Why do I drink?

‘In an interview on BBC Radio 4, the former head of the ECB, Jean-Claude Trichet, warned that Grexit would cause a “loss of credibility for Europe” and increase instability in a geopolitically sensitive region.’

And people wonder why I drink.

Who was the ECB boss who presided over an era of loose money, we wonder, and then hiked rates with clinical inaccuracy at exactly the wrong moment? Who was that masked man famed for his forensic banking skills who spectacularly failed to spot a Page 1 ruse by Goldinsacks to hoodwink the Brussels Sprouts vegetables about the level of Greek debt?

Jean-Claude ‘Tricky’ Trichet behaved with all the intelligence of Louis XVI while in office, and then left in a Louis XIV state of mind – “Apres moi le déluge”. But there he is being given house room by the BBC’s ‘serious’ Radio Four.

‘increased instability in a geopolitically sensitive region’ indeed: if ever there was a man who needed a damn good kick in a sensitive region, it’s Trichet the tangled tricoteur. What a load of old Coq he emits.


eurowankersAnd people wonder why I drink.

A question aimed at every delusional British tribalist from No Turning Back via Liberal Conspiracy to Labour List: how can any of you sleep at nights while we remain aligned to these triumphalist psychopaths? Where TF is your moral compass – in the darkness up your arse?

The UKip clown Hairgel Mirage is “disappointed” with Tsipras’s performance. Does he have anything to say about this obscene celebration, and if he does, FFS get on with it.


From a Maily Torynaff comment thread tonight:

‘Germany and Northern Europe’s position was that they wanted Greece out of the EZ. Why? Because Greece’s economy was and had always been unsuitable to such a monetary union. Because Greece’s governments were unstable and incapable of doing what was needed. Because Greece’e citizens had openly rejected austerity. Because their own electorates were tired of the lie that “this is the last time” and was opposed to throwing good money after bad. But mostly, because they wanted an end to the crises – which a 3rd bailout was 100% sure to prolong. They were not being vindictive, they just did not believe Greece belonged in the EZ, they were even willing to forgive debt outside of the EZ and provide other assistance…’

And people wonder why I drink.

Who opened the eurozone door to Greece? The Germans and the French. Who oversaw this? French ECB boss Trichet. Who benefited from Greek borrowing? French bankers, German arms dealers & the folks who vote Nia Demokrita.

Ah, the delightful smell of putrefying EU hypocrisy of a summer’s evening.

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