and the North Home Service. Today, 35 channels of digital radio plus mono television costs £49.00. With zero-cost freeview + the licence fee today of £145.50, you can get over 3000 channels in HD digital colour 24/7.

As Ms Daley knows perfectly well, that works out at being the deflationary bargain of the Millennium. And you can also get BBCNews and all the radio FREE on your pc without paying any licence fee at all….unless of course you live in France, where you can’t…because Rupert Murdoch blocks it.

Why am I ranting on about this, given I’m on the record many times as saying the BBC’s cosy liberal PC bollocks never fails to irritate me, and BBC News is the most slavishly anodyne on the planet? The answer is simple: I’m not a selective ideologue beeleeever. Janet Daley Dose of Double-Dutch is nothing more than a mouthpiece hired to spout dissembling propaganda that simply doesn’t bear even the most cursory examination.

As we can see, her preferred sugar-daddy funding model of private media is working really well, because (with some commendable exceptions like Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) the Barclaygraph is staffed by braindead columnists writing for braindead threaders…and circulation is down 30% in just five years. So to make up the shortfall, the Twin Tubbies of tosspot tittle-tattle have taken to selling disguised editorial spin to a money-laundering bank working for drug lords.

I wouldn’t call that model anachronistic so much as anarchic amorality, but each to its own: however, what it SAS isn’t is journalism. George Orwell would’ve called the contemporary incarnation of the Daily Telegraph “just PR”, and – as always – he would’ve been right.

Our journalistic media need to be saved from themselves before Theresa May and the other Black Knights of Corporate Camerlot decide they need to be silenced. Ms Daley will wind up being a catalyst for that if she’s not careful. And I’m magnanimous enough to believe that isn’t what she wants.

Still, the Maily Deligraph isn’t just a series of dumbo tabloid questions acting as a carrier of Daley’s pigeon messages. It’s also managed to incorporate the tabloid list model while perfecting its triple-twist Olympic dive into the sewers. Here’s just three chosen at random from the grab-bag of delights that sat beneath Janet’s column yesterday:

Top 75 funeral songs

Noel Gallagher’s 12 best insults

27 best biscuits in the world

The 27 best biscuits in the world. For myself, I have to see the Number 1 slot there going to the Bourbons, as they’re the only ones that formed a monarchy for more than four centuries and brought about the French Revolution. But that would be me being flippant, lightweight, and not serious enough to compete in the broadsheet sector.

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  1. I have to say I am torn re the Beeb, JW. I totally get your point about the alternative but like you I am so tired of its fluffy BS and beige news that I find it almost impossible to summon the energy necessary to defend it. Take the Media City development at Salford Quays – how many people employed there are from the local area? I’d reckon on about fifty people doing cleaning and security jobs. They hosted a debate on immigration before the election and a Serbian restaurateur trotted out the BS about local people not applying to work at his place on the Media City site or not staying long when they were offered work. I can tell this ingrate why (and God knows I am as surprised as anyone to be feeling like this given that until recently I was ‘a proud internationalist’) – it’s because they know they don’t fit in. The entire development isn’t for people like them. It might use their taxes (everyone pays tax – VAT was always inescapable and now Council tax is as well) and license fees but their culture is completely alien to the shiny ‘diverse’ snots who get the Metrolink tram through Ordsall everyday.

    The Beeb has been a key player in obfuscating the reality of the financial crisis and the massive transfer of wealth from the majority to the 1% so when Dimbley starts bleeting about ‘woe is us’… well, let’s just say at best I allow myself a chuckle.


  2. Well, to be fair, and as far as I remember, 10 shillings was half a quid (or sovereign) and its modern equivalent (though not in value of course) is indeed 50p. Anyone remember a 10-bob note?

