GREEK REGIME CHANGE: negative leaker Yannis Stournaras turns Bank of Greece fire onto Syriza in overtly unconstitutional press statement



Seven weeks ago, The Slog ran this post claiming that Bank of Greece boss and former Samaras colleague Yannis Stournaras had asked for his resignation. I had two sources telling me there was physical evidence clearly showing he had been briefing Greek journalists about “how to make the Greek situation as negative as possible”…and that one of these had in turn been briefing staff and freelance columnists in the political, economic and finance sector.

The story was true, but the Syriza leader was persuaded by someone in or overseeing the Troika to back off  – a third source confidently alleged at the time. The smart money suspects either Juncker or Merkel of instigating this U-turn – presumably nudged by Mario Dragula in one of his rare walkabouts outside the cofffin.

Last night  Stournaras approved a coruscating statement released by the BoG condemning Tsipras and asserting (rather than hypothesising) doom for Greece unless it agreed to the latest Troika demands. This struck me when I read it as a gross extension of the Chairman’s constitutional powers – but not surprising: as I showed in the May Slogpost linked above, Stournaras also sits on the IMF Board, and thus has a hopeless conflict of interest. This plus his supposedly proven guilt in aiding attempts at régime change effectvely adds up – in the light of last night’s statement – to treason….or whatever we’re calling it this week.

The Greek PM should’ve ignored the pleas for mercy and fired the BoG boss last May 10th: but hindsight is a wonderful thing. Either way, this morning the Telegraph’s chief financial columnist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (who has been increasingly anti the EC/Eurogroupe bullying in recent weeks) wrote a column giving Stournaras a very severe ear-wigging, the gist of which is summed up by this paragraph, which leads with an extract from the BoG warning:

“A manageable debt crisis would snowball into an uncontrollable crisis, with great risks for the banking system and financial stability. The ensuing acute exchange rate crisis would send inflation soaring.”

The central bank did not present these as potential dangers in a worst case scenario – something we might all accept – it asserted that they would occur unless Mr Tsipras agrees to terms imposed by Brussels before the Greek treasury runs out of money.’

This represents in my view a clear case of political use of a government institution; AEP agrees, calling it ‘a political assault on its own elected government’.

Sadly – as with Britain, the US and the entire EU – the rule of law is applied illegally upon dissenters, and dismissed as an irrelevance by the accusers within our élites.

I think it is way past the time when David ‘Merkellicker’ Camoron should be condemning this openly – but he won’t, of course. And there’ll be no sign of dissent from the UK’s Labout Party either, because it is busily engaged in electing a new loser sorry leader.

But this is yet another example of how national and supranational entities are really there in 2015 to do whatever it takes to ensure global media, manufacturing, distribution and banking firms get their way. Whether it be Coulson being deemed not guilty, or IMF/Stournaras conspiracy against Syriza, or US fomenting unrest in Ukraine, Macedonia and Hungary, the names change but the ethics don’t: “Obey or die”.*

Yesterday at The Slog: 20 reasons why mouthpiece Hannan knows nothing about Greek debt

34 thoughts on “GREEK REGIME CHANGE: negative leaker Yannis Stournaras turns Bank of Greece fire onto Syriza in overtly unconstitutional press statement

  1. It was Draghi / ECB that forbade Tsipras / Syriza to fire Stournaras back in May.
    After aII BoG is just a branch office of ECB.


  2. Ah but, it’s not treason if it’s said under oath, or perjury come to that….The Rule of Law, just for the little folk these days or, was it ever thus? The police are too busy these days arresting folk who commit the heinous crime of attempting to pay for their bus fare with 25p in coppers. Bring back hanging I say.


  3. The front page headline on the Telegraph is “Germany plans for exit from eurozone of Greek ‘clowns'”
    To quote Richard Murphy: “Projects like the Euro show the capacity we now have to create structures so large that they are beyond the scale of human management, given how frail that is.
    Our inability to handle the compromises needed to make progress when mistakes are discovered without recrimination and punishment being on the agenda is the biggest issue arising from the Greek crisis.”


  4. Grexit is going to hurt us all in one way or another..
    So be it..
    Let the tumbrils roll .. Fill the rivers to over flowing with Banksters and their bosses blood..
    Or it ain’t never going to change..


  5. Check who owns Bank of Greece. Then check who owned the banks in former USSR. Or who owns the Bank of North Korea. The two sides of the coin. Don’t chose sides – throw the rotten coin away.
    The propaganda apparatus are yelling in the right and the left ear. Stupid people will ignore both, common people get a headache, honest people get sick. Not good. No hope for the better….


  6. “But this is yet another example of how national and supranational entities are really there in 2015 to do whatever it takes to ensure global media, manufacturing, distribution and banking firms get their way.”

    Yes it is just another facet of the globalisation drive. However, the mistake is to believe that this is generally driven by commercial and financial interests with the political class bribed, suborned and cajoled into acquiescence. The truth is almost the entirety of the political classes, especially those of the developed world, are fully signed up to One World Government, pretty much run on the same lines as the EU once it has evolved into its intended final form.

    Potentially OWG is a good thing yet experience shows that the bigger and more encompassing government gets, the more freedom, individualism and self determination go out the window.


