Is Syriza crossing red lines?

Athens gets more like a kind of viral Casablanca every day. It is a mish-mash of rumour, opinion directionalising, plot, counter-plot, cloak, dagger and 95% of the population going about their business with little more than exasperatedly rolled eyes about what’s going on.

As with everything in the tangled online web of distraction, deceit, disinformation and distraction, nothing is certain any more….beyond the eventual failure of the euro. But certain thing do need to be reiterated in the context of media collusion with the Troika – especially the business media.

i. The ruling – catch it here – on Greek debt as being highly odious is both compelling and legally near-watertight. To the best of my knowledge, apart from market ticker not a single site or title or channel outside Greece has even run it, let alone analysed the content

ii. Every US business site and two UK press titles ran stories over the weekend confidently declaring that Syriza worked throughout the weekend and now seems ready to cross every red line they set at the start. I’ve had two Greek confirmations of this, rather more denials, and a lot of “no idea and don’t care”.

iii. Phrases like ‘forced out of the euro’, ‘heading for Grexit’, ‘last-ditch attempt to stay in the EU’ are casually made in relation to the Greek position. They fly in the face of facts, treaties, legal realities and common sense: but they are far more prevalent in the press than, for example, features about the derivative disaster potential if Greece defaults.

iv. The subject of yesterday’s Slogpost (about Hollande coming under pressure to broker a deal) seemed absent (beyond Bloomberg) from all but one or two French print and online media.

There seems to me no logic or reality to the idea that a calm eurogroupe is quietly applying pressure through expected channels while the Greek government runs around like so many headless chickens, increasingly desperate and hysterical and close to the point of begging for mercy. Rather, it is the creditors who are hurling fantasy threats and deadlines around – in the case of the IMF, from 9000 miles away.

It is, we should be clear once and for all, the ECB-Berlin-Brussels-banking axis that stands to lose here. Greece itself has very little left to lose – and those downsides are in my view exaggerated. Writing to friends in Athens yesterday on the subject of Greece as gallant losers, I argued thus:

‘Whatever kind of victory this turns out to be or not be for the Bastards, don’t  delude yourselves: you will still have been defeated. In the 21st century, defeat is no longer glorious.

I’m only writing this in the context of what are now two confirmations inside Greece and numerous stories in the foreign media with the same scenario: Syriza’s leaders working through the weekend to come up with a ‘solution’ that involves crossing every red line they’ve set themselves.

What in God’s name are they thinking of?

This is a solution to the EU’s problems, not yours. This is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Let me list the ramifications as I see them:
ND & PASOK will laugh their socks off and kill Syriza for being a bunch of indecisive virgins….and Golden Dawn will double in popularity, condemning Tsipras as leading the usual spineless Left – all mouth, no trousers.

2. The Troika will be reassured that, as with Hitler in 1938, having scammed the Sudetenland they can now walk into the rest of Czechoslovakia without resistance.

3. It will be a kick in the balls for Podemos, leave Tsipras’s Italian supporters in despair, and make the likes of Orban in Hungary more isolated still.

4. It will prolong the agony for Europeans living under the shadow of a neo-fascist corporate entity, convince the Germans yet again that they can do what they want, and confirm a mad US State Department in its deranged belief that Putin is piss, wind and ready to roll over.

5. It means the baton being carried against foreign oppression will pass into the hands of Nazis, overt and otherwise, inside Greece and elsewhere. It could very easily mark a drift into civil war.

6. The democratic but real Left will never again be trusted with power by the Greek electorate.
The victory of the Troika will of course prove to be Pyrrhic. But outside Greece – believe me – the last thing your defeat will be seen as is plucky, glorious, brave or indeed anything approaching honourable.

You have Sonny Liston on his arse: what are you, Muhammed Ali or Floyd Patterson?
I’m now being told to calm down; but a paper has gone from Athens to the eurogroupe. We will have to wait and see whether red lines have been crossed – or whether those ‘reporting’ that outcome were simply more mouthpieces for the New Order. The chief-of-staff to European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has this morning tweeted to call the latest Syriza debt proposals a “good basis for progress”.
Frankly, that has me worried.


