adolaughSomewhere in darkest Hell, Dolfi is wetting his pants

In the next few minutes, an extraordinary meeting of the Greek Parliament will debate the latest demands from Troika2 – aka the eurogroupe, the ECB and Berlin.

If anyone out there among the US Democrats and UK Labour/Libdem Parties is still claiming that Greece is employing cunning mendacity to “con yet more money out of the Germans”, I suggest they read these highlights of the latest “offer” from the European Union they seem to admire so much:

* Saving 800 million euro from the Greek budget, via the abolition of EKAS…a scheme for the permanently disabled.

* The privatisation of ITSO, HEP, Greek ports and TRAINOSE. That is to say, putting into private hands the country’s main transport network, key hubs & ports – thus giving external control of the public weal, and all transport means of Greek self-defence as a Sovereign State, to the private sector.

* Cuts in State pensions of 3.5% to be phased in over the next four years.

*Dilution of laws giving labour the right to strike.

Somebody needs to explain to me which of the permanently disabled, the old and organised labour ran up the public debt in Greece.

Somebody needs to explain to me What TF dent these savings and curtailed rights are going to make to the Greek national debt.

Somebody needs to tell me what possible chance in hell there is of Syriza – or the Greeks at large – agreeing to these insane demands, and thus solving the immediate eurozone problem.

I’ve blogged endlessly these last three months about why the Greek debt is hugely exaggerated, why none of it is going to cost either the ECB or Berlin a centime, and why the debt is clearly ‘odious’ in international law. But still the same infinite Andrex toilet-tissue of fabrication, dissembling, obfuscation and disinformation spews forth from the pursed lips of Draghi, Schauble, Merkel and the idiot hairdresser Dijesslbleom.

When is blind belief in the concept of the European Union as a force for good finally going to end? What will it take for the scales to fall from the eyes of the liberal and crupto-racist bigots?

The Athens Parliamentary session is about to start. We shall see. Or rather, some of us will see: rather more will look bored and head home early for the weekend.