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The man who many think was implicated in the Dominic Strauss-Kahn sting is back on the campaign trail. But doubts persist about where his loyalties really lie….and his entry into the 2017 Presidential race coul trigger a nightmare outcome for France.

Le Figaro’s front page here led yesterday with the news that most French Socialists want the sitting President Francois Hollande to have to win the right to be chosen as the PS Candidate for 2017 via primaries. Le Fig is a very right-wing newspaper, but the survey carried out for them is pretty robust: it shows that 75% of loyal PS voters want the Party to make him earn the right to be chosen.

And just when you thought fortunes couldn’t dip any lower for the man named after a low country, the survey also revealed that his Prime Minister Manuel Valls has over 50% more support to be the Presidential candidate than him.

In my area here (split between Communists and Front Nationalistes) Hollande is referred to as Le Zero. The Reds think he is a corporacratic collaborator, and the Le Pen army think he is letting Germany to be too dominant – while allowing in too many immigrants who undercut French workers. Marine Le Pen has high hopes of moving closer to the trade unions and exploiting their fears. If she pulled that off, she’d be the first European politician to repeat Hitler’s organised labour success in Nazi Germany. She’d be, in fact, a National Socialist. Maybe that’s what the Front’s new name is going to be.

We already know the new name of France’s conservative UMP: les Republicains. Yes, it’s the Sarko Kid on the comeback trail….the original corporacat will compete to get the 2017 candidacy. While this tells you quite a lot about the parlous state of French politics, it also represents an increasingly clear attempt by the corporate technocrats to close any doors anywhere in Europe still open to The Making of Mistakes; for Nicolas Sarkozy is very much their man.

As long ago as 2007, US commentators were writing that

‘….the current French Interior Minister [Sarkozy] and leader of the UMP conservative party is pro-American. He understands that the war on terrorism is the world’s fight and not one America should have to bear alone….he is vocally enthusiastic about the Anglo-Saxon economic model and keen to shake up the statist, government-centered French economy with a hefty dose of innovation and entrepreneurialism….’

Once elected, he was Washington’s star boy – and Wall Street’s favourite europower conduit. But then his neoliberal ideas about l’Anglosaxonisme ran into trouble, and by 2010 the US were ‘betting the farm’ on Angela Merkel’s much stronger hold on both the German people, and the real power in Europe.

dskNevertheless, there remains the suspicion in many French and British minds that Sarkozy cooperated covertly with the Americans on the ‘Drown DSK’ mission. Certainly, the Elysee knew within seconds that Strauss-Kahn (left) was being sought on rape charges. And in the final months of his Presidency, Sarkozy had three private meetings with Goldman Sachs’ infamous CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

I’ve been chatting on and off with a New York source for some weeks now, on the subject of Sarkozy’s attempt at a comeback. It’s clear that the State Department doesn’t want any ‘mistakes’ in France. And in terms of stamping US/UK neoliberal corporatism onto France, Nicolas Sarkozy is easily the best shot they have.

lagardehaughtyIt is alleged (but I have no physical evidence) that Sarko has access to US funds….hence his rapid rise from the ashes. And in this regard, of course, he has the firm backing of Christine Lagarde (right)…she who benifitted hugely from DSK’s demise. She who is, effectively, an American with a French accent. She who is tainted by the same money-for-power scandals as Sarkozy himself.

But it won’t be all plain sailing for Nico – not by any stretch. I have maintained for some time now that either Italy or France (or a combo of the two) will be iceberg that finally sends the EU to the Bottom. While Italy’s economic size would in my view create an insoluble problem for both Brussels and Frankfurt when it comes to the euro, it is France – and its commendable unwillingness to dump its citizen/community model – that will repulse any attempt by Troikas of every shape and size to impose an alien socio-economic culture onto l’Hexagon….and such implacable resistance will ultimately do for the European Union itself.

Electoral success for Sarko (followed by a clampdown in classic style on Islamist terrorism that shuts up everyone else as well) would therefore be the realisation of a CIA wet dream.

lepenBut here’s a scenario to terrify all those of good heart. If the PS sticks with Hollande, Marine Le Pen (left) can credibly say that the Left has no political chance. And if the Republicans choose Sarko, she can also say that France has no cultural chance. This will give her a solid basis for the Ukip effect…that is, attracting a sizeable number of disillusioned PS supporters – with the tactical support of the trade union syndicalistes for a common front against corporate colonialism.