  7. “Stournaras also sits on the IMF Board, and thus has a hopeless conflict of interest.”

    Only on paper – IMF and the central banksters have the same interests.


  8. This is a David verse Goliath battle. The Greek Govt of Alex Tsparis has all the big guns trained upon it. He is not allowed to stray off the reservation of the fraudulent, usurious World financial system.
    Should the Greeks succeed ,the Money Powers are frightened of their long confidence trick of loot and pillage being exposed to all the other subservient countries.
    The Money Powers control the creation of money, the politicians are suborned, the Judiciary corrupted and the media propagate only lies and fearmongering at their behest.
    The serfs must be kept in line , to be farmed at will.
    Greece is not alone in this battle. Russia and China have opted out of this shell game and are undergoing similar dirty tricks, propaganda, and the fomenting of civil unrest and terror on their borders.
    The Greeks do not lack courage and have a long history of victory against the odds. History repeats and the Greek nation can succeed in maintaining their Sovereignty if they default and declare the debts as Odius, revert to the Drachma and exit the sinking dictatorship of the EU and the ECB.
    There will be short term pain,no doubt, but better short term pain than lifetime slavery.


  9. Er you don’t know Greek politics. This is entirely expected and to be ignored, as it is ignored inside Greece. Stournaras is New Democracy and is expected to say that politics. No-one heeds him inside the country, be assured, unless they are ND.
    And ND is not in power in government.

    What happens is unknown if Greece falls out of the Euro and then is pushed out of the EU member nations.

    But then Greece has been a trading nation with the world for thousands of years. Able to talk with the world easily, as remembered around the globe from that long history.

    The EU is bankrupt, the Euro will fall, because once Greece goes and survives, as it will.

    Then Italy, Spain, Portugal, will begin to think, why not them default?

    Because the money in the world, like it has been throughout times in history, is in the East and not the West.

    China, SE Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, India. Russia.


    The huge numbers of Greeks in Australia bodes well for good trading ties.

    The huge numbers of Greeks in Russia from history, also bode well.

    Germany is not doing as well as you might think economically, and has its own foodbanks. Not spending on its roads and bridges, crumbling to ruin.


  10. What’s the bet that there is a massive write-off of Greek debt and the IMF comes back to the table? Call me cynical if you like.


  11. When the Bank of International Settlements meets for their yearly meeting they do not sing a particular national anthem. They sing some song about money I’m not sure which one because I’m not invited. It has something to do with running the world and crushing opposition and after they get done with the song they vote yes on everything and start partying.


  12. True! All these countries that are apparently against each other are currently stitching up massive oil deals “together “


  13. Indeed ! The concept might work well if only the cabal were genuinely benevolent but looking at the top echelons who are in the oligarchical positions – we can safely state quite categorically that they are not ! Thus we need smaller independent countries in order that both an example of a free society is there for those who are losing the game (like the British at the moment) and as a bastion against the ‘elite’ who are sadly but usually self absorbed psychotics.


  14. And a potential exchange rate which will make this delightful country the destination of choice for many who seek a European holiday….. Only downside could be the 200 fag limit coming back to blighty !


  15. You somehow just know, don’t you? Anyway what for the rest of them now? Will Spain be next on the list of ‘Can’t pay won’t pay’? But, still once more we are away from the abyss, stepped back from the cliff edge. So predictable it’s getting tedious.


  16. I’m not absolutely sure about this but I believe the first line of the holy IMF song goes “I’m in the money”.


  17. And the full monty of globalism will start with the success of “Jade Helm 15” in the good ol’ U.S. of A.& if you haven’t yet heard of Jade Helm 15,then I suggest you gets’ a’ googlin’ fast.& by the way,it isn’t an “excercise.It’s to fill all those FEMA camps with slave labour.Why else were they built?.Did Stalin build gulags & leave them empty?.Did Hitler build concentration camps & leave them empty.Did the U.S. government build hundreds of FEMA camps for decoration?.You see,once America is disarmed & destroyed the rest of unarmed Europe will be a sitting target.


  18. IMHO, come the end of the month, the IMF will loan Ukraine the money to cover part of its the debt owed to Russia.
    Russia will loan Greece the money to pay this quarters repayment to the IMF.
    Faces will be saved, a solution arrived at and the game will go on.
    At the end of the day (apology JW) it is only figures on a balance sheet.
    1984? Oceania/Eurasia/Asia [O/E/A) all parts of the mutual coalition system.
    Open war between the large countries. Politically not on, to expensive and the outcome uncertain.
    Trade war, be it manufactured goods, raw materials of financials. still profitable for the main game players.
    The hot conflicts in Africa/Mid-east, are both profitable for the O/E/A coalition.
    Plus without being to cynical it keeps the population busy and also controls the growth of population.
    As I was told many years ago. “it a case of Mind over Matter. They don’t mind and you don’t matter.”


  19. I suspect it might be this….

    Money makes the world go around
    The world go around
    The world go around
    Money makes the world go around
    It makes the world go ’round.

    A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound
    A buck or a pound
    A buck or a pound
    Is all that makes the world go around,
    That clinking clanking sound
    Can make the world go ’round.


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