  1. So do we think that Putin has declined to help Greece or did he say to them ‘There is help but you are worth more to me in the EZ than out of it. Compromise’?


  2. I do feel for the Greek people but, if Syriza rolls over they deserve all they get. I just secretly hope that they aren’t the spineless eunuchs that they appear to be as time goes on. Still, there is still time for them to surprise us all, not much hope but, still time.


  3. It seems this morning that the creditors are finaIIy running scared. They have 1OO% more to Ioose than Greece, their whoIe financiaI tyranny in fact – ergo we hear a ton of capitulatory, er, agreeable noises. Ergo Greece’s proposaIs are suddenly ‘good’ ‘acceptable’ ‘encouraging’ – the creditors have their amour propre to maintain. IMO they see that we, Greece, are ready for the nucIear option and they are aIso beginning to be aware -duh- that the tide of EU and international opinion has turned competeIy against them. As Jacques Sapir says, even if Greece Ioses, it has won – by showing up the EU and IMF as the toxic, rapacious, undemocratic monsters they are – i.e. every free citizen’s worst nightmare and enemy – and the euro currency as the sham that it is, i.e. a disguised exchange rate mechanism put in pIace soIeIy to benefit German reunification and growth. And pIease note that in amongst the noises MerkeI’s and ScheubIe’s are discreetIy ABSENT.

    The negotiating tabIe is ours JW.
    Remember the 2OO4 OIympics?
    Just wait.


  4. In the words of Kris Kristopherson “freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”. That seems to me to be a great strength and the early days of joining ,when money was shovelled in regardless are long gone. Quoting again but it seems apt Ghandi said “yes there will be problems ahead, but they will be our problems”. Go Greece.


  5. The Euro spin machine going into overdrive about Greece crossing red lines means only one thing to me, the Troika mk2 is setting out the terms of its’ surrender. Greece will get the money and the TM2 will be allowed to be seen as victorious in the eyes of the public. Needless to add the deal will be incomprehensible and by the time we’ve worked out what the hell it means there will be another crisis to keep us distracted.

    The favoured solution of TM2 is of course regime change this is well documented. All they need is to buy some extra time and let the bankers do the dirty work to destabilise Greece. The geopolitics of it all are simple, it is impossible to run a modern economy outside the Anglo American banking system.

    Whatever happens come June 30 it will be their way or the highway to hell for Greece. Those buggers will never stop coming for you.


  6. The BBC reports (at 8am) that ‘Greece has come up with measures to solve the crisis which the EU are likely to accept’. If this is the case, it means that the whole of the rest of the EU were unable to work out these measures for themselves and therefore don’t appreciate precisely what the problems are or, more likely, couldn’t G.A.F. I feel that the BBC will be proved wrong.


  7. Surely this is just ‘Junkers at 5 to 12’ setting the scene for his ‘Heston’ moment and seemingly having struck a deal when it’s nothing of the sort?


  8. Very interesting. Why would Syriza cross red lines when it is in the strongest negotiating position? As the first commentator wrote: maybe Putin is behind it. Its pointless trying to understand anything from what they say: its what they do that is revealing. I’m beginning to think that the Big Wide World. Is just too evil to understand/interact with and I’m better off turning off the media and growing vegetables.


  9. The question about the sleeping bag was a genuine one by the way. I’m new to this posting lark and I didn’t realise how it could be interpreted until it was out there. I’m a happily married woman. I just happen to live in a cold rainy place and it’s hard to imagine what the French weather feels like before you arrive. Still I suppose there are more serious international concerns to discuss here.


  10. Given the tone of the MSM, I was kinda stunned by the unanswerable force of the Greek position.

    Here, Varoufakis is cheered by a German audience. We should all be stepping lighter these days knowing that Greece is giving the bankers a huge pasting.


  11. For some reason the link doesn’t work – go to Youtube and look for
    03 Keynote Varoufakis Hans-Böckler-Stiftung


  12. Yes, expect a bigger crisis to emerge to distract, what shall we have, a bombing, a beheading, a shooting? A plane or train crash is useful, it can be dragged out for days looking for survivors.
    I’m just too cynical and jaded these days….


