GREEK CRISIS BREAKING….future of EU revealed in new Wikileak

Wilder-Zanuck-Wikitedium Productions




Antonius Curtisesces as Varoufartacus

Circus Duglassium as A Serial Slave

Madonnacix as Gelicus Imperatrix

Ramundo Burris as Schaubilius Odium

Chiselbumius the Nederlander Neanderthal as Himself

and introducing

Pragma Carta as Alexicon the Syrizan

In 2015 BC, the European Union (EU) – a forerunner of the Bankfurt Empire Goldmanicum – put down a Hellenic rebellion masterminded by the economist and former hirsute slave Varoufartacus.

varoufakyoung  Varoufartacus (Left) as a young man, courtesy of the St Petersburg Museum of Ancient World Icons

The EU – funded by infamous Roman moneylender Dragigula and led by Gelicus Imperatrix using the FinMin armies of Hun mercenary Schaubilius Odium – put down the revolt, after which a merciless programme of Crucifixion was administered throughout the Hellenic Republic by Finnish Nordogoths under the tutelage of Chiselbumius the Nederlander Neanderthal.

At the Battle of Bruxellicum in July 2015, rebel Hellenic general Alexicon was routed by the newly-developed wheelchair Blitzsmear of Schaubilius the Hun, and forced to capitulate to the growing demands of the ruling National Socialist Christian* Coalition ‘Nastinicum’ (and its mob supporters united beneath the Bildetcircuses banner).

varoufabaldBut the search went on for Varoufartacus, who had used his far-sighted insights about the future to flee from the self-styled Pax Eunaticus. So great was the stress of his ordeal, all his hair fell out.

EU bankroller Dragigula offered a €36bn reward for information about the whereabouts of the former slave, but his followers spoke up to offer themselves in an attempt to spare him:


Even defeated Hellenic general Alexicon made a personal plea to Dragigula….


….but Varoufartacus made good his escape, and was later inducted into the Hall of Rock n Roll Marxist Libertarian Economics Fame.

*Editor’s note. why the Hun players in this period of ancient history used the prefix ‘Christian’ 2015 years before the birth of Christ – while displaying no interest in the core Christian ethic of forgiveness – remains a conundrum gently folded into an enigma and then vigorously blended to create a baffling meze of mystery.

See also on Wikitedious: Collapse of the Goldmanicum and Rise of Lepenicus the Gaulette; role of Debticus Italiano in defeat of Schaubilius Odium; disastrous intervention of Imperatrix Clintonicus in the Iberian multicultural civil war; hilarious rejection of Camoronicus Reformare by Goldmanicum Europa; last days of Baracus Nero prior to establishment of Goldmanicum Globaliseum.

45 thoughts on “GREEK CRISIS BREAKING….future of EU revealed in new Wikileak

  1. Schauble: Merkel! What is best in life?

    Merkel: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.

    Schauble: That is good! That is good.

    (with apologies to Arnie and Conan … and I think it’s pronounced ‘vimmin’)


  2. I think you got your history a bit wrong it was not Imperatrix Clintonicus but rather Emperor Bushicus III leading the multi cultural war.


  3. Are we sure the fat lady has sung on this one?? I see in the months ahead a hard anti EU turn as even the students realize they have been given the large shaftus uptus rectumicus by the banksters EUdici.


  4. Is there no-one with the balls to stand up to Schauble and the rest of these bullies? The only one who came close was Farage in the european parliament the other day.

    Someone was has to stop this madness! Please Greece don’t submit to this disgraceful treatment.


  5. Nisus Wettus: Crucifixion?

    Mr. Cheeky: Ah, no. Freedom.

    Nisus Wettus: What?

    Mr. Cheeky: Eh, freedom for me. They said I hadn’t done anything, so I can go free and live on an island somewhere.

    Nisus Wettus: Oh, oh that´s jolly good well. Off you go then.

    Mr. Cheeky: No, I’m only pulling your leg, it’s crucifixion really!

    Nisus Wettus: [laughing] Oh, I see, very good. Well…

    Mr. Cheeky: Yes I know, out the door, one cross each, line on the left.


  6. 2015 AD – PAX GERMANICA

    A scene at the palace of Lupus Inhumanus – Prefect of the conquered province of Grecia Subordina:

    Lupus Inhumanus: So vat vill it be for you Antonius Neonazius Samarius? Bounga-bounga or Death?
    Antonius Neonazius Samarius: Bounga-bounga with 30 Argentum Eurocoinus Germanicus please, your highness.
    Lupus Inhumanus: Bounga-bounga it is then!

    Lupus Inhumanus: So vat vill it be for you Evangelus Euryphagous Venizelius? Bounga-bounga or Death?
    Evangelus Euryphagous Venizelius: Bounga-bounga with 30 Argentum Eurocoinus Germanicus please, your excellency.
    Lupus Inhumanus: Bounga-bounga it is then!

    Lupus Inhumanus: So vat vill it be for you Stavrus Canis Lenonis Theodorakius? Bounga-bounga or Death?
    Stavrus Canis Lenonis Theodorakius: Bounga-bounga with 30 Argentum Eurocoinus Germanicus please, your majesty.
    Lupus Inhumanus: Bounga-bounga it is then!

