NEW TROIKA PERFIDY REVEALED BY REUTERS: The smoking gun with creditor DNA all over it

odiousgetspt The game is over now, and the result stands. But at least we can be certain as to what game was being played.

Go to this piece at Reuters – it has all you need to join up the dots on a conspiracy to control sovereignty:

Four simple points need to be made:

1. ECB/Eurogroupe dirty bank tricks & blackmail in the last two weeks put Greek debt repayment infinitely further out of reach than it was before.

2. The IMF repeats and increases its emphasis upon the obvious: debt repayment requires massive debt relief.

3. The IMF gave this information to the creditors before the deal.

4. The IMF didn’t leak this document to Reuters until after the deal.

The partners-in-crime verdict is self-evident.

It is now clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the goal of Greek bailout was not debt clearance.

The eurogroupe’s aims were pacification of the markets and control of sovereignty.

The aim of the federalistas is the use of this template to destroy sovereignty and create Das Viertele Reich the United States of Europe…run by a fiscal dictator, a banking dictator, and Washington.

Italy and Spain: you’re next.

France and Austria: after that it’s your turn.

David Cameron: Stop conning the British people that you can deal with these reptiles.

The Labour Party: What are you this time….pacifists or collaborators?

Nigel Farage: Where is the passion and the analysis?

One final point…I wonder when the repellent Hugo Dixon and his boss Yannis Stournaras knew about this?

51 thoughts on “NEW TROIKA PERFIDY REVEALED BY REUTERS: The smoking gun with creditor DNA all over it

  1. This 3rd wheel on the PonziOpoly bus has been so close to comming off, so many times that I have ceased holding my breath.

    Come on already, lets get the RESET going and get these thieves, liars and fraudsters into prison.


  2. Bravo John, your call to the Quisling political classes still awaiting a reply.

    Why Farage is not on a soap box somewhere shouting until he is blue in the face I do not know, his rant in the Eu chamber was one thing, surely the whole #thisisacoup meme should be a wave he should be riding right up onto the beach…?

    It is all about control, all about debt slavery and strapping everyone to the EU cartwheel. Always has been, always will be.


  3. A clear summary.
    All players on all sides must have been clued up during the final weeks.
    You could then judge their conduct by this outcome.


  4. “Greek assets of EUR 50 bn shall be transferred to an existing external and independent fund like the Institution for Growth in Luxembourg, to be privatized and decrease debt.”

    The Institution for Growth alternates Its chairman between the German Minister of Finance and the Minister for Economic Affairs. It is a German national bank worth half a trillion – in other words, about twice as much as the World Bank.

    The fund gave 300 million euros to Lehman Brothers the same day that the firm went bankrupt.


  5. The astonishing refusal of the ECB to provide increased ELA to the 4 Greek banks at the end of June shows the EU up for what it really is. A so called Central Bank, supposedly independent, sees the beginning of a bank run and actively worsens the situation. You do not need to be a Greek expert on games theory to see the hand of Adolf Merkel behind this decision.Why bomb Greece when you can cower the population by freezing access to savings and the means to trade.As the German empire expands, using these dubious tactics, I wonder if AM will look at how a post Empire Commonwealth model of countries, across the globe, has survived and prospered for rather longer than the 16 years of the Eurozone. At heart, AM is an unreformed East German communist, and please do not tell me her father was religious.


  6. In an article due to be published in popular German newspaper Die Zeit this coming Thursday, Greek ex-Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will accuse Germany of hiding the truth about its real aims for Europe, and say his country’s exit from the single currency is all part of a plan hatched a long time ago to ‘discipline’ countries who do not do as they are told. Varoufakis has written an op-ed in order to address Germany’s citizens directly. He will name German Finance Minister Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble as the man behind a conspiracy to re-structure the Eurozone in a way which favors banks over citizens and plutocracy over democracy.


  7. @ KJH
    @ JW
    Excuse the repeated post, but I think it does matter:

    I have two pieces of information that shed some light on Wolfie’s “inexplicable” stance towards Greece during the last Eurogroup meeting:

    a) The political reason:

    Peter Kazimir, Slovak FinMin and pet rabbit of Wolfie, tweeted the following line:

    #Greece compromise we reached this
    morning is tough for Athens becasue it’s
    the results of their “Greek Spring”

    I will resist the temptation to make a comment…
    Nonetheless, there are certain, still unverified, rumours that Wolfie Rogers his Rabbit.

    a) The financial reason:

    I was extremely puzzled by Wolfie’s insistense on setting up an “independent fund”, based in Luxembourg, to monetize Greek National assets through privatisations and other means.

