GREEK CRISIS: Why ignoring the history lesson is leading both sides to disaster

nzsovpact10615A pact is never a deal, merely a postponement

If I see the MSM words “inches closer to a deal” one more time in relation to the Syriza v Troikanauts 53rd replay, I may have to hunt down the journalists concerned, and shoot them in front of their children, parents, priest, local Bobby and Circuit Judge. I will plead guilty, but claim premeditated passion. There isn’t a jury in the world that would convict me.

Even the bollocks nowadays are Repeats. I’d happily meet out the same rough justice to the next Barclays-arse licking lackey who suggests that Grexit is inevitable, Britain’s growth is creating job security for hard-working families, the eurozone is out of recession, northern England could be next world powerhouse, and the Saudis are pumping more oil to meet demand. They all fall into the spectrum that runs from nonsense to impossible and there are thousands of the buggers every day in our media.

My own preferred form of hack-punishment (and excuse) would fit perfectly into the oxymoronic Zeitgeist of claptrap. “It was premeditated murder, but I did it – you know – in a jolly passionate way.”. It wouldn’t look out of place among these crackers:

Austerity is the key to growth”

We need to crack down on non-violent extremists”

He lied under oath in a Court of law, but it wasn’t perjury”

with some girls as young as eight years old”

controlling our finances means Britain is repaying its debts”

In relation to the Greece/EC/ECB enactment of slow-drying tartan paint, can we please listen up? What the Troikanauts want is their kilo of flesh, and even if they’re given a kilo of flesh, they will then want another 250 grams. The current Beecher’s Brook is Greek pensions: the Greeks say no, the gargoyles say yes. Next week it’ll be cuts in healthcare, then VAT on maths lessons, a tax on every bedroom with a granny in it, life sentences for playing chess in the Kafenion and every firstborn to be compulsorily sold to Turkish paedophiles.

The process will continue until Greece is forced by empty coffers and stonewalling to default. If it defaults (so the eurogroupe ‘logic’ has it) Syriza’s popularity will quickly evaporate.

They may be right. But if they think confections like To Potami will herald in a new era of spineless Greek compliance, then they’re deluded. I’m sure they do think this, because the europhiles are delusional about their precious currency. Far more likely is a descent into violence.

There may well be something called “a deal” in the end, but it won’t be a deal of any lasting validity or practicality. Whatever releases they give to the media morons about being unconcerned at the prospect of Greek default, most of those ‘negotiating’ with Greece are profoundly anxious about the knock-on effects.

One major exception to that rule is Mario Draghi: he is very probably on a win-win here. If the Greeks buckle, then the Empire wins again and the crucifixions will follow. And if a Greek default spirals into hyperinflation, he will be the willing catalyst of the process most of his community would prefer: inflating away Western sovereign and financial system debt.

As always, anything could happen and nothing will change…just yet. If they’re inching closer to anything, then the Euronazis and the Syrizviets are about to make a pact. That’s as good as it gets between sworn enemies, and it will never last.

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19 thoughts on “GREEK CRISIS: Why ignoring the history lesson is leading both sides to disaster

  1. To be that kind of operator you’ve got to have had the operation – it’s called a historectomy, turns you into a wombat. This is not to be confused with any sort of gynaecological procedure, although it probably should be in their case.


  2. “I may have to hunt down the journalists concerned, and shoot them in front of their children, parents, priest, local Bobby and Circuit Judge. ” Ha ha the new Jeremy Clarkson .. has the BBc asked you to present Top Gear ?


  3. Jon, please don’t compare Clarkson with JW. Clarkson is an ignorant oaf and JW is highly intelligent and insightful with precise perspective, they are poles apart.


  4. And meanwhile in the EU Parliament, democracy at it’s best again!! Completely farcical….we are all ruled by mad men!


  5. As the threat of reposession does not exist…what’s the hurry to reach the inevitable outcome? History is written by the winners – so no hurry there either. This is very cunning play. Well done – justice served luke warm.
    Are we getting it?


  6. Euronazis and the Syrizviets!
    And the political troupe in Greece is completed by golden down eggheads who want to kill som Turks as well as KKE stalinists with N. Korea in their wet dreams.
    So far, the paralized majority of the working class is their electoral target, prey, and hostages above all.


