The dangerous search for ideological Utopia continues

Chairman Mao created, just under seventy years ago, the largest Communist State in the world. It was called the People’s Republic of China, and indeed it still is. But it never belonged to the People, and soon turned into the standard personality cult and bonkers syntax one has come to associate with every revolution’s aftermath.

Today it is a capitalist State within which 7% of the population owns 90% of the private wealth, while the banks and markets screw everything up in the best Bourse neoliberal tradition. However, most of those thinking outside the Greek box seem happy that the Chinese markets have quietened down after the panic that began in mid June.

I can’t imagine why: the government there has passed laws massively restricting the sale of shares, so um, the selling has stopped. A few sites are calling the last three days “a rally”. You have to wonder about some people’s ability to think about anything very much any more. Next season, Arsenal are going to win or draw every game to nil, because Arsene Wenger has successfully lobbied for a new rule whereby the Arsenal goal will be bricked up before every game.

But continuing this gentle romp through revolutions, there’s a festive mood here in France because today is Bastille Day. The 14th July 1789 saw the storming of the Bastille, Louis XVI’s prison for political dissidents. One item rarely mentioned by the French is that when the Paris mob got in there, it was empty. But for people with no weapons and no underwear, it was quite a stunt to pull off. Very quickly, it was declared that there would be liberty, equality and brotherly love forever. Within a year, yelling “Enemy of the People!” in open court was enough to get the accused guillotined in very short order.

Within three years liberty had turned into terror, and little more than a decade later a small gentleman of Corsica declared himself Emperor. He was good on town planning, shame about his desire to run the entire European continent.

Mao once remarked that it was “too soon to know” whether the French Revolution had been a good idea, but sixty years ago, the French shook hands with the Germans and agreed to make war between them impossible. The European Union pronounced itself in favour of equality, progress, peace, eternal democracy and all other associated feelgood ideas, and then promptly made an unelected body the Executive (bad for the People) but without actually calling it Sovereign (bad for borrowers).

Thirty years on, it has stolen the livelihood of Cyprus and variously blackmailed, bludgeoned and then bored Greece to death. This is now the ‘template’ for helping EU Member States.

One of the things that got France and Germany into the initial mid-1950’s Coal Agreement was the haunting memory of a prewar decade dominated by totalitarian ideologies. Stalin too was the result of a Revolution against wicked Romanovs and mad monks, and within nine years of the Bolshevik hegemony in Russia, another terror was under way that saw more people put to death than even the Austrian corporal could manage.

Today, Russia is an anarchic robber-barony run by a former spook who has a thing about peeling his shirt off and diving into cold rivers. The disparities of wealth in the RF lay testimony to the naivety of those who said, in 1920, “I have seen the future, and it works”.

Adolf Hitler was one of the first to try the ‘Third Way’ scam by calling his revolutionary Party the National Socialists. After Dolfi became Chancellor, the youth sang joyfully about how ‘Tomorrow belongs to Me’ and indeed, at first it did. Twelve years later the Reich was in ruins and the country divided between the two victors, liberal democracy and Soviet Communism. Neither exists today.

That in turn set us off on the road to the European Union, but it also created a West German Bundesrepublik that was revolutionary in the context of German history: checks, balances, supreme courts, anti-totalitarian laws and apologising a lot became the symptoms of yes, you guessed right, a State in which equality, democracy and the Rule of Law would be enshrined and forever unchangeable.

Twenty two years after the EU was created it has ignored or broken every major constitutional promise it made the EU citizens at the treaties of Rome, Maastricht and Lisbon. Fourteen years after the creation of a common currency that would guarantee growth forever, it has broken the Mediterranean economies one by one.

Now the EU is being run by and for Germany, and its mentor the United States. As the French today declare a holiday to commemorate their freedom, some of them realise that, yet again, the old enemy is out of the cage, calling the shots, and basking in self-satisfied triumphalism. Although the Government claims that the new tighter tax laws are an initiative by President Hollande, this is clearly untrue: the Left sees them as an attack on the living standards of working class artisans, and Neo-fascist Front Nationale leader Marine Le Pen loses no opportunity to reiterate the point. The Laws were forced upon Hollande by the eurogroupe: Schäuble the Fiscal Fanatic has France in his sights, and a victory in Greece under his belt.

Every decade, at least one nation State or Superpower embarks upon a revolution. But the conclusion to draw from it all is obvious: we call them revolutions because they go round in a big circle, and wind up where they started….save for personal freedoms, which are further eroded every time.

