Digital censorship reflects the paranoia of élites, not those who oppose them

At the risk of sounding tediously bonkers, I am moved to report that since I posted this piece earlier today, my laptop has once more been bombed by a virus that expensively employed ISP geeks ‘don’t recognise’, and thus conclude is down to ‘user error’…..something of a coincidence given that this only ever happens when I blog in English in the eurozone area about things the nutters don’t want to be discussed.

I now have no backspace, enter or paragraph function on the keyboard – and this applies across all programs. Equally, when I inadvertently press those buttons, asterisks, backslashes and endless rows of sevens (as in 777777s) pop up at random. Only by painstakingly removing these using the del key can I produce gibberish-free prose such as the preceding, and following.

I have discussed this with two commercial cyber-counterattack professionals, and they are as one in saying that they don’t know how it’s done, but it clearly is being done. Both concur that the word content of the posts is key: that’s to say, if the robots pick up above a certain number of trigger references, they will request action.

The idea is clearly to f**k up the opinion sender by either getting the post taken down (easily overcome now by changing the post title and revising key words/references) or – more and more in 2015 – via the use of virus disablement targeting the IP address of the internet sender.

The loss of these keyboard functions may seem to you a minor disablement. If so, I suggest you try doing without them yourself.

Another informant has written to me saying that the quality of a site’s readership is also central to the process of deciding what action to take. But even so, I remain mystified as to why censors would bother with a site like The Slog….which at best reaches 9,500 regular readers. I’d love to believe that George Osborne, Prince Philip, Barack Obama, Wolfgang Schäuble and Vladimir Putin read these columns, but I very much doubt it.

My preferred interpretation of this – right from the start of the occurrences some 18 months ago – is that the pinched goblins go into Warp overdrive whenever the threat level to their fantasy belief-system goes above a certain pre-agreed level. But I don’t know for sure: all I can tell you with any certainty is that I can’t go on affording two new laptops a year in response to these attacks. And I would add this: if I was a schizoid paranoiac, I suspect the condition would’ve shown up in personality tests long before now.

All I can do is take this as a signal to add to the signals I was trying to point out in the original post itself. I phrased it thus:

‘Although it may have passed 95% of humanity by, yesterday – 11th June 2015 – was a turning point in the silent war between neoliberal control and citizen fightback. The signs were relatively small, but I think telling.’

Maybe the time has come to ask who really is paranoid here: the censors or the soothsayers?


  1. Speaking of game changers, more like us mortals changing our own game. have any of you out there having survived the proverbial midlife crisis (over and done with thank God) tried to pick up the pieces and start from square one in mid late 40s? That’s where I’m at, trying to teach myself programming and getting back into the “career” job market – I already work casual stuff right now so I am not totally out of the loop.


  2. Add the setback to TPP today in the U.S. House of Representatives, and there are now two data point dates.


  3. Without a forensic analysis of your setup it is difficult to diagnose the problems you are facing. My IT expertise is also too dated to be of much help as I jumped ship from IT 15 years ago.

    My advice is this, if you John, BELIEVE that your computer is being targeted then take action.
    1) Move the slog to its own domain, hosted somewhere where it will have a chance of not being interfered with.
    2) Get off the Micro$oft platform.
    3) Conduct your blogging operations through anonymity tools.

    None of this need break the bank. You have to consider the pragmatic realisation that wordpress is as transparent to the spooks as all other social media and anyone who as you do, links the dots together and starts getting near the truth needs to be silenced.
    Your readership is way above the critical mass needed to make the authorities flinch, as you suggest a readership of fools may not trouble the scorer but a few thousand educated and inquisitive readers who are embedded in professions might be enough to cause issues for the vested interests if your discoveries were of adequate weight.

    A common theme on these threads is the growing disparity between the ‘truth’ as defined by rational thought and empirical research and the bubble that a frightening proportion of ‘ordinary’ folk choose to exist in.
    Vacuous ideologues such as Osborne and Scameron speak to these poor bubble dwellers like a dog owner strokes the head of their pet as the euthanasia agent is injected, they know their economic medicine is toxic because they know deep down that the economic fabric of their bubble is torn and disintegrating.