    As for the Royals and in particular, the Queen, one must remember that she did sign all the EU treaties, whether with a gun to her head or not, she could have used one of her royal prerogatives, whatever they are, to condemn these handovers of national government as treasonous betrayals of Britain’s sovereignty. I’ve always wondered what she would have risked, other than her ‘salary’ and those of her offspring. And no, I’m certainly not a supporter of replacing the Head of State with someone like President Blair or Cameron …… that the calibre of 95% of British politicians is so poor does not invalidate the position per se. Other European countries keep their royalty but don’t go through the hypocrisy of pretending they sit/reign above Parliament, or as it is now, the EU since they make some 80% of our laws.. Since Britain is no longer a sovereign state and “a sovereign” is a person exercising supreme authority, as far as I understand its meaning, our sovereign is really the EU and has morphed into that role without our say-so (and of course without a war).. .


  3. As a student I used to read the Telegraph daily, not because I agreed with its politics but for the quality of the English.
    I look upon what it has become and weep, reading the BTL comments I despair.

    Living proof that we have achieved Idiocracy four hundred years early.


  4. JW I do not understand “And you can also get BBC News and all the radio FREE on your pc without paying any licence fee at all….unless of course you live in France, where you can’t…because Rupert Murdoch blocks it.”.

    I live in France and use a UK sourced freeview satellite box which gives me all the UK Freeview stations with no Murdoch impediments. In addition I use an Internet radio which gives me over 22000 radio stations world wide. What is giving you a problem?


  5. “With zero-cost freeview + the licence fee today of £145.50, you can get over 3000 channels in HD digital colour 24/7”
    of which only three or four have decent programmes on at any one time.

    Janet often writes a lot of sense and is in-tune with her readers. And she was the ONLY journo to call the right election result when everybody else was in thrall to the polls


  6. ‘Janet often writes a lot of sense and is in-tune with her readers.’
    Sorry Stan, with the Torygraph one can’t do both at once.


  7. The Telegraph is a dying dinosaur, as JW points out, slave to its gangster advertisers. My heart bleeds for it, not.

    The BBC I loathe.

    Funded , to the tune of ~£3.7 million in 2014, via the compulsory licence fee, it faces no struggle for survival, & could be a bastion for truth. It is not. At the top it is as rabid left wing as the Commies running & ruining Greenpeace. For 23 years it has been promoting a set of childrens’ books, based on the “comedy” series “Horrible Histories”.

    Check them out at your local library, by a BBC slime called Terry Deary. They are an attempt to prepare childrens’ (7 – 13 is the target group) minds for the post industrial (decarbonised) society that the global warming/climate change scam is aimed at.
    Every facet of modern society is denigrated: the family; law; cities; religions etc etc.
    Pol Pot World is where they want to take us. The book starts & finishes with Hegel, & I have seen it as both The Wicked History of the World, & The Horrible History of the World.


  8. Daley is not worth reading however much time spare one has

    It appears to me one of the main arguments that opponents to the beeb have is that they make to many popular programs!

    That sounds very much like the ‘always better private sector’ crying.

    Do they want the beeb producers to create unpopular progs only so that they can continue the race to the bottom of the taste barrel?


  9. “you can also get BBCNews and all the radio FREE on your pc without paying any licence fee at all….unless of course you live in France, where you can’t…because Rupert Murdoch blocks it.”

    I think you are getting a bit confused there John. I assume you are referring to iPlayer and other streamed services. These are typically blocked outside of the originating country by the content provider based on the IP address of the viewer, ostensibly to protect copyright. I don’t see where Murdoch comes into it. Free-sat boxes also can block UK channels outside of the country, based on the recorded post code of the box location. Again, where does Murdoch come in?

    Certainly I have friends in France who have no difficulty getting UK content both on satellite and the internet, although I think they had to do some work-arounds initially.

    And wasn’t there a lot of fuss (in fact there is every now and again) about the French government trying to block English content on the internet because it was polluting the sacred French language?


  10. I take one look at my joke of a dysfunctional family and find it difficult to get sentimental about families, since I now try to avoid my deeply conservative/Conservative, snob-ridden one as much as possible. I didn’t choose them, yet I am laughingly expected to see them as the centre of my emotional world.

