adolaughSomewhere in darkest Hell, Dolfi is wetting his pants

In the next few minutes, an extraordinary meeting of the Greek Parliament will debate the latest demands from Troika2 – aka the eurogroupe, the ECB and Berlin.

If anyone out there among the US Democrats and UK Labour/Libdem Parties is still claiming that Greece is employing cunning mendacity to “con yet more money out of the Germans”, I suggest they read these highlights of the latest “offer” from the European Union they seem to admire so much:

* Saving 800 million euro from the Greek budget, via the abolition of EKAS…a scheme for the permanently disabled.

* The privatisation of ITSO, HEP, Greek ports and TRAINOSE. That is to say, putting into private hands the country’s main transport network, key hubs & ports – thus giving external control of the public weal, and all transport means of Greek self-defence as a Sovereign State, to the private sector.

* Cuts in State pensions of 3.5% to be phased in over the next four years.

*Dilution of laws giving labour the right to strike.

Somebody needs to explain to me which of the permanently disabled, the old and organised labour ran up the public debt in Greece.

Somebody needs to explain to me What TF dent these savings and curtailed rights are going to make to the Greek national debt.

Somebody needs to tell me what possible chance in hell there is of Syriza – or the Greeks at large – agreeing to these insane demands, and thus solving the immediate eurozone problem.

I’ve blogged endlessly these last three months about why the Greek debt is hugely exaggerated, why none of it is going to cost either the ECB or Berlin a centime, and why the debt is clearly ‘odious’ in international law. But still the same infinite Andrex toilet-tissue of fabrication, dissembling, obfuscation and disinformation spews forth from the pursed lips of Draghi, Schauble, Merkel and the idiot hairdresser Dijesslbleom.

When is blind belief in the concept of the European Union as a force for good finally going to end? What will it take for the scales to fall from the eyes of the liberal and crupto-racist bigots?

The Athens Parliamentary session is about to start. We shall see. Or rather, some of us will see: rather more will look bored and head home early for the weekend.


  1. bend over further you greeks… we need to show you what we think about your childish game called democracy….


  2. JW knows the score. It’s Fascism. Hitler rolled tanks over the Greek borders. Now it’s the banks rolling over borders.
    The aim is the same: depopulation, domination, rape, pillage, thievery etc etc etc.
    It’s EVIL.


  3. Dumb Greek sheeple like all sheeple around the world … should say dumb Greek lemmings jumping off a debt cliff … this is the human instinct of wanting to believe that things are going to be good —>>> the carrot, just the thieving greedy banker took the carrot and did not tell you!

    2020 the Troika used to state Greek debt would only be at 120% of GDP load of bullshit really where the world was and is right now with little to no growth not a chance.

    Carrot = future, that is what has been stolen by banksters from many people around the world.


  4. Greetings John!
    Thank you yet again for a spot-on synopsis of the current state of affairs of the Troika vs Greece saga.
    I think that by now anyone who fails to see or aknowledge the facts that you present is either monumentally stupid or in one way or another a part of the problem.
    As I have mentioned before there is no “negotiation” process under way but an undeclared (third world?) war where the part of Poland is played by Greece since no actual weapons are employed. However the casualties are as real as back then and amount to more than 15.000 people in Greece alone.
    Yet again the protagonists are the same: that abomination of a human (?) being – Wolfman “Wheelchair” Schäuble – looking like a reincarnation – in a Frankenstein kind of assembly – of parts of all the “glorious” Nazi leaders of the Third Reich.
    If only Dieter Kaufmann’s shooting accuracy was better…


  5. Some years ago, I read of a chap who died “of complications” – that is, the health professionals couldn’t explain it. It seems that this chap, who hitherto had enjoyed the very rudest of health and trained vigorously at the gym every other day, ate nothing but wholesome foods and was a martyr to the cause of sinking four pints of mineral water every day, had perished due to a minor infection. Despite immediate attention at the early onset, the infection had spread to other less talked about parts of his anatomy with upsetting speed and resulted in his hospitalisation. Despite the best endeavours of the finest professional doctors in the land, amputations followed, then loss of sight and speech until the gods, in a rare display of mercy, gathered his soul to their midst.

    The EU – or, for all intents and purposes here, Germany – is represented by the patient and the infection (small and not taken too seriously in the early and most important phases of the episode) by Greece. I tell you, the dreaded Lurgey has much to answer for in the annals of human history.


  6. Whatever………just as I predicted the can has been kicked. A missed payment is something other than a default,which means that the can is still bouncing down the road.


  7. The point is surely that neither side can possibly back down now. Tspiras will never get what the ‘troika’ want though the Greek Parliament and Merkel would never get what the Greeks want through the German Parliament. So here is the perfect example of Financial Union without Political Union, it was never, ever, going to work and it hasn’t.

