GREEK CRISIS: Crucifixion ‘not ruled out’ for Greeks who voted OXI

Alexis Tsipras was tonight “strongly resisting” the suggestion from German Eurocleansing Minister Wolfgang Schutzstaffel that “Europe needs more than just worthless Greek promises before handing over the hard-earned money honestly made by Germans supplying cutting-edge under the radar invisible submarines to the soviet military in Athens”.

The suggestion put to this, the last and final farewell tour this is it no more shit emergency our patience is exhausted Eurosummit by Herr Sturmbile, is apparently that Berlin should hold all Cretians hostage for safe keeping until such time as the stringvested Communists of Syriza have demonstrated “a consistent track record of repaying all new bailout monies made out to the Wolfie Wheeliebin Self-Pïty Appeal”.

Tonight, a snap poll of of Athenians conducted by Allock&Bollocks Research showed a 78% majority in favour of the Cretian hostages being summarily shot come what may.

“We have seen these empty words and staged shots of Greeks searching in trash cans for food so many times before,” Herr Wolverrückt Schnitzelgrüber added reasonably, “but this time they must back up their false promises by obeying orders we have given at all times as to how all Europeans are equal and the Germans are good law-abiding members of the European Union, an ideal for which our woefully misunderstood Führer strove at all times”.

As 26 EU finmins rose to their feet in rapturously robotic applause, Dutch eurogroupe Commissar Jelly Drivelbloke appealed for the meeting to give the Greek delegation a fair hearing prior to its hanging by piano wire for extreme and seditiously peaceful resistance to the Triumph of the Will of the small number of unelected eurogroupe people interpreting the Will of the unrepresented People.

“I must stress,” said CDU MP Martin Schulz, “that the crucifixion of all those Greek voters known to have opposed our generous bailout terms has not as yet been ruled out”.

Ruled out of order for rising to his feet in order to answer the charges laid against Greece by Feldmarschal Wolf Gangrene, Prime Minister Tsipras was given 500 lines (‘I must not interrupt my betters when they are shitting on me’) by Head Prefect Onkle Drunker. Tsipras promised solemnly to hand them in by 6 am the following morning. The German delegation agreed – with the proviso that, for every minute the Greek PM was late, one Elgin marble would be sentenced to death.

Earlier at The Slog: the ubiquity of bollocks

65 thoughts on “GREEK CRISIS: Crucifixion ‘not ruled out’ for Greeks who voted OXI

  1. Having rejoiced after the success of the no vote last Sunday, what will be the reaction of the Greek people if this new austerity proposal is accepted?


  2. I think that I would prefer the research of that reputable company Allcock & Bollocks than the rubbish provided by Ipsos Mori and their ilk over the last few years in this country and Greece as well looking at the predictions for the referendum.
    That referendum did little or less for the Greek people.


  3. As I’ve got older – not to say aged – I have distanced myself from the impetuous and, to be honest, somewhat hard-line attitudes of my youth. However, listening to that geriatric be-wheeled little bundle of nastiness rekindled a long dormant whim to view him through the cross-hairs of a telescopic sight. The poor bloody Greeks just cannot get on the right side of that spiteful bastard can they?


  4. It s Saturday night Mr Wardship and you have obviously been attacking the Remy Martin. So we ll gloss over all those libellous remarks attributed to Wolfie and await a more salient communication from you in the sober light of a blessed Sunday morn . Go to sleep now mein liebling.


  5. A week ago, with the ECB’s financial attack on Greece’s banks, I thought Greece’s had to make a rapid choice between slavery and crucifixion. A week on I am no longer sure that Greece has much say in the matter. It is now externally imposed crucifixion for some and slavery for the rest. On verra!


