At the End of the Day

Having fully recovered from first firing himself and then rehiring himself as UKip ‘leader’, Mr Hairgel Mirage MEP has been pontificating again in his usual spot atop the compost heap formerly known as the Daily Express….a newspaper owned by Lord Desmond of Soho via his media conglomerate Omnitits. For a clubbable chap allegedly supportive of The Little Man, Mirage was extremely lite on the subject of how Athens is being rogered up the tradesman’s entrance by a bunch of neolib thugs who equate reform with lower taxes for business, and lower pensions for the vulnerable. This is of course easily explained by the fact that he hates the EU’s preoccupation with regulating headcase bankers, but also supports the idea of people being bludgeoned into paying off debts that were nothing to do with them in the first place.

It’s a conundrum for Nige, which he skirts around by observing that nobody knows what to do and the EU is split north and south and aren’t foreigners funny haw-haw.

One thing about Nigel Fartarse we can accept, however, is that he is unlikely ever to sport skinny-fit jeans. And it’s a good thing for him he doesn’t I can tell you, because the Safety Goblins have decreed that skinnyfits are dangerous and can result in Comportment Syndrome.

They’ve reached this scientific conclusion on the basis of 1 (one) woman who crouched while wearing this fashion form for several hours….for she was engaged in cleaning out her kitchen cupboards. We aren’t told what comportment syndrome is as such, but it sounds to me like some kind of Quasimodo stance problem where protruding eyeballs stare in opposing directions and legs are unable to straighten. The sufferer is eventually condemned to live above Notre Dame Cathedral, swinging on the bells while yelling, “It’s the skinny fits you know, I’m a martyr to my knees”.

This is the Best of the Web according to today’s Daily Mail:

Enjoy the weekend.

24 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. “…The sufferer is eventually condemned to live above Notre Dame Cathedral, swinging on the bells while yelling, “It’s the skinny fits you know, I’m a martyr to my knees”….”

    I’ve just spluttered ALL over my keyboard, Monsieur, so, I ope you iz appy! :0) x


  2. The Daily Mail is shit, but it’s a polished turd. Their website is one of the world’s most viewed.
    The linked article about airports was revealing as it seems they exploit the fact that waiting passengers spend money, and there was me thinking that the ‘turn up two hours before departure’ was about processing time and security!


  3. Cryporchidism from 1960’s tight pants, now starting to drop back into style. Comportment in the compartment si vous plais.


  4. Sad fact is millions of jobs done by us will be gone in the very near future, done better, faster, and much cheaper by corporations using computers and running specific advanced algorithms.


  5. To be fair – the daily mail is an excellent barometer of public opinion on any subject – so we would not want to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. I’m not talking about the editorial, but the comments from the public. The daily express gets an undeserved kicking because it is one of the few publications anywhere that knows the difference between fact and fiction and has the backbone to say what it thinks. For example, it asks why the many thousands of drifting good for nothing immigrants have to come our way, instead of building up their own infrastructure through sheer hard work, or why they cannot find the hormones to fight their dictator to the death, but have to impregnate their wives with endless streams of seed producing another generation of ignorant idle do noughts.


  6. @Uncle Rob. I really hope the above is black humour, but just on the off-chance that your are serious “… instead of building up their own infrastructure through sheer hard work, or why they cannot find the hormones to fight their dictator to the death…” Really? The British people apparently don’t even have the brains or cojones to oppose the banker-led oligarchy in the U.K. Indeed enough actually vote for for the bankers’ stooges that they get a majority government! I wonder how many of those that you lambast for not “building up their own infrastructure” hail from locations like Libya or Syria where an enviable infrastructure built up over decades has been subjected to the loving touch of the NATO/ISIS/Neocon M.I.C. It is so easy to blame the helpless victim of the crime rather than confront the more powerful perpetrators. Yes of course it will be the ordinary people of the U.K. that suffer from immigration but if anything, the people of the U.K. should shoulder far more responsibility than the immigrants themselves. At least our government pretends to reflect public opinion, yet the majority of the public continues to believe the lies of the oligarchs and continue to elect their puppets time after time. Rob, I realise that you need an outlet for your frustrated bile, but please do try to direct it towards the correct targets. Divide and conquer is a game the elites know only too well, and although I have not read it recently, the Daily Express was always one of their favourite tools for keeping the minds of the masses where they want them.


  7. Excellent reply to Rob…

    I wonder how many Brits had knowledge of Libya’s excellent infrastructure and education system before its populace was bombed into freedom and democracy by Dave and his NATO mates..


  8. My thoughts exactly HB! (Actually just now I am trying to find the lowest cost option to travel more than 800 Km in order to vote: NO!).
    However there are two quite interesting statements from the two “adults” (according to Fifi the Moucher) or the “responsible” and preferential partners (according to Dr. Strangelove and his Nazi stooges):
    a) Antonis (the neonazi) Samarass (former Greek prime Minister): “Will you legitimise this abnormity?” – a question to the President of the Hellenic Republic where abnormity is the referendum.
    b) Evangelos (the traitor) Veryzealous: In numerous delirious tweets he (a university professor specializing in Constitutional Law!) calls the referendum a coup d’etat.
    No further comments about these two of the most prominent scum-mongers of the disgusting and decadent Greek elites.


  9. @Phaedrus. Germany has form when it comes to the use of quislings. The overt land-grab is (even more) messy and impossible to conceal; the mind-grab, on the other hand, is the modern method and appears to offer an attractive solution to those who measure their lives in terms of power and wealth. That such hubristic ambition should turn to dust in Greece would be a delightful symmetry: let us hope and pray that the people find a voice and shout their disgust from the rooftops, thus breaking the hypnotic spell of the necromancers and their nihilistic project. Good luck with finding affordable transport!


  10. Well said, Canexpat. Let’s not any of us cooperate in Govt/MSM attempts to pave the road to WW III by building the anti-Muslim hate. We are the invaders creating the refugees.


  11. I voted for Mr Mirage, first time in 12 years, since Iraq invasion.
    Is he the real deal, or has he been captured by the Banksters?
    Who knows?

    My attitude is best summed up by an image I saw recently:
    Snake emerging from river, fish in its jaws.
    MSM reports:
    “Brave snake saves fish from drowning.”


    The Headline is completely misleading.

    Real news: 250 PLANNED wind farms MAY be axed.
    Wind farms are being moved offshore, where maintenance will be insanely expensive,
    but where there’s no voters to object.
    Subsidies for “renewables”, now £4 billion pa, are already AGREED to rise to £8 billion pa by 2020.
    Read the article, & Dr Benny Peiser of the gwpf.

    Solar & Wind are schemes to rob the small taxpayer & enrich politicians & corporations in our now Fascist country.


  12. Failedevolution please explain what exactly the Greeks are voting on? As far as I know nothing had been agreed to. Is a vote yes, a vote to take any conditions the EU decides to impose?

    Vote Yes………and find out what is behind the curtain……..OR

    Vote No……….and leave the EU

    Some choice


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