  13. I’ve just had a comment disappeared: not just put “in moderation”. Ho Hum, aunty Jean. :) Comment number 629333.
    Go to http://www.veteranstodayDOTcom & look for this article: /2015/03/08/the-hidden-history-of-the-incredibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/
    I got it after reading reading this: http://www.veteranstodayDOTcom/2015/06/20/leakywiks-the-nasty-truth/

    Worth the search.

    I burst out laughing yesterday when I saw a great photo: Snake emerging from river, fish in its jaws.
    MSM reports: Brave snake saves fish from drowning.

    The vets article widens the context way beyond the ECB-Berlin-Brussels-Banking scenario, & provides historical background.

    Seems David Icke was spot on 25 years ago re the Bankster Monopolists. :) :)

    John Doran.


  14. Cynical and jaded you may be KFC…

    A realist though, finger on the pulse, on the money, one step ahead…

    Its just such a crying shame we have to think like that though. Having said that, if a few million more knew what was really going on… Just maybe we wouldn’t have to put up with this sh*te and some heads would roll…

    PS… I’m in Brittany at the moment and am aghast at the chemtrails over the weekend. Totally extinguished the sun by mid afternoon with white haze. Just so bloody obvious too, and still its denied.


  15. I’ve just had one comment, 629333, disappeared. Next, 629334, went into “moderation” which John doesn’t do. :)
    3rd time lucky:

    I burst out laughing yesterday: saw a photo: snake emerging from river, fish in its jaws.
    MSM reports: Brave snake saves fish from drowning. :) :)

    To broaden the context wider than ECB-Berlin-Brussels-Banking-Axis, & for some historical background:

    www DOT veterans today DOT com /2015/03/08/ the (h)yphen hidden h history h of h the h incredibly h evil h khazarian h mafia

    Seems David Icke was on the ball re Monopolist Banksters 25 years ago.


    John Doran.


  16. Odious debt… or odious credit?

    And regulators, with their minimalistic capital requirements for banks when lending to Greece… which allowed banks to leverage immensely… which allowed banks to expect to earn huge risk-adjusted returns when lending to Greece…are they never going to be held accountable? As I see it, it was the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision that did Greece in.


  17. @ Jackie
    ‘ I’m beginning to think that the Big Wide World. Is just too evil to understand/interact with and I’m better off turning off the media and growing vegetables.’

    I, too, have reached this point. It’s now all so complicated (and beyond the understanding or control of us ordinary mortals) that I simply do not care anymore. At least time spent in the garden is productive – lots of good things to eat!


  18. A lot of people on this forum seem to be baying for blood. They want to see the euro blown to smithereens like a staff car going over a roadside bomb. That Schäuble, Draghi, Dijsselbloem et al. will get to eat it. I can understand the sentiment, but it’s a bit like turkeys voting for Christmas, the fallout is likely to be massive. Think Lehman Brothers squared.

    If the teetering edifice of the euro has to come down, I’d certainly much rather see a controlled demolition.


  19. It is unlikely that this Financial Ponzi scheme, that is our present usurious system, will go gently into the good night.
    It is likely to go down in flames and create chaos for a time. There is a major reset about to descend upon us.
    The Greek just grabbed and squeezed the cojones of the juggler and no longer can the balls be kept in the air or the can kicked down the road.


  20. Yes but then something happens that makes you angry: another personal tax grab or Greek pensioners killing themselves in despair and you think ordinary mortals have changed things in the past. Isn’t there something we can do now?


  21. The West coast is much wetter and windier than the rest of the UK. I live a few miles from the most western point of the UK. Sometimes it is like living on a ship.


  22. Don’t calm down, I’m the same! OMG this is the worst case scenario and I was so hoping they would stand firm because I don’t know about anybody else but I’m thoroughly sick of the Fourth Reich!


  23. In calling for a high wage society Cameron has admitted that Friedman economics doesn’t work,maximising profit is just outlawed profiteering & it has taken nearly the destruction of the world economies to realise,The cost of keeping US hegemony worldwide with no hope of help because of Friedman economics is also sinking in,the high tax on poor low on rich,military action as further damaged the west economies to keep affording to do so,our leaders have given up their moral compass integrity & goodwill to we will see the true price of their recklessness


  24. Well, well, well!

    Am I surprised.. ? Not in the slightest. There’s no way they will allow Greece to ‘escape’. If one goes the whole stinking edifice will implode. Never gonna happen…

    Will we find out who blinked first.. ? Not that it matters now, they’ll be making passionate love tonight in ‘ever closer union’.