    As for religion … having grown up with puritanical, fundamentalist, dehumanising, guilt-creating religion, I’ll pass. But thank you.

    Cities? You mean like the one I work in – having come south in 1988, ‘on my bike’, as the Chingford Skinhead ordered – and which now, as even our cretinous, self-interested mayor admits, kills a couple of thousand or so a year with the pollution? That sort of city? Or the ones where millions are crammed together, struggling on overcrowded transport to get to and from work, unable to ever hear yourself think? Is that the sort of city you mean?

    I can see why you’d get upset at the ‘denigration’ of such perfect institutions.


  11. It’s all part of the silent foreign takeover of this country. Just like Cameron secretly bombing Isil. Many of the media owners are rich Jews, which is why Cameron is making his speech today warning about ‘anti-semitic conspiracy theories’, despite the fact there are numerous conspiracy theories involving other groups. Most British people are totally opposed to more wars in the Middle East, which is why they have to be labelled ‘anti-semitic’ to cow them into silence. The media’s campaign against Jeremy Corbyn is because they are terrified he might stand up for the British people, who the foreign elite wish to see suppressed and used for their economic aims.


  12. My apologies. I should read things more carefully. However I am still puzzled as I have no problems listening to BBC programmes on my PC. I cannot have any BBC TV programmes via IPlayer, this I understand. I am still not clear as to Murdoch’s involvement. I am aware that you cannot legally have Sky in France but this seems to be a combination of SKY contracts restricting your use of their cards outside the UK and French restrictions on copyright. I am no expert in this area so I may have misunderstood.


  13. I agree 100% with the proposition that reading a Daley Telegraph comment piece is something on which you simply cannot waste your precious life-time. Too true that AEP is just about the only reason for going to the Telegoon’s site nowadays.

    However Daley isn’t the cause of the problem, merely a symptom. Loading up almost any web page nowadays has become slower than the cranking dial-up logins we used to have to suffer. The corporates have bundled into internet advertising, and data collection, like Bluebeard overwhelming a prize bullion ship. To do this thet have used increasing quantities of javascript which weighs down even the quickest browser. Accessing The Guardian and The Independent is fruitless on my machines as I get failed logins reported as “the web page was reloaded…” I know this is a big issue for iPad and Mac users, who have cursed Apple for leaving them exposed to this lunacy (feeding frenzy). Apple has taken note and is in process of releasing javascript handling that can overcome the problem.

    But I think there is another issue here that John has touched on. The old newspapers tried to recreate themselves as digital slot machines, spewing out silver into their ad accounts. They saw that The Mail Online was successful, and went forth and multiplied, almost all following the same format of sponsored gossip. You have to wonder how interested Torygraph readers are in Surprise dinks you can order at BurgerKing, but it figures between any article and the Livefyre comments, and has done for months. The digital re-ordering has reached a point with “News as commodity” where the old vehicles no longer apply. The managements of the British press titles have lost the fight and they will soon find their readership deserts them for protected zones such as the forthcoming Apple News.

    Here’s a link that says it much better than I:



  14. In the spirit of all-pervading hypocrisy Janet Daley – an interesting combination of a great face for radio and a ghastly voice – found her way through a personal Moral Maze to be paid regularly by the BBC for 10 years.


  15. Well the best way to fight this – in an online sense at least – is to deregister from these “official” sites. I have begun this process myself. I already closed my Twitter account completely – not that I used it much. And – biggie of all – I deactivated my Facebook account this morning.

    I’m going to wind down my use of my Yahoo a/c also, I own a Gmail too but it never receives as much spam. Ultimately i’ll close that too.

    I retain logins on WordPress and my German expat site Toytown.

    Check out http://www.prismbreak.org to break free of the nonsense!


  16. We use a laptop to receive BBC radio throughout the day where we are in France, and that’s without a VPN connection. Very occasionally, we get the dreaded “Due to rights restrictions, blah, blah…”, but that’s nearly always due to it being some rubbish from the USA.