  6. Back in top satyric form John!

    The sad living specimen of the failed WWII Nazi experiment to cross-breed human and wolf, Lupinotuum Torquens Rotam is the scientific name, did act as expected and stated the usual bollocks about insufficient proposals, lack of trust etc. which the, quite successful, Dutch experiment to cross-breed Gouda cheese with a bad hairdresser was too happy and prompt to relay it to the MSM.
    Well, we have seen this horror b-movie so many times in the last 5 years or so that it makes no impact whatsoever. The shock doctrine policy imposed on Hellas is losing its efficacy so I expect a few innovative fear-mongering tactics to be employed in the next few days.
    In another comment I said about LTR’s stance “It is not clear yet whether this is an attempt to cut a bigger piece of flesh or to enforce a Grexit or whatever without explicitly demanding it.”
    It seems that “whatever” looks like being a winner at this point since:
    a) A “mutually beneficial agreement” is totally out of the question. It would hurt Wolfie’s feelings too much. Moreover, we are, irreversibly I’m afraid, in the realm of a zero-sum game and this is not coincidental.
    b) A “Grexit” also seems rather out of the question. I heard through the grapevine that the chocolate-covered “Kenyan Muslim” (in the words of Frau A) would be seriously upset. However, there is a sort of OXI-moron here. According to trusted sources, the above mentioned Lupinotuum Torquens Rotam has been, for quite some time, the favourite pet of the CCKM when he’s in Europe on vacation. So, can the pet go against his Master’s will? A recent incident of LTR howling at his Master: “I veel bailout Puerto Rico if you veel bailout those Griechische Untermensch” was attributed to signs of an early stage of a condition resembling Doberman’s Sydrome.

    Thus, it seems that the most likely outcome of the “negotiations” will be a compromise with two possible variants:

    1) Acceptance of the Greek proposal, signing of a deal, attempts by the current government to implement it, most likely a failure and, eventually, new elections sometime in the Fall, or
    2) Demands for more severe measures that Syriza is de facto unable to accept BUT the willing and waiting alliance for “Europe and Democracy” (ND, PASOK, POTAMI, DIMAR etc) can happily accomodate as long as it gets back in power. In this case the obvious scenario is that Syriza is immediatly out and a “national emergency government” is in without elections.

    In both variants Syriza, sooner or later, is out. In today’s EU there, simply, is no room for a policy which opposes, even at a symbolic and rhetorical level, the dominance of the neoliberal casino-type capitalism. This is sad.

    However what is TRAGIC is that there is not a single coherent, viable, sustainable and safe alternative for Hellas in the of the present economic, geopolitical and geostrategic context.

    Being an Έλληνας that has chosen the path of Αρετή rather than the path of Κακία I do not expect or wish for a Deus ex Machina intervention.

    However I know too well that the true nature of the “European Project” is nothing short of a modern day version of Ύβρις (not against the Gods’ Will but against the Ecumenical Moral Imperative which is grounded such simple principles as Common Decency and Common Sense).

    I hope you all realise that when Ύβρις is commited Νέμεσις gets restless and brings justice upon the guilty.


  7. From a UK perspective, maybe a positive to come out from this mess is that the vicious bullying, mendacity and scheming within this European ‘Union’ is being exposed. So when Mr Cameron returns, glowing with pride at his success in renegotiating Britain’s place we will know what it’s really like: Submit to German hegemony or be crushed.


  8. Ever get the feeling Germany through the EU they control is actually waging WW3 on populations to hold the belief of their supreme worth whilst everybody else is just lazy idle gits.


  9. O/T but following on from the earlier post:
    The Telegraph reports that the founding editor of an award-winning Highland paper has been sacked over his defence of freedom of speech.
    Brian Wilson has written for the West Highland Free Press for 38 of its 43 years, since founding it with four others in 1972.
    He was dismissed for using his weekly column to defend his friend and fellow columnist, the Free Church of Scotland theologian Prof Donald Macleod, after he wrote about the spread of Islam in the UK.
    The original copy can be found here:


  10. Absolutely chilling, Tsipras’ seeming acquiescence included. Watching this sort of footage from the chamber is like watching the end of civilisation and makes one realise the enormity of what we are up against; these hubristic windbags will do for the lot of us given half a chance.