  25. As I said the other day, so predictable as to be tedious now. But yes, there is no way Greece is going to escape, in fact no way anybody is going to escape. Pound to a pinch of the brown stuff we will be firmly in ‘The Club’ by the time Cameron has done for us.


  26. Did we miss the lightly veiled threats in the imagery chosen by Tsipras after meeting Putin:

    “We are at the centre of a storm, of a whirlpool. But you know we live near the sea – we are not afraid of storms, we are not scared of open seas, of going into new seas. We are ready to go into new seas to reach new safe ports,”

    How many Red Octobers can you fit in Piraeus?

    Game (theory), set and match.


  27. same here in ireland, mayo. absolutely blatant. i live underneath an airway,on the west coast, often i see the toxic crap being switched on/ manipulation,geo engineering. LOOK UP.!!!!


  28. A big vote of thanks to jdseanjd for the Veterens Today link. Hilarious, the best laugh that I’ve had this year. Are you sure your tin foil hat isn’t just a bit too tight?


  29. The headlines down here In N.Z. are that “European creditors are trying to prevent Greece from defaulting on a month-end payment”.

    It sounds to me as though the Greeks have this under control.


  30. They will turn over just like the LibLabcon because they serve their masters so well.

    Besides if the system falls into chaos Tisipras personally has nothing … loser so he will turn to achive what he feels entitled too.

    This is the mould and it never changes because the key players are always the same;


  31. @kfc
    Much as I enjoy the Tyler Duerden Comedies/Tragedies at ZH, salt of and pinch spring to mind…

    You know that poor-battered-and-had-the-crap-kicked-out-of-it-can that we keep talking about? Well, its original cliff-top destination has just receded as a result of, erm, more kicking of same can!



  32. The Greek government knows which side its bread is buttered and will toe the line. There was never any chance of Greece leaving the euro and turning off the money tap.


  33. In the words of Fred Foster and Kris Kristofferson who’s great song Me and Bobby McGee says,.” Feeling good was easy, Lord”

    Ah yes it was.


  34. I think I agree with ‘Tom’ here, the Greeks always knew they would have to cave in. The last few months has simply been about how far they would have to go and what they could get away with. Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.


  35. The Empire is growing in resolution and strength…. EU institutions should not be underestimated, or at your own expenses. We will see further european integration before any new crisis for the euro. The words of Viktor Orban are a dire warning for what is to come in Europe:

    The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, speaking at the Globsec security event in Bratislava said that only ‘strong’ leaders, not institutions, can create stability in Europe.


  36. Thomas Jefferson Quote: “If Banksters are allowed the issuance of money, they will, through a process of inflation & deflation, cause the people to wake up one day penniless, in the lands their fathers conquered.”
    That’s from memory, but it won’t be far off. What do you see happening today in the World & Greece in particular?
    The people are in “Austerity” while the Banksters debts are loaded on the shoulders of the middle class taxpayers.

    Look at Youtube: Bill Still The Money Masters 3.5 hrs. Look at his Wizard of Oz film.
    Google: All Wars are Bankers Wars 45 mins, I think.
    Read: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr.

    You’re going to have to do way better than sling snide at me bagerap.

    Just why do you think that link was so hard to post, Troll?


  37. This is a very dirty game.
    Bankers have no scruples. They will declare every outcome as a major triumph for european sensibilities and greek final common sense.
    Even if it is nothing of the sort.
    Especially if it is nothing of the sort.
    The media will faithfully report whatever Brussels tells them to say.
    So, the Greeks might be winning, but you will never be told.
    The only way this will get resolved is for the Grexit. They HAVE to go for it (easy for outsiders to say).
    Draghi has to be left in his underpants. Madame Fifi needs custard all over her power-dresser suit.

    Even if Greece gets 50 years to pay @ 1% interest, and then the Italians, Spanish get the same deal, the Euro will survive.
    Joe Public will pay for this, not DeutscheBank, Credit Agricole, Unicredit .


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