    You can be sure the ‘system’ does not want you exposing the inherent inequity of its mechanisms and the ‘system’ is busy trying to stabilise those systems or at least get them to the point that they will ‘fail safe’ and only impoverish the little people and leave big capital and the elites to rule another day.


  4. I have had a similar problem with a couple of keyboards… it always involved excess moisture bolloxing up the keyboard.
    If it is a laptop you are using, plug in an external keyboard – as a confirmation.
    The on-screen keyboard idea will work, but is inconvenient, and will not confirm if you are paranoid or have washed your keyboard :)
    Of course, if a new keyboard still exhibits the same symptoms…. your paranoia is then not only justified, but confirmed :)


  5. Hi john, maybe it would be an idea to write your pieces on an airgapped PC. One that is never and has never been connected to the net. Then transfer the article when needed via a USB stick (also encrypted if needs be) to yours or any other internet connected machine. It’s an expensive-ish option but would be a major defence against these kinds of attacks.

    And you’re correct: they give away their desperation with this kind of thing.


  6. Argh! John is as stubborn as i m in a way! Go down the local tip and rescue a PC! I do this 2x a week – found a drum machine Wednesday!


  7. I know a Spanish blogger with a similar history. This person writes on a stand alone machine, downloads to a stick and uploads from a cyber cafe. Strange thing is that cyber cafes seem to be having a rash of technical problems in that particular city. Although, in two cases I suppose that you can’t call arson a “tech” problem.


  8. I do worry when your excellent rate of output falters, and we are left all day and night wondering why the last piece published still hangs in the ether being picked at by latecomer readers, usually on a topic of their choice. Then, the next day, to read of sinister and extensive cyber revenge resulting in damage to software and hardware at Sloggers Roost makes me sit down and wonder… the land of wine and cheese…..
    how many bottles was it this time….????


  9. Well as an expat east of him in Bayern my bottles are Weissbier! I’m sorry John but I think your output probs are WordPress related not censoring. Our local website is Toytown Munich which suffered till late from over editing, not anyone MI5 related but overzealous. it is easy to tell when they montor you. i was talking to a friend this week and told him I had MI5 check me out for my military contracting job. Immediately there came an echo on the line. We said hello to the poor tapchap.


  10. JW

    One for the keyboard and a laptop fix try uninstalling the keyboard then rebooting the laptiop that corrects junk Microsoft driver issues I had with a new laptop. That was the instructions from HP and fixed it a treat.

    This instance I have had once, vistign a web site, trivially reading a text document no embedded stuff. A flash of a msg that my puter detected an unknown virus and then it was spiked and had to do a cmplete reinstall. Suspects are … who exactly is in the backbone of the internet? Then think Snowden, once they only used to monitor you now they are 1st strike capable of attacking you with malicious malware.

    That was the game changer Snowden was trying to inform us of.


  11. I think it is quite possible that The Slog is being targeted by various ‘intelligence’ agencies. I have had several postings to this blog disappear into the aether and never arrive on the blog. This seems to happen when the posts relate to certain controversial subjects. It could be coincidence of course, or I could just be paranoid, but that doesn’t mean the b*ggers aren’t out to get us :)


  12. Not at all aware of how ‘Keyboard & language selection of English’ gets changed on occasion on my Win 8.1 but when it happens I will also suffer idiotic key function… re-select my correct Keyboard/Area resolves problem.



    This is a site dedicated to exposing govt & their tame “scientists” & the crony media fabrications in the global warming/climate change sphere. Tony Heller runs this excellent site & has experienced similar harassment. His twitter account was recently taken down & only restored after an outcry from his readership.

    Tony recently shifted to hosting himself, whatever that means: my tech knowledge is one millimeter above zero.
    A chat with him may be helpful.

    Myself & another of his readership have experienced difficulties in posting & strange deletions. It is annoying, but all truthers now are non-violent extremists as tptb desperately expel more hot air to inflate their collapsing paradigm.

    Slog on, John.

    John Doran.


  14. I have sent you an email containing all the information you need to ‘airgap’ a pc, they might be of use, I’m not sure but, at least it is the best information out there at present.


  15. After a long time of studying the attempts – which, long term, will fail – to block and censor the Internet, i have come to the obvious conclusion that it is not the numbers of readers that they fear. It is the quality of blogging/writing. That puts John and the Slog right up there as a NVE (how DARE they define verbal dissent as equivalent to a terrorist).