    The said “independent fund” had already been established in Luxemourg as «IFG – Greek SME Finance S.A.» (registration nr. Β 186984) since 2013 (ND + PASOK government) and is under the “auspices” of the KfW.

    Who sits on the Board of Supervisory Directors of KfW?

    Chairman of the Board of Supervisory Directors:
    Dr Wolfgang Schäuble
    Federal Minister of Finance

    Deputy Chairman:
    Sigmar Gabriel
    Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy


  8. Nothing works KFC, God knows I’ve tried. No one will wake up to what is happening, no one wants to raise their heads up from their tablets and Iphones long enough to understand.

    If you’re into such things KFC you might enjoy Jean Baudrillard’s excellent ‘Simulacra and Simulation’ which is a very comprehensive analysis of how ‘reality’ is being systematically abstracted from the populous in such a way as their belief systems are based upon little that is based in the ‘real’. Challenging read but worthwhile (if you google you can get the pdf for free…)


  9. A slightly different reading, in view of B’bama’s hints to Merkel to lay off a bit on the rough stuff, would be the U$$A fabricating some plausible deniabilty.


  10. Make room there bud, there’s a lot more of us to come, unless….

    A strange game, the only winning move is not to play.


  11. According to The Guardian live Feed, results of an opinion poll conducted in Greece returned the following…

    “Kapa Research poll for To Vima
    Should Parliament approve the Brussels agreement?
    Yes 70.1%
    No 25.3%”

    Rather looks like, this time, the turkeys ARE voting for Christmas. Game, Set and Match to The Institutions. Despite the comedy haircut, Drivel-arse and his chums played a blinder, in a game of so many halves I have lost count. I apologise for the triviality of the cliche, I am too disappointed to be witty. Looks like the last line of the Market Ticker report, linked above, is not so far from actuality…

    “The uncomfortable question becomes this: After Cyprus and now Greece, who stops the Germans this time, when, and by what means?”


  12. On Reuters there is the following:

    Around two-fifths of Greek banks’ loans were already non-performing, and capital controls will have made things much worse. Euro leaders’ insistence that Europe’s new resolution directive enabling senior creditor haircuts be passed in Greece by July 22 shows that bail-ins are on the table.

    That doesn’t necessarily make uninsured depositor haircuts inevitable – at least some of the 32 billion euros of equity, hybrids and senior debt held by Greek banks as of March would theoretically be hit first, Barclays reckons. But right now, the true capital hole of the Greek bank sector – and its future shape – remains up in the air.


  13. JW, have you ever heard of Veteran’s Today? Aside from dissing 9/11, they also prove that the Holocaust was a big lie. You claim both
    are irrefutable facts! LMFAO!


  14. If you can control the mainstream media, you can control the message and control who says it.

    If Nig has anything to say, you’re not going to see it….amywhere.


  15. Who stops the Germans? Stop buying German products….all of them. Germany is in serious, serious sh!t if the ‘outside’ world stops buying their production.

    Won’t happen, I know. But that’s the answer. It’s in the people’s hands…it always is.


  16. Ditto @lancas56. The Greek people distrust their own political elite more than they distrust or hate the Euronauts, with good reason. That is why they will desperately cling to the Euro despite the lack of logic (to us at least). Given Tspiras’s performance and his babblings since, I can see why the Greek people see servitude to the Euronauts as being better than being saved by their own.


  17. It seems to me that this is more positioning by the IMF who, along with the world bank, want to appear to be the seers who saw all this coming, tried to help but oh, those silly central bankers messed it up again.

    They want ALL the money.


  18. This game is probably over yes….
    but there is more to come from the other eu members, and now the world knows the truth, the troika won’t survive.
    This is the beginning of their end.


  19. By the way that book is where they nicked all the concepts from for the film ‘The Matrix’ – in the film when the people turn up at Neo’s apartment to buy the illegal disc, the hollowed out book where he hides his dodgy merchandise is this very title.


  20. When I lived in New Zealand I took a bus ride from Devonport to Takapuna, a mad-man got on, most shrank from him, I listened to his ravings, and then he said “Never buy a gas oven from The Germans” I couldn’t fathom out, until now, what he mean’t.


  21. @kfc; no nothing seems to work. Whenever I try to draw attention to the greatest scam of the last several centuries, that is the creation of the money supply out of nothing by private banks, I usually get the same reaction as Varoufakis when he put his arguments. It is as if I had not spoken. I even try to avoid hyperpole and point folk in the direction of the solid work done by the earnest young folk at – to very little avail. In some ways I can understand this, people are so cowed and ground down by the contant spreading of fear that when they do get to lift their heads from the grindestone they want relief and entertainment not more Jeremiads.