Now as France has a proper election system wearing long trousers, there is no chance that she’ll suffer the same fate as Hairgel Mirage. I think it very likely that, if Hollande stays in the job and comes last in the first round, Marine Le Pen will win the run-off with ease. But if Sarkozy sinks without trace in Round One, then she will struggle to beat a strong PS candidate.

Too much is still in the air at this stage….and Narkozy (I’ve always liked that jibe at his recreational habits) must first of all win the primaries and be adopted. But it’s one to keep a beady eye on: if just one shred of physical evidence pointing at a US bankrolling op for Sarko were to come to light, he would be dead and buried.

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  1. Spot on John about Narko being the US choice.

    I believe I mentioned this at the time of the Strauss-Kahn affair that Narko’s stepmother Christine de Ganay remarried a certain Frank G Wisner II, after divorcing his Hungarian father. FGW II is the son of F G Wisner, a founder of the CIA, and a notable US Ambassador, spook and Mr Fixit in his own right. Narko, growing up spent a great deal of time with the Wisner family and their 4 kids , one of whom had a prominent role in Narko’s election campaign and is presently running an NGO in London, the funds of which may have a unclear origin.

    I notice that both Wisner’s and Narko’s wikipedia entries have been laundered to make the family relationships opaque.

    Vive Le Presidente Le Pen. It’s shake up the EU needs!


  2. Interestingly Cameron is to word the question on the EU referendum like this:
    “Yes” for political union with the EU, vote “No” for friendship and free trade.
    Or put more simply, Yes, we stay in, or No we don’t leave.
    So, that’s your choice folks.


  3. Quite a few lapses in this piece John .. Sarko was pro-American but if you remember during the crash he was the first to celebrate the end of of American Capitalism and to vaunt the French Model ; he also praised the Germans during his time as President . He is who he thinks thepublic want him to be . The National Front supporters are called ‘ Frontistes’ : it is a big mistake to compare the FN to either the BNP or UKIP : since the early 80s they have had between 12 and 22 pct of the voting share , depending on what sort of election it is . Since Mitterrrand’s day the French mainstream has been trying to demonise them ( easy when Jean -Marie was in power , harder under Marine) . I personally think they are missing a huge thing by not talking about the economic disaster that is the French economy since the advent of the Euro . French middle -class is disillusioned with both Leaft and Right and could well turn to the FN next time . They were already in the second round in 2002 when ‘he who shall not be named’ was in charge . The FN is a mainstream political party now even if the Press still likes to call them ” Far Right “: as such you just can’t compare them to any party in the UK .


  4. Rumour has it that Sarkozy was seen at Ascot crawling under a toilet door jam wearing his Top hat .
    Yes he is that slippery .
    Not to forget that he,along with Cameron and Obama,were responsible for bombing Libya back to the stone age and creating a failed state there.The root cause of the asylum seeking boat people flooding in from the Meditterannean.
    The man has a lot of dirty laundry to shield from the daylight and is undoubtedly a US asset and thus a tool of the Hegemon.


  5. Now Moodys have stuck their unwanted oar in the EU in/out debate, threatening the UK a downgrading of our status.
    You know, there’s no way on earth that we are going to get of the EU, the real scaremongering hasn’t even begun yet, wait until the machine really gets into gear.


  6. Simple question
    Is it Yes to remain within the EU/EEC?
    or is it; Yes to leave the EU/EEC?
    or is it; No to leaving the EU/EEC?
    or is it; No to remaining within the EU.
    Sounds like a rerun of the 73 or was it 74 In/out referendum to me.
    Then again will we keep voting till the PTB get the result that they want.
    Does No mean Yes and Yes mean no.
    I don’t know are care anymore, my head hurts.


  7. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter what yes or no means, or what vote is cast, we ain’t leaving all the time Cameron is in charge. All the ‘concessions/treaty change’ are pure bollox designed to distract and confuse, nothing going to change and we ain’t leaving. As usual we are being railroaded into just where they want us to be.
    I wonder if all that voted for him are having second thoughts now, not that the alternative was any better.


  8. Interesting perhaps because you live in France your interest in politics might shift? Maybe over the next 10 years the Slog will morph into Les Travail De Romain?


  9. Tis the star-strangled banner oh long may it wave – O’er the land of the fee, and the home in the cave!


  10. Exactement mon ami! The Libya exercise was one by the neocon QuislingsCameron and Sarko lining their post politics pockets with the US.


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