In 2015, four unhappy coincidences have arrived at the same time: America is running scared of losing its Dollar hegemony, Russia has flexed its muscles, the Germans are at it again, and the EU has become the ultimate triumph of dictatorial corporatism. The EU will collapse under its own lack of weight, and the US stands to collapse under an avalanche of debt. But that isn’t going to stop either of them turning insanely nasty in the meantime. And the resurgence of Russia and Germany isn’t going to make either of them listen more carefully.

Greece will turn the tables and live to fight another day. But there is no maybe about it: there is trouble ahead.


  1. A minor point and sorry to be a pedant but it was Chou En-Lai who said to Kissinger in 1972 that ‘it’s too soon to tell’ when asked whether he judged the French Revolution a success.


  2. Do you think that the Russians want war?
    These are the parents of children who died in the last one
    Do you think that it’s possible, knowing their past
    That they’d ever consider repeating the last
    When 20 million were slaughtered by Nazi invasion?
    They died fighting on our side, you know,
    In a fight to defend humankind
    Against Nazi terror and hatred
    In the name of humanity, bitterly torn
    In the name of our children as yet to be born
    Before we do that which can never be undone I beg of you
    Think, think again, and again and again and again and again
    Do you think that the Russians want war?
    They’re the sons and the daughters of parents who died in the last one
    Do you think that they’d want to go through that again
    The destruction, the bloodshed, the suffering and pain?
    In the second world war out of every three dead one was Russian
    If we try with all of our power
    Can we not find a way
    To peacefully settle our difference?
    Do you think that the Russians want war?
    Will the voice of insanity lead you to total destruction?
    Will you stumble to death as though you were blind?
    Will you cause the destruction of all humankind?
    Will you die because you don’t like their political system?
    There will be no survivors you know
    No one left to scream in the night
    And condemn our stupidity


  3. That’s excellent writing and analysis poised perfectly together. It reads like a poem to me, says things implicitly and explicitly in layers and layers.

    Yes, Greece will live on, but at the moment I fear for the fallout from their tragic self-betrayal, through the avatar of Syriza, that has its roots in such a tangle of history its hard to know whether to despair or rage, while knowing both are pointless. They say the darkest hour is right before the (Golden) dawn, but I want to think this total, sociopathic robbery of a people’s dignity, tied in as it is with that people’s own self-delusions and fate, is a watershed. But I have felt this way before, in reaction to other injustices, then gone on to be amazed at how much more indignity a people can swallow. My head tells me it can get much worse, my heart wants that not to be true.

    So much has to change, and deeply, but for any change to be radical and wise enough, entire peoples have to have the courage, intelligence and fortitude to want to try. To dare. While fear has us, the road leads ever darker on, justifying our fear with every tentative step forward. And those who can see in the dark know just how to set the perfect traps…


  4. Gosh, John, your unstinting optimism confounds me. When are you going to get real and see the world for what it is? Some hard talk, please.


  5. “When 20 million were slaughtered by Nazi invasion?”


    Not quite.

    That horrendous total shurely includes the numbers of Russians slaughtered by Russians for ideological reasons.

    Kind regards


  6. May I add piece for international consideration?

    2015 U.S. National Military Strategy (

    Man, I gotta say that I had to stop reading after the first couples of pages, hernia alert….I never laughed so much. Who writes this sh.t?

    ‘While Russia has contributed in select security areas, such as counternarcotics and
    counterterrorism, it also has repeatedly demonstrated that it does not respect the sovereignty of
    its neighbors and it is willing to use force to achieve its goals’……. OH THE FOOKIN IRONY

    Vodka needed.


  7. JW….Your brave comedian.

    Dieudonné lives in a society where almost unlimited offensive language and artistic expression may be used against some religious and ethnic groups but not others,” said STYLO France spokesperson Paul Larudee at the group’s headquarters in Berkeley, California. “In spite of the consequences, Dieudonné has criticized and ridiculed persons and subjects that are protected from free speech rights under French law. And he has paid dearly for his defiance of these prohibitions.”
    Dieudonné has been arrested eight times for anti-Semitism – a criminal offense in France – and has been fined a total of €39,500 ($44,240). His crimes have included comparison of Israeli and Nazi military practices, criticism of the Zionist and Jewish lobbies in France, and inviting convicted “holocaust deniers” on his shows. (It is a crime in France to question or produce evidence contrary to the historical accuracy of standard holocaust accounts.)