    What they fear, above all, is erudite writing which could cause enough of the sheep to wake up from their deluded BGT / The Voice / X-factor slumber.


  16. First make sure you go into keyboard > accessability and make sure you haven’t accidentally turned on ‘filterkeys’ or ‘stickykeys’ via some inadvertant key command. You’d be amazed how many times people turn things on or off inadvertantly via key commands… And pretty well every time think they have a virus….. Just sayin.


  17. Jeremy, as a programmer I cannot recommend highly enough the StackOverflow site, the de rigeur site for any software engineer worth his salt that wants to know to any thing about anything software-related. I have seen it extricate too many highly experienced engineers out of too many seemingly intractable holes for it to be otherwise… Rather than “teach” yourself why not develop something that really interests you? Good luck!


  18. I’m sliding out of touch with modern IT since I retired but this sort of nonsense doesn’t sound like it requires a new laptop. It’s a software issue and should be fixable by replacing the broken software. Could be as simple as replacing the keyboard driver or could need a full reinstall of Windows with a proper windows disk.


  19. At least you’ll be able to do a free upgrade and install to windows 10 when it comes out at the end of July…. I’m no fan of Windows at all (I’m a Linux guy myself) but having run the Windows 10 Beta for several months, it does seem a helluva lot better than Windows 8-8.1 It feels kinda like when Vista got dumped for 7 and things improved for a while…. And yes, it is always a good idea to regularly ‘fresh install’ Windows as it accumulates so much crud so quickly that is grinds to a halt before long. It’s known as the ‘Windows rot’ in the world I work in….


  20. I second Impoverished recommendations. From the perspective of a younger guy, it’s almost like you want to get hacked. I enjoy and value the blog, but you are starting to piss off wealthy sociopaths. Plan accordingly.


  21. You really ought to migrate to a Mac, unlikely that you will have any virus of hack problems, cost more but I have many friends on 5 year old macs still running ok.


  22. Use Linux and a VPN. To write such code is relatively simple; to conceal, activate and monitor requires detailed knowledge. I agree look at the StackOverflow site. Process Hacker is nice programme to see what is running you may be lucky and see a process that is doing this


  23. As a short term solution, if you have a CD writer and your PC has a CD drive, you could create a “Live CD” and boot from that – it gives you a totally “virgin” environment (based on Linux) with all the essentials – browser, word processor etc. When you power off, it is vaporised and only recreated when you again boot from the CD.

    It’s easier to do than I’ve just made it sound!

    Look here:

    You can download the .ISO file to burn your LiveCD here:

    Ping me if you need help…


  24. I have helped many of the older generation with computer issues. What you need is beyond your level of technical knowledge and you have neither the time nor the human resources (grey cells) to learn new tricks such as VPN, background process monitoring, etc. There is no point throwing advice at you here. What you really need to do, John, is make good friends with an IT enthusiast. Find yourself a computer geek and pay him in good stories or whatever else you can trade. Tone down the scary ranter for a while and make friends with a youth.


  25. If you are a mac fanboi, I’ve never owned anything else, phones excepted, the best thing to do around here is to keep quiet about it. My personal feeling is that microsoft is only for the hardened masochist.


  26. Reading all this makes me feel the way I used to feel around car buffs. I have been driving both a car and a computer for over 50 years and all I know is you put the key in the ignition, turn it on and hope it starts Somehow it all seems to work; my laptops are worked 12 hours plus a day, do 50,000 miles a year and last a minimum of 4 years. Blessed are the ignorant!


  27. I had half expected a lot of “buy a Mac” posts but probably you’ve fired off enough warning shots in the past anyway. However, if I use any Apple product to post to a comment it never appears and even if I try to post it again I get a reply saying “It looks like you already said that.”