  11. Regarding these German-puppet finance ministers I can only quote Mark Twain, “I’ve never killed a man, but I’ve read many obituaries with a great deal of satisfaction.” My lame attempt to be a non-violent extremist.


  12. Ευχαριστώ Θερμά!
    By the way, Hb, Zoi Konstantopoulou is in all kinds of trouble after your little night out. I hear that Alexis is furiously angry at her.
    So, spill the beans: what in the world transpired between the two of you naughty kids?


  13. Thou shall not(*) criticise that which is above the law.
    *support anyone who is critical of that which is above the law.


  14. Good-morning to all Sloggers wherever you are.

    To celebrate the Slog’s birthday, and in total harmony with my Sunday morning habits, I propose that we all listen to some music. Having worked as a DJ at a little rock bar in a big Greek island during my student years I am proposing the following playlist (with the proper dedications):

    To John I dedicate the song: Each Small Candle by Roger Waters.
    To the Sloggers I dedicate the song: We Shall Overcome by Pete Seeger.
    A special dedication is reserved for Hieronimusb: Childlike Faith in Childhood’s End by Peter Hammill.
    To my beloved Hellas I dedicate the song: Tough Times Ahead by John Mayall.
    To Alexis Tsipras I dedicate the song: No More Heroes by The Stranglers.

    And now a few dedications to the nasties:

    To the Lupinotuum Torquens Rotam I dedicate the song: Spinning Wheel by Blood Sweat and Tears (nuff said).
    To the Angela of Death I dedicate the song: Evil Bitch by Bodycount.
    To FiFi Off Guard I dedicate the song: Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway.
    To the Gouda cheese with a bad hairdresser mongrel I dedicate the song: A Fool Such as I by the Residents.
    To Martin-Adolf Shulz I dedicate the song: Dachau Blues by Captain Beefheart.
    To JC Drunker than Hell I dedicate the song: Somebody Put Something in My Drink by the Ramones.
    To Count Draghula of ECB I dedicate the song: Money by Pink Floyd.
    To the EU I dedicate the song: The Road to Hell Pt. 2 because “This ain’t no upwardly mobile freeway… This is the Road to Hell”.
    To all the dogmatically blind consequentialists who believe that the end justifies any means I dedicate the song: Nazi Punks F@ck Off! by Dead Kennedys.


  15. The only person emerging with his honour intact from this fiasco is Varoufakis. I suspect we have not heard the last of him.
    As for the little turd on wheels….. I hope that if he comes out ahead his lap of honour includes my adopted hope of Crete….where the tradition of vendetta is very much alive……and Kalashnikovs are not particularly scarce :-)


  16. On a more serious note I wonder if the USA will step forward if this all goes tits up. The Truman Doctrine which was implemented for Greece and Turkey after WW2 could still apply to todays events. This quote from Wiki…

    “Truman told Congress that “it must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures.”

    Or was that a different America in another age?…..hmmm


  17. Greece hasn’t paid the 1.8 billion payment so HTF is the next 3 billion due on the 20th going to materialise. This is all surreal.
    Bottom line is conditions and terms should have all been implemented Before Goldman S wheedled them in when the country probably could have dealt with the changes. Huge mistakes made then but we are where we are . Deal with it and move on.


  18. Absolutely! During that speak, Tzipras was actually smiling (?!), but during the speech which Farage (no, I’m not a supporter) made, he looked as if he’d just been handed-down the death sentence. I realised then, that Tzipras had dumped the referendum vote and was going to do ‘whatever it takes’ to appease the euroloons.

    The trouble is, people listen to these windbags, and you’re also right in saying that these idiots (actually, Verhofstadt isn’t an idiot, simply a nasty piece of work) will take us all down with them. Is it all too late for us…who can tell?


