BATTLES & WARS: As a new day dawns, will one perpetual truth finally dawn on decent Europeans?


We had a British election in May, and the decent tendency lost. Throughout the Spring and Summer, we’ve had a controlled EU civil war between the federalists and Greece – which the decent tendency lost.

I’ve had a few days to mull things over, and the following is what I think.

I started off by feeling desperate. Now I feel renewed.

I have arrived at a one-word definition which I now put to you as the human desire uniting all of us who can think for ourselves: liberty.

Whether the issue be hitech software, media invasion of privacy, nuisance telephone marketing, dissenting from the majority view, the sanctity of bank deposits, purchasing goods of crap quality, adoption of the euro, freedom of religious belief, Net neutrality, maliciously political legislation, unelected diktats, monopolist stitch-ups thinly disguised as globalist ‘free trade’, pc thought-control – or any one of a thousand other glaring attempts to tell me what I want – we all need to fight for one thing:

The self-regarding right to say No 

Across the gamut of human experience in 2015, I and millions like me are asked to agree with forced-choice OS systems, discredited social anthropology, disproven economic theory, the monitoring of my digital letters, waste of my time, crooked financial deals, Chinese circuit boards, arrant religious superstitious nonsense, second-rate service, multicultural drivel, regimented sexual orientation assertion, alliances of a military and/or economic nature with numpties, and gangsterism for which no excuse will ever be valid…let alone a ‘reason’ to do something.

We are none of us any longer invited to “buy into” ideas, products, policies and procedures: increasingly, we are ordered to conform – or else.

The defeats of recent months – for those of us who think the freedom to make our own minds up is the most valuable one of all – have been hard to bear, but the main upside is that at least some eyes have been opened.

The Left has begun to learn that solidarity can exist beyond socialism. The corporate and security services driven mendacity of EU federalism has been exposed. American élite perfidy is being daily confirmed. The British élite’s determination to side with the pinched goblins of Brussels has come under more discerning scrutiny.

There is still a long, long way to go; and it may be that, ultimately, we must accept all the lunacy as simply the death-throes of a dying European civilisation. But if you believe we all deserve something better, there is no alternative to battling on.

That Battle of Greece is over. The Battle for Greece continues. The Battle for a different Europe – a Europe of communities – is about to begin.

34 thoughts on “BATTLES & WARS: As a new day dawns, will one perpetual truth finally dawn on decent Europeans?

  1. John – you say: “That Battle of Greece is over.”

    Let’s not be too hasty. What Varoufakis and you have been saying for years is now echoed by the IMF.


  2. Towards an ever tighter Federation of Europe controlled by the banks and Berlin (and Washington)???
    Oh yes bring it on!!
    Screw sovereignty.
    Screw democracy.
    Hail the Future that is ours!
    What chance the Cameroon Home Guard against the Panza Brigades of Brussles am Berlin?


  3. POWER CORRUPTS, and until we put in place mechanisms to put these Psychopaths and suited fraudsters in prison we will play out this merry go round ad infinitum.


  4. The real battle is the information war. The majority of people are too anaesethized, diastracted and busy getting by to inform themselves.They are the proverbial ‘boiling frogs’, losing their liberties and social supports .little by little each day by their ignorance of the games in play.
    I fear there is no hope against this form of Fascist Capitalism and a major collapse in the Western financial system is required for a reset. Who controls the reset is the big question. Chaos and collapse is not far off, the signs are all there.


  5. Excellent post as usual. But please understand there are other forms of EU federalists who have nothing to do with the current US Gauleiters . We need European (including Russia) power to undo the wars-4- ever template of what the west has become. We need to return to the fighting spirit of Karl Martel and Charlemagne


  6. EXACTLY!!!

    On a grander theoretical scale your analysis (and arguments) echoes the concept of Autonomous vs Heteronomous thinking (and, more importantly, acting) as elaborated by one of the extremely few original and real Philosophersof the 20th century: Cornelius Castoriadis.

    John, my highest respect and praise!


  7. As my old Mum used to say, “We live in hope even if we die in despair”.
    Is it just me or, is anyone else puzzled by the IMF’s actions on Greek debt?


  8. The sensation that things are unravelling is palpable. Strenuous efforts are being made to present what looks like a perfect storm as just another piece of fudge, we shall see. On the personal level, just as it always has been, no pasaran is the key to self preservation with dignity.


  9. I’m with you on most matters Mr Slog, but I believe that your linking of macro-politics/economics with micro-economics is proportionally tenuous. IMHO the right to say no is reasonably alive-and-well in the area of consumerism. An example that comes to mind is the backlash in the UK to Tesco via the shifting of custom to Aldi/Lidl.


  10. Is it a vain attempt to right some wrongs? It seems the IMF acted wrongly in the past in propping up Greece simply in order to save the euro, and I believe that there were many in Washington unhappy with the direction in which the IMF had gone. The writing may be on the wall for Lagarde, and this is an attempt to dissociate the IMF from the EU modus operandi – very late in the day, but better than not at all. I think it won’t be long before Lagarde moves on.


  11. Don’t usually agree with much you say but this is spot on. The problem is that the decent tendency, as soon as it raises its head to whimper a protest is immediately decried as Marxism, far leftery, socialism and all the rest of it and is thus to be safely ignored by all.


  12. I did wonder if the plan was so harsh as to ensure the Greeks would never stomach it and exit but, that having no apearance of working thus far the IMF is now taking its turn to try to persuade the Greek parliament to reject the plan.


  13. Mr Jeroen Dijsselbloem was re-elected Monday 13th July 2015 as President of the Eurogroup,which has “no legal standing”according to thee Eurogroup!


  14. Scahuble’s vindictiveness may be more than just econo-calvinism. There are rumors that he is personally heavily invested in Deutsche Bank via a nest of directorships, and this is the real reason why he forced the latest terms on Greece, blocking (so far) the default which would have bought down the heavily over-leveraged DB.


  15. The above article highlights the danger of misguided and ill directed focus of critism on germany alone missing the real issue which is the EU behomoth itself!


  16. “But if you believe we all deserve something better, there is no alternative to battling on.”

    It is indeed painful to watch how the balance of the entire planet ticks slowly to the dark side. However, defeating the “dark side” can not be done with their weapons (hate, fear, etc….).
    Do to others as you would have them do to you. Being kind and compassionate seems to me a much bettter choice. This is a time and opportunity to resolve internal conflicts, and avoid being dragged by the raging river.


  17. Hallelujah! Liberty is indeed the watch-word. It is the very definition of humanity and civilisation. Read up on your Rothbard, and stick it to The Man.


  18. The IMF is controlled by the U.S. The IMF’s actions are designed to embarrass the EU in order to show how dysfunctional an organisation it is, with one aim in mind – discredit the euro and hope it collapses.

    When the US invaded Irag under George W. Bush it was for one reason only – protect the Petrodollar. Iraq had started trading its oil using the euro instead of the US$; this had to stop because the petrodollar was financing the american way of life. So the US had to remove the immediate threat (Iraq) but had to do something about the Euro as well. It is in america’s interest to do so, the Russia/China threat is well known but they are working on that, don’t you worry.

    So this is were we are at; europe does not really matter to the US in the great big scheme of things – only they matter and they will do whatever it takes to remain top-dog. I’m not sure who ‘they’ are but I suspect ‘they’ have something to do with munneee.


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