    Whatever happens to Greece we will likely have ‘ The Institutions Ride Again ‘ repeat of whole thing, firstly with a rising tide of anti austerity in Portugal and then the Euro killer with the Spanish Election later this year. And if Greece does not technically bankrupt the ECB, and a couple of French Banks, I am sure that Spain can finish the Euro off once and for all.

    Having blown every other foreign policy initiative in the entirety of Obama’s presidency, the US aka IMF is now about to play Rabbits in the Headlights yet again, with its very short term policies on Greece, while Tspiras goes off to have a chat with Mr Putin in two weeks time, and probably to present him with a geopolitical prize that will make Ukraine look about as important strategically as Downtown Moldova, but much more expensive to ball out.

    Come June 30th my money is on Greece telling all their creditors exactly where to go on the whole lot of it ! My only other dead certainty is that there is not a hope in hell of having a new EU Treaty on anything whatsoever by 2017 with this shambles going on..


  8. Blame the Greeks themselves ,the were so desperate to join the Euro that they cooked the books
    in order to be admitted, and then went on a spending spree like drunks on shore leave in the knowledge that whatever happened they would be bailed out.
    The German Eurofanatical government are desperately trying to cobble up a deal before their own taxpayers run out of patience ,when that day dawns the game is up for the whole rotten corrupt edifice of the EU ,as it will implode in ruin,and financial and political disaster , BRING IT ON!!!!!


  9. The privatisation of ITSO, HEP, Greek ports and TRAINOSE.

    I think Goldman Sachs should be able to help with that.


  10. “Blame the (**********)s themselves, they were so desperate to join the Euro that they cooked the books
    in order to be admitted, and then went on a spending spree like drunks on shore leave in the knowledge that whatever happened they would be bailed out.”
    (*********) Insert EU Member State name of your choice – the Greeks were only following the standard pattern.


  11. Flogging off the Ports, & railways. (UK – Job Done)
    Screwing the Disabled (UK – Job Done)
    Dilution of Laws giving labour the right to strike (UK – On with that)
    Cutting the State Pension (UK -Tricky but we’ll do the Public Sector ones first)



    Welcome to Greece in England.

    The flat rate state pension con will cut a heck of a lot more than 3.5 per cent from new pensioners of the already lowest state pension in all rich nations bar Mexico.
    Lowest forecast seen so far is £8.39 per week after 45 years in work.
    See why at end of my petition, in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:

    You might care to share my petition widely, so that the Tory wives here in England realise that they too are Greeks.


  13. If Greece plc was a public company,it is clearly insolvent. It cannot repay its debts as they fall due. Borrowing more to rollover these debts is what the elected government was charged NOT to do.Asset sales and reducing absurd pensions are not going to solve the need for a 100 percent debt write off, which would be an ugly precedent in the Eurozone. Think Ireland, Portugal,Spain and so on. We are going through a game of charades, between Merkel and the Greek boy, but sometime this year ( a brave prediction,I am an economist), the IMF ( lead player the USA) will say enough is enough, the line from Moscow to Athens will go dead (Vlad is out of money, and his boys are being killed in Ukraine), market forces will prevail and Greece will exit the Euro, only to start growth again after 1 year. The shareholders of various French and German banks will doubtlessly remain silent. That is how matters are arranged in Europe in stark contrast to the LBG bondholders who went to the UK courts and won.


  14. EKAS is a small amount of money added to the pension of the poorest of pensioners. For the disabled they did something different. Since about two years ago, the state reevaluates the percentage of disability downwards and then reduces or suspends altogether, whatever money it gives (usually 360€/month). It was diligently presented as a fight against corruption.


  15. Quite so. Perhaps Helmut Kohl and even little Geli gave Italy a little, er, help? Perhaps the French insisted on light spending regulation, and little Chrissie knew a bit about that? The hypocrisy is mind-bending.


  16. Oops! True! With some of the poorest pensioners receiving a munificent 150 eur / month. And without the support of a welfare system liker the UK’s, however broken.


  17. Both the Bank of international Settlements and the EU were the brainchildren of Nazis. Germany’s ambitions to rule Europe are all too obvious. The French quislings like to think that they’re hanging out with the big swinging dicks, but after Greece and then Spain and Italy and Portugal they too will come under the boot and Merkel’s pretence of sympathy to Camoron is to help the UK into its domain.


    Now Ambrose gets it.
    Will this Greece ‘mission complete’ as david v GOLIATH or waste this once in a lifetime opportunity to dispense justice and show the world that the founding fathers of DEMOCRACY have been systematically abused and that the troika deserve everything that they might get. Here is a chance to kill three birds with one stone.


  19. What makes me curious is why AEP is stating the bleeding obvious now and not when it was all happening 6 years ago. The true intent of the bailout was as clear at that time as he states in his article.


  20. Surely Helmut Kohl must take some of the historical blame? Feckless France was never really a counterbalance for West Germany, as intended, and after reunification even less so.


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