  19. The old cliché I know, but ‘Banks and not tanks’ did the trick.

    O/T a bit, but your reference to ‘lazy idle gits’. I read Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm etc. in the mid-70’s (school set reading).

    It spurred me on to read Orwell’s 1984 some years later, probably because people were beginning to talk about it with the 1984 calendar being published only a couple of years away.

    Some weeks ago, and with all that’s going on throughout the world, I dug the book out, and started to read it again. I was blown away, I’d completely forgotten how the book begins:

    ‘The voice came from an oblong metal plaque like a dulled mirror which formed part of the surface of the right-hand wall. Winston turned a switch and the voice sank somewhat, though the words were still distinguishable. The instrument (the telescreen, it was called) could be dimmed, but there was no way of shutting it off completely.’

    and next page:

    ‘The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously. Any sound that Winston made, above the level of a very low whisper, would be picked up by it, moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard. There was of course no way of knowing whether you were being watched at any given moment. How often, or on what system, the Thought Police plugged in on any individual wire was guesswork. It was even conceivable that they watched everybody all the time. But at any rate they could plug in your wire whenever they wanted to. You had to live — did live, from habit that became instinct — in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.’

    Here we are today, wallowing in laziness and idleness, playing with with our mobile telescreens, wasting our lives on social-media, being tracked and monitored whilst we do it. It’s us who are the idiots…


  20. I was lucky to get out alive! We found a nice little taverna and were making small talk about human rights and radical left politics, as you do, over some dolmades and souvlaki, when in walked Stavros Theodorakis; he sat down at the next table and ordered the cheese pie. Zoi went crazy, she told him to go and jump in the river and threw a glass of retsina at him but he ducked and Alexis – who we hadn’t noticed was sitting at a nearby table eating his humble pie – caught it full in the face. The head waiter, who had a thick German accent, asked us to leave and we tumbled into the street where my old chastity belt got caught on a lamp post. Zoi stormed off, muttering some very rude things about medieval Dutch art, and I was overtaken by a vision of the Angela of Death. I must admit that I don’t get out much these days but you can rest assured that I’ll be staying in from now on…


  21. To the Finns Party I also dedicate the song: Nazi Punks F@ck Off! by Dead Kennedys, and to their Party leader, Timo Soini: Pigs by Pink Floyd (I just couldn’t resist the visual resemblance).


  22., i would like to add a theory,China markets are being attacked,Russia economy is being attacked (yet both hold on to gold reserves)the EU is being undermined & the Military is the only growing part of anyone’s economies worldwide,Greece in the long run has one economic choice,the EU project is over & once the dust clears their will be nothing left worth owning,since building economies is impossible under neoliberal economics governments are now aiding neoliberal economics to destroy economies to make change quicker.


  23. …… and of course you deserve at least two Meatloaf dedications for the compilation effort Phaeddy.

    ” Objects in the Rear View Mirror ( May appear closer than they are)” From me with love.

    and .

    ” Wolf at Your Door” from Dr Mengele s failed early experiment — with his customary
    visceral hate for all ClubMed humanity.


  24. Just reading between the lines on this one a “5 year temporary grexit”, whatever will they attempt to pull out of the hat next.

    1. If Greece is pushed into this position what currency is it going to use? Got to be drachmas.
    2. So Greece for 5 years will be using drachmas again … puzzled but okies.
    3. In 5 years time for the Greeks would they not be be foolish to revert back to euros and find themselves in this same predicament once more? I think so.

    In fact for Greece this is kind of a nice but still painful option, they get to stay in the EU but revert to their own currency once more “just like the UK tried to join the EZ but had to withdraw” on black monday. Then along comes the Lisbon Treaty that would sign us into the EZ even though we now know as Greece is showing it has serious flaws for HUMANITIES CURRENT FAILED STYLE OF ECONOMY! Creating money out of nothing to balance budgets = government debt, dire in a 0 growth world that is just paying more for the same or even less.

