FOR THOSE WHO STILL CARE: All we are saying is give Greece a chance


With the Eurogoupe now openly plotting with Greek opposition Parties in Brussels, The Slog makes an appeal for the Syriza case to be widely understood through the medium of mass-appeal music.

Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
Draghiism, Sadism, Friedmanism, EU schism,
Dijesslbleom, Hellenic doom, in the loop, eurogroupe,
To Potami, origami, wherefuckarewe
All we are saying is give Greece a chance
All we are saying is give Greece a chance
Ev’rybody’s talkin’ ’bout
Bailin, Putin, Berlin, big bets, bad debts, Wall Street,
clay feet, dead meat, false tweet, accusation, masturbation, deprivation, kill a nation –
All we are saying is give Greece a chance
All we are saying is give Greece a chance

30 thoughts on “FOR THOSE WHO STILL CARE: All we are saying is give Greece a chance

  1. Brilliant! I believe there’s a slot or two still available at Glastonbury if you’ve little else to do this weekend!


  2. Give Greece a chance?? Really John? For starters, the premise that an appeal based on reason or empathy or even genuine togetherness would have any effect on the psychopaths who are deliberately engineering this tragedy is a tad naive.

    Secondly, the intent is not to build a constructive agreement, that benefits Greece or the Greek people, because that also benefits Syriza politically, and the likes of Schauble or Dissel-fool know if Greece ends up with a favourable deal, or even a deal that doesn’t involve a Greek national humiliation, then they fear that could put wind in the sails of the likes of Podemos in Spain or Sinn Fein here in Ireland. The entire idea is to cause as much suffering to the Greek populace as they think they will get away with.. A humiliated and broken Syriza could be a fatal wound for other genuine anti-austerity political movements within the EZ.

    Just look at the actions of the traitor that is our own minister for finance here in Ireland, the craven coward that is Micheal Noonan. Having wailed with derision from the sidelines when in opposition, against the previous administration’s capitulation to the ECB and the European Commission as they fired the final torpedo into the hull of our damaged economy finally sinking Ireland Inc in 2010, by forcing us into a bailout which in reality only rescued Eueopean banks, this piece of detritus then takes up the baton from the last administration, and carried on exactly the same policies. Were you to look at the political and financial decisions made by Irish governments between 2007 and the present with regards to Ireland’s subservience to Europe, without being made aware of the fact that one party was destroyed in an election in 2011 and replaced by a coalition that had promised to fight Ireland’s cause (Google Eamonn Gilmore: “Labour’s way or Frankfurts way”, and examine what he was saying then and what he did in office subsequently) you would never be able to tell that Ireland had had that change of administration. And further, Noonan has been one of the most vocal in arguing against debt writedowns for overly indebted nations like Spain and Greece and IRELAND. Recently, it may have been last year, the was talk of a Debt conference between the EZ PIIGs nations, the idea that heavily indebted nations could discuss the legality of the debt, come up with a unified set of proposals, and then act as a unified bloc against Merkel, Schaubel, Draghi and the rest of the austerity lunatics, guess who killed off the idea of the debt conference? Yep, Micheal Noonan.

    Noonan was also one of loudest critics of recent ELA support for Greece, in other words, he’s doing the talking for Merkel and Schauble in cranking up the pressuie on Tsipiras. You’d think the Irish government would be siding with Greece on this one:

    But that’s not how psychopaths operate.


  3. Good one, John.
    Don’t know Yoko but all of are only 6 handshakes away.
    I’ll pass it on to a few who may.
    BTW – thanks, I now have it ringing as an earworm, curse you.


  4. To put Greece into context, since 9/11/2001, Afghanistan has been bombed, invaded,subject to a 14 year occupation, become the world’s largest supplier of heroin poppy because chief negotiator Kharzai couldn’t beat the Taliban down enough on an oil pipeline.
    Iraq has been bombed, invaded & split into 3 warring factions, Sunni, Shia & Kurd because Saddam Hussein was selling his oil in Euros.
    Libya has been bombed, invaded & split into warring factions because Gahddafi wanted to sell his oil in gold Dinar.
    Syria has been bombed, invaded & attacked by US proxy armies, Al-Qaeda & ISIS in all their alphabet soup aliases.
    Saudi has been slung against Yemen for deposing their Washington puppet head of state.
    The EU has been slung against Russia via sanctions, which hurt the EU populace, but not their puppet political muppets.
    Ukraine has had a $5 billion coup installing a Neo-Nazi Washington puppet, intent on the genocide of the Russian speaking SE & Crimea. Poroshenko has been told casualties do not matter because life is cheap.

    I won’t mention the 1953 coup in Iran, or the 1973 coup in Chile, also on 9/11, oops I did so.
    UN Agenda 21 rolls on: destroy nations & populations & drag us forward to a jolly feudal future.

    Greece is being destroyed financially, by the banksters & hedge funds: financial warfare.
    There’s more than one way of skinning that Globalist cat.

    John Doran.


  5. @jdseanjd
    Too true, especially 1953, and the fact wikileaks mentioned the fact that Saudi wanted the US to nuke Iran. Then we say “we don’t understand why Iran wants a nuke?”
    Plus we no longer teach modern history to youngsters, why not? It might make them wake up and think?


  6. Of course they are taught modern history – it is structured in two compulsory streams, ‘Holocaust Bad’ and ‘EU Wonderful’, repeated frequently throughout their time in school.
    What more do the malleable little darlings (soon to be voters) need to know?


  7. The situation is so bad precisely because it is so bad. The entire power structure of the western world is behind this mad agenda. and that is why no effective opposition exists.


  8. Who knows, maybe the last track on this album is ‘happiness is a warm gun’ – or is that a big bum……..


  9. You load sixteen tons, what do you get?
    Another day older and deeper in debt
    Saint Peter don’t you call me, ’cause I can’t go
    I owe my soul to the company store


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