    Lupus Inhumanus: So vat vill it be for you Fofius Nepos Paternis Gennimatakius? Bounga-bounga or Death?
    Fofius Nepos Paternis Gennimatakius: Double Bounga-bounga without the 30 Argentum Eurocoinus Germanicus please, your royalness.
    Lupus Inhumanus: Bounga-bounga it is then!

    Lupus Inhumanus: So vat vill it be for you Demetrius Communistus Kutsumbius? Bounga-bounga or Death?
    Demetrius Communistus Kutsumbius: This is a capitalisticus blackmailius pseudo-dilemma against the interests of the populous generalis.
    Lupus Inhumanus: Bounga-bounga it is then!

    Lupus Inhumanus: So vat vill it be for you Alexius Bonus Tsiprius? Bounga-bounga or Death?
    Alexius Bonus Tsiprius: Mortis Honorus!
    Lupus Inhumanus: Bounga-bounga to Death it is then!


  7. Completely disagree. Not brilliant. Why joke about the bullying and torture of a nation? A nation consisting of people who cannot buy the medicines they need to stay alive? People who despair because they can’t feed their children? People reduced to picking necessities out of rubbish bins? People who have to give up on businesses they’ve spent years building?


  8. Don’t understand Tsipras. This privatisation fund. Giving away the house and contents for a load of monopoly money? Allowing the torturers to move in to the main bedroom while he’s still in bed?


  9. Dear Jackie,
    sometimes humor and satire may be the only means of keeping one’s sanity and making a dead serious point.


  10. I see that the Belgian PM is tweeting that there has been an agreement. What a sad and tragic day. How is Tsipras going to sell this to the Greek people?


  11. Is Tsipras giving away the house etc.?


    That rabid Lupinotuum Torquens Rotam DEMANDING IT
    The Largest part of Parliamentary opposition AGREEING WITH IT



  12. Don’t write out Varoufakis as not having been an active stooge for the IMF.

    Russia to step in when the cord is cut and no reverse flows of Russian capital back to the EU/IMF is likely.


  13. @ Jackie

    What is stopping him from saying No is precisely the Largest part of GREEK Parliamentary opposition that agrees with ANY demand by the creditors AS LONG AS Greece remains in the Eurozone.

    Having managed to watch a part of the Parliamentary debate on the issue I assure you that the UNANIMOUS position of Nea Demokratia, To Potami and PASOK was (EXPLICITLY) that:

    We are not just voting is support of the government’s proposal. We are giving you a MANDATE to reach a deal AT ANY COST.

    Please, feel free to draw your own conclusions as top how helpful that position is in the pursuit of a mutually beneficial agreement.


  14. Don’t come back without a deal, they say.

    I guess this is not exactly in the spirit of “ἢ τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς” that the “naive” Spartans used to live by.

    O Tempora O Mores!


  15. real life chess … absurd but here … now and real. is this what the world must have seemed like just before war was about to break out?


  16. That vote last weekend. Tsipras said NOT about leaving euro. Was it Schauble who said it WAS about leaving Euro. That interpretation was quietly forgotten when he didn’t like the result.


  17. Isn’t the Greek parliament supposed to represent the Greek people? The Greek people made their position clear.


  18. In the words of Konstantinos Karamanlis (Senior):

    “Η χώρα μετεβλήθη σε ένα απέραντο φρενοκομείο”.


  19. So, the ECB/IMF giving loans to Grecce with ‘counterfitted’ non existant money are ever so close to getting ‘what they really, really, want’ and that’s some of Greeks Assets.

    The EU version of the world is one fooked up place. Accountancy Fraud, Counterfitting, MIs-selling, Enslavement, Loan Sharking, Economic Warfare, Financial Terrorism…… the list is endless.


  20. Oh, I’m pretty sure the Greek PM is playing the game to get some money to tide the Greeks over.

    The Greeks vote ‘No’ and yet the Parliament and The Prime minister say ‘yay’. Another example of an ‘Odious Debt’?


  21. It will be interesting to see what will happen when the crisis circus moves on to Portugal which isn’t so strategically placed on the map?


  22. Jackie
    If you see this as a joke at the expense of the Greek people, then you have a third eye the rest of us don’t know about. The ‘Varoufartacus’ gag is about crappy leadership on both sides – nothing more.


  23. As I see it, the Greek government will be less powerful ,in future, than Arun District Council, which handed over it planning authority to the South Downs National Park,an unelected quango!


  24. Such a disappointed outcome to a promising start.
    Sold down the river again and the can kicked down the road for another 5 years.
    What a wast, just a wast.


  25. Jackie,
    I’m sorry if my laughter has offended anyone. I found John’s wit and humor to be particularly spot-on regarding this horrendous mess in Greece and wanted to express my appreciation. I fully empathize with the Greek people.
    If I told you that there are certain people on Earth right now who know what lies ahead for humanity, would you believe me? If I told you that wonderful things are in store for all of us in the very near future, would you believe me?
    My laughter comes from this knowledge.
    Divinity is watching. We have not been forgotten…
    Mike V.


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