We had a British election in May, and the decent tendency lost. Throughout the Spring and Summer, we’ve had a controlled EU civil war between the federalists and Greece – which the decent tendency lost.

I’ve had a few days to mull things over, and the following is what I think.

I started off by feeling desperate. Now I feel renewed.

I have arrived at a one-word definition which I now put to you as the human desire uniting all of us who can think for ourselves: liberty.

Whether the issue be hitech software, media invasion of privacy, nuisance telephone marketing, dissenting from the majority view, the sanctity of bank deposits, purchasing goods of crap quality, adoption of the euro, freedom of religious belief, Net neutrality, maliciously political legislation, unelected diktats, monopolist stitch-ups thinly disguised as globalist ‘free trade’, pc thought-control – or any one of a thousand other glaring attempts to tell me what I want – we all need to fight for one thing:

The self-regarding right to say No 

Across the gamut of human experience in 2015, I and millions like me are asked to agree with forced-choice OS systems, discredited social anthropology, disproven economic theory, the monitoring of my digital letters, waste of my time, crooked financial deals, Chinese circuit boards, arrant religious superstitious nonsense, second-rate service, multicultural drivel, regimented sexual orientation assertion, alliances of a military and/or economic nature with numpties, and gangsterism for which no excuse will ever be valid…let alone a ‘reason’ to do something.

We are none of us any longer invited to “buy into” ideas, products, policies and procedures: increasingly, we are ordered to conform – or else.

The defeats of recent months – for those of us who think the freedom to make our own minds up is the most valuable one of all – have been hard to bear, but the main upside is that at least some eyes have been opened.

The Left has begun to learn that solidarity can exist beyond socialism. The corporate and security services driven mendacity of EU federalism has been exposed. American élite perfidy is being daily confirmed. The British élite’s determination to side with the pinched goblins of Brussels has come under more discerning scrutiny.

There is still a long, long way to go; and it may be that, ultimately, we must accept all the lunacy as simply the death-throes of a dying European civilisation. But if you believe we all deserve something better, there is no alternative to battling on.

That Battle of Greece is over. The Battle for Greece continues. The Battle for a different Europe – a Europe of communities – is about to begin.