GREECE BREAKING: Juncker fluncker rejects ‘pen mightier than sword’ in favour of ‘fraud mightier than Zen’

“Right is clearly on our side” said petit Jean-Claude Juncker,

as everybody wondered if the President was drunker

than twenty skunks and sniffing punks

who knew that they were sunker

than Adolf Hitler trapped inside

his Chancellery bunker.

For neutral confirmation of this view, follow this link:

14 thoughts on “GREECE BREAKING: Juncker fluncker rejects ‘pen mightier than sword’ in favour of ‘fraud mightier than Zen’

  1. I think it’s more like BREAKING GREECE and I think the poor people are about to be broken by their own vote. They are like people desperate to be granted membership to a country club that clearly doesn’t want them in it. The Greek identity seems bound to the Euro club and this membership has cost them dearly.


  2. The day the euro died…… Might by some be regarded as ‘a good start’ !

    I just hope that the Greek people don’t back down and hand their future to the ‘generals’ of the EU but the fear factory has not flooded the market with its toys yet.


  3. And if you casn’t be bothered to read the whole Frances Coppola’s article these be the CRUNCH paras:

    “the…fault lies on the creditor side. The fact is that the existing program has abjectly failed to meet its objectives: it has caused a depression in Greece of a similar order to that in the US in the 1930s, while failing to deliver either debt sustainability or renewed competitiveness. Yet the creditors have steadfastly resisted significant changes: in particular, despite the attempts by both Greece and the IMF to put debt restructuring on the agenda, the EU has refused even to consider it. The IMF, too, has displayed considerable intransigence: the Greek side actually walked out over the IMF’s insistence on pension cuts and VAT rises.
    And there can now be no winners. While Greece remained depressed but compliant, the EU masters could pretend that Euro membership would eventually deliver the promised prosperity. But now, even if Greece by some miracle remains in the Euro, its relationship with the rest of the Eurozone is fundamentally changed.

    Freezing ELA means that Greece can now only regard itself as a “user” of the Euro rather than a full member of the currency union. There is no legal means for countries to leave the Euro, but it seems that they can be frozen out. This should not be seen as similar to the Cyprus situation: liquidity in Cyprus was restricted because its banks were insolvent. Greece’s banks are not insolvent (yet). The ECB’s statement makes no mention of bank solvency: the liquidity freeze responds to the failure of the talks and the decision by the Greek government to call a referendum. The freeze is therefore an overtly political move. The independence of the ECB has been shattered.

    The “irrevocability” of the Euro is no longer credible. Using liquidity restriction to force a country to introduce capital controls is tantamount to suspending its Euro membership. So the sovereign debt of other distressed Eurozone countries will now carry a risk premium because of the possibility of membership suspension. Yields on other periphery bonds have already risen sharply, and although they will probably settle as the initial shock wears off, it seems unlikely that they will return to their previous low level.

    The Euro can no longer be regarded as a “single currency”. It has been revealed for what it really is, a system of hard currency pegs between 19 – or perhaps now 18 – sovereign countries. And a system of hard currency pegs is fragile. The risk that the Eurozone will unravel is substantially increased.

    As Manfred Weber, chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, said, “The Eurozone is no longer the same after the events of the past few days”.

    History will regard Sunday June 28th, 2015, as the day the Euro died.”



  4. Recent exploration has found oodles of gas and oil off-shore Greece.
    Greece has assets far exceeding its debts.
    Their money-lenders wish to acquire these at rock-bottom prices, so they demand that another bridging loan comes with the condition that these should be sold to developers.
    Among the major interested parties are Noble Oil, an American company whose lobbyist in Washington is Bill Clinton.


  5. In reading Coppola’s writing for Forbes; Isn’t it refreshing that fascists bearing gifts always spoil the surprise of whats in the box?


  6. The gene pool for the American Presidency is so shallow that I fear for the country. Bush or Clinton? Both are controlled by the puppet masters.


  7. This is what is going to be on the ballot according to the BBC

    “Should the agreement plan submitted by the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to the June 25 eurogroup and consisting of two parts, which form their single proposal, be accepted? The first document is titled “Reforms for the completion of the Current Program and Beyond” and the second “Preliminary Debt sustainability Analysis.”
    “Not approved/NO


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