    It is worth noting that far from being revolutionary firebrands Syriza including Tsipras and Varoufakis, like all European leftist parties only represnt themselves ie a comfortable bourgeoisie elite. They are fully signed up to the EU master plan and avid friends of TINA. This was clearly visible in the previously posted Farage rant. Tsipras clearly just didn’t want to know.

    @IP thanks for link.


  22. @ Waldgaenger

    And who owns the Banks? Who owns the City? Ever hear of the Rothschilds? Ever here of NWO? Illuminati?

    I cannot believe how dumb Sloggers are!


  23. @ mud. Whoever owns them and I believe the Rothschilds own a good slice, the answer is to remove the right to create money as debt from the private institutions as such luminaries as Martin Wolfe of the Financial Times have argued. However as the Plutocrats own the pols and the whole system is rigged I don’t think change will come about though our usual so called democratic means.

    Dumb or not I also don’t think the revolution will be on the internet either.


  24. John,
    “…these reptiles.”
    Would you believe me if I told you…hmmm…probably not.
    Excellent observation, my dear sir.
    My hat is off to you.


  25. Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth and commented:
    In my innocence, I can’t understand why Greek voters don’t take a class action out against their govt for breach if contract. A written offer was made; the electorate accepted the offer in writing, so a contract was made. The govt has immediately breached the contract for something far worse. Sue them!


  26. The part I find really neat is how Tsiparis puts the decision to the people gets the result he was urging, then turns right around and betrays them. Oh well maybe this is all part of educating champagne socialists and liberals about the true nature of those they hobnob with. Of course Syrizia will be toast by Christmas But ND and ” the river” may just save their butts in the presidential election. meanwhile patriots have one party left which very soon will become as obvious to them as it has to the Hungarians. The EU will be toast if it tries this BS on n the Spanish. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see the nationalists doing a deal with the basques for partial autonomy and thew more radical of the left prepared to defy the EU.
    What has happened here will spark a new 1917.


  27. FUD (Fear ,Doubt,Uncertainty). These are the tools used to cow the populations into subservience. Spread by the presstitutes of the MSM.
    We are indeed at a crossroads. Democracy has been shown to be a thin veil of irrelevance, as shown recently by the Greek vote against austerity.
    We are now ruled by Fascist Capitalism, whose control of the creation of money can subjugate any country to its will, plunder its infrastructure using debt as a weapon and reduce its citizens to debt paying serfs.
    It use to be tanks to destroy and conquer ,now it is is Banks and their bazookas of debt instruments.
    First it was little Cyprus,next came Greece. Be assured every debt ridden country in Europe, will be looted with the same MO.
    Forecasted by John Perkins in 2004 in his book, ‘Confessions of an Economic Hitman.’
    The one bright light is the BRICS, led by Russia and China. They saw this coming down the pike a decade ago and have made the necessary maneouvers to opt out of the utterly corrupt Western Financial system by forming their own Development bank and soon the alternative to the SWIFT system.
    This is the reason they are demonised and attacked by the Hegemon.They refuse to laydown and be plundered.
    Over a hundred years ago the great British Statesman Lord Acton stated. “ The issue that has rolled down the centuries and must be fought eventually is the People verses the Banks.”


  28. European Petition for a German Exit

    The main objective of the EU and the common currency was solidarity between peoples, countries, and economies. Each country of the Union or of the currency area has benefited from the solidarity of others to develop. Today, German Chancellor, Angel Merkel and her finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, want to bury the European project. Do not let them do it!
    Sign the petition demanding the removal of Germany from the Eurozone!


  29. The Germans do NOT want to bury the EU , they have been the single biggest (MASSIVE) beneficiary of the single currency . Paying up for dodgy Greek politicians is small change compared to having an undervalued currency relative to many big importers of German goods ( France/ Spain/ Italy ) . The currency id nopw also cheap relative to the USD and so exports to the rest of the world benefit too . the French economy has been killed by the Euro and ironically Hollande is trying to take credit for saving the Greeks . By the way JW , Lagarde came out with the Debt Relief story last Thursday when stocks etc were still falling ..


  30. Hollande is on TV again , boy he’s really even worse than I remember him being .. now talking about bringing growth to the Eurozone .. hasn’t he looked at France’s growth figures since 2005 .. ??


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