GIVING A FALSE IMPRESSION: Jeremy Hunt, the Eurogroupe, Nigel Farage and Dermot O’Leary – which is the odd one out?

The discreet nastiness of the Four We See

It may well be that Jeremy Rhyminge-Slange equates dangerous radicalism with youth. In which case, he is decisively mistaken:

huntstrangerI am lonely, elderly, and stranger than most. I would also like very much to be invited into Huntstruck Towers, as I have some urgent questions to ask Mr Seeyernex-Tuesdaye on the subject of J J Lewis and his recreationally focused daughter whom, I understand, was at one time a habituée of the notorious Groucho Club.

Beyond that, however, my lips are sealed….sealed, I tell you.

One thing very biased towards young people without a job/home/enough to eat in Greece is the answer ‘NO’ to the acceptance or not referendum this Sunday. But here too, one would be wrong to see this determination as restricted to The Left or the infantile. Published last night in Athens: first poll on sectors of Greek society saying YES to slavery or NO to bullying:

novotegreeceAs you can see, pretty much everyone is voting NO. The most worried are the public sector pen-pushers about to take a pension (imagine that) and the only pro-YES groups are…Nia Demokratia and PASOK loyalists. Together, they account for 1 in 5 Greeks.

Sadly, Nigel Farage couldn’t be there. He’s been uncharacteristically inconspicuous of late, evading any attempt to call out the Eurogroupe’s illegal session without a Greek representative, and not saying much at Westminster on account of not having won a seat, again. Being a Square Mile sort of chap, The Slog suspects that Hairgel approves of beating the Greeks to a pulp so his bondholding vulture mates could waltz off with a fat profit haircut.

But yesterday, the Daily Torynaff was looking for Farrago’s saving graces, and thus came up with this:


Nigel Farage is the leader of a Party for whom 12.9% voted last May in the UK general election. His main raison d’être is to argue for withdrawal from the European Union. So it comes as something of a bolt from the blue to me that Mr F might be ‘often right’ about EU failings. The Barclaygraph’s assertion is not so much damning with faint praise as dismissing with faux irony. A little juxtaposition of the point could’ve produced an infinitely more debate-worthy headline:

Far Right ‘often rage’ about European Union failings

Nige calls UKip the People’s Party, but of course it isn’t: rather, it’s a sort of gauche Right-of-Boris ‘leave the City alone’ Party because the Leader dislikes the idea of regulation from Brussels-am-Berlin. Farrago indeed does rage about the barminess of the EU (he’s nearly always right, if the truth be told) but his air de golf-club, beery pint-raising and silly grin drags UKip inexorably towards the Cavalry Twill Junta brigade. This is a shame because the Party as a whole is not like them. Too many of its candidates are, but the activists aren’t.

And finally, Dermot O’Leary, the personality-free ‘presenter’ of the now ageing UK telly talent contest The X Factor. The only X needed in relation to this show is excommunication, in that it feeds the fame disease from which much of the Western World suffers. Dermot thus slots perfectly into the role of host thanks to the format’s unoriginality, crowd wisdom and utterly counterfeit nature.

But he’s a loyal lad is our Derm. He won’t have a word said against the show, and this is why:

olearywankThe other way to put this, of course, is ‘Young airhead silenced by bribe’, but either way, Mr O’Bleary wins this odd one out contest hands down – being the only one prepared to put his hands up and say it’s all about getting your hands on the munneeee.

Personally, I’ll never say anything bad about the NHS because it cured my daughter. On the other hand, I will say anything bad about the NHS every time I meet an agency nurse with about as much caring capacity or bedside manner as a hornet. And I will never say anything good about HSBC if the Chair of the BBC Governors pays me to do so. I’ll say everything bad I can about ‘PR’ agency Bell Pottinger because they’ve made Winston Smith’s Ministry of Truth more nightmarish than anything George Orwell imagined.

So you see, Dermot O’Logical is the odd one out: all four are lying, self-obsessed sheisters, but X-Factor Man is the only one who both knows it, and admits it.

Onwards and upwards…

Yesterday at The Slog: the broader perspective on Greece, the EU and the Universe

23 thoughts on “GIVING A FALSE IMPRESSION: Jeremy Hunt, the Eurogroupe, Nigel Farage and Dermot O’Leary – which is the odd one out?

  1. Coming clean (?) before the world, the always Fascist Vatican hops into bed with the Globalist Fascists & joins the global warming/climate change scam “for the environment”.

    The Pope’s in-house science adviser, Sorondo, is an ardent Commie.

    His lay science adviser, Schellenhuber, wants 6 BILLION people eliminated.

    “O brave New World, that hath such people in it”.


  2. John ,the nhs that your generation and mine knew is rapidly disappearing. The corporates are poised to get their hands on those lucrative govt contracts . Then watch it all go to sh1t


  3. Saying that the carrying capacity of the earth is around 1 billion (in his opinion) is not the same as wanting 6 billion people eliminated. You are putting words in Schellenhuber’s mouth that he did not say. If I were a lawyer, I would know if you (JD) had just slandered or libelled him… either way, unless you can find definitive proof that Schellenhuber has stated what you says he states, I suggest you retract your statement.


  4. That could be a hard sell for Catholics. Maybe they should ask a lonely, elderly and strange ex-marketing man to help them! Always expect the unexpected. It’s not Winston Smith you need to worry about, it’s Monty Python.


  5. Well, may be the Pope should do the decent and honourable thing and enter the gas chambers first. You know, show a bit of leadership?

    As my mate Tony would say….’It’s the right thing to do’.


  6. “Sadly, Nigel Farage couldn’t be there. He’s been uncharacteristically inconspicuous of late.”
    Gone fishin’.
    (Deep-sea fishin’ in fact.)


  7. That sits well with the Vatican’s views on contraception. Nothing like religion to allow one to hold two mutually contradictory beliefs.


  8. Lord Monckton’s amusing account of how the Swiss Guard, The Vatican Press Officer & Monsignor Sorondo tried to exclude him alongside a serious appraisal of the Church joining the UN think tank, The Club of Rome plan for “sustainable Development”, their euphemism for a vast depopulation.


  9. Precisely, Ruxley OAP. Never in this lifetime did I think this was possible.
    Though my RC priest uncle was the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met,
    I never dreamed the whole Church could perform such an about face.
    We live in the most interesting times.


  10. Enough of the self-loathing already…
    About to become elderly maybe
    but not lonely and strange!
    You have an extended family, both real and virtual
    and many fans, begrudgers people you simply irritate or amuse…
    Don’t worry, this extreme weather will end soon.
    Keep up the wonderful ATEOTD columns


  11. Having witnessed the global population treble just over my lifetime, I would certainly accept that there are more than five billion humans too many – which is at the root of most problems today.


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