Hurrah for Frances Coppola, who has once again today told me something I didn’t know:

‘The issuer of the Euro is, of course, the ECB. It decides how much money each of the member states can have. This is not unique to Greece: money creation in all the member states is limited by the ECB. So we have supposedly sovereign states allowing their money supply to be determined by an unelected supranational body that is above the law and accountable to nobody… No other currency union central bank on earth does this.’

To be sung to the refrain of The British Grenadier.

Some talk of Geli Merkel/ and some of Dijesslbleom/of Wolfie Schäuble’s wheelchair/and some of Juncker’s plume/ but of all the world’s dictators/there’s one we can foresee/ he’s the Goldman mole with a debt Black Hole/it’s Mario Draghi.

I think Frances should lead the chorus on this one.

Goodnight Greeks. Tomorrow, vote OXI early and often.

;-)) x