  17. You need to use a VPN connection to receive content via BBC iPlayer. BBC Radio can be received in France using your default French ISP connection.


  18. The sad thing is the BBC doesn’t need enemies like Janet Daley. It’s quite capable of collapsing under its own weight. It would be interesting to know which PR adviser came up with the idea of getting a group of people who do very well out of the BBC to sign a letter in favour of themselves continuing to do very well out of the BBC.


  19. So, just out of interest, when do you think the EU criminals are gonna play their trump card? Yeah, you all know what it is……..

    When are they gonna push for a EU parliament?

    And will the BBC act independantly or as a presstitue propoganda mouthpiece?


  20. ‘I remember about 2 years ago Janet Daley was bright enough to predict the unsustainability of our present political/financial system. Her article was pulled, & reinstated when it was safely chip wrapping. My guess? She’s an employee of a certain age writing as she’s instructed.’

    You may have a point there jd- Ms Daley a few years back made regular appearances on the Moral Maze, and on QT, so I would have expected her to be more sympathetic to the BBC than she sounds here- however her place as a paid up member of the Beeb’s chattering classes (Right section) now appears to be occupied by Melanie Phillips.

    ‘As we can see, her preferred sugar-daddy funding model of private media is working really well, because (with some commendable exceptions like Ambrose Evans-Pritchard) the Barclaygraph is staffed by braindead columnists writing for braindead threaders’

    Spot on John


  21. I loathe the way the BBC is funded. The people who wind up going to jail for not paying the fee are the poor. It is a regressive tax. And the BBC has hardly covered itself in glory with its “impartialiaty”. It is busily running local newspapers out of business with its website. Could it be funded by subscription? As for ads there are loads of ads all for its various businesses, and product placement is everywhere. The sooner it’s reformed the better.


  22. @jd
    Having read a little bit about the hidden history of the latter decades of the twentieth century it is clear that the beeb has always been busy propulgating the establishment line. There have been rare, commendable exceptions such as the Gilligan reports that led to the dismissal of Greg Dyke, but in general as was made clear recently all BBC reporters are thoroughly vetted by British Intelligence before hiring so unless you believe that the British establishment is as “rabid left wing as the Commies running and ruining Greenpeace” it is unlikely that the editorial staff of the BBC is. In the past there have been occasions where the odd principled reporter or editor has been able to put out material that questions the lies of a particular government, but it is extremely rare to see the establishment line properly questioned. In the last fifteen years or so the quality of the BBC news and current affairs output has declined precipitously, especially when it comes to the involvement of the US/UK in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. BBC reporting of the Orwellianly named “Protective Edge” and the pummelling of Gaza last summer could almost have been scripted by the I.D.F. This was not always the case. I note that at one time Craig Murray was a relatively frequent commentator on diplomatic and the niceties of international law. He is now an unperson at the BBC and he has detailed how when a junior researcher requests an interview it is vetoed from above a short time later.

    As to Horrible Histories, I have watched most of the episodes and have read most of the books. They are a breath of fresh air when it comes to examining the insouciance or in some case downright cruelty of our elites towards those over whom they have power. Quite why you would characterise them as “an attempt to prepare childrens’ (7 – 13 is the target group) minds for the post industrial (decarbonised) society that the global warming/climate change scam is aimed at.” is beyond me. Terry Deary is the child’s Howard Zinn or Chris Hedges.

    Finally, despite my misgivings over the handling and editorial policies of the BBC, having lived in a media landscape that lacks its quality output and immunity to advertisers, I contend that it still has immense value. I cannot abide its news content at present, but other aspects, particularly the history, scientific documentaries and comedy are sorely missed in Canadia – the CBC is a pale imitation. To destroy the BBC would be to had over the last vestiges of native media in the UK to the dirty digger. For that reason alone it is worth defending.