  28. It’s my opinion that Edward Snowden and his media performances are an elaborate Psy-Op. I had a mini-satori jolt in late 2011, when I started to realize that big events were not as they appeared and that the media is a propaganda arm of the government/corporate controllers. My unease has about Snowden and his CitizenFour documentary has been growing:

    1. Edward Snowden – and the others – are too good looking. An intelligence nerd straight out of a Hollywood movie. His hair is perfectly ruffled, very clean crisp white t-shirts on, filmed against a very white seemingly staged hotel room background. The film shows Snowden combing his hair and preening in the mirror, all while the MSM casually drones on in the background about his earth shattering revelations. Snowden’s long-time girlfriend Lindsay is also very good looking and straight out of central casting. After setting up some backstory about Snowden not knowing if he’ll ever see her again after all this, the film gives us a happy ending, with the couple supposedly in a lovely Russian home, cooking up a romantic dinner, since Lindsay has chosen to join him in refugee status exile in Russia after all.

    2. The pervasive MSM coverage of this story always bothered me. Maybe it’s because I had already woken up to the truth about 911 and was horrified to realize that the MSM had completely blacked-out the real 911 story – either ridiculing anyone who dared to question the official one, or ignoring whistleblowers altogether. I remember television reporter Andrea Mitchell being the first TV personality to point the finger Bin Laden as the 911 mastermind behind 911, barely hours after the attack. She was married to Alan Greenspan. In CitizenFour, I see Mitchell again, this time telling the “story” of Snowden, along with every other bloody pundit from Wolf Blitzer to Piers Morgan. Why does Snowden get this attention from known liars unless the Powers That Be want this story out there?

    3. Aside from Snowden, I have doubts about the filmmaker. Sure, she has a background in the alternative media community, but the entire documentary doesn’t sit right. It’s staged from beginning to end, from the texts supposedly exchanged between Snowden, Poitras, and Greenwald, to the deliberately cinematic camera moves, to the staged settings (the hotel room, the Brazil hearing with lots of good looking actors enjoying close-ups, etc.). There just no real-world dirt anywhere. Even the ending, with Greenwald putting his messages to Snowden on paper to avoid electronic eavesdropping, then tearing the paper up into tiny pieces, then putting them in a pile where one word — POTUS – miraculously manages to be unscathed for a final zooming in. I know that documentary filmmakers need to create a “story” out of the rough footage – but this felt manipulated from beginning to end.

    4. I realize Snowden has become a hero to many in the alternative community for the disclosures he’s brought to the people – and I want to believe in him. I certainly want to believe there are people willing to put their lives on the line and become whistleblowers – and I believe that there are many out there who ARE genuine whistleblowers and are putting themselves on the line. But not this guy.

    Yes, he may be revealing some deep truths about our intelligence agencies and their mass surveillance and other insidious programs… but for what purpose? And so what? It’s nothing we all didn’t know deep down. Is it to get us to believe in him so that further disinformation can be spread and believed (the 85/15 rule)? Or is it to see how the public would react to the disclosure of the all-pervasive spying? Is it an in-your-face way to tell all of us that Big Brother is Watching Us, Has Been Forever, and There’s Nothing We Can Do About it anyway?


  29. Unfortunately the USB stick could then be used as a carrier to infect the non-connected machine as well. Thus rendering the effort moot.


  30. I see that AEP is once again predicting America’s rise from the ashes to a booming economy, still, like a mantras canted by the media, repeated often enough they become the truth don’t they?


  31. You are not – in my opinion being paranoid!
    Too many smart folk are feeding you top rate stuff …. for them to not to send amessage to your readers …. Fear is the name of the game, and they – the 2%, are getting a dose of it themselves.
    They must know that some opf their lesser employees must have doubts a to what they are up too on thier behalf.


  32. JW, do you surf the internet on your laptop? My experience has been that innocent-sounding websites such as y a h o o are sources of incurable viruses. My operating system is w7. I have a laptop for printing confidential family items because it’s more secure than printing from a tablet or smartphone would be. When w10 comes out I’ll get a new laptop. Nothing against macs but they don’t work well with my particular printer, which itself works like a charm — knock on wood.

    Best wishes for resolving your problem without having to get a new laptop


  33. Sadly not paranoid. I saw that reputable blogs and even Facebook pages of certain organisations have struggled with this too. Perhaps two or three years ago it was thought ridiculous that our own government would attempt anything like censorship on its own people. Since Edward Snowdens revelations however, we know that GCHQ has been using underhanded techniques to prevent free speech, damage reputations and try to manage public opinion by suppressing information. I no longer believe that democracy and freedom exist in this country.


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