    This issue, fundamental for all nations now yet we are deceived to preserve their truth and thew world that is good for them that is now THE OBSTACLE TO ECONOMIC ADVANCEMENT BY HUMANITY EVOLVING TO THE NEXT LEVEL, preferring war to hold us in this place forever.

    Good that and nobody cares.



    The main reason of Nuland’s visit to Greece is to prevent it from rapprochement with BRICS, and especially Russia. Greece is the NATO member state, and taking into account Washington discontent with Tsipras celebrating Victory Day on May, 9 in Moscow, it can be assumed, he may have a more tragic fortune than Kennedy had.
    They have already started demonizing Tsipras government and international creditor’s acts may be compared with those of terrorists, as Varoufakis did.

    This comment in Pravda seems to match the information you had from your East European source JW.
    I’ll just check the BBC to see what they have to say!!


  26. I know that Djieselbloem seems like a bad joke (cheese and an iffy hairdresser), and he is rightly treated so on this blog, but I find him very sinister. He seems to me to be an almost perfect reincarnation of Himmler; a physical coward and weakling, hiding a psychotic bully completely devoid of empathy.


  27. John . Happy Blog anni
    Have I got this wrong!
    Fritz is a little pissed off with having to pay southern Europe early retirement costs?
    The BBC is having to cough up some of our money to cover the cost of free TV for the aged?
    With the second item, I imagine someone has been left out of the goodies loop and is a bit pissed off too. Similar scenario to Septic Bladders activities I imagine.
    An area the BBC might like to look into ..Is the cost of outside consultants and the like also unfair dismissal costs and early retirement costs.
    With the first item: Do we not have a mind blowing unfunded government civil service pensions shortfall? Which dwarfs the Greek issue.


  28. Greetings Angie.

    Let me turn-on my hifi set.
    I have a German turntable, custom-made by Clearaudio, whose platter is a perfect replica of a wheelchair’s wheel (don’t ask, I was too drunk when I ordered it – I still cannot understand why).
    I’ll just spin the black circle ’cause it’s been a while since I’ve heard those songs.

    Alright then, I’m back.

    Hmmm, Objects in the Rear View Mirror:

    The first part (before the instrumental solo) has clear worrying undertones regarding SYRIZA, Greece and Tsipras himself (my emphasis):
    “…and there was so much Left to dream…”,
    “…They say he crashed and burned, I swear I’ll never learn, why any boy should die so young…”,
    “….There were endless winters and the dreams would freeze. Nowhere to hide and no leaves on the trees…”,
    “…And though the nightmares should be over, some of the terrors are still intact…”.

    The second part (after the instrumental solo), however, has got me perplexed:

    “…and SHE taught me everything I’ll ever know, about the mystery and the MUSCLE of love…” (WHAT GIVES?!?!?!?!)

    “…SHE used her body just like a bandage
    SHE used my body just like a WOUND
    I’ll probably never know where SHE disappeared,
    but I can see rising up out of the back seat now,
    just like an ANGELA rising out of a tomb…”.

    Several apocalyptic paintings of a certain Early Netherlandish Painter are haunting my mind right now.

    Song number two, Wolf at Your Door, sums-up perfectly the proceedings of last night’s and today’s Eurogroup meeting.
    Our reporter:

    “Two a.m. with the lost and the lonely

    {Wolfie, Goudahead & Stubb(orn)}:
    Work so hard to do what is right
    Believed in what you’re doin’,
    but so many fights
    Trusted too many, believed too much,
    workin’ your life to the bone

    (Euclid & Yanis):
    There’s a wolf at your door,
    he wants your money, wants your soul
    A wolf at your door, you give it all, he wants more
    There’s a wolf at your door,
    he says he’s playin’ for keeps
    Breathin’ down your neck, boy
    it’s sure hard to sleep