  8. John, you’re right. I think that this latest ‘coup’ by the Troika will impart immeasurable harm on the EU, something which I personally find surprisingly saddening, because our idiotic ‘leaders’ have ruined it. As you say, this will make the movers and shakers in Brussels much more dangerous. The French around these parts are waking up at last. In the boulangerie only yesterday, I overheard a group of locals talking about the disgusting coup over the Greeks. There was no doubt in their minds as to where the blame lies, all agreeing that ‘Le Boche’ (and ‘Fritz’) is on the march again in Europe, and must be stopped.


  9. German Historian Ursula Haverbeck has been arrested and charged with “holocaust denial” and her home ransacked along with the homes of some of her supporters. Rise up you German slaves and put an end to this despicable behaviour on the part of your Jewish overlords!

    Same Link above where you’ll find a You-tube documentary. Do not have the expertise to post that.

    Time to wake up and smell the Zionists, JW


  10. Perhaps these lyrics are appropriate?

    There may be trouble ahead
    But while there’s moonlight and music
    And love and romance
    Let’s face the music and dance

    Before the fiddlers have fled
    Before they ask us to pay the bill
    And while we still have the chance
    Let’s face the music and dance

    Soon, we’ll be without the moon
    Humming a different tune and then

    There may be tear drops to shed
    So while there’s moonlight and music
    And love and romance
    Let’s face the music and dance
    Let’s face the music and dance

    Unfortunately, we are already paying the bill, it’s the final price that we don’t know yet….


  11. Once and For All: Historian Ursula Haverbeck Destroys the 6 Million Jewish Holocaust Lie on German MSM TV


  12. highfy

    I agree. Witty analogies and brilliant writing hardly cut the mustard. Whoever said ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ never heard of a laser gun!.


  13. The criminalisation of some forms of free speech seems to becoming more and more widespread in the ‘democracies’ of the West. Canada has just passed legislation that moves us further towards the realisation of the Orwellian ‘Thought Crime’. If a political idea is so fragile that it requires the criminal law to stifle criticism, perhaps it is an idea that has no merit.


  14. Will Arsene Wenger win all Arsenal s matches next season 4-3 and recreate The Unbeatables ?

    Will Peter Cech continue to wear a hard hat whilst keeping goal for them ?

    Will Van Gaal play himself in the MUFC midfield in an attempt to boss matches ?

    Will Pochettino pocket much money onleaving Spurs and return to wherever he comes
    from before December ?

    Will No Way Jose personally assassinate Abramovic and declare e himself Chelsea FC Life President ?

    Will Noel Gallacher take over as Man City manager and introduce the Wonderwall catenaccio
    defensive system to stop them leaking goals. ?

    Will Varoufakis take charge at Accrington Stankey with his game theory plan
    and return them to their pre 1960 s glory days in mid Division Three ( North)?

    Who knows the secrets of the Black Magic Box ?


  15. My father was part of the medical team that went into Belsen just after it was discovered. The fact that Israel has far from covered itself in glory since it’s creation does not excuse the sort of offensive and denialist twaddle that you are peddling. Wipe the mud from your eyes and get a grip on your pusillanimous prejudice.


  16. Awful mind picture: Merkel and Schauble on a deserted dance floor, she leaning down and holding his torso in a classic dancers embrace while they awkwardly attempt a slow foxtrot to the out of tune playing of a small band calling itself Mario & The Marionettes. Thanks kfc, it’s going to take me the rest of the day at least to get rid of that one!


  17. Canexpat

    Canadian Arthur Topham, founder of, has been charged with hate crime, against Jews, by the Canadian gov. Now totally controlled by Zionists. Proof? These charges would never have been laid. In 1941, a Zionist, named Theodore N Kaufman published a book called ‘Germany must Perish’. Probably the most evil vile book ever written. Arthur’s crime? All he did was change the title to ‘Israel must Perish’. In the book, he changed the word German to Jew.

    The despicable Zionists flipped their deranged minds and charged him with anti-semitism!.


  18. In 1939 the Jewry population of the world was 11,000.000. and 48% lived in the US. Impossible to round up 6,000.000 Jews and send them to gas chambers. Only 200,000 died, and some 90,000 gypsies. Believe the Zionist lie.


  19. @Hieronimusb

    It is exactly evidence of the sort that your father provided that should be used to combat those that question the official narrative. Most of my life I unquestioningly swallowed the official account of many historical events, whether it was the JFK assassination, the US bombing campaigns in Laos and Cambodia, the toppling of Mossadeq, ‘weapons of mass destruction’ or even until recently the events of 9/11. In every case, those attempting to question the official narrative have been stifled, ridiculed and marginalised. Whenever evidence is presented freely by all sides the truth often emerges. What I find extremely disturbing is the attempt to use smear tactics or even in extremis the criminal law to stifle any questioning of an ‘accepted’ truth. If points raised by those questioning the official version are adequately countered without ad hominem or other attacks on the motives of the questioner I am quite willing to accept the official account. I have been lied to by authority on so many occasions in my lifetime that I find any attempt to attack the messenger rather than an approach that addresses the substance of the message to be a red flag.