  7. I don’t believe it’s clear that a Grexit would be worse for Greece, even though it is clear this is an unorthodox view. Orthodoxy’s not worth the paper it’s written on, especially the economic flavour. So, Draghi need not be in a win-win situation should events tend in a Grexit direction, as I think they will. Hyperinflation need not result, because a) default extinguishes money both immediately and as a knock-on effect, b) because banks aren’t lending all that QE bounty into the real economy anywhere in the western world and c) Drachma inflation wouldn’t be problematic for the EZ and would be manageable enough should other issues be handled wisely. The latter may be a long shot, but what isn’t these days?
    The Greek problem is a microcosm of a far larger issue: peak growth. Infinite growth is indeed impossible on a finite planet. Orthodox economics is predicated on an infinite growth paradigm that cannot be rescued, inside or outside the euro/dollar/sterling/whatever currency. Hence far more radical solutions are required. Greece is in the wholly unenviable position of being first up to bat while being a whipping boy for the EU. Nevertheless, hard facts are hard facts. All touted austerity solution ignore the impossibility of perpetual growth and are thus doomed to fail. Secondly, it’s not foolish to suggest that Joe Public is slowly waking up to the need for something completely different and is, just about noticeably, changing its habits of a lifetime.
    Typed on an iPhone. Probs full of errors. Sorry.


  8. JW – have you read the article “Grexit – the end of the Illusion” by the widely respected Prof.John Weeks in OpenDemocracy? I think you’d find it interesting and it backs much of what you’ve been pointing out on this topic over the recent months. You’ve been a rather lone voice of truth on all this.


  9. We used to have a northern powerhouse in England, but due to political interference, and over regulation, imposed by an unelected body of failed politicians in brussels, the industries that drove the powerhouse and the freedom to create new ideas has been cancelled out for the benefit of having more service industries in London and the surrounding areas.


  10. The day the Euro started in Greece, this happened.

    A small bottle of water was 50 Lepta (half a Drachma).

    Then it became 50 Cents (Half a Euro).

    1 Euro on that day was 326 Drachmas.

    You do the math.

    It was the Euro that caused hyperinflation.

    Thent he bright idea of cutting wages on both state and private, when the debt was state.

    Then have nil basic tax allowance.

    Then tax the same Euro again and again.

    Cut subsidy to medicines, even if paid the subs to IKA all your life.
    So pay even for life sustaining medicine for Alzheimer, heart or diabetes.

    Tax cars. So the Greeks untaxed them.

    Taxed the rise to toll roads. So Greeks less car journeys.

    Tax them to death so no Greeks coming out from Athens for weekend breaks to the tourist places over the year, not just the July and August of high foreign tourism.

    Taxi rides where we pass the time in the traffic of old, of spot the customer in a shop and have time to see them go in and out without buying anything.

    Of Greeks watching the football for free on TV in the cafe, whilst sat over one single coffee with a mate for a night out.

    And that 1 Euro coffee taxed over 40 cents by order of the EU.

    Of pensions cut from all sources, works, private and state, again and again. That is what you are seeing with a bail out. The heft of pensions from all funds. Even to those on the lowest pensions, even a micro pension to a farmer.

    This isn’t austerity.

    It is wiping out capitalism altogether in Greece.

    If there is no commerce and trade, there can be no paying of debt because the nation cannot make money.

    Most of the young are leaving Greece as there is no work.

    As big a migration as left in the 1950s after the wars.

    Before the EU membership, the Euro, Greece had shops full of customers, roads full of cars, and people could live well on the Drachma.


  11. Barry – The Northern Powerhouse was weakened by (a) poor management over several generations, (b) their profit-taking not matched by investment (c)preferring cheap Commonwealth labour and cost-cutting to better technology…..all of which produced (d) poor-ish labour relations, and led to (e) the collapse of the industrial base in the early Thatcher years, which was deliberately worsened by her government’s monetarist policies. Economists knew that Geoffrey Howe – ” a very nice man who just happens to be destroying the British economy” – was pushing policies which made no economic sense. My friend at The Economist, which had a copy of the Treasury Economic Model, fed in his measures and were mystified – until they realised that the objectives were political not economic.

    These were,to first terrify the workforce which now had a pool of 4m unemployed below it, (their benefits, lavish by today’s standards, paid by North Sea Oil peak revenues!) then smash the unions – whose shock troops, the miners, had their lives, communities and futures destroyed by the WW1 style leadership of egomaniac Arthur Scargill, who led them into their great ’84/5 strike like Haig at the Somme, attacking prepared government positions, disdaining maneouvre, missing all chances to negotiate from advantage.

    The whole country is still paying for this deliberate destruction of its manufacturing base and the economic and political imbalances it created, which Thatcher’s fan, Tony Blair, did nothing to amend because it had made government such a gravy train for those in power through the systemic corruption produced by the whole process, the revolving doors between privatisers and the industries they stole from us to enrich themselves and the politicised top civil servants who aided and abetted.

    Brussels was just a distraction and still is, Barry, a punch-and judy smokescreen for our national politics and its corrupt media hacks to wave at us poor saps who pay the bills. Your summary of the symptoms is fine – it’s the causes you’re missing!


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