    With a wolf at your door

    They’ll take it away, when you’re not lookin’
    Look you in the eyes, tell you how good they’re doin’
    Smiles on their faces, are lies to keep you from knowin’
    You’re not guilty, you are the victim,
    but you still pay for the crime
    Don’t look for trouble, it’ll always find you in time

    {Wolfie, Goudahead & Stubb(orn)}:
    Work so hard to do what is right
    Believed in what you’re doin’,
    but so many fights
    Trusted too many, relieved too much,
    workin’ your life to the bone

    (Euclid & Yanis):
    There’s a wolf at your door,
    he says he’s playin’ for keeps
    Breathin’ down your neck, boy
    it’s sure hard to sleep

    With a wolf at your door

    It won’t be broken, I’ll fight ’til I drop,
    blood burnin’ hot in my veins

    But they won’t be satisfied until they take everything

    (Samarass, Veryzealous, Fofi, Stavros, Meimarakis, Adonis, Voridis, Tzimeros and others in CHORUS):



  29. Top respect Phaed. You realy can drill down to a song lyric .

    As for the confusion . Surely you know what the love muscle is dearie (?)

    As for using her body like a bandage and Alexis’ body like a wound . Well… Angie patches him up as he has been beasted by The Troika thus playing the part of the ostensible Good Samaritan. What she does not tell him is that she is infected with austerity virus .

    The rest you read perfectly correctly .

    If you have the odd working day to spare put the headphones on and listen to all the Meatloaf body of work free on Spotify . Forget the recording cartridges or whatever it is you re still using .


  30. As John has pointed out before, there was never going to be a deal, each time the Greek government went with a proposal it was deemed to require ‘a bit more work’, when they looked like they were flagging they were told ‘it is nearly ok’, ‘just a bit more work’.

    I think Varoufakis and Tsipras knew this and had the referendum to bring things to a head.

    They are going through the motions because the Greek people want to stay in both the EZ and EU.

    Ultimately it will be seen that the Germans are calling all the shots and the Germans will be held responsible for the breakup of the whole EZ/EU project if Greece is forced to leave.

    Everybody knows that even with the best will in the world the debt cannot not be repaid.

    No mechanism for leaving or eviction was built in, the Germans would have to create it.

    Even the Germans know that none of the other members would allow that because it could/would be used against them.

    The choice is ‘one out – all out’ or ‘Federal Superstate’

    Only the second option is achievable but cannot be sold to the Northerners at the moment.

    I expect that ‘events’ will occur in the near future that make option 2 not only achievable but desirable. (perhaps that has been the plan all along)


  31. @ Angie

    Rest assured, dear, that it is not the meaning, or even, the etymology of the term “muscle of love” that eludes me.

    The actual line is: “and SHE taught me everything I’ll ever know, about the mystery and the MUSCLE of love”.

    I am at a loss at to the pedagogic approach and actual teaching methodology applied to initiate the happless lad to the mysteries and the (possible functionings?) of the said muscle.
    If we factor-in the infamous teutonic discipline, the attention to detail, the plethora of available (strap-on) tools (with or without battery operation) I dread to think of even a single at Angela’s “Liebe Schule”.


  32. It ought to say: I dread to think of even a single day at Angela’s “Liebe Schule”.

    I think I’ll stick to my record collection that I managed to (painstakingly) collect back in the days when Greece was a “strong economy”.


  33. 777 is the number of a great airplane that I used to fly. I believe it was made in Seattle but perhaps I was mistaken and it was built in Telive? I think you need to check this out too.


