BREAKING…..Schauble approves emoticon manual for responding to Athens debt proposals

In an unprecedented outbreak of democratic choice this afternoon, Überstürmbanngeldführerfiskalunion Wolfgang Upongreeks issued the following guide to to his Schaublettis fellow eurogroupe Finmins as a means of speeding up progress towards Grexit:

0 there is nothing new in this proposal

<0 this is how much we’re going to compromise

‰ your last proposal lacked content

°°°° but it was better than the one before

∩∩ insert latest proposal here

¦ – { (  Mr Dijsselbleom has grown a moustache while waiting for a serious proposal from you

Θ θ / ~ ~  Heads we win, tails you lose

∃¦: – (  Uneasy is the head that wears the crown, Mr Tsipras

BÞ  We suggest you sit on the John while reading our response

¿~~~~ & <<ω⇒⇒ Signor Draghi thinks your forecasts are all piss & wind

√   Something you will never get from us

⊥⊥⊥⊥⊥⊥⊥  This is your bed of nails, now lie in it & shut up

→ ⇓  We have decided this is your economic future. Don’t argue

± †  Whichever way you cut it, we’re gonna crucify you

Sieg Schäuble!

29 thoughts on “BREAKING…..Schauble approves emoticon manual for responding to Athens debt proposals

  1. Keynesian economics includes three magic words,’Let us assume’.In this instance, one day Greece will repay . It cannot, neither now nor in the future. Somebody tell Merkel..


  2. I suspect she knows. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care. She has her vassal state back on the leash. The Empire expands.
    “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” … I’d better cut along to Ingsoc for a bit of re-education :-)


  3. The pictures of Greek pensioners jostling for position in the heat to extract their pittances is the exact German objective. By providing a nightmare scenario to the rest of the clubmeds they will now fall in line.

    The individual misery and hardship is of no concern to Merkel and her EuroKorps, she now has her pictures in the can and Greece can now be allowed once more to limp on until the next time they are needed to be made an example of.


  4. Why is Tsipras offering a deal against which he advised his people to vote ‘No’? Genuine question. Anyone ideas?


  5. It is simple, he has run out of bargaining chips. Remember Tsipras is pro EU and wants to remain in the Euro.. Varoufakis was the REAL hardliner and actually understood the fiat ponzi game and its inherent unfairness. Varoufakis was fully prepared to take Greece out of the Euro, I don’t think Tsipras was and hence without that nuclear option, he had no leverage.

    Look who is still in government, and who resigned…

    Tsipras was told to get rid of Varoufakis as the truth is not allowed into EU negotiations.


  6. Obama/Nuland has/have told Germany and Greece that Greece WILL stay in the Eurozone. Washington does NOT want any hope of Greece and Russia forming some form of deal.



  7. It is all so sad; I can imagine King Leonidas looking at the might of the Persian army, then back at his pitifully few warriors … and then saying, “Weeeeell – old Darius isn’t so bad … and Xerxes’ heart is in the right place, surely? And I know I said we’d fight to the last drop of blood and all that, and you chaps with your unstinting support have been a real tonic, I must say. But, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, we have to be realistic you see. They only want our OAPs to work down the mines until they’re 80, that’s not much to ask, is it? And I know that their plans to enslave our young in perpetual servitude seems a bit OTT but…” (here he shifts uncomfortably as the bag of silver hidden about his person threatens to fall to the ground).

    I can’t go on; it is, as I say, all so bloody sad.


  8. In my opinion Impoverished Psychologist has hit it on the head. Unfortunately Tspiras is not the Saviour, he is just another politician. I am also wondering how this hypocrite can now go back to his party and his people and demand that they support a worse deal than he ostensibly rejected? Whoops, I temporarily forgot that he is just another politician.


  9. Jackie
    Just one: a source in Eastern Europe told me last night that Tsipras has been advised by Athens securty services of a well-advanced plot to kill him.
    Otherwise, nope. The media are full of apologaeia, but my view is that Syriza screwed up, period.


  10. Surely, it was all predictable from the beginning, wasn’t it? We knew Tsipras wanted to stay in the Club, as did the Greeks by a large majority, it was just a question of how long they could spin this out before capitulation, delusionally expecting concessions from the big three, whereas the boot has always been on the other foot. Some of us may have also been deluded in hoping this crisis might signal the beginning of the end of the EU tyranny ……


  11. Tsipras and Varoufakis combine arrogance with stupidity. The arrogance comes in believing that the rest of the EU needs Greece. The stupidity came in publicly ruling out Grexit and then challenging the rest of the Eurozone to call their bluff when everyone knew how weak the Greek hand was.


  12. I think you are wrong, Tsipras has a very strong hand but is unable to play it for the reasons that JW states, the assassins bullet has his name on it. With Putin and the Chinese prepared to help Greece, it threatened the US’s geopolitical aims and NATO, it was never going to be allowed to leave and align itself with either Russia or China or both.


  13. This is totally sickening. I attended a communist rally before the memorandumand thespeaker did warn that this is how it would turn out, The communists warn that the US and EU together want to turn Greeceinto the front kine for the war on ISIS. They may be right there too. By the way, Varoufakis has sent Tsakalotos a letter of support, but won’t be voting in parliament for “family reasons”, I hope that someone takes this to Greece’s supreme court–shouldn’t it be ilegal to call a referendum and ignore the result (especially when you have campaigneed for just that result?


  14. Varoufakis does not seem to act with either arrogance or stupidity. But again, he may not be a target now that he is but an MP.


  15. Too cross to spell properly! In line 1 read “referendum and” for “memorandumand”. In line 2, read “line” for “kine” Sorry!


  16. As kfc says “There is so much more to this than we are privy to. We don’t know the half of it”.

    But… I still feel utterly sickened by the outcome. The betrayal of the people of Greece is totally unacceptable. Tsipras should at least have the balls to resign over this. In the early days I actually believed the “brave young prime-minister” talk. Turns out he’s just another pawn of the EU/Banksters… A euro slave!


  17. I must applaud the threaders as this has been a good quality debate and well worth the read.

    It all looks a bit like 1914, as the world pivots around a smaller and smaller fulcrum with the forces on each side getting more powerful and the stakes increasing with each passing day.

    Tsipras I think realises that he has become the fulcrum and the pressure is showing, accounting for his doom laden expression in the EU parliament chamber.


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