  20. So when Greece goes the way of the Dodo and exits EU, next week, the week after, or later this year and run straight into the arms of a gratefull Putin will we also see Germany jump ship and walk hand in hand down the isle with the Russian Bear?

    I mean, once Europe is on its knees, there will be no holding Germany back………….

    cripes, I need to stop drinking……


  21. Cher John Ward, Je vous lis  ‹  ou plutôt, j¹essaie de vous lire, régulièrement, le niveau de mon anglais étant hélas ce qu¹il estŠ Votre post d¹aujourd¹hui, ³Bastille Day², etc., est comme d¹habitude très éclairant, et nous aide  ‹  moi et ma femme, qui est anglophone ‹  à penser et à nous dire des choses que, à notre niveau d¹information, nous ne faisons que, comme on dit en français, ³subodorer². Par exemple : ³Now the EU is being run by and for Germany, and its mentor the United States². Une question cependant : de ces deux-là, ces puissances dangereuses, lequel est le mentor de l¹autre? Merci, bonne soirée,

    Paulo de Carvalho

    Françoise & Paulo DE CARVALHO La Bergerie des Sources Route de Valaurie F-26130 CLANSAYES Tél. 0950 360206 Fax 0955 360206

    Le 14/07/2015 12:33, « A diary of deception and distortion » a écrit :

    > John Ward posted: “The dangerous search for ideological Utopia continues > Chairman Mao created, just under seventy years ago, the largest Communist > State in the world. It was called the People’s Republic of China, and indeed > it still is. But it never belonged to the People,” >


  22. Anyone else think there is an agenda here? I for one no longer read Guardian online, even Independent I note has right now some feminist headline, and AFAIK Zero hedge has its owner as I believe Hungarian – bastion of freedom that is.

    Are we being primed to love the Bear?


  23. Top analysis, JW, thank you.
    Now it’s time to look beyond national boundaries for the reality of today.

    Qui Bono?

    Not nations. Germany gathers hatred, France not far behind. Greece gathers shame.

    The corporations win here, the banks & the arms manufacturers, & the individuals who will buy Greek assets for cents in the Euro.

    The way I’m reading things, the project is to destroy ALL nations, along with a majority of Earth’s population, via WW III & probably an ebola outbreak similar to the vaccine related “Spanish Flu” that killed more than combat did after WW I.

    I do hope I’m wrong.
    John Doran.


  24. Dear Mud in your eyes
    Holocaust deniers are nothing more than people who disbelieve documentary, photography, biography, bibliography and testimony that stretches 50 times round the solar system and back. The very fact you think Zionists “smell” gives you away.
    This is a site that tolerates every liberal democratic viewpoint, on the grounds that such people would give me the liberty to express my views in return.
    I find your schizoid conspiracy drivel repellent, as do many other Sloggers Jewish or otherwise, and I think radical Islam uses people like you as what Lenin called Useful Idiots.
    But in my heart dear boy, I really do wish you would just verkov & dye.
    I wish only that Allah would bless you with a thousand children. All at once.


  25. As one of the midwives who gave birth to that Black Magic campaign, my short reply is (1) nobody – that’s the point and (2) which particular laughing liquid have you been at?


  26. jd, Couldn’t agree more….except the very last sentence.

    It won’t be the ‘viris’ that gets you….it’ll be the vaccine that’s been hurried through trials to bring you instant relief.

    After all, Glaxo, Merck, Novartis et al are the big corporates and they, too, have to make a killing…if you get the drift.

    No wonder you’re not an oligarch!


  27. We live in dangerous times. At the airport this morning the security attendants confiscated three old ladies’ toiletries. Result: much disorientation amongst the old ladies, but the security aides will come out smelling of violets.


  28. So you were not responsible for delivering the Roses and Dairy Bix campaigns then — I presune they were the competition unless Cadburys owned all three.

    ( my ” bog standard” laughing liquid is Lidl Rotgut Whiskey blended from many Scots distilleries various and nefarious and matured for probably no more than four years but only ten quid a bottle . Owzat !!)


  29. Actually, I don’t think it does. The number you are referring to is a separate number altogether and estimated to be as much as twice as large.


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