  34. Well, Hb, you little rascal, it’s not what I heard from some “friends of mine” in Athens.

    That trendy Bistrot just off Kolonaki square isn’t exactly a “nice little taverna”, is it?
    OK, you were indeed making small talk about human rights and radical left politics just to break the ice. I give you that!
    However, I’ve been informed that after the intake of a significant number of Submarine Shots (i.e. a shot of ouzo submerged in a larger glassfull of retsina) in an attempt to sufficiently lubricate the sticky parts of your cognitive apparatus your converstation started to drift towards “unchartered waters”.
    Although the various accounts by witnesses differ significantly, I managed to put this together:
    First, you engaged in a mildly heated debate about the impact of Early Netherlandish painting on the modern-day truthspeak.
    Then, with the heat rising, you proceeded to briefly argue about the validity of the Subject-Object Metaphysics from the critical viewpoint of the Metaphysics of Quality. Rumours that in the heat of the moment you were heard to shout “Plato, that reactionary swine” have yet to be confirmed .
    The setting itself did not provide the neccesary “calm waters” to ease the tention: Benny the “Fatso” Veryzealous was quietly eating his table (having finished with the food, the plates and cuttlery), Alexis was sitting with Yanis at another table playing chicken (Yanis blinked first), and then Stavros entered axactly when you two were at the peak of a very heated argument on a minor footnote from “The Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play” by Frank Zappa.
    I think that the appearance of Stavros was the necessary but not the sufficient condition for the cataclysmic explosion that ensued.
    However, you standing up on the table and reciting, verbatim, a whole page from Finnegan’s Wake, with a gusto that would put to shame most, if not all, of the surviving members of the C.R.A.F.T. Club was the sufficient condition.
    After that, Zoi in a state of sacred fury kicked Stavros’s μέζεα mercilessly until he was crying like a little bitch, stuffed a whole Proscutoed Pig’s Leg in Benny’s throat and started moving menacingly towards Alexis’s table shouting indecipherable insults in the spirit of “You lousy revisionist coward etc.etc.) before proceeding with some very rude things about medieval Dutch art and a particular Flemish Primitive.
    It’s trully fortunate that you escaped and lived to tell the tale.
    From now on the Grand Prize of any Quiz will never have associations with extreme sports.


  35. OMG, you must have somehow accessed the files at the Central Scrutiniser, I’ve no idea how you managed to do that! But it’s lies, all lies I tell you. Anyway, it wasn’t Finnegan’s Wake, it was The Third Policeman.. I’ll never try to mix ontology, politics and having a good time again. Things could have been so very different if Vicky Papadopoulou hadn’t chickened out (sighs)… our relationship would have almost certainly gone far beyond the kind of love described by that reactionary swine.
    P.S. Yanis only blinked because Alexis jabbed him in the leg with his dessert fork under the table.


  36. @Hb
    “The vinyl solution?”

    Pure Zen Poetry!

    I’ve got some intel about wthat actually transpired between you and Zoi the other night.

    Have a look above if you dare!


  37. This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER…it is my responsibility to enforce all the laws that haven’t been passed yet. It is also my responsibility to alert each and every one of you to the potential consequences of various ordinary everyday activities you might be performing which could eventually lead to *The Death Penalty* (or affect your parents’ credit rating). Our criminal institutions are full of little creeps like you who do wrong things…and many of them were driven to these crimes by a horrible force called MUSIC!
    Our studies have shown that this horrible force is so dangerous to society at large that laws are being drawn up at this very moment to stop it forever! Cruel and inhuman punishments are being carefully described in tiny paragraphs so they won’t conflict with the Constitution (which, itself, is being modified in order to accommodate THE FUTURE). (FZ/ Joe’s Garage)

    Déjà vu? (No, not Crosby, Stills..)


  38. Maybe debt relief for Greece would be more serious for German banks than they are letting on. If there is a default maybe 50bn of Greek state assets to collateralise would be enough to keep them afloat.


  39. @KJH – that is a chilling development and something we should all be trying to do something about rather than exchange flippancies. It is frighteningly reminiscent of pre-war Nazi Germany. Who will now dare speak out on this particular issue? And what threats were whispered to whoever at the W. Highland “Free” (!!!) Press had the power to sack the man who helped found it??
    This whole scenario is becoming very alarming.


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