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Rumours of Syriza/To Potami talks

Greek Parliamentary sources confirmed to The Slog within the last hour that it is now “almost certain” Alexis Tsipras has lost the support of circa 8 Syriza & 3 ANEL Coalition MPs. But the general view is that the new Greek proposals delivered to Troika2 will pass easily, given they mostly concur with mainstream Opposition sentiment.

However, if one looks at the composition by seats of the Athens assembly, even if one discounts electoral sentiment beyond that building (and the OXI rally tonight was pretty limp) the Greek PM is storing up problems for the future.

Doing the maths on the support share-out by seats, one must accept that Syriza no longer has a technical majority upon which it can rely. Tonight, it has 141 seats out of 300. It’s therefore not surprising that rumours of discussions between Tsipras and To Potami leaders continue to circulate.

For many commentators – including this one – that’s the thin end of the wedge: the start, in fact, of régime change by the back door.

There’s been a great deal of apologism flying about in the pro-Syriza media ranks today. I don’t buy it on the whole.

Stay tuned.

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