  23. A fair & considered reply. Thanks Canexpat.

    Bottom line, I believe the BBC, like the TBTFail banks need to be broken up. Monopolistic situations breed aberrations, where capitalism requires competition. I say this knowing that all the major media are corporate owned & BBC is UK PLC owned.

    I believe the Brit establishment are using the useful idiots of the commie movement as they are using the extremists of the Islamic Fundamentalist movements. Feed extremists & use them. Saudi Wahabism has been exported worldwide.

    Agreed re US wars built on false flags & lies.

    Re Horrible Histories, I have become convinced that the Elite1%s aim is a vast global depopulation & a Fascist World Govt, along with the destruction of religions, especially the family oriented Christian religions, alongside the destruction of the rule of law, the family unit itself, the middle class & most technology. It’s called UN Agenda 21, proudly introduced at Rio Earth summit 1992 & proclaimed a “New World Order” by G H W Bush & similar gangsters.

    Google Agenda 21 for dummies. Look into Lord Monckton & UN death plan for humanity. The global warming/ climate change scam is, along with TTIP, a route to this Fascist world Govt. Look at Greece & EU, not very democratic, it’s a stepping stone in the same direction.

    I am afraid my worldview is informed by the reading I have done this last few years.

    Lastly, what the hell is a kids book doing denigrating the family & the rule of law?

    John Doran.


  24. In Firefox browser, just download ‘Bluehell Firewall’, and another add-on called ‘Ghostery’. Ghostery is particularly effective. Although you initially have to block individual trackers – and sites will add new trackers from time to time so it’s good sometimes to unblock and see what new trackers need blocking – after a while you have most adds and trackers blocked. Just using the Bluehell Firewall stopped the Guardian loading all of its adds; the ones with video on really slow things down.

    It will definitely speed up your internet on such sites.

    Sasson Hann


  25. @TFS –
    Was that a joke? The EU already has a parliament, which mainly exists to rubber stamp the regulations dreamed up by the Commission. And the BBC already is a mouthpiece since they receive some of their funding from the EU.


  26. I stopped reading Janet Daley a fair few years ago now. I just found her attitude towards all sorts of things was blinkered and bigoted.

    Soon after the coalition came to power in 2010, she wrote an article on the theme of ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Welfare’, and stated that ‘Capitalism can no longer afford to support the welfare state’. I was livid: I mean, does she think the tax dodging like of Amazon and Vodafone have anything to do with supporting the welfare state?! Conversely, the welfare state seems to be supporting capitalism! Getting workers for free in Tesco and Poundland, not only free, but actually PAID to take the free workers!! You cannot make up what she has to say for herself half the time, and as you point out over the 50p, it shows again how ignorant she is.

    Regarding the BBC, there’s good and bad in all of it; pretty much like the rest of the world. I’d miss the radio plays if it went though, the docs, and the occasional brilliant dramas. Despite it’s own ups and downs (and its own dramas), even if the quality of its output has gone downhill over the years, and the ‘dumbing-down’, I couldn’t imagine the UK without it. Says something though, I don’t have a tv and stopped watching their news years ago now (would rather read the news), but I put Radio 4 on a few years ago expecting a radio drama to be airing shortly, rather, it was some kind of spoof/parody news show I’d never heard of before: the thing is, at the end I realised that it was the actual news! I was so shocked at such a drop in quality, the news reader no longer the aloof mediator, but more akin to a comedy show.


  27. John I have often wondered why the BBC does not make a charge …. for many who get airtime! Fantatastic exposure for would be media folk and those who wish to sell manure to rocking horses.


  28. A nice little XBMC android media box ‘fully loaded’ with nice little apps should do the trick, BBC, iPlayer, movies galore and and and …… ha ha ha bollocks to that old scrote Murdoch


  29. Very fair allround comment. i’m trying to compose on the theme of corporate tax evasion at the moment.


  30. The point, Amanda, is why is the BBC writing mind control books for 7 – 13 year olds?
    Preparing young minds for a New